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The New You and New Skill Sets/Totem Connections and the Way into April!



Of course, we had yet another shift in the field of reading coming out of the 15-16th “activations” weekend.  I swear it can be so disorienting reading, I just get a foothold on what is being expressed… wham… there we go again.  Previous orientation gone, new one establishing and me going on like a babbling idiot.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!  I heard a common on “The Voice” from one of the coaches to one of the singers and I about cried.  Whatever it is you choose to do, should have you feeling like the last part of this three-part comment. He had said to this young lady in regards to her joy for singing:

“Some people will say, look what I can do, others will say, look what I have to do, and yet your expression is, look what I get to do!”  No matter what you do in life, that last statement should be what fills you.

There are many elements in play these last two days of readings.  I really want to focus first on the first beautiful lady showing up on the new, temporary field as we head upwards into April.

She had recently made a major change in her life, leaving her boyfriend and the state they resided in and moved back home to her parents as she reoriented her self and her young son into what she wanted for her next version of her Self.  When she showed up on the morning of the 17th, I was a little taken by surprise.  There she was, suspended in air by the bulging in areas, rotation of liquid sky blue water like energy.  I understood the sky blue to (continue to) be creator energy, source, god, pick a name.  Nourishing her, surrounding her, and waiting for her to use its life force for her desired creation.  The energy was being emitted from the ground level, her feet about 2 feet above the ground, again, suspended in this energy, and it came up and over her head.  It was circulating around and around and I could see her body equally spinning around in it as well.  I became aware that there was no outward movement or us to this incredible energy system.

Thru her, I really am starting to understand a bigger picture of our life’s condition, that having to “work” condition.  Many of the folks I read for know what they would love to be doing, it just doesn’t pay the bills… yet and the thought of having to go out and get a job doesn’t emote joy.  But if we look at getting a job in a different way, beyond making our day to day ends meet, but as a way to expand our innate abilities, the things within us rising to the surface to explore and expand in different ways… the job itself could serve like continued education in what you will one day do full-time.

Life was created to keep us moving beyond our comfort zone, to keep reaching for more aspects of our own fullness and to continue to understand, refine and enlarge ourselves thru others on the world’s stage with us.  So, when thinking about what you  are going to do next to make a living, don’t think about the work itself, think about what part of you you want to experience more fully and then step into the emotion of that.  The job will just show up for you.

I will give you my own real example of how to work this.  When I was living in Vermont in a camp on the mountainside and decided to get an apartment with electricity and the perks of not living off grid, I knew I would have to get a job in order to sustain me and my daughter.  I had learned so much about the communication of all living things, plants, rocks, grass, animals… I wanted to continue to learn that, maybe tho, on a human level.  So I just sent out to the universe, gotta get a job, get me one that will expand my listening skills and communication skills in this way.  Not even two days later, I went to a crystal shop the town over and just outside that door was a job posting for a personal care attendant at an assisted living home.  Not my dream job for sure, but I interviewed, was hired and it taught so much about communication from the heart.  How to hear people’s needs when they could not verbally communicate.

Take the focus off of the job itself, place it on your own expansion and trust that when it shows up, when you employ the creator energy that IS apart of you, your head will spin from the expansion!!!

We are responsibly for decided what we want to experience next, what parts of our treasure chests within we want to take out and polish.  If you don’t know what that is, spend more time “knowing thyself!!!”

In complete contrast, my next two lady’s I could not see at all, what I did hear was their energy fields were out in creation, creating.  The energies we are putting into motion in this moment of our amazing life is creating at the speed of light, coming into solid form as we pass the equinox, which is giving solid form to many many desires.

Of course, I am having my own melt down with this, thinking shit… does that mean I am not going to see and get information until after the equinox???  This does not feed my inflow and out flow funnel very well!!

My last two appointments of that day were both from the other side of the pond, which actually placed them into the 18th’s dateline.  I completely missed this fact until yesterday, which means I missed some vital information about their readings.

Unlike my first three lady’s, these two amazing people had something strange in their reading.  My first lady, wrapped up in that water/creator energy but only up to the waist, had octopus tentacles coming out of her water/energy base.  What the hell is that???  Her very long and thick tentacles were in constant movement, looking for something I could not see.  They were spread out all around her, the only thing I could feel for sure is there is nothing to find from your past, there is nothing I can see to your left or right, hell even the energy in front of her (and everyone) was… like a void of potential.

What I did not realize at all with her and what was being shown, is she is very much a sister to the octopus and has many of the same skill sets as the octopus.  As all of the readings showed yesterday, this is part of her emerging skill set and her job is to learn how to use it for her desires.  Lets take a look at some of the octopus’ qualities and see how it can be used in her new expanded Life in Shambhala:

Octopuses are waaay old. The oldest known octopus fossil belongs to an animal that lived some 296 million years ago,
Octopuses have three hearts. Two of the hearts work exclusively to move blood beyond the animal’s gills, while the third keeps circulation flowing for the organs. The organ heart actually stops beating when the octopus swims, explaining the species’ penchant for crawling rather than swimming, which exhausts them.  (Thats a whole lot of magnetic field energy too.)
Octopus arms have a mind of their own. Two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in its arms, not its head. As a result, the arms can problem solve how to open a shellfish while their owners are busy doing something else, like checking out a cave for more edible goodies. The arms can even react after they’ve been completely severed. In one experiment, severed arms jerked away in pain when researchers pinched them.  (This will really take “feeling” your way to a whole other level.)

