Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 15, 2015

The Bell Curve and the Return of the “Galactic Kinship Era.”

galactic return


Well, talk about throwing me a curve bell!!  (smile)  One day we are in anti gravity bubbles of movement, then in a blink of a day, there is a crazy bell shape energy system showing up for all 3 (almost 4, she didn’t show up, but I seen her anywayz) people the very next day!!  Two things were consistent for everyone, the background itself was like gray-black, again giving me the feeling of being in the night sky kinda feeling, or deep space.  The other thing was the shape of this crazy energy system itself.  I put my handy dandy humble artwork together to give you a view:

bell curve


The first lady that showed up on the field yesterday is depicted in the lower left side of this image, sitting down.  Unlike everyone that was on the pendulum itself, the bell image or outline was not golden, it was a little darker than the background to give us an image of where she was.  With the exception of the bell itself, I could understand her position.  Sitting in a classroom like setting in the position to look over all that got her to this very position in her life, gain strength and insight from it, if she choose, and then choose what direction she will go in from there.  But there was nothing more I could gather for her because there was no light of illumination come thru that I could see/read/understand.  But I also understand why too, she was busy being really upset.  Revolting against everything.  Bless her heart, been there, I know that place well.

I will never forget when my and my (then) 11 year old daughters path lead directly to the Salvation Army homeless shelter back in 2002.  I was on this flipping path for 2 year prit near, did every single thing my team asked me to do and we still ended up in hell, I mean the shelter.  I was so angry with the universe, with my team, with life itself and talk about biting off my nose to spite my face, I went on a meditation strike.  One full week, zero meditation.  Back then, I didn’t miss a day of connection and it was the only way I knew how to show the universe, my guides, I’m pissed!!!  For a whole week, my anger grew.  These folks at the shelter (and let me tell you, loving compassion is not the key feeling in a homeless shelter from those that take you in, at least, not this one) had all these crazy rules.  One of them was you MUST become employed.  I was employed, but not enough to live off of, especially with a preteen in tow, so they demanded I get a “real” job… piss me off more.  We won’t even mention the fact this happened December 19th… we were gonna spend christmas in the homeless shelter!!  This shelter wouldn’t even let us go to my sons house in another state for christmas, they said they would give our beds away if we did.  Well, bite my ass!!

Let me tell you, I was so angry that the toilet in me and my daughter’s room, instantly got clogged up.  Pee…UUUUU.  This shelter was not very helpful about getting a plumber to fix it either, days it was stinky and clogged until I threatened them with the board of health… that day, it got fixed.  But that toilet was a true reflection of my emotional field, clogged and stinky!!

I felt helpless, victimized even… pissed beyond imagination!!!  Thank god I was a part of a spiritual forum at the time and I vented my anger, my dismay on that forum and the incredible souls who held my hand, my heart thru my awakening helped me to look at my unpleasant position in another way… what if I was there to help someone!!  Hmmmm…. never thought of it like that.  Maybe this isn’t all about punish Lisa for doing what I was guided to do, maybe there is a bigger reason.  I started talking to the other girls/ladys there… understanding them, how they and their children got there.  I started to see homelessness in a whole new light and this entity called the salvation army (Which really was military like) in a whole other light.  I even found someone interested in spirit, in meditation and decided ok…. I will be less pissed and go take a meditation.

I don’t even know how I ended up in the meditation I was in, but it isn’t until today do I really get the full meaning of the experience (13 years later, lol, sloowwwww on the uptake I am!!)  I was standing in the middle of a landscape I was unfamiliar with and suddenly this orange-red lava started to flow behind me, encircle my feet and flow around me to the continue its journey forward.  I knew there was an emotional cleansing happening via the lava.  When I got out of meditation, I had 3rd degree burns only on my right foot and ankle (emotional balance in the path moving forward, or standing still, as I was.)  Several hours later, it came on the news that there was a major volcano eruption in the Congo and people died from the lava flows.  What the hell???  That was the last time I purposely connected to earth… she can be rough!!! lol  Mothers!!!!!

I got a telemarketing job, and since I was pretty much the only inmate there with a car, I got three other ladys a job with me so they had transportation to and from.  I didn’t like the job at all, but it did give me the privilege of consuming books between phone calls and allowed me to grow and maintain a stream of income to get me and my daughter out of that place.  Of course, 5 weeks there I was evicted.  Long story, but was glad to go!!!

The crazy thing with this path, it will always take you in the direction you need to go, for the growth you need, rarely in the way you want it to go, those damn preconceived notions we have.  But once you can really embrace what you don’t want to see, don’t want to deal with as a gift… and a precious, amazing gift… a time out to recalibrate and choose again… amazing things start to show up for you.  2 month after my release from this shelter, the greatest desire in my heart happened, my mentor in Australia came to visit me for 5 days.  There truly are miracles in wait the moment you get done being pissed and use the energy, the reflection for change!!!

Just sayin….

Now, my three crazy ladies on the pendulum.  I suppose since they were all on this gently swinging back and forth pendulum, their bell energy was lit up in gold energy.  I still had no flipping clue what this bell image meant and spirit started saying “the bell curve” what the hell is that??  I think I have heard of it in school when grading papers… but other than that… freakin clueless.  My second lady of the day sent me some information that I want to share here too:

Hi Lisa,
I think I do see the relationship between the bell curve and an actual bell.
The bell curve (or Gaussian function) is a complex mathematical function that explains a lot of natural phenomenon that seem random.  Things just do seem to fall into a bell curve, which is also known as the empirical rule.  Here’s a diagram:

So if this also applies to a person’s frequency and vibration, in terms of an actual bell, this could be thought of as how far their ringer swings:  68% of the people are going to swing between +/- 1 standard deviation.  Another 27% will be able to swing between +/- 2  standard deviations and can move around in 95% of the bell, and another 4.7% can swing between 3 standard deviations.  But the sides of the bell are beyond 3 standard deviations, and only 0.3% of the people can actually connect with the side of the bell.  But once they do (ring the bell), the frequency and vibration inside the bell is going to be drastically changed.
I see the rim of the bell as the “grid” and when people reach a certain frequency, they will connect with and activate the grid, which will change the frequency of the whole field (the bell).
Well, that’s my 2 cents worth.

(I so gotta appreciate those who can use their left brain and right brain together… my left brain is on permanent vacation, so thank you for this!!!!)

What I found interesting too, everyone that was on the pendulum, none were hitting the sides yet but all building “momentum” in a purposeful, rhythmical way for their next adventure.  Spirit even said several times when I asked why they aren’t ringing their bells… “it isn’t time yet.”  There was a funny energy package on the word time… not that it represent time itself, but that moment when all the energy is gathered for creation released.  Kinda reminds me suddenly of orgasm… ring my bell baby!! lol

I was also reminded about information that was coming thru… geez… last year I think?? When spirit started showing us the way the multidimensions of earth are constructed and the space/area many refer to as the “5th dimension” which to me, is shown more like a hallow tube (and yes, nothing is hallow, just need a visual for the mind) going down thru all versions of earth.  I think too, this is what many refer to as hallow earth, but I don’t know that for sure, my team never talked about a hallow earth so I dunno.  But thru yesterdays readings and that bell shaped, I kept remember that long forgotten information.

I had a small moment between appointments to actually take a bath and gather information about all this crazy, unexpected bell stuff and away I went.  Clarity was not the top priority on my teams mind… instead, they gave me another view of the lady who was next on my dance card (who never showed up, she thought her appt was next week… so many of us are having a really difficult time with time!!) but she was on the pendulum and she was stripping layer after layer after layer of this outer bell energy… it was beautiful to watch… but heyyyyyyy… I am more confused now than before!!

Lets just say, if we want something new to arrive in our life, we must make room for it, literally as well as frequency wise.  If we want it with all our hearts but do not put the action into its arrival, let me tell ya, the universe is a really good stripper/cleaner of energy too.

If I can bounce back to the lady who gave us the explanation of the bell curve… as we were talking, I don’t even know what brought this up, but spirit said we have two primary focuses in our distant past, Atlantis and Lemuria ohhh and we group a lot of stuff around “ancient egypt” but there were many other eras upon this precious earth and one main one we are actively bringing back is an era they called “The Galactic Kinship Era.”  That era showed up in my field of vision so clearly and excitedly.  A time when earth truly was a main hub of interaction, transport (coming and going) of what we now call the galactic federation (and then some.)

No wonder ET’s suddenly started showing up in readings last march en masses, reconnecting with their friends on earth.  Assisting, reorienting us to bigger, grander times yet to come!!

So in my crazy meditation that was too conversational (about that bell curve) for me to remember any significant details, suddenly there is Mikey Baby, that crazy dude we know and love as Archangel Michael.  His opening words to me, stunned me.  “It’s about time you seen me for who I really am.”  He’s what we would all and ET.  Of course, this knowing became so solidified in my and Kelli’s crazy and wonderful conversation (and lusting) around archangels!!  He did his very best to give us the name of the realm he hails from and the closest my vocabulary could come to its expression is “Angelica.”  And we wonder how we got to call them angels (well, I have always wondered that lol.)  Very much like calling humans, humans that hail from the earth realm.  Then we dietize ourselves or them… we are all gods tho!!

Their species are so connected to their hearts and their minds in such a wonderful partnership, which they have been (desperately lol) trying to assist us with to this day.  No wonder I have dubbed him my angel of quantum physics, he smart and loving.  Yup, yup, yup, dats what I want in a man, minus the wings… no wings or feathers please.

There was more, but dammit if my memory didn’t just get wiped!!

So on that note, I will leave you to ponder…

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of the new era of Galactic Kinship and smart, loving men and women to ALL!!! (giggle)

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  1. Lisa, I love it! I had to smile because some of this stuff you wrote, I mentioned it to you in the last week or so and you were like what’s that? LOL And we moved on, but now here you are with it being shown to you too. So now I don’t feel so crazy hehe. But seriously, this is exciting. Thanks for sharing!


  2. You wrote: ” Spirit even said several times when I asked why they aren’t ringing their bells… “it isn’t time yet. ”

    I also have to wait for something I do not know. The only thing I hear is “October”. Playing the waiting game a little bit longer isn’t that bad either.

    I can feel also a time line where we all ascended now but this did not work out. Playing the cleaning game has to go on – or should I say playing the waiting game 😉

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