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The Merger of The Energy Of April and the Reflection of May

The Wonder of You!

How do you see yourself and the Life around you??


Happy May to everyone!!!  Yesterday was so filled with what the magic of May is, but really, it started presenting itself long before yesterday.  Somehow, in a way only the universe can do, my yesterday, May 1st, never got booked over by reschedules.  It was only this past week I realized it is a fully open day, I don’t have one of those left until towards the end of May.  Of course, me being me, the moment I realized I had a closer, open spot on my calendar, that’s where I started to put people from my latest outage… well, at least two people until I could hear my team bitching at me.  I forgot I have things I must get done and need free time to do it, like… get my cooling fan on my computer fixed before the May course.  So I just put two people at the start of my day and honestly, I am so glad they were there.  They really kick started an incredible exchange with May’s energies in my personal world.

My first lady showed up and I started to realize that the bridge I thought I was seeing was more of a connecting field from the power of April, all those multi-colored energies on our quantum surf board, connecting and unifying the reflective energy of May.  May’s platform was like a highly polished silver energy, and with my first lady, it was forming an overlapping infinity symbol/power generator.  Overlapping just by the front two ends of the circle, which is where she stood, forming an interconnected dual platform.  In the way her personal platform works, I seen her standing there in the complete center of these two fields, which are becoming one (the process will be completed by May 4th) one foot was on the multicolored platform of Aprils energy release (thru each person and their life) and one foot on Mays super reflective platform.  Her body itself became like a straw, taking in from her foot, the power, the energy on what she created as her energy generator of April and released it as instant outcome on the May side.  Her crazy team gave me a visual of her taking in a drink and peeing it out… this is how we are rolling now.  Being mindful of what you are taking in and putting out is more crucial now than ever (of course, each I can easily say that, amplified more each month.)

My second lady stumped me at first.  I could see her two discs starting to move together, but unlike my lady above, hers will be directly on top of each other with just a little space between the two (again, going to my field of vision, separated maybe by about a foot one above the other.)  My lady on the other hand, was standing on the ground, still about 8 feet below these merging platforms, jumping up and down with all she had in her to get onto her surfboards.  What the hell you doing down there???  And why do you look so small???

The one thing I noticed about her was the clothing she was wearing, stunning!!  She was in a tight-fitting, long silver sequined gown that had me thinking of a mermaid, don’t ask why, she didn’t look like a mermaid, just keep feeling the connection with the way her gown fit her.  I realized she was dressed to match May’s energies, ready to use them for all her heart desires and yet, there she is on the ground, looking small in size and jumping fruitlessly to get on her merging surfboards.

The key for her (any of us) to be in a unified field with our duel energy quantum surf boards is to see and realize ourselves much bigger, much more fluid than we appear to be.  To partner with spirit, with life, beyond the confines of mundane life, in knowing, in application, in experience, has us… (to be announced lol.)

Now let me switch to the amazing field of experience in my world yesterday.  I already had an appointment to take my computer back to the computer docs and get a new cooling fan installed to stop my computer from overheating and shutting down the moment I go to stream a video.  I planned on taking it to him as soon as my last appointment was finished.  But the night before, I decided to accept a dinner invitation with a man I started talking with from plenty of fish, why not start May differently than any other month!!!

However, there was something nagging at me.  I had just talked to my ex husband the night before talking on the phone with this man, and I know my ex’s beer induced language/talking well enough.  This man, the next evening, was talking just like my ex… not so much slurred speech, but I can tell beer or alcohol was coming off the tongue.  Of course, I wondered am I just being paranoid from having just talked to my ex the first time in easily 7-8 years…

As my day started yesterday, after my readings, let me tell you how instant that slurpee straw is.  I put a note on my facebook that was not a true statement, but in my mind, close enough.  I said I was going to be driving two times round trip to Albuquerque this day, when in fact, had my plan stayed in my original idea plan, it would have been one round trip to Albuquerque and then one to Rio Rancho where this man lived (much closer to me than Abq.) As soon as I dropped my laptop off and my computer man said when it would be done… I knew I had to go home first, get ready for my dinner date then head back to Abq to pick up my computer then go to Rio Rancho from there.  Yup, I created this dual round trip instantly by saying it out loud.

On my long drive to the computer guys home, I started thinking about what am I gonna wear for my date and I kept thinking about my lady in her silver sequined gown… I want to wear something reflective of this amazing energy of May and me together.  I wondered if I could find a silver sequined tank top to go with an over blouse hanging in my closet??  I have black and silver jeans…. this would be perfect to represent Mays energies.  On my trip home to get ready for my date, I stopped in a thrift store and had a look around… shockingly, something was twinkling within the racks of clothes… a single, gray-silver sequenced T that just happened to be in my size!!!  It went home with me!!

Next door to the thrift shop is a burlington coat factory and on an inspired whim I went into that store to have a look around for maybe eye shadow, I don’t own eye shadow… I found that but much to my amused surprise, at the check out lane was a perfume I used to wear.  I hadn’t worn perfume in geez, a decade?  “Delicious” Beverly Hills.  I used to only be able to get that perfume in high-end perfume stores and there it is looking me straight in the face half the price it was a decade ago.   I don’t have the money for frivolous spending right now and intended to just smile and pay for my eye shadow, until I heard my team say… you are seeing this for a reason!!  Alrighty then, I will get my smell on!!

I get home, turn on my pandora radio and start the getting ready process.  I had to giggle as I am putting on my makeup Shania Twain comes on singing “Man, I feel like a woman!!”  I had to giggle and dance cuz, it was just true!!  The moment she stopped singing there was David Cassidy singing his heart out with “I think I love you.”  Awwwwww….  I love you too!!

My outcome… I was bedazzled!!  lol:

May clothes


I was completely right in what I was feeling with the phone call, the man is a beer-a-holic.  Been a long time since I seen someone put away a half a case of beer in 3 hours, and he was already drinking before I arrived.  The day itself had little to do with the date, but the way I felt within myself, with the energy of life reflecting back to me all my heart desired… instantly.  I don’t take time to play, to dress up and just shine in playful ways anymore.  I work all the time.  Of course, my work is my love too… but, yesterday was just freakin fun!!

It really is time to go on amazing play dates with the universe, explore and expand in the energies of creation, of joy and fun and wonder!!  We have all worked to hard not to enjoy… to reap the benefits of what we have done within ourselves!!

Shine on my beautiful loves!!  Let’s Play Out Loud!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of shiney things, reflective things, slurpee things made manifest!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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  3. Your “date” picture should be your New Blog pic ! ! ! Looks like you Really did Enjoy yourself & the ‘making of it’ …………..

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