Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 21, 2015

Are You in the Past or Stretching Into the Future Self Now???


Well, what a marathon of night school I had last night, right back to those series of portals or wormholes or whatever they are.  This time tho, there was a shadowy figure of a man helping me to learn how to use these things, I never seen him clearly nor can I say I recognized him in any way.  But like the night before, I was neither awake nor asleep and had total memory of being there the night before.  The first session (we had many session thru the course of last night, to the degree I thought days had passed since I first seen these series of openings.)  Unlike the night prior, I was not being sucked up in anything, instead me and shadow man was standing just in front of the wormhole (there is another name that is used for these and I will be damned if I can remember what they call them) that was at my feet and went straight up about 10 feet to a serious of 5 other wormholes encircling this main one.  This man explained that it is the energy within the heart that activates their use and showed me how to do that and dammit if I cannot recall at all this morning… but, in that between place, I seen the main one go from being a gray like energy tube to being infused and revved up with the color of blue.  As it started to vibrate and spin, the one on the left top side started to become activated too, only it was engulfed in red energy.

Each time these things seemed to be fully activated, or at least vibrating and oozing color… I would wake up and couldn’t breathe.  That strange elephant from the night before was now on my chest and I would cough and reach for my albuterol inhaler, which cleared it up instantly, back to sleep I would go, only to end up in the same place, with the same guy, doing the same thing… all freakin night long… waking up coughing and trying to breathe at least until the albuterol adjusts my airways.

Not surprisingly, I am deeper into the silent zone this morning… at least last night (before sleep) I was able to reach down deep in my voice box to create a few bass tones.  This morning, I am back to squeaky toy sounds… barely.

However, a lot of timely revelations happened yesterday in my voiceless world of grocery shopping and house cleaning.  Like I said, I feel fine, my voice is just going thru puberty… again!!

In my Q and A with spirit yesterday (smile) I asked about the weird strain in my right ear as I tried to talk the day prior.  Then, couple that with some posts on my facebook wall the end of yesterday… man oh man, was spirit quick to chime in and for good reason.

For those of us who has chosen to purposely and dedicatedly accelerate our inner and outer vibration/frequency/LifeLove, much is added to our biology in abilities as well as awareness.

No one on earth can see, hear or understand beyond their frequency zone… some laws are unchangeable.  This is as true on the other side of the veil as it is on our side.  This is why the vast reincarnation cycles (of many worlds) are so extremely important to our souls… as they grow and expand and vibrant to higher realms in spirit too.

Our jobs on this side of the veil, the side immersed in duality and amnesia, is to Be the voice of spirit in all we do and say.  That really is where our frequencies start to accelerate to higher levels of knowing/information/knowledge… USE.  The more we share our Light, the more Light is given to us to share and to use and to share more of.

This particular growth cycle I am in, going thru, has everything to do with my ability to hear the higher vibrations of spirit and even, other worldly worlds and bring it down into this one for use and for sharing.  I was shown yesterday how my ability to hear and my (self-described inadequacy) of sharing it all out loud is going to another level… so I can bring more thru vocally.  But equally, YOU are going thru similar upgrades and I have to keep up with you since you show up on my field of light every day.  See, you are pushing me further simply by pushing yourself further.  Thank you for all that and more!!!

Many of us are going thru biological adjustments as we reach higher levels of ourSelfs.  Between extreme exhaustion, hunger, pain in various places, breathing issues, sinus issues, headaches, vertigo… there is an abundance of symptoms out there being expressed as our collective is hitting higher vibrational levels of living, of expressing, of (soon to be) use of what I lovingly call our super powers.

For eons of time, as we were clearing our biology and minds of “issues” to bring us to this moment (that actually started back in Jan 2013) we were so conditioned to think, if we hurt we had healing to do.  And for the longest time, that was true.  Not any longer.

I remember a time in either 07 or 08 when I entered my holy bath to go scrub away some more of my dysfunctions and no matter where I looked within, I couldn’t find something to tap into.  By this time, I was really efficient at finding and transmutting the craziness within me, it was my major focus for close to 8 years and there was always a refinement of my abilities each time I went in and scrubbed.  So imagine my shock when I went in and couldn’t find anything and asked my team to help… their reply was (and this SOOOOO IMPORTANT to everyone one, especially now) “Do you not think you get to a point where you have healed all you needed to heal.”  Ummmm… no, never even crossed my mind and surely not a person I know ever said such a thing.  Is this my ego????

Well, 7-8 years later, I really get it.  We don’t have to pop every zit we ever had or we will never stop the clearing process to start to grow into our expanded levels of Being.  We simply have to clear the container enough to hit the higher vibrations within ourselves.  At the end of the day, we are still going to have our human moments of irritability, fleeting judgements (speaking of my self here.)  But its when you can instantly recognize this, giggle and let that go… that is where true mastery lays and that’s all we ever needed to get to within our body and mind.

Clearing and expansion, sadly, feels exactly the same in the biology.  Neither should be stopped, which I learned quite quickly in my early days of healing my inner shit.  Until I started to swim in the deep end of the pool, I never so much as even caught a cold, since then… ohhh my dear lord it felt like my body went to hell in a handbasket, for me, primarily happening between lungs and head… and of course back then I would use decongestants or something to stop the sludge pouring out and my team would say, its only going to start-up again and finish itself more intensely.  To this day, I only ever use Tylenol for headaches (it stops the pain receptors and not what is happening within) and now, albuterol, cuz breathing is important and it opens the airways to higher flows of energy.

So with all that said, know you are expanding to new levels of yourself.  Where you are feeling this energy the most will be a huge tell-tale sign of where and how it will most likely affect your life.  The waist down, your path in life is about to change in directions that will amazing if not shock you.  The abdomen, your own power is hitting new levels of use inside and out.  The chest to head area… full on expression, outwardly in all that is You.

And so much more than that too, just putting it in a small thimble.

Please know with all your Being, you are growing/expanding/reaching higher levels of yourself.  If you stop and get or do healing work, you take yourself out of the moment and put yourself back in the past, only having to get back to this moment again… and again until you just KNOW your done with past issues and are now getting into your new shiny love infused outfit to go beyond anything you ever thought was possible.

I have got to add this in, cuz I cannot help but smile with spirits reply.  This morning as I am saying to my team (telepathically of course since my voice is still elsewhere, adjusting) this is really an inconvenient time to go thru this.  I am right in the middle of a course YOU insisted we do and now, everyone is getting rescheduled, if not completely missing this weeks homework follow-up.  Of course, everyone in the course is going thru their own biological changes now, or at least, will be soon!!  My teams reply is, there will never be a convenient time in the realm of human life.  We are always busy and it happens at the apex of inner frequency, not a time-table.

Last but not least… DO NOT talk yourself out of what you are capable of doing NOW.  Achieving NOW.  I have heard more times this week (or was it last week lol) sentences like “but I have never done it that way, I cannot do this, or that or stuff…”  Remember, you create your ongoing reality, or you change it.  The choice is ALL-WAYS yours to make!!  Please, put away your need to heal anything within, put away your old stories, and stretch into the new… and allow yourself to fly to places never even imagined possible before.

I love you so flipping much.  You are my greatest teachers I could have ever hoped to have in life.  Once upon a time, I seen God as something up there, beyond this realm of creation.  Now, I see him thru you each and every day.  You truly are God made manifest.  ❤

(((((HUGZ))))) of silent bliss to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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