Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 16, 2015

Living Shambhala – Critical Mass Achieved!!!!

life exploding reforming

Two days ago, when I got out of that bath meditation as I was trying to get spirit to help us understand that whole bell shape, bell curve gig, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.  I could feel the tears welling up behind my eyes like I have just received the greatest news of my entire life and it hung there.  There was nothing spectacular revealed in meditation, at least, not that I was aware of or retained.  I finally broke down and asked my team…. what on earth am I feeling??  I mean, it feels good, I just don’t know what I am feeling this for.

Just above my left ear (physical life side) I hear the softest, sweetest voice say “Lisa, everything you have ever worked for, is Here Now.”  What the hell was I working for??  My mind is scrambling to figure that out… there is no intelligent, angel of a man (hold the feathers) in my life… but the feeling grew deeper, fuller, the tears of… I cannot even call it joy, it was something else, something… reverent in away I never experienced reverence before.  Knots were curling up inside my stomach, like something huge was happening and you get that childlike nervousness inside.  What the hell have I been working for????

Just call me clueless Lisa… that’s how I went to sleep… clueless.

I only had one reading scheduled yesterday (the rest of the day are the super powers homework sessions) and not surprisingly there was that bell, there she was on the pendulum and the damn field is as tight-lipped with understanding as they were the day prior.

Spirit has said many times before, it’s not always about the “reading” itself, it’s about the conversation we have in place of a reading.  This precious 30 minutes in time was never more true in revelation.  Holy blessing batman!!!

She asked a question I had no answer to, nor was the field very revealing about… well… not in the way I am accustomed to anywayz.  She asked if the gong part of the pendulum will ever hit the sides of the bell image.  That I was sure was a yes given the faint details we did get the day prior.  We, as a collective, are building moment towards that.  So then she asked… will we hear it?  Will there be a sound we will actually hear?  I dunno.  But then I got a flash of what science now calls, the big bang theory.  Of course there would have to be a sound… but I don’t know if you and I will hear it.  Then the visuals I was receiving started revealing something, plus her explanation of what she feels when she uses her Tibetan gong (I think that’s what she said she uses.)

Lets take the image of many soap bubbles together, not just one cluster, many clusters connected to many other clusters:


Remember back in 2012 when everyone was talking about reaching “critical mass” of enlightenment.  If (and of course, we did) enough people “woke up” to their own christed energy and started using it, living it, ascension was assured.  We actually reached critical mass for that event back in mid to later 2012.  2013 had us arriving in the ever-expanding body called ascension.  The new vibrant earth and our high vibrational hearts became one and we started expanding, adding wisdom, stretching our consciousnesses into amazing realms of not only possibilities, but experiences.  This Christed energy is what my team refers to as the 5th dimension, less an actual dimension and much more a vast frequency interconnecting very particular dimensions together as I humbly shown as the lower area of the bell thingie.

Back in 2007 my team started to reveal the next great adventure on earth called Shambhala.  Living heaven on earth in all its possibilities.  Of course, I had to start doing research on what Shambhala was, I barely got out of the Christed energy understanding and I was still in finding my own inner shit and clearing it up… until I went into a meditation to look for more of my own inner crap to clear and I couldn’t find anything… did I break something??  My team said to me, don’t you think there comes a time you cleared/healed as much as you needed to??  Ummmm… well NO!!!

We can liken that to never ever getting out of the shower, you just scrub and scrub and scrub… and never get out and put on those pretty clothes you’re getting cleaned up to wear.

Playing dress up was never so freakin weird… for years… thru now even.  This is one hellofa long dress up session let me tell you!!!  But we really do work best by trying on something and realizing… nope that looked better laying on the bed than on me.  Figuring out what we do not want to create, what we do want to be in the center of and how exactly are we going to shine and giggle and be incredible playful humans living… LIVING heaven on earth.

Shambaha is not a particular place on earth, it is an energy, a LIFE LIVED that can only come thru the human incarnate.  When you have let go of your judgements, your biases, pretty much everything that made you human in the first place lol and live in absolute joy and love with ALL THINGS.

I chose the spelling of my use of the word Shambhala on purpose.  In Sanskrit is simply translated to Peace, Love, Harmony.  Perfect!!  But this MUST be thru your heart… no looking for it to be in a landscape, a job, anything.  It’s YOU, wherever YOU ARE!!!!

