Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 13, 2015

How Real Does This Rabbit Hole Get??? That, Depends on YOU!!!


Change.  That is the one constant in life and especially within that crazy little thing we call the “spiritual path.”  The more we learn, the more we apply what we learn, the more our lives changes, always for the better, even if it appears to have fallen apart to get ready for the better.  Thru it all, there are details embedding within our consciousness, our new applications for living life to the fullest.  All of our experiences have really set up the reprogramming our our brains, of the way the mind see’s and experiences life itself.  Going wayyy beyond the illusion and the  primary senses.

This morning, well, this month really, I have got to think about the massive shift in spirits focus in readings.  I have seen this massive shift before, primarily at the turn of 2012 into 2013, where spirit, thru you, became incredibly focused and details about this place we are now at I call Shambhala.  Thur this 2 year period, the semi-focus was on science like things, sine waves, quantum energy, vibrational energy via color, sound, emotions.

2.25 years of reprogramming each other to see, accept and experience the larger quantities of Life itself.  Obviously, we did a really great job of it all.  So of course, spirit starts encouraging us to ditch everything we thought we knew, because we are changing again, becoming more than we ever dreamed possible.

We, the human incarnate, really are an extraordinary species.  I can now clearly (ok, semi-clearly lol) understand why the entirety of the multiverses are assisting us, with awe, of our “ascension” process.  It is so much more than just pulling ourselves out of the deepest darkest places within ourselves, it is so much more than just being able to talk to spirit, or see energy fields, all of which, brought us to this place called Here.

We are now in the last part of our deprogramming process, our physical bodies.  The consciousness, the partnership our biological creation MUST have with our evolution.  We have placed so much focus on spirit (that was needed) and the “purity” of spirit that the body became secondary and misunderstood on many levels.  We are a high functioning organic machine, if we allow ourselves to be.  We were created/designed to live and love in the depths of duality and all that goes with duality.  We have an immune system that should be marveled at, instead, we don’t trust its function… which is simply to become immune to what we would perceive as impurities within the dualist construct called earth.  With that, I cannot help but recall my terminix days and the amazing perseverance of the cockroaches, one of the few species of life that have been around since prehistoric times.  You spray them with one chemical, they are instantly developing an immunity to that chemical thru their (much more primitive than ours) immune system.  Yet, we are scared of everything.  Don’t eat this, don’t breathe that… and we dilute our greatest potential with fear.  Of course, we call that fear something else… healthy living.

Fat is another undervalued addition to our biological creation that much of the medical field would have you believe is bad.  Our natural thermoregulators are held in the fat cells.  The stored light energy, like battery cells, are stored in the fat cells.  Our body doesn’t create fat just to give us something to get over… but marketing and medicine sure have placed value on skin and bones, depleting the power centers within.

Consciousness of the biological Being we call our body.  That is the last part of this amazing Life we are living.  We have partnered with Source (god, spirit, whatever) we have partnered with our Soul, and now, we have to throw all that we thought we know about the body, out to allow for a greater truth to be revealed.  A truth that will restore your power in the amazing land called, physicality!!

So part of what is coming thru these days, is deprogramming our relationship with the outer world of physicality and our inner world of physicality.  Tuning more deeply into the consciousness of our cells.  If we can look at our cells the way we look at each other, different, but the same at the core.  Our cells have different attributes, depending on the group they are holding together (various muscles, organs, hair, eyes, electrical currents and so on.)  They all have very particular needs to do their job(s) to the fullest.

In my simplest example would be my experience from the other day, no wearing jeans.  I wear my jeans tight, and I could feel the melt down of my cells from my hips down just thinking about that material right next to my skin.  We are in a state of expansion, how can we expand if you are smothering us??  Who knew??

On occasion, I have this incredible craving for salt, so I find something salty to munch on.  Of course, this leads to water retention for a day or so, but the body needs the internal fluid pack for its cellular growth in those moments.  Water, fluids are the greatest generator of energy, of growth.

So lets say, you are throwing out all you thought you knew about the biology that houses your spirit, what is next is more exciting than I can contain and the truest of reasons why all eyes are on our evolution as a species.

Equally, being in harmony within your emotional field is not only key, but required, depending of course, how far down the living rabbit hole your willing to take yourself!!  Emotional harmony doesn’t mean dripping sugar out of your mouth all the time, nor does it mean ignoring the ego side of the emotional spectrum (anger, frustration and so on) that part of us is as important to listen to as the joy bliss side is.

Example, I went into meditation the other morning and proceeded to have a bitch session with someone I didn’t know that was supposed to be helping my daughter thru a challenging time and I have been experiencing this help as a detriment.  This internal bitch session was my lower mind, the one that lives and knows physicality’s way of saying… you need more information and understanding of the process at hand.  I was genuinely worried.  Since my mind would not change its focus no matter how many times I shushed it up, I got out of the bath and called this person and got to understand more.  I still don’t like it, but I can understand it now.  Our lower minds are often devalued as something that should be squelched, ignored, and that we should remain in a state of perpetual bliss 24/7.  Well, we are in that state when not incarnate, so it would serve no greater good to be in bliss 24/7 here.  Duality is our friend, our confidant and a wonderful catalyst of using the physical attributes of energy surrounding us.

With the emergence of so many ET’s in our consciousness this last year, they have opened my mind to potentials I never dreamed possible outside of meditation.  Time travel, interdimensional doorways,  and things I have no words to even describe… Not only did this surprising (to me) change in direction connect many humans to their ET’s and greater potentials within, it really changed my mind about things… starting with the enormity of dimensions we live within.  How our biological energy can open and close dimensions and how often we are already doing that, unconsciously.

As March shifted into April, it seems it’s not just a focus for the ET realm, but our spiritual teams as well.  What I am referring to as your super powers are far beyond anything I could have imagined as real… as possible.

I had a lady show up the other day that gave us a really good peek into how we are going to start experiencing other dimensions outside of meditation.  Her homework became opening one of the layers of dimensional sheets, putting her hand half way thru that sheet and feeling the energy difference from where she is on this side, to that realm over there.  As I was giving her that exercise, I could see these things that looked like cooked spaghetti move from her pineal gland outwards to her experience, all these tendrils were coated with molecules of some sort  and it was explained that this is the way the mind becomes reprogrammed.  These tendrils move out into the experience you are having, the molecular structure enhances the experience (what we call the new codes within our DNA) brings it back to the brain itself and reprograms the experience into reality, into what is REAL.  The more this is done, the more the brain releases the solidness of your perception of yourself and the energy exchange allows for the cells to vibration at the rate of speed in the other dimension(s).

If that didn’t melt my mind down into excitement straddling holy shitness, one of the readings the other day took it to a whole other level of holy shitness.

Imagine (which, remember, is the realm of real potential and not make believe) you can open and close just the things I call subdimensions which are all the timelines and versions of earth available in this realm, and you found the way (which is coming on line thru many now) to open and close with accuracy (gonna need lotsa practice to perfect this) the portals, or stargates that allow for the body to slip thru this timeline and go back, lets just say to the time and version of earth your alignment is with Jesus.  Not only can you go back there physically, but going back with the consciousness of today, you can change outcomes, experiences, the story itself with your presence and interaction There.

It was given to us in understanding via the place we call healing our past.  Of course, we perceive that healing in meditation, going back and changing outcomes and emotions around a certain thing, which changes everything coming up thru the present, including the people who were involved in… whatever.  Now, we are taking this all to the next level… not only with our soul mind and consciousness, but with the biology too.

Imagine the implications of what we can do.  Going back to the point in our (de)evolution where we started using fossil fuel and told someone about hydro fuel or solar energy for example.  With that (I am sure there is more to it, how I have no flipping clue… yet) we create the version of earth where that is our source of fuel and we never strip the earth of her needed resources.  That, is just one simple example.  Even as that thought gets expressed here, I hear, this is what the ET’s gave done too, entered particular timelines to bring us the technology we use and take for granted today.

I have got to say, I have tried and tried and tried to see the dimensions outside of readings, sitting on my couch, squishing my eyes to make them appear… nuttin.  In meditation, in your readings… effortless.  Of myself… not yet.

Group energy I feel is the key of it all.  Speaking of Jesus’ time… “when two or more are gathered…”

I think about the enormity of this course coming up in May, it started out (in my consciousness) simple, one on one sessions to help develop the super powers being shared within your personal meditation space.  Then, spirit dropped in the group participation, then the hypnosis event that has you going to access your super powers instead of me and deciding which ones you want work on first.  There is a feeling I get with this as I got with the emergence of the package back in 2012 called “Hypnosis with the Guardians.”  Big.  Mind altering in perception and abilities and reprogramming the mind to experience beyond what we already have.

Just imagine the potentials at hand….

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of mind boggle, dimension opening Love to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  New intense May course now available:  Discovering and Developing Your New Super Powers. <— to go to my webpage for more information, just click.  Thanx!!!!  















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    QUOTES: FUDGE, Judith ‘Dolphin Rhythm, Evolution in Healing’
    Published 2011, Title Retired 2014

    “THERAPEUTIC UNWINDING IS A PROCESS where the body either spontaneously or with assistance, moves in such ways to systematically realign the vector forces of impact sustained during trauma [physical/emotional/mental/spiritual]. This process allows any residual energy to leave by the same vector or path of entry, but in reverse order. Unwinding may be localized to specific areas such as limbs, the head, the trunk or whole body. It may be gross, motor movement or very subtle movement that can be palpated, but not readily observable with physical vision. The analogy of slowly and carefully untangling cooked, tangled spaghetti represents the blocked energy routes in the body that need to be cleared.”

    “The cranio sacral rhythm is the ‘rhythm of life’ that evolves to become the multidimensional Dolphin Rhythm.”

    “CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY TRAINING provided a conceptual framework for recognizing and describing that human movement evolves from within the core, Cranio Sacral System of the physical body; that the cranio sacral rhythm Is the origin of all human motion and locomotion.”

    “Dolphin Rhythm is evolution in human movement that manifests when divine light and energy and essence of Highest Love integrates into the physical body; expanding through resonance into every level, aspect and dimension of the whole being; stimulating healing and evolution expanding multidimensionally [incl CHANGING DNA] from within the Smallest Molecule of Light in the heart area and the pathway to the love that is higher than divine. What appear to be separate evolution levels is really one evolution level; divine evolution. It is just that this process takes time to integrate the healing changes that the body proceeds through.”

    “Dolphin Rhythm evolved seven levels since 1998.”

    “All the rhythms are transmitted from the epicenter in the pineal gland’s crystal in the center of the brain and skull.”

    “Each rhythm is a unique movement and each rhythm is a specific function.”

    “This is Evidence of Physical Evolution, observed in palpation and characteristic, autonomic motion.”

    “THE CRANIO SACRAL RHYTHM CAN APPEAR TO HALT naturally and safely for short periods. It is called Still Point. When this occurs during Cranio Sacral Therapy, it is an indicator that something significant is happening in the healing process. Still Point is our body’s way of indicating that it recognizes truth. Truth is the ‘significance indicator’. Still Point is the optimum state to access tissue memory for healing to occur.”

    “When the body replicates a position during therapy that mimics the position and circumstances of a past trauma, the vector forces of impact re-align to leave by the same path that they entered, this time in reverse order. A leg fractured and twisted during the impact of a car accident can be encouraged to return to normal alignment and function through therapeutic unwinding once Still Point is ‘found’.”

    “There is usually a significant Still Point period as the energy builds sufficiently and deep unwinding is perceived . . . The purpose within these sequences is to facilitate unrestricted energy flow from the epicenter of the infinity symbol rhythm in the pineal gland as it flows from the head, to shoulders and arms.”


    Rhythm of Motion
    Rhythm of Locomotion
    Omni-Centric Pulse
    Still Point
    Dolphin Sine Wave
    Pineal Crystal Laser
    Crystalline Sacred Heart


    Expand Divine Light & Energy & Essence in Heart Core

    Cranio Sacral Rhythm of Motion & Still Point

    Infinity Symbol & Omni-Centric Pulse

    Spinal Sine Wave & Pineal Crystal Laser

    Divine Resonance at Physical Level

    FUDGE, Judith ‘Dolphin Rhythm, Evolution in Healing’ 20111


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