Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 1, 2015

Happy April! Enjoy the Eclipse Exercise Within Todays Sharing!!

lunar energies

Happy April everyone!!  Hard to believe we closed out the first quarter of 2015 already!!  If time keeps going by this incredibly fast, I am going to be 105 before this year is over!!!  One thing I can say for sure, March as the most intense energy month I can ever remember experiencing or trying to read thru, right up to the very end.  To the degree, with each and every person on my dance card yesterday, there was this energetic line, a divider if you will, between march and April’s energies.  Keeping in mind, I use the month itself to describe an energy package, but it is truly energy I am talking about, it just happens to be released with that particular month.  I suppose it kinda keeps the story organized and flowing in a way we can not only understand, but prepare for and follow as well.

From yesterdays view, April was still about 2 feet above March’s energy, meaning we had a huge ascent in frequency yesterday into today, straight up.  The connections were so strong energy wise, it was blowing my brains apart, like being caught on a very choppy sea, only, it was my brains that were getting choppier and choppier!!  YOU are that intense, that wildly beautiful and already in motion upwards.  From what I am understanding thru the connections yesterday, this is our week of settling into the bigger picture, the grander adventure within life and spirit as one.  Try as I might, I could not cross that energy line in any reading yesterday, the more I tried, the harder the winds of light blew back in my face.

As I try and harness some understanding about this incredible month called April, I am being shown our next HUGE energy system coming up called the full lunar eclipse and an exercise to go along with it.

The moon is so in sync with the emotional flow of life, for better or worse, and this particular full moon is “big kachina” (not my phrase, I’m not even sure what a kachina is!!) of full moon energies.  Couple this full moon with a cruise behind earths shadow.  We think of “shadow” energy usually as something negative, but it can be the most positive thing in the whole of creation, if you use it in that way.  Bringing in the light of your Self into form that had once been hid in the shadows of life.  The sun, the moon and the earth in perfect alignment with each other, energetically speaking.  This is a happening you should purposely participate as it is happening.  The image I keep receiving is as the earth’s shadow starts to engulf the face of the moon, imagine you are in a wide, expanded portal directly connected to all three systems (earth, moon and sun) and feel yourself being pulled upwards and upwards (slowly, don’t want to zoom up and miss a thing) and feel the expansion of energy surrounding you, feel the instructions within the expanded energy guiding you, expanding you, opening your mind to grander potentials of Self.  As the full moon becomes fully eclipsed, feel the connection of wires (if you will) from the earth, the moon and the sun directly into your head (pineal gland,) your heart, and your sacral chakra.  Feel the expanded energies coming in and unlocking places that were kept in the shadows within your DNA, participate with it, KNOW what is happening, what is being turned on, revealed and most importantly HOW to use it all within your physical life.

Your sense of self (sacral chakra) will expand to enhance your new energy system and your new role upon earth as it fuses with the passion and magnetic field of the heart, coupled with the light center of the brain to reveal the use of it all.

Feel the integration of all three systems as one wholly connected, wholly functioning, Self illuminating expansion pack.  Not for a moment, but for ever.  The sun turning up the pineal glands ability, the moon enhancing the powers of the heart, the earth in tune with the sacral life force.  Now longer separate, but three parts of the whole now fused.

This is all going to be crucial as our new and expanded super powers come on-line and demand your use of them.

Enjoy and USE the fullness of April, of yourSELF for all the fun, joy and greatness that is waiting for you!!!

I love you so much and am so flipping excited to see what we got ourselves into Now!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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