Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 28, 2015

Evolving Your New Skills from the Inside Out!


I have been an advocate of co-creative meditation for what feels like the entirety of my path.  It has changed my life, my mind, just about everything about me for the better, but I am realizing too, it has done so much more than that as well.

This really is a time when many new skill sets are coming to the fore for people in readings and ET sessions and of course, the training ground is meditation.  The greatest, most direct place within yourself to start reprogramming your mind, what it thinks it knows and what it will discover it can do.  But there is equally something more that is happening thru it all, something that will eventually make your new, or maybe better said, dormant abilities effortless in your day-to-day life.

Thru several of the readings yesterday, this particular message became so clear, so obvious I don’t know how I never realized it before.  The more you practice your new skills in meditation, the less you have to practice them in your day-to-day life, they are just there, a part of you that is automatic.

If you think about it like teaching a child to talk, at first, it’s really complicated for the child, forming words with the tongue, using breath in a particular way to create those sounds… and the more the child practices, the less the child thinks about it, it just becomes natural in the day-to-day life it now leads.  Same thing with our emerging and evolving spiritual abilities.  However, development of Self with the self is more key now than ever.  Practicing as often as you can, soooooo important as well, if you really want to use the higher abilities available.  Things like seeing other dimensions, opening and moving thru the wormholes and using our own energy combined with higher, purer energy, to combine and create with.

What I am seeing as our potentials now blows my mind.  I have heard some of the ET’s even say, we are just starting the work and it is going to take a few years to exact, to become effortless and done simply with the intention of doing it in our day-to-day moments… to become as easy as talking.  At first I though…. YEARS???  Geez…  But I realized quite vividly yesterday thru the readings that I spent three years in my bathtub before I ever came out to actually do what I was taught to do in my bath and hell, I didn’t even fully realize what I was being taught to do in meditation, physical application became mindless, meaning, I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just was able to do it and doing it was different than it was in meditation.  The more I worked what I could do, the more that was shown to me in meditation to add to my abilities outside of meditation.  A true reprogramming of the mind and a genuine partnering of the lower mind with the higher mind to use it all in as much fullness as I was willing to invest in.

I say all this to lean on how important it is not only to you, but to all of us, for you to invest in yourself as much and as often as you can.  Within it all, lays the 100 monkey theory as well, which too, was referenced in one of the readings as well.  What you learn to do within yourself equally goes out into the collective for others to tap into with ease and ability.  This really takes what you do for yourself, you do for the all into a literal place.

I am taking in so much information, seeing so many new abilities brought to the readings along with the homework on how to start evolving this part of whomever I am reading, I keep thinking… which do I want to learn now.  Actually, it would be more like, what would I like to invest so much time and energy into learning now… I don’t know.  So would you mind if I just asked you to do the inner work, toss the knowing into the collective and let me just be able to do it (whatever “it” is) lol, yeah I am getting lazy in my old age!!!

Also, rarely do you realize just how much you are changing, evolving yourself from what you are doing in your meditations, even when you realize you can do somethings you never did before, it really is hard to see the bigger experience when you are doing what you do every single day.  But you really are changing everything about you and about the world you are within because you invested in yourself.  I want to take this moment and thank each of you that has never given up, given in to the time and effort it does take to bring out and use the magic within yourself, cuz you bring it out for us too!!

I do want to change the subject completely before I close today.  My beautiful architect asked about his father yesterday and his father showed us something that just took my breath away and humbled me to the core of my heart.  Until this moment, I never really seen just how beautiful the transition from this life into the next really is.

His father showed up with his body from the sacral plexus down to his feet completely black and I watched as his feet started to meld back into the earth, then his ankles, then his calves… at the same time, from his sacral plexus up, he became these expanding particles of multi colored energy.  The separation of the particles was taking what was his solid upper form and I was witnessing the expansion of his Self back into the air, into the expanse of spirit.  How incredible is that, a part of us goes back into the earth and another part back into spirit.  I suppose I knew this, but to see it like this, in this beautiful way, just made it real and even more beautiful than I ever seen it before.

Well, my lazy butt got up late again today, so I am going to leave off here until tomorrow.  I think, in these next few days, I am going to put a new package together dedicated souly to pimping out your new skill sets.  It’s funny, I really pondered all these new things the last few days and what I keep hearing is “what you want to learn, teach.”  April’s mission!!

I love you all so much, and honor your Being Here, Now more than you can ever realize.  ((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of grandness to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Yay!!! Can’t wait for the skillset package! I’d love to learn the wormhole stuff, and seeing energy … 🙂 I got an aura book, now I’m experimenting with using tones on my aura. It’s quite interesting, I’m already feeling curious effects in my third eye. Adventure ahoy! 😉


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    Hello All! Here is another great post from Lisa Gawlas to share with you! I do feel that April is a boots on the ground kinda month. Which I am very much looking forward to because March was no fun for me. I did figure out why my team was singing “Dark side of the Sun”. I have been learning most of the month to be “at ease” with my darker side. A lovely facial scrub of my emotional core. And then, the Eclipse came and the physical core scrub began. Yikes! But I can see what is happening and the soul energy that is infusing my “new” core. So it’s all good! Right? I am soooo ready for a new song. Hmmm what shall it be? Xoxo Esther


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  5. “But I realized quite vividly yesterday thru the readings that I spent three years in my bathtub before I ever came out to actually do what I was taught to do in my bath and hell, I didn’t even fully realize what I was being taught to do in meditation, physical application became mindless, meaning, I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just was able to do it and doing it was different than it was in meditation.”

    What the Hell?

    Care to share any DETAILS of what it is exactly you were taught to do, Lovely One — perhaps give the DETAILED comparisons of what you are doing during meditation *and* the physical application of it. Help us out a little, here.

    C’mon, dude — be more like the entity “Bashar” — give us something to work with ….give us YOUR permission slips and allow us to modify them to suit our own needs.
    But at least give us SOMETHING.
    What were you taught, and how DO you “see”?

    I don’t know if you are aware, but because we are all different Perspectives of Source, some of us came into this incarnation with a massive lockdown on our higher abilities in this Physical arena…..and the only way we’ve functioned with so many 3D limiting filters blocking us, is through a merge with and a constantly co-creative relationship with our Higher Self, all along.

    We just simply have to BE, our Higher Self.
    With no perceived Separation from HS.

    And for some of us, “meditation” was not part of the Soul Agreement deal, either. There are many who do not resonate with meditation.

    Your perception of others, and their abilities is currently too ego-centric. And therefore not helpful at all, for physical application and practice.

    Expand your empathy/perception away from yourself and more towards others….jump into THEIR perspectives…. and you will consequently expand your perception of them each as being fully DIFFERENT, unique individuals serving as part of the Collective.

    Instead of viewing All, as being the same. As you.

    ~ Kiera


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