Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 7, 2015

The Wonders of May – Apply and Use to the Fullest!!!

magic in the air


Well, if May isn’t the most amazing, informative, validating month ever and we are just concluding week one!!!  I really have been living for this moment in time… application.  Direct use of our incredible, at times, beyond (mental) comprehension, abilities/super powers in our day to day life.

Yesterday, as I was going over the homework of one of the amazing lady’s in the super powers course and she was talking about an aspect of her Self that she met thru the hypnosis session:

Mahatla calls herself/her jaguar self a dream seeker.  She has the ability to look into a multitude of dimensions all at once. To illustrate this, the sky suddenly seemed papered with small bubble wrap, each bubble a portal into a different dimension/reality, could have been a million of them. Then while Mahatla’s humanoid self stood beside me, I watched her jaguar aspect instantly leap into multiple dimensions at once. I could only follow the jaguar in five realities, but Mahatla said that she was in many more.

She also told me about her night the night before.  Her husband has a special lotion to use on his dry skin and she looked high and low for this lotion, nowhere to be found.  Instantly I heard her team suggest she uses the jaguar’s ability to bring back the lotion which is currently in another dimension.  She got excited and said she would!!  That must have been enough cuz within a few moments, that lotion was now back in her dimension!!

I really got a clear view of the process at hand, thru everyone.  The hypnosis and ongoing meditation sessions themselves are like installing software within the computer (your whole energy field) itself.  Once bits are fully installed (like her jaguar) the use and application of it is immediate and obviously, not complicated at all.

If we think about it all just like a computer and how it runs, once the software is installed on our hard drive, we do not have to think about how it is functioning, we just click on the icon and use it.  Everything else is happening behind the energy window and really doesn’t matter.  Very same concept with our super powers.

Even with our excitement about what just happened in our tiny little moment together, her team kept saying “this is barely a zit on the tip of the iceberg.”

Of course, I know I now have this interesting wormhole like think in my home, wonder if I can reach in a pull out a man????  One with the essence I so desire??  There is something to it… because instantly this morning (right now) I am getting a bigger understanding….

First, I am told that what is in my home is nothing like what we know about.  There are many things we know nothing about in the “pathways” to magic.  The full moon itself revealed more to me than I realized, starting with the picture I took because it was just so beautiful shinging in on my body at 3:30 in the freakin morning!! (smirk)

elephant moon

The elephant eating the moon, or thats what it looks like to me.  Back on January 15th, 2013 when the Mesa exploded and released 30 thousand tons of itself at the top center, it created what to this day still looks like an elephant head.

mesa elephant


Not to mention, thru many meditations and even, open eyeball experiences, I would see the spirit formerly known as Jorge (now Norte) riding down from the top of the mesa on the back of an elephant.

Lets look at the elephant totem (take from this websiteElephant – Symbol of the Highest True Self:  Ancient Power, Strength and Royalty, Strength of the Feminine: The Child, the Woman, and the Wise Woman (Matriarchal Head of Family).  The Importance of Family, Fertility, Sexual Power, Discrimination, Clouds and Illusion, Out of Control Masculine Rage. (gotta giggle at that last one.)

So the full moon of May 4-5th, started to reveal what is.  Altho, I cannot tell you know I know it “is” fully yet.  But I was shown this morning, that thing I am going to call a wormhole, is serving to download in my room.  Hence the orbs coming thru from above.  Next to my computer, reverse, uploading, because this is where I upload all the downloads from the night… outwards.  With that said, I am hearing, it is the work, the action itself employed by the human that allows for the vast energy systems, networks to not only be revealed, but used as well.  Then, and more importantly, to become aware of what you have created/opened/brought present.  I so love when things can (appear to) get complicated, that just means we are on the verge of its fullness!!

I have got to say too, last night and even this morning, I whipped out my video to see if the influx of orbs were still spilling into my world… nope.  Nuttin.  I kinda got pouty and spirit said, they presented themselves to help you see what is now open and available to you, but they are from other realms.  Dammit!!  But I did give them some extra instruction yesterday…

My daughter FINALLY got a bond hearing.  When I called her attorney early last week asking why she hadn’t had a bond hearing yet, he said she probably wont get bond and if they set one, its gonna be high.  At my instance, he agreed to go see her and get a bond hearing set, which happened yesterday at 8:30am EDT.  I put a request on my facebook to help me flood that courtroom and judges heart with the light of love and since I had a massive orbfest here, I asked them if they would go and help the judge see….

