Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 6, 2015

The North Winds of Change, of Choice of… Well… Every-thing!!

new you

I woke up this morning in a way that just excites me.  I was back on the other side of the (thinning) veil with my team as they were explaining to me what is really taking place when we are in readings.  But let me give it contrast with something we are all familiar with.  Incoming storms.  It is easy for us to see the gathering of storm clouds, we can feel and taste and smell the storms as they arrive.  It is unmistakable to our senses when the clouds let loose and the rains fall and the ground becomes saturated with this much needed liquid.

In the same way a storm releases itself, I woke up watching us, together, the pure raw light quotient that is released thru you, what I call visuals, and like the rain itself, seeps into the ground.  I am surrounded by a lot of trees and plant life and the root system of these plants and trees absorb the pure light and networks it all around the world for others to use and feel and experience.

The things I see you doing via the readings, is actually being done, which I will explain in a moment.

This is true of anyone who is purposely engaging in each others light field, soul if you will, please don’t think it is all happening thru me, not at all, but it really is nice to understand how all of this is unfolding.  So when you say you want to help humanity evolve, stepping into your true Self and living from that place, does more than you realize.  Your embodied light field reaches people and places you will never meet in this lifetime!!  YOU Matter (wink, wink) THAT much!!!

Now let me back up to one of the readings the day before yesterday, she showed up so much differently than the 5 people on the dance card and thru my own experiences and some others yesterday, I really get what I had experienced with her in a larger way.

She showed up hanging onto something that looked like a yellow shower curtain.  As I got focused into her Lights expression, I realized there were 4 different shower curtains on something that was circular above her.  I found a great image to bring this into a greater understanding with:

cirular shower

Now remove the shower head and the piping lol.  But just like the two curtains are pulled into themselves and separated, she had 4 of these, two in the front, two just like this image, in the back all held in place by a circular energy that I could not see but knew was there.

Front right was yellow, her connection to her soul itself.  Front left, orange, her sense of Self in the world around her (also, came the understanding of deciding which earth she is going to settle into, the old one or the new one.  BOTH are as important as the other, just different from each other.)  Back left was green, heart energy, back right was blue, Self expression.

With all that, was the most intense winds of change I have experienced in a long time.  It was billowing in from the north (future) and making her and the yellow shower curtain she was clinging onto almost parallel to the ground, but also, placing her directly in front of the orange curtain and I knew she was going to have to let go (eventually) of the yellow curtain and hang on for dear life (smile) to the orange one next.  This wind will continue to blow until she either chooses to loop around and do it again, or completely lets go of every ounce of all that got her to here and jumps into the new earth.

I want to be perfectly clear here too, the old earth is as important as the new one.  There are many people who will seek a hand up and out from the old matrix and need those of us who have traveled this crazy road with wisdom and application to assist them.

The winds of change are howling for many of us.  It should be becoming very clear whose hands and hearts you need to let go of so you can continue on, also, who and where you should connect so you can expand in ways that only that (or those) light fields can take you.  We are constantly in choice and consequence from the ongoing choices.

Let me just say, if it becomes weighty or exhausting, let it go, turn around, go the other way!!  Ride the currents of the winds, don’t walk against the incoming Force.

We can literally see the winds (weather) of change happening all around the globe.  Crazy weather patterns.  You cannot possibly bring in this much pure light without the air itself being affected and changed by it all, change by YOU ALL!!!  The earth herself is changing, which is going to produce more landscape changes as we go further along.  Trust me, its not the government, they are no where near that powerful or skilled, it is truly US!!!!

So my first reading on the field yesterday, my beautiful precious architect.  The first thing I see is the massive… wait… MASSIVE gold squared hammer and all I could think about was Thor’s hammer.  Only this thing was solid gold, amazing beautiful etchings carved into the outside of the hammer, did I say massive??  This thing had to be easy 6 foot tall by 3 feet wide.  Surely it was bigger than my man and my man wielded this thing effortlessly, up and over his head and then whammmm right straight down on the border (us) of the oval.  What the hell??  All I could see and feel was the energy released from the hammer making contact, yet nothing was harmed.  I was kinda hoping he smashed a way into this oval, but no, not at all, dammit!!  I want in, its gotta make reading easier!! lol

Well, it took me til this morning to really understand it all.  Even tho he is a mighty might earth/light worker, he yields a powerful Source connecting in his heart, igniting the energies of Source into the creative unfolding of the new human (us.) The etchings throughout his hammer are codes and codices releasing thru his smashing.

Let me tell ya, I was struggling and melting down with this man, thank god we’ve been traveling together in his light field for some time or I am sure he would have thought I was a lunatic!!  As I usually do, when I am struggling and my mind thinks it knows something (it knows nothing) I will ask you to ask a question, it gets me out of my mind and back into the heart/soul of our connection.  He asked if he had any ET’s.  Suddenly I was looking up at the sky… a sky that was actually eerily close to us, and this infinity symbol started to emerge and loop, run energy figure 8 style and was located in the first section inside the oval, but directly (and closely) above it.  The reply back to him was interesting and is relevant to many of you.  I could not tell who was creating that synergy, energy up there and they said it doesn’t matter.  He is being assisted from his star family but his focus, all his attention needs to be at the ground level of what he is doing.  He truly is a creator creating many things, literally.

My second lady I was really really nervous about.  I am literally rambling and struggling to understand thru every reading now and she is brand new to the field, my virgin (smile.)  Virgins are exciting when you have a foothold in what you are seeing and talking about… I have no freakin feet!!

Then there are these moments, so reverent, so gently life/consciousness changing that you just want to drop to your knees in honoring.  That is exactly how this beautiful, precious lady had me feeling.

She showed up flickering between a dolphin and a whale, two as one.  Fortunately somethings are not changing, the dolphins and whales hold our DNA within themselves, anchoring and igniting more and more thru the sea of love the fluidly swim within.  Her fish body was in constant motion, like dolphin or whale swimming just at the surface of the ocean, up and down, up and down… in and out, in and out.  She was directly above the boarder of this oval, 6 inches above the biological creatures (us) holding this sacred energy of Shambhala together.  I knew she was serving this collective in the higher realms of our quantum DNA.  But what I seen simply blew me away!!


As I started to fully (and dare I even say, effortlessly) understand that what she is doing now, and actually has been doing since birth, is activating the DNA within the people she meets, without even trying.  Now, because every person holding the energy of Shambhala together has a fully activated 12 strand DