Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 10, 2015

Life’s Ever Changing Mirror. Have You Seen Your Own Change Lately??

mirror of change

Ya ever have that moment that changes everything???  That very moment you look into a mirror you looked into a million times and suddenly you see a new face shining back, one you never seen before and are shocked to see now.  That’s how my day started yesterday… the mirror being meditation.  I finally had the time to do the hypnosis event from this past sunday since I could not get a blog out to save my life.

I started to realize earlier this week, the suggestion within the hypnosis event, “enter a star or cloud” meant more than just orienting people to their time of day in their world.  The star represents the energy I call earth workers, the cloud, sky workers… sun workers.  I have always associated myself as a sun worker.  So when my magnetic flow took me to a star, I really though I took a wrong turn somewhere… I am surely in the wrong place… where’s the cloud????  I looked around and everything vanished, nothing but this beautiful silvery star energy and it sucked me in!!  Even more to my surprise, I was standing before the Mesa that is my backyard.  On Top of the Mesa were the guardians of shambhala, all now wearing various human suits and clapping.  Should I take a bow?? lol  This is supposed to reveal my super powers and what the heck???  The next thing I know I am surrounded by a very familiar place… what I call the core of Gaia chilling with mother earth again.

Like any good mother, she realized my perplexity and instantly said “why are you so surprised?”  She brought up memories stretching wayyy back to 2001 when I used to ground myself until every time I cranked out my anchor from my root chakra, I would be pulled down from my bathtub, thru the dirt and rock and land in the center of Gaia and hang with her.  Had no idea why, but I stopped grounding because I kept falling thru my tub.  Equally, I realized I can return at will anytime, and I did many many times thru the last decade and a half.

Without ever realizing it, I have an ear tuned to earth and an ear tuned to spirit, navigating both systems at the same time.  Moving here to the Jemez not only deepened my connection with the earth, but opened it to its full potential.  In my personal world and my relationship with the earth, this place she said is like her womb, where life springs forth, changes and evolves.  We create and collapse dimensions together because of those who show up and expand here (readings, classes, gatherings and the like.)

She reminded me how, since moving here to the Jemez, my “antennas’ are incredibly affected by the barometric pressure changes.  I did realize that, but had no clue why.  When we have storms, my inner reception is sketchy, if at all online.

Great!!  I got it coming from the sun and the earth now!!  No wonder I am (self dubbed) the most unreliable psychic I know!!

She showed me the significance to the interesting magnetic flow to the star, it went upwards in a spiral then evened itself out to connect to the star that I went thru.  She explained that the energy I seen as an upwards spiral are the dimensional frequencies I navigate to do what I do.  Kewl beans???  I had no idea!!  She explained too, that the significance of the orbfest the other day was to visually show me how I open and close dimensions at will.  Of course prompted by the full moon and continuing with the inner feeling/prompting.  This is how we all do it, when aligned to the depths of ourSelf’s.

And this is just the beginning.

I was again looking at all the Guardians standing on the top of the mesa in human dress.  One in particular really had the hold of my vision, a native american indian chief in full dress… full headdress.  He instantly corrected me when I referred to his amazing headdress as a war bonnet.  He explained that this headdress represented those who could navigate both realms, sky and earth and take their people thru the dimensions.  Equally, an attribute from the memories, the experiences and exchanges with their star brothers and sisters.  War in any capacity was inconceivable (in their time) and would destroy any capacity available if used in connection with anything, not just their headdress.

And so much more was shared with me, trails and echos of my journey to here… and I simply stood there, dumbfounded.

Just when you thought you knew yourself… not!!!  But, as I was reminded in this life changing experience, I never asked, I assumed one thing and one thing only based on my previous understandings of myself.

So with this precious day called Mothers Day, whether you are a man or women, have children or don’t, doesn’t matter, take a new look in the mirror of your life, See the wonder of the new you, the mother within you.  The love made manifest thru your life.  We have not only grown into adulthood, we, thru the loving presence of our hearts, have become the mothers of this new world, the unlimited way of Being in life unconditionally!!

Celebrate yourSelf today, the dreamer of all worlds with passion and glory!!

Happy Mothers Day to All!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with extraordinary love from a boundless wellspring!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Mothers Day Reading Special thru May 16th… Buy one get one half price on 15 or 30 minute sessions.  I have freed up space in the month of May to include new readings!!














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