Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 5, 2015

The Christed Earth and And Your Presence!



I find it interesting that 4 days into June, it is still appearing in readings like a huge blue and white pristine ball.  Its kind of interesting reading for people on a circular earth… as opposed to a flat one, where the ground is prevalent, so everything seems to be moving uphill.  However, I do finally understand the color scheme being presented… blue and white.  The truest of soul expressions of the living earth with the living matter of spirit (us and stuff.)  A pure blend of magic and mystery and unrestricted potential.  For those who truly reside within this place, within themselves… phew baby.  For many, it is already showing what we have worked so darn hard within ourselves, to achieve as a living expression of Life!!

But let me share some of the insight that was presented thru yesterdays readings.

One of my ladies showed up on this stunning golden unicycle, pedaling to the left (physical life aspect) in very geometric patterns.  Her physical body was dressed in a very interesting gown looking garb.  Pure white, short in the front (so it didn’t get caught in the wheel I suppose.)  The back was a long flowing material and all I could think of was men’s tuxes, it resembled that with the tail in the back.  When her team explained what it was she was doing and that I was seeing… it put a whole new twist on the things I understood… in clarity.  That alone is a twist!! lol

The first thing this whole scene represented was my lady’s balance.  Think about riding a unicycle… that alone takes tremendous balance.  This earth, demands inner and outer balance if we are to live with it (as opposed to on it.)  The deep golden color of her unicycle showed the energy of pure spirit seeding the very ground of her life.  I suppose we can look at the wheel as something that plows the earth for planting.  Her team had said that she is already seeding the earth via this unicycle vision with “genetic material.”  I did try and change that word several times, simply because I was sure I was hearing it wrong… genetic material!!!  When I finally stopped filtering her team and they got that genetic material out of my mouth without me replacing it with energetic material… they explained that we got to here by laying the energetic foundation for this realm, this pristine, vibrant earth.  Now, we must lay the genetic material for creation.  All of creation happens because of genetic material… DNA if you will.  So watching her peddle her unicycle in geometric patterns was laying down the living seed energy for her hearts desires to manifest in this created world of matter.  But there was even a twist to this!!  Her white gown and what that unicycle really was showing…

Yesterday, I shared about the particular energy centers within our bodies… Source, Soul, Physicality and then, outcome.  What her team explained to us was that the unicycle itself was representing where the energy flows from her body to seed her needs and desires, directly from the root chakra, ummm va jay jay area (smile.)  Her feet, tho they never touch the ground, send out the patterns to form the genetic material and the groin area is the acceleration point of the energetic flow.

That white gown was explained as her soul energy itself, specifically that tail on the back.  It seemed to drag on the ground over everything she was embedding on the earth.  I could see that this tail was bunched up directly at the lumbar area of her back, which is her souls power center.  So what she seeds on the earth, her soul covers up (think, putting the dirt over the seeds to grow) with its energy for fulfillment/outcome.  This is all done in unison with each other and can only happen with the unbiased, pure flow of Source moving thru you.  3 as 1!!

Then I had a lady show up, a virgin upon my field of readings, who really gave us a wonderful view of how all this energy works topside!!  she showed up standing on a painters ladder (ya know, the A framed kind) made again of solid gold.  She was standing at the very top stringing up what looked very much like christmas lights, but not the teeny tiny lights, they were sizable lights.  My initial view of her was screwing in a new light.  Of course, some parts of me just wont change… I stared going into my “what the hell…” mode.  How the hell do I interpret this?  With the exception of one reading, everyone’s teams was rather chatty and excited to explain thing… that is freakin new!!  Thank you, thank you!!

I could see her string of lights, hung about 10 feet off the ground, a ground that is truly blue and white and not another detail on it until you show up, and her lights went straight out about 3-4 feet then made a sudden sharp left turn in its string but also… came right down to the ground level.

Spirit is being rather kind to us is using our perception of time with this month, which is nice in and of itself!!  So the length in feet represent days.  But before I get to that, her team made clear the imagery being presented.

First of all, we can look at this world we have arrived on as a never ending Christ-Mass.  Hence the christmas lights feeling.  We are equally the lights that we string, to shine forward on our own path.  We use the intensity of light bulbs at will and as needed.  Some days we need brighter lights to illuminate all that is around us, some days, dimmer lights.  My view of her screwing in a new light bulb showed her mastery of illumination.   Equally tho, we are also the very power source that illuminates the path forward.  The action… the energy we put out in our day-to-day moments fuels the Light of knowing (maybe better said, in trusting, cuz knowing details is not really the agenda, its trusting the light to show what is needed in any given moment.)

Then her team moved us to the sudden turn and drop (to the ground level) of her christmas lights… that were already strung from the present moment of reading yesterday.  Whatever was showing up was 7-10 days from yesterday and holy heaven was there a huge celebration happening at the ground level.  The energy of the divine feminine was so present, the fluid,, flowing energy of passion worn by a particular female that I could not tell if they were spirit or human… and it is only this morning that I realize this version of earth does not differentiate the two energy systems.  Spirit can as easily take form as we can be the pure fluidness of spirit.  It is no longer one or the other.  Knowing this… LIVING this, is crucial!!  Just sayin.’

My lovely lady said there really is an event happening in her world in a week, a reveal of a project she helped design and the one thing I know thru this event it is going to take her to higher levels of passion and joy thru a symbolic gift presented to her during that time, in her reading.

Ohhh and her ladder…. bringing in the energy of balance.  Lets make this our most important adjustment from this moment forward.  They explained her ladder in a very interesting way.  You think about the A frame… she can see both sides of any situation, she stands on the top of the ladder to bring in the light of the situation to create balance, neutrality.   To BE the Living Light of Christ within a Christ-Mass that never ends!!

Now let’s be really really really clear on what it means to be on this amazing earth and how to stay a permanent resident there.  Balance in the loving energy of the Christ Light that you are.  Meaning… it is your responsibility to see the light in the darkness, even if it is your own.  To honor it all, to embrace it all, and emit the energy, the electricity from within you to illuminate the darkness (which is simply the unseen… it is nothing evil or negative or all those fear driven things that for a long time kept us away from darkness.)  It is light wanting to have its moment, to be illuminated, to be Seen!!

Using words like “I can’t” or I won’t” keeps you suspended wherever you are… no movement because you stopped the electrical current of life itself. “I Am” and “I Will,” well there is your motor!!  Vrrrooom  Vrrrooom!!!

Where are You WILLing to take yourself???  The field is unrestricted and inviting you in deeper….

Until tomorrow… May the Light in Your Life grow into fabulous presentations of your incredible magnificence!!!

(((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of deep gratitude and extraordinary joy-full-ness to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Join me once again as I sit and giggle and share with Kelli in the Raw June 18th 10am MDT.

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  2. FYI — The fact that you can’t very easily and simply say (or SHOUT to the rooftops, the word “vagina” (aka twat) — means that you have a blocked chakra.


  3. My Higher Self just told me that this is all part of your blocked THROAT CHAKRA problem.
    Which is why you have ongoing throat and lung issues, i.e. asthma, chest colds, laryngitis or voice box issues. This is all blocked energy.

    You need to clear all THAT crap up — release and Let It Go / Free Yourself — along with your “FEARS”. That you still refuse to let go of.

    Suggestion: try repeating vagina, twat, pussy, cunt, until it sounds meaningless to you….until the words become utterly Neutral.
    And then you have successfully Detached and Freed yourself from the negative conditioned responses/verbal brainwashing of the 3D matrix.

    Which is still blocking up your Throat Chakra region.


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