Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 20, 2015

Peircing Thru the Upper Dimensions and the New Black Hole Taking Us There!


I should have known there would be more to the enormity of April that something so hopeful (on my end) as an evening out of the playing field.  Sheez.  I expected (my first big mistake) easy sailing after the added energy release from the 11th thru the 15th, I swear spirit holds out information just to watch us squirm and wonder (and on my end, bitch!!)  Then, my second big mistake, I said out loud to a lady after I finished her reading “I am so glad I have not had to reschedule anyone for a week.”  Wham!!!  Spirit served me a words sandwich on a platter and I have been eating them for most of the last 4 days.  For the life of me, I could not understand why… over the last two days, finally we got the reveal and I gotta say, I am so surprised!!  Something this big, we usually get a heads up, a sneak peek into it all, at least, not that I seen coming.

When I repeated poked my antenna out in the field on the 16th and kept seeing my floor, I thought, ok, maybe a reboot after all these energies.  After all, I woke up late that day, sat at my computer and immediately my computer went into a 40 minute windows upgrade reboot, had to be a parallel happening there.  The only thing I heard in a glimpse of hearing was “we were getting our new shoes.”  Hmmmm… I thought it was skin lol.  But, new shoes, a new way forward, ok, makes sense.  On the 17th, I was able to see the new energies, the new things being presented, but it still felt unfinished in some way.  I think my precious lady in Scotland gave me a clue that I completely missed.  She was the only one that I actually seen new shoes on (others had new things, but they all weren’t “shoes” in the readings.)  Her shoes were a smooth pat and leather like yellow and they were tap dancing, happy feet!!  But when it came to the rest of her body… MIA.  I could see the black energy (deep unknown) of her ankles and about 4 inches up her calf and nothing else.  Plus, she was not on the ground at all, she was way up in the air tap dancing, but it also felt like she was suspended in that one spot, for that moment.

The 18th I was sure we would get the bigger story of where we were heading, but nooooooo… once again I am seeing my damn floor.  I really want to find a way to kick spirit in the ass, this is messing with all of our schedules thank you very much!!  As the day progressed (or is that digressed) it was time for the worlds greatest and only Maju creator and I got a pre-glimpse of him that popped my mind open to what is happening.  I recognized immediately the energy of my maju he recently created for me.  Plus, the form is unmistakable (smile.)


There he was, sliding upwards on the spiral energy of my now 10 foot (in our visual) maju.  Because of the two meditations I have had with my maju, I knew exactly what I was seeing.  Yesterday, I got still images for some of the folks on the field, and spirit was chatty to help us understand, that alone is a miracle that I am grateful for, so let me give you the whole story as I understand it now.

When I took my maju the mineral spa Bath House in Jemez Springs and did my first meditation with it, I could see the same dull yellow energy that I had seen Mr. Maju Creator spiral up, pointing outwards thru the subdimensions in my meditation.  However, I realized that what I seen had more to this ongoing story than I realized in that moment.  The dull yellow energy coming off my maju went outwards and downwards first, hitting what I will call the lower octaves of subdimensions and then rapidly shot upwards to the higher one that I could see the ongoing biological and consciousness expansion happening (with a man I will hopefully meet.)

He was the only one I got any sort of pre-glimpse of, however, when we connected for the reading, nuttin.  From past experiences, I know when the energy fields are too high, we are all protected from sharing each others energy by shutting me down, which will never cease to stop pissing me off.  Understanding it and liking it are two different ball fields!!

However, as I sat and pondered, I did get a bigger revelation that became topped off in clarity (more or less) with the still shots of yesterday.

I was reminded of very real experience of shifting thru the density I had never felt before driving thru the Jemez the other day.  The lives and energy we think of as our immediate past and thinner and closer than ever before with those whose vibration/frequency went higher.  As my maju showed, you go down before you can shoot up… and that is happening to so many of us, like a sling shot being pulled back for acceleration.