As my team revealed more and more and more of what living Shambhala really meant to the earth, to the people/collectives willing to do the inner work, holy heaven, its all I wanted, I have worked night and day, with anyone willing to work with me for themselves to get here.

Here we are!!!!  (insert major happy dancing here.)

That bell thingie… THAT is the critical mass reached for the solidification of Shambhala!!!  This is what my team meant by “all that you ever worked for, is now here.”  And I only understood that fully and clearly because this beautiful, precious lady showed up for a reading and we had a conversation instead.

But the illumination was just getting started!!!

Let me bring back the image from yesterday:

bell curve

The image of the pendulum…  our teams only have certain ways to show the story unfolding for me to understand.  We are not ON a pendulum, our entire collective ARE the pendulum.  WE, as a unified heartbeat thru space, time and well beyond, are what is swinging that pendulum, building energy to gong the sides….

And we could see it clearly, the gong, the reverberation of that round gongy thing releases a frequency never heard in all of creation before.. shattering the lower soap bubbles/dimensions where fear and separation are still hanging on.  All that energy coming up thru every other dimension, purified, excited with living light and we are forming new worlds.

There is more to this incredible, tear stinging with love and reverence story bubbling up in my consciousness, but it is far from clear, actually at this moment, its more confusing than anything.  But hey, lets all take a collective breath and feel and celebrate the enormity of what have achieved and are doing TOGETHER!!!

WE ARE the golden age of Life.  Only thru the human incarnate can anything happen.  You powerful creators you.  Remember too, to create takes the energy of uncreation as well.  Know mama is gonna twist and turn and burp and fart and just do what she does so naturally, wonderfully, in her “nesting period.”

On that note, celebrate, in-joy, hug each other, go in (to meditation) and see what being a living spirit in physical body means to you, start undersanding the super powers you brought here to use, to create and build with… because baby, we’ve only just begun!!!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of Dreams Come True to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.








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  6. Dear Lisa
    I found your web site when I was doing some research into Shambhala.

    This was provoked by an episode of A Haunting, featuring Sue
    Bernier, which mentioned Shambhala – I’d never heard of it before.

    About twenty years ago, I had an experience that I am hoping you
    can help me make sense of.

    My life was at a pretty low ebb, and I was feeling very depressed
    and drained, through spending too much time with people
    who weren’t good for me.

    One day, walking on top of a nearby hill, it was as if my whole
    body suddenly became like a battery in a battery charger.

    Energy was just pouring into me from somewhere, and
    revitalising me very rapidly.

    This recharging effect was so powerful, that for a couple
    of minutes my body was literally vibrating with it.

    Afterwards, I thought that I’d been hit for a short time, by
    a kind of divine wind, which helped me get over a very
    difficult phase in my life.

    Do you have any idea what that ‘divine wind’ was, and
    where it came from ???

    Best wishes Jon


    • Hello Jon, this is Sue Bernier. I am so glad that the show hit a nerve of exploration for you. I too was drawn to Shambhala in a similar fashion many years ago and have not stopped learning its depths. I believe there is a combination of events that you had felt. One being a convergence of ley lines and the other your low, (empty) energy level. Also, do not rule out your guides bringing you to where you need to be at the exact time to raise your vibrations.


  7. Let me try a comment again… Just as i entered for the last comment the website vanished.

    Firstly – Lisa – Thank you for your article, I bristled with energy several times while reading…your an inspiration….

    Secondly – Jon…
    A synchronous event. There are many earth power points and you (by chance?) found yourself in one and were open enough to experience it. Good on you.

    I just wish to say that once u have found such energy your spirit retains the link and you can access it again by simply closing your eyes and emptying yourself and then you just hook it, sort of, and bring it back & re-experience it. Where does it come from – probably same place as your spirit, that unfathomable place that defies description or definition but is out there.

    I channel energy, I am pretty shy about using it but can heal with it. I have had access to other dimensions since I was a child. I am an explorer of the astral planes and do so with no guidance other than my will to understand what this incarnation is and why I am here.

    Cool. Good life to u all……..Raoul the owl


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