A HUGE tidbit of understanding that came from this amazing lady too, was how we enter into April.  April’s presence has been a consistent view for the last month or two.  It is about 4 feet above the energy of march (Higher in frequency) it is a circular platform that is in a constant clockwise rotation (rotating slowly tho) and the platform itself has a texture to it, a feel of matter and yet is made up of various shades of violet with threads of deep blue.  This part I can understand, the ascended masters in body living their full soul expression, not as a concept, but a way of life.

What I couldn’t see or understand, how do we make such a massive leap upwards when I have not seen the energy of march rise up, yet.

As all of her octopus tentacles came to the forward and she started reaching and connecting to (whatever, I couldn’t see the what, just the doing) suddenly these mounds, made of the same color and texture as april, started to appear on the ground level near April’s high platform.  Each mound was larger than the one before it until she created an elevated bridge upwards to April.

Let me explain what this means in as much detail as I understand.  We ALL have been activated.  All 12 strands of our DNA are on and working, the ganglion of creative energy on and firing, new skills, connections, ways of being… LIVING Shambhala must be taken out and experienced.  Using this energy is the only way to go from activation to the living experience of April’s energy.

If you just sit back and say, wow, I have new energy, well good for you… do something with it!!  Otherwise, it doesn’t mean a thing!!

My man after her, his field was more pure energy (I didn’t see the blue water energy with him) but what I did see was a dolphin head upwards, tail downwards and the feeling was his head was part of the upper atmosphere of Life, deeply connected to the “soul mind” and the body was in a pure energy system of the new earth.  One of the greatest abilities of a dolphin is their use of sonar:

Sonar refers to sound navigation ranging. It involves using and interpreting sounds to detect something’s location underwater and is especially handy for two reasons: Bodies of water are often far too murky for sight, and sound actually travels quickly underwater, much faster than it does in air.

Sonar technology sends out sounds and waits for the sounds to bounce off other objects and come back (the same way an echo bounces back to us in a cave). This technology is called active sonar, as opposed to passive sonar, or simply listening for the noises of other active objects. Remarkably, with sonar, we can interpret vital information, such as exactly how far away enemy submarines are.

To take this to a more day-to-day life ability, is bringing to the ground level (life) the murky (smile) wisdom and energy from the soul mind (plural, not just his, but all of ours together as a collective.)

Yesterdays readings became all about this, our new connections, totems, abilities and our job is to understand that part of ourselves, start to use them in ways that are creative and enriching, not only to ourselves, but to the others around us as well.  Our place here on earth is not about how much we can get out of life, but how much we can empower others thru our life.  What we do for others, we equally do for ourselves.

I had one lovely lady on the field yesterday, whose connection must have went to sleep with me, I woke up several times with her and her reading at the forefront of my mind.  So I will close todays sharing with her information, it really caught me by surprise.

She was standing there with her arms spread out even to her shoulders.  I could see and feel the rapid movement of the infinity symbol (energy generator) moving outwards from her heart and looping around each arm.  The next thing I know, she has a dolphin on her right arm, connected as a living part of her energy field at the biceps, triceps area of the arm and a blue whale on her left arm.  What her team said is these are a part of her energy system, creator system, they are connected to her source of strength to pull towards her anything her heart desires.  However, the skill sets of each of these amazing animals are important for her to realize and use in her creation abilities.  The dolphin with its sonar, echo location abilities, the whale, surprisingly, with its blow-hole energy.  Using these qualities in conjunction with herself is part of her mastery!!

Then she asked a question that changed everything.  She asked if she had a divine counterpart (let me assure everyone, if you are living and loving Shambhala, you DO!!!!) and of course the reply was yes but she had to take that infinity symbol and change its position from outwards (extended beyond the arms) to below her feet and above her head to call forth her divine counterpart.  I was so surprised.  Her team did say, and I know this applies to every one of us… there is a way of using our energy to create what we desire in the physical life (the arms outwards) and then we must switch the power to embody us when calling forth our divine counterparts… and more.  They never did say what “more” is.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, we work in brand new ways now and our job is to discover how that is!!

On that note, I have a ton of cooking to do.  I will be off thru the 23rd as friends gather here in my world and we all figure out how to use our new superpowers together!!!  I am sure I will put out more sharings between now and then, as we learn more about ourselves in the physical together, but will not be doing readings again until the 24th.

Power up those inner desires with love, with emotion and I cannot wait to see what you created when I get back to reading.  May the bounty of life live thru you as we move into and beyond this solidifying energy system we call the equinox!!!

I love you all so much and am ((((HUGGING)))) you into massive celebrations of the wildest potentials made manifest!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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