Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 20, 2015

Quantum Changes Within Gearing Up for Our Next Adventure

energy changes


Ohhh the energies, the biological changes, and dare I even say, thank god for the awareness of it all!!  I receive the majority of my energy adjustments when I lay down to go to sleep, fortunately, that also means instantly going into deep and extended sleep periods.  Works for me!!  The night before last, the very night I had seen everyone’s wonderful golden age energy flow… I swear a brand new kind of elephant sat directly on my chest.  Never felt that sensation before… and then I fell into sleep.  It was weird but not painful or disturbing at all.

As I started my day of connections yesterday, I became aware that that thing called my voice, was slowly slipping away, with it, so was my energy.  Not even tired, just… depleting.  By my third appointment, my voice was gone, yet, other than energetically exhausted, I personally felt good.  No sore throat to warrant a voice loss, zero coughing (except when trying to talk) no lung issues or asthma like attacks… just bit by bit that thing called audibility went away and is still gone today.

What was interesting tho, in my attempt to speak, I could feel a pull on my inner right ear each time I tried really hard to speak.  So I knew, my spiritual hearing coupled with my spiritual sharing is going thru the roof of change… again.  Yay!!??

I would love to know… where is this energy hitting you??  The answer will reveal where your strongest energies are for your use of “super powers.”

As I had plenty of time to ponder this sudden and unexpected quite time within myself, I have to laugh at the way my team explains things.  First thing they say is… you cannot look directly into the abyss (energy field) and not be changed by it.  Yeah, I know that from years of doing this peeking.  Then they gave me a rerun image of a show I just watched called “Supervolcano.”  A really great mini-series about yellowstone blowing.  In this show it erupted for 7 days and then started to collapse in out itself where the magma once was.  That was me yesterday (ummmm the last week) collapsing in on myself lol.

I take in massive amounts of quantum energy, especially in exchange with the wonderful and amazing folks taking this May course.  They are (in spirits words) literally going out into many different dimensions, super frequency dimensions, bringing back handfuls of never experienced before (in this realm) quantum energy, smearing it into themselves (as their super powers) and the landscape.  I breathe them in, their experiences, their excitement, their new energy fields every day and exhale here to you, in my own way.  Ya feeling the volcanic ash??  lol

Well, with the golden energy day of readings, which I knew was taking this massive energy system and finding solid ground to reform onto, into…

As I was waking up this morning, protesting about the 4am hour, I did my best to go back to sleep… instead, I went into what I will just call an awakened dream state.  I was not asleep nor was I “awake.”  I suddenly felt this pulling sensation and the next thing I knew, I was in the center of I dont know, wormhole, portal… an elongated energy system.  I could see it and feel it clearly.  I heard my team tell me, this is what you really do, you live between energy systems, I think they had a particular word they used, but I cannot remember it right now.  The next thing I knew, 5 other tunnels or wormholes or whatever they were… popped up in a circle around and above the one I was in.  What the hell???  What are all those things??  I guess that will eventually be revealed cus the next thing I know, that grip released and I heard, now get up and share.  Huh??  Share what??  Freakin pesky team I have!!!!  So, 4:30 am, I drag my booty out of bed… again, and this is the only voice I have today.  Silent on all levels.

On that note… have an amazing day!!  And may all that is in your heart become manifest as you express it outwards!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and deep and radical change to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  This course is limited to the first 12 people who sign up, there is not enough of me to do 24 again.  Holy quantum energy batman!!








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