It worked incredibly well!!  Not only did my daughter get bond at only 3 thousand dollars (which means $300 cash sets her free) everyone got bond!!  My daughter said the judge was in a very good mood.  How can one not be in a great mood when so much love is surrounding him??  Her roommate just happened to take $300 cash to court with him to be there for her.  She got out yesterday and ohhhhh how I love the new song she is singing!!!  Thank you soooo much everyone for helping her with your loving prayers to this miraculous moment!!

Now to wrap this up with something that came thru on my long drive to the Cancer Center yesterday (quarterly check up) and I was inspired to put my make up on, put pretty clothes on… I never dress up to go there!!  What the hell?  But I did!!  I got into my car and suddenly felt like I was missing something, so I went back into the house to check… I was lead to my bathroom to squirt some “Delicious” perfume on myself.  Really??   I giggled, squirted, and drove off…

I started wondering… why this sudden urge to get all dressed up and smelling good.  This has been a non-energy in my world for geez, a decade??  I don’t care if my eyes are done or my body smells delicious (smile) I rock without all that!! lol  And then it was revealed….

I have currently lost 70 pounds since last year.  Being 52 and on the other side of menopause, my skin has forgotten how to spring back to its original size.  My body looks like I am draped in wrinkly pantihose.  Ugh!!!  I put on my Nike “Just do it” shorts the other day and instantly thought… hmmmm my choices are now puckers of cellulite of skin that folds on top of itself down the thighs and knee areas.  Dammit, I choose neither!!!???

Cellular memory is an important part of our body’s mechanisms.  Just like our precious, beloved ego, cellular memory can get a bad rap because of its ability to hold the negative as strongly as it is able to hold the positive.  When I was 32, exactly 20 years ago, I went on a diet and lost a total of 70 pounds.  My skin snapped right back into place and had zero sag problems. Back then, I was incredibly vain and always wore make up, cute clothes and the perfume called Delicious.  Biologically, I felt fantastic about my body.  So, my sneaky team is addressing the cellular memory within my skin, muscles, entire biological being with bringing back that timeframe into my current reality.  The memory of it.

It must be working at the deeper levels of my Self cuz yesterday my Oncologist ordered an EKG and when the lady asked me how old I was… I almost said 45 and really really had to think hard about how old I was.  Ohhh wait… 52 lol.

Now let me reveal why my onc ordered an EKG.  I told him about the intense, and I do mean freakin intense dizzy spells I am having these days.  I know it has everything to do with the energies… but I had a feeling he had a test that would help me understand the inner workings of my body creating this dizziness.  Not once did I think my heart was involved.  But it is!!  As the lady was connecting me to the EKG machine, I told my heart, if your involved, please show up on this machine so I could understand.  Sure enough, it revealed a minor “sinus arrhythmia.”  Breath, electrical pulses and the heartbeat fluctuations.  Yup… makes sense to me!!  Power up, Power in!!

Now that I took you on a journey all over the place… lol, I am going to close there.  There is magic in the air, USE IT!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with miracles made manifest thru your heart of creation!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I did put a second chance May Course together, scaled down from the original (I only have so much time in my day.)  But allows you to fully participate with our group, with the expeirences and expansion underway.  Click here for details, please.










  1. I have had the sudden drive to be more feminine too Lisa. I think I told you about it, but anyway, after so long not caring about “that sort of stuff” I have a sudden drive to fix myself up, fix my hair, etc. Not in the same way that I did 20 years ago, but in a way that fits today I guess. It’s odd for me! I sometimes feel I am wearing a costume but maybe it’s just the new me LOL!

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  4. Lisa, I so enjoy your postings, I derive and resonate well over your thought process its blissfully Wonderfully endearing! Looking forward to everything 🙇🙇🙇💞


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