My first snapshot yesterday was of a lady standing out in the field and above her a very familiar, but not seen in close to a year, image was rotating above her… a black hole!!!  Ahhhhhhhh…. I’m getting this now.

Going from how I have interpreted a black hole in our field before (and is still the same now) it pulls all the energy from the known universe into it, well, anything that gets close to its sucking field and altho science has yet to be able to see whats on the other side of the black hole, they lean into the creation of another universe, and so do I.

So going with the piercing upwards in to the higher dimensions of other earths, and given the consistent still image of the black hole yesterday, we have made yet another rapid ascent upwards!  Which gave me understanding to the sleepless night caused by my desire and inability to breathe the night prior.  I am really starting to recognize the energies and my lungs trying to cope with a sudden upwards swing in our atmosphere.

With one of my ladys yesterday, as she was asking some questions, I got a big ole pesky X at the top part of the black hole.  I could see the position, just not whats thru the other side.  However, spirit did give her a dateline (that I am feeling applies to most of us) of being thru and viewable 20th-21st.  What is funny, when I heard those dates, I instantly had a meltdown, thinking… a freakin week?  I cannot reschedule for a flipping week I have no where to stick folks.  I am so sure I make spirit giggle as they put the number 19 in front of my face.  Ohhh yeah, it’s the 19th.  Yet, for the remainder of the readings tho, I still felt the timespace of a week even tho, it really is only a day or two.  Talk about the loss of time and the sense of expanding!!!

I had one lady give us an amusing semi-still shot of what is happening.  Her body was in a large yellowish diamond-shaped energy field, I could see her body half thru the black hole and half dangling downwards, her feet kicking and kicking and kicking.  All I could think of was a breach birth only in reverse.  She (we) are being birthed into a vast accelerated energy field in the upper dimensions and are still half in, half out.  Feeling a bit ungrounded these days??  Great!!  I have said this for easily a year, but gonna say it again, PLEASE do not try and ground to anything, cuz that pulls you back down and you gotta start all over again.

All of this understanding really gives a fuller understanding to a food conversation we had on facebook several days back.  So many of us are craving the heavier foods, for me it was pizza.  I haven’t had pizza since I was in Virginia with my kids.  I bought a pie and ate it within two days!!  I felt the cells of my body singing with joy… the heavier foods allows that binding (similar to grounding but without sticking to the earth we are leaving.)

Another conversation I have seen on my facebook was the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do it.  Well, that too is perfect, if not uncomfortable.  I have no idea why spirit would say alright, change locations now, change jobs now… and leave us dangling in what feels like forever without any real clue of whats next.  I do understand tho, for some, this transition could not have been possible in whatever old energy system you took yourself out of… and yet, the new marching papers are still being printed.  Even with this statement, I feel many may be suspended thru June, thru the solstice.  There is a lot changing, not only the magnetic pathways we travel, but people, inner desires, outer experiences and a whole lot more than is beyond my conceivability.

On that note, if your body is sending you signals for some mac and cheese, some pizza, some cheese cake… honor it.  (Hmmmm, cheese!!! lol)  It knows what it needs more than your (our) minds do!!  The body itself is also going thru the acceleration changes, chest and head colds, fever and flu like symptoms… gotta love biology!!

On that note, I am praying I have a day of readings to start today!!  Have an amazing time rebirthing into the higher, more adventurous higher octaves of life… I cannot wait to see what that means to us!!!

Ohhh, as I see the picture I am going to use for todays sharing, I gotta mention that it is (of course) no fluke we have been in a G2 solar storm and the coronal hole on the sun been spilling its solar winds to us.  The sun is always working in harmony with us crazy, brave humans!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of deep gratitude for your patience and understanding with me coupled with excitement to see where we having taken ourselves now!!!

Lisa Gawlas















  1. All week when I have checked in on myself thru meditation, I kept seeing myself way up high in the air…standing on different things but not much else….
    I think I am going to try to take a nap now, this black hole is sucking all my energy!😉


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