Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 19, 2015

The Golden Age of Shambhala Solidifying Thru Your Heart/Core!! Look out June!!!

golden age


Gotta love the crazy energetic presentation of “simple” geometry that is the field, is us, shifting.  I had a feeling the other day with seeing that bell thingie move to the right and being only half viewable, something else was happening.  Well yesterdays readings gave us an amazing view, an amazing feel/flow of vibrant energy coming into those who created that critical mass event.

Of course, I have done my inadequate best to give you a visual to follow along with as I explain the best I could.  Beyond the stunning visuals, there was this feeling… OMG the feeling of energy, like nothing I ever felt before.

the field unfolding

The main image was the flow of golden energy that was in the most smooth blend of golds, yellows, gentle oranges, white and silvers.  Let me emphasis the “smoothness of this flow of energy down to a single point… the person I was reading for.  I don’t know another word to describe it, it was stunning really.  But then in the lower part, where point meets point, it got a big frizzy.  All I could think of was bed head to describe it.  The feeling of this perfectly blended energy… was beyond perfection at both ends.

As I tried to understand what is this energy, spirit came up with several different names that all represent the same thing.  Shambhala, The Golden Age and even thru one lady, the Dawn of Aquarius.  We obviously have a lot of different names for an energy system (from spirits point of view) all denote the same thing.

I did have to ask why the energy went from smooth, fluid… to frizzy once it connected with a point below our (earth’s) atmosphere.  The simplest explanation was, it entered “creatiality.”  Yup, spirit is creating new words as we go!!  Think of it like adding air freshener into your air, it is no longer stable as it was when it was in the can or even coming up thru the release valve, once it hits the air, it disperses.  With this golden fluid, it disperses ONLY in the field, the creation field of the human aligned with it.  But it too, will settle where it needs to inside and outside the human fully aligned with Shambhala/The Golden Age of Living Life.

Each reading added an extra element, depicted in my super humble artwork to the right.  The second lady had the added element of what kinda looked like an intense orange/red/golden sun emerging at the very top of her golden opening.  Even before I called her, I kept hearing a clip from the song “Age of Aquarius” with the lyrics “When the moon, is in the 7th house and jupiter aligns with mars…”  It took me a while, but I realized her team were sharing this part of the song to let her know she is in complete alignment within herself, with the energy system moving into her field of creation… SHE – WE ARE, the Age of Aquarius!!

The next lady after her, no more intense sun up in the ethers, instead, with that same intense color spectrum, was a pole like energy going straight thru the center up and down… for her, her team said one of her super powers is the ability to help people make like the phoenix… from ashes to rebirth in a matter of a session.  Of course, she got homework to understand what that means and how to use it.

Thru the course of this energy filled excitement, I mean day… spirit also said this very particular incoming energy, released to only those who are living heaven on earth, Shambhala, the age of Aquarius (pick a phrase) as a way of life thru the heart, this is also solidifying their energy field, their new earth(s) (I keep seeing many more than one that we will reside on, I have no clue how that works out… yet) that will take form as we end May and cross into the Brilliance, the solidity of June.

Ohhhh, and I obviously need to point (cuz spirit just reminded me) that in the image I put together, I could only see a part of the lower triangle and half of the body… we are still in transit thru the end of this month, building our new earths to experience our fullness on.

Now let me change subjects completely, since that’s all I currently understand about all that.  This has been an odd, exhausting, interesting week for me.  Granted, with the start and continuation of the super powers course, and me trying to make sure I have a few readings to do so i can keep up with the field, and doing my daily sharings, I am now working 12-14 hours every single day.  This week I scaled myself back to 10-12 (smirk.)  The minute and a half leave myself between appointments, I have been doing an Ancient Aliens marathon as is the cable channel I was watching it thru.  Some of the episodes talked about abductions… and something that came thru my lips on the Kelli in the Raw show started to come together.  Somehow our conversation came to alien abductions and my mouth (smile) said, there are no longer abductions like there was some time ago.  I really surprised myself when I heard that.  The things I didn’t even knew I cared about!! lol

But, between something about that conversation with her sticking in my consciousness, and this show talking about abductions and time lapses/amnesia with some people… domino’s started to fall in memories I had long lost, or so I thought.

when i was young, particularly age 6 thru 8, my mother, (step) father and their 2 children would go out on family outings and lock me in my bedroom instead of taking me with them.  When I first started this path of meditation and realizing I could access memories that were creating chaos in my adult life and change it, I asked my team to help me remember those lost years.  I know I was locked in my bedroom a lot during those years, but what did I do to pass time?  I had zero recollection of anything beyond being locked in.  They gave me a tiny memory fragment thru meditation of playing with Jesus and the Blessed Mother and Franklyn (my dude from the Pleiades) in my room, but even that felt like when you have a past life regression, there is almost no attachment to it and no real emotional involvement with the memories afterwards.  There had to be more….

