Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 22, 2015

Shedding The Old to Reveal the Expanded, Empowered YOU!!

848-02818695 © Minden Pictures / Masterfile Model Release: No Property Release: No Dione Rat Snake (Elaphe dione) beginning to shed its skin, native to Europe and Asia

© Minden Pictures / Masterfile
Model Release: No
Property Release: No
Dione Rat Snake (Elaphe dione) beginning to shed its skin, native to Europe and Asia

About two weeks ago, I had a dream experience that has lingered in the forefront of my mind every day since experiencing it.  Yesterday, I finally got it!!  Let me share the dream, cuz all of what I am about to share today, in my own understandings, is relevant to all of us, each in our own way of course.

There is this person I always refer to as my mentor, Marc.  He was a huge, significant part of my own awakening for the first 2 years of this path.  He never really was a “mentor” per se, but truly a huge asset in helping me understand what was happening within me as my old reality construct crumbled around me with each dive into meditation I took.  His greatest skill back then was lucid dreaming.  He tried to teach me how, but I never got it at all.  Of course, I could eventually navigate the multiverse in meditation and that is where my spiritual team put all their energy.  Over the last decade plus, on rare occasions, when I was going thru massive growth spurts, Marc would enter my dream states even tho we had been long divorced and not talked to each other since 2002.  The last time he came to visit me in my dreams was in 2010 or 11 (I forget exactly.)  Also, he came to my world…always.

So you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago, I went into his world, but with an odd twist.  When I met him (via an online spiritual chatroom) he was living in Australia, Kings Cross to be exact, he has since moved to Hong Kong.  In this dream experience, he was actually living in Sydney Australia and the dream experience opened with me running up a flight of stairs to visit him.  He occupied a top floor, corner apartment and as I got to his doorway, he was coming out and not at all surprised to see me and simply said “I have just been evicted,” and proceeded to go down the stairs with me following him.  Even in my dream state, my mind was scrambling to understand why he was evicted, nothing about that moment felt “out of money,” there had to be another reason.  Altho he and I talked about spiritual things a lot back in the day, he never was one to share his personal world with me at all, which given this dream, something never change lol.

As we made our way down the steps we came to a large open air landing before going down more steps.  There was a high wall at the bottom of these stairs with a large picture window in this wall so you can see over the city.  I stopped a moment to look out this window… it was stunning.  The landscape itself was imbued with violet as its ground scape.  Beautiful buildings scattered about (no, not the opera house area) and suddenly I realized someone had recently sent me a picture of this (in my dream, not in my reality) and I mentioned it to him excitedly… “OMG, one of my friends just sent me this exact picture and here I am looking at the very place it was taken.”  (what this was all about, I have no clue… yet.)

Then I woke up.  Puzzled.  First of all, I went to his world during my dreamtime, I don’t do that, well, never have before anywayz.  But it was what he said that lingered… “I was just evicted.”  I know symbology well enough to know this is about residing in the higher consciousness of life, but what did it have to do with me.

Lets put that on pause a moment.

As the May course started and I am not only doing the hypnosis events, but taking the transmissions too, there were a few times spirit asked “what does your heart desire now.”  I pondered that for the last week or so in regards to myself.  I have no freakin clue.  Suddenly, as I would think about that question, I would hear my soul voice say “enlarge my territory.”  Hey!!!  I’m not sure the Lisa within really wants that… but then again, it’s the heart desire not the head.  Dammit.  I used to say that when I felt I needed to grow in new ways and it was always provided for, in unimaginable ways.  So I knew… hearing it without it coming from my mind… all I could think is, how much more could I possibly do!!  Well!!  It is being revealed!!

When I woke up yesterday, I was so flipping exhausted from my night-time adventures and growing a really achy left side.  The left side of my neck, shoulder, arm and down the side of my rib cage actually hurt.  Last week, it was my butt and back of my thighs that felt like the strain of mountain climbing seeped in.  That was easy to figure out, path of life changing and the strength (thighs) amping up to endure the changes.  So with the largeness of my left side (physical life side) I was little confused… sorta.  I know my voice is changing, my ability to hear/see/express is changing… but why my damn ribcage too!!!  Hey, mercy on this crazy girl!!!

So after I did my blog and notified everyone on my agenda that I am in silence yet again, I took a nice hot bath, one to try to melt my muscles and two to find some energy.  I was depleted on every level energetically.  I felt like a deflated balloon.  I knew I had easy 20 emails that needed tending to and without an ounce of energy in me, ain’t no way… so I went seeking some and got more than I bargained for.

Before I get to my enormous understandings, let me just share that my soul (not me, my soul itself) has 4 other incarnations here on earth and I have met them all over the course of the last 13 years.  One named Marc, the other Frank, Rick and Michael.  Everyone of them changed me to the core with their interactions, albeit brief, within the platform of my own life.

The first thing my team addressed in my meditation was the eviction of Marc dream experience.  He was the first one in my world of expansion and held a place holder in the lucid dream realm for me, for when I was ready.  (Whisper, I’m not ready, but who cares about that!!)   He also showed me, with real life experience when he came to literally visit me for 5 days, about the amazing magnetic pull of cellular biology towards each other.  Thru this, my team reminded me of my crazy nights the last two nights… lucid dreaming… that’s what that is???  Both nights, I knew I was a sleep and awake at the same time… what seems to be missing is my personal control over anything in that environment.

Then they brought back the memory of Michael, my most recent experience back in February.  Thats when portals started to form above my bed, literally.  But he was not interested in knowing how he created them or even how to consciously use them… I was, but I wanted him to do the work of understanding.  Yeah right.  Guess my desire was stronger than my laziness!!  Cuz, well… not only do I have the lucid dreaming going on, it’s all about portals (which again, not really portals like we think of them, but until they let me fully remember the word they use, I’m calling them that!!)

I shared the other day a session I did have (via meditation) with Michael and mentioned within it seeing his body like a snake-skin laying on the table.   It wasn’t until the next day did our team fully reveal that what was shown was potential, if he did the inner work to achieve what was needed.

Well baby, for those of us doing the inner work right now… we are all molting!!  I was shown wiggling out of my own skin like a huge snake.  My team explained, when a snake sheds its skin, every ounce of its energy, of its focus, is within itself, shedding and growing all at the same time.  It is not a time to be out in the world, but deep within our own cellular changes.   Obviously, my voice is shedding too… still today, dammit!!

I spent the whole of yesterday merging with my couch and rubbing icy hot on my neck and shoulders and puffing my albuterol inhaler to keep the breath constant.

I crashed hard at 9pm… and once again, there I went into portal land, but with a shocking twist.  First, I was given a review of what I learned the night before (and I still don’t consciously remember that yet) and the next thing I know… I was up and threw visiting one of he ladies from the May Course, helping her… in that moment, I knew exactly who she was and what she needed… and then I woke up with lungs gasping for air.  Puff, puff on the albuterol and back into portal land I went.  This time, I went to visit another lady from the course… same thing.. assisting where it was needed and return gasping for breath again.  The information and exchange were so vivid in my between times I was sure I would not forget and could email them in the morning of the experience… yeah right.  However, my last adventure for the evening, was a lady I had been working with and dropped the ball on weeks ago, and I went to her, did some energy work on her body and now she, I fully remember this morning.  The other two ladies, I cannot recall which two they were and what exactly we did.  Strange really.  It was so vividly clear and no doubt, I was given amnesia on purpose, why I have no idea.  But my last lady, I remember clearly.  Maybe cuz I know her personally and her landscape… Virginia.  I dunno.

Now, one would think I would be all excited about this brand new adventure unfolding… hell no!!  As I came out of my third portal adventure of assistance last night, I started my Lisa bitching… hey!!!!  I work all day long doing all I possibly can… now its night-time too???

Careful what ya ask for!!

I have complained for…. forever that I never know what I am doing when I sleep and my spirit seems to visit people during their dreamtimes and I want to be consciously aware of it.  Well, I am getting more than I bargained for!!  But with a larger purpose.  What I am learning/remembering in the dreamtime, will one day be fully activated in the day time.  Not as an energetic conscious visit, but as a body and consciousness going to visit.

I did hang onto one memory.knowing from the portal activation, it was a magnetic intention thing.  The energy of it ran down my core and I think kinda worked like a zipper would… with the magnetic frequency within, opened the spin rate of potential.  The various portals above were already aligned to those I visited last night.  Well, there is two more yet to be traveled I suppose.  Cuz there is five above the main spout!

What I equally find interesting, if not rather exciting… when mother earth insisted I put one more super powers course together before I leave for Boston and PA the end of next month, my team explained that what is happening thru the amazing people in the May course is laying the foundation of all that is to come and June is like putting buildings on the foundation… making it easier for all.  July… there will be no question of the unimaginable being fully realized.

The greatest gift in all the worlds… change yourself and the world MUST change with you!!

On that note… Dig deep within yourself, constantly, unceasingly and power up… Life will never be the same again… thank you creator Gods!!!

I love you!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with mastery Becoming!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  This course is limited to the first 12 people who sign up, (5 seats left.)
















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