As this crazy series is talking about alien abduction, suddenly memories I didn’t even know I had started to raise to the surface.  The time I was locked in my bedroom served for my adventures elsewhere, and I would be taken on the ships and a good strong, long-lasting dose of amnesia was put into place.  Hmmmmm…

When I was “awakening” I had shared my whole story and others shared theres on this place I lovingly refer to as that spiritual forum.  One of the men on that forum made an account of what he refered to as an “abduction” but with memory of it.  He talked about a group of humans being in a theater like setting… and stuff… and just reading that account of his, my whole body reacted, I couldn’t breathe, I started shaking, it was weird.  When I got myself back together, I asked him about my reaction and he simply said, cuz it happened to you too.  Gulp.  End of that story!!!

When I was living in North Carolina, the place I “woke up” in, a friend came to visit me for a month from New Hampshire.  He was well into his path and did trance channeling and stuff.  One morning he woke up and asked me, where did you go last night?  Huh??  I went to sleep, where else would I go??  He had said that he woke up about 3am to go to the bathroom and came out to the living room to talk with him and I was gone.  I was no where in the house and my car was parked in the driveway.  Hmmmm… have no clue.

Now fast forward to I think 2007, I was just waking up from a nights sleep, I was on the couch and when I opened my eyes I could see this creature standing over by my glass sliding doors, in my living room, staring at me.  He resembled a gray, only he was tannish and much taller.  I must have held my gaze on him for an easy 2 minutes… then I blinked and he was gone.

So as these vague memories are tumbling open, I hear my man from the Pleiades, Franklyn say abductions are not done by force, but agreement and with a higher purpose.  To eliminate any fear, amnesia is placed within the participants until the time they are ready.  (Ready for what, I have no clue… I am not!! lol)

But it all, also gave me such clear understanding of why I am so afraid of the dark outside, when alone.  I am not afraid in my house in the dark, or with someone else, just when all by myself.  Now I understand why more fully.  Doesn’t release that semi-fear, but at least now I at least understand it.

But I still gotta wonder… after 15 years of swimming in the deep, opening this and that and every crazy thing that has been shown to me since my “awakening,” why now?  Why put this all together… now??

I suppose, we shall see!!   …..rut roh… as I go to close this I hear “The Galactic Kinship Era…. returns.”  (Not without a friend it doesn’t lol.)

On that note, have a glorious day filled with golden sunshine beating in your heart and living thru you as Life, Love, Heaven made manifest!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  This course is limited to the first 12 people who sign up, there is not enough of me to do 24 again.  Holy quantum energy batman!!








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  3. Lisa, you have touched the Core of my Heart once again! With Great Compassion, my Heart went out to you with ‘my mother, (step) father and their 2 children would go out on family outings and lock me in my bedroom instead of taking me with them.’…but that really is just the beginning of Reality! The heights of human compassion are the gateway to God Beingness…
    I am just now beginning to ‘see’ how Special I am, how Gifted…not from an Egoic level of consciousness, but from the Divine Perspective. ‘Visions’ I had a year and a half ago, uninitiated by me- as I was just cleaning my room lol- when the Spirit moved within me & I had to lay my physical body down. My Consciousness was exalted to a very high dimension, where I was assisting my ‘ex-father-in-law’ with his transition into another body. We were reviewing the Timelines of Potential/Probability, and he chose to leave his present incarnation and Walk-In to an incarnation of a 3 to 4 year old boy in the Mid-Western United States. At the time, I figured he was going to pass soon! My Mama was the only person I shared this experience with…Well, last week, she texted me “you remember that dream you had about Ford? He just passed away!” I had no clue it would take a year and a half!! I’m getting more accurate with timelines lol…I ask too- VERY Specifically.
    In any event, His choice was a beautiful gift for All, as the timelines with my sister, her ex and my Beloved nieces & nephew were all shifted for the Good.
    The Great Work that we are here to do IS our Gift to the World, to All Humanity…Now, how can we have an absolute BLAST while we assist in the Transition? Top Shelf, 5 Star Resort style? …All about that Bass 😉


  4. That collapsing you talk about and that floating between dimensions that is me. I there fellow floater. lol I absolutely the creatures and should start drawing them too. but i would butcher them and cause fear im afraid. I do freak out when they are right in my face. And yes I get that I dont need to change myself too much to see all that I want would be like Dad would say. I could tell you but then Id have to kill you. lol It would be that we wold want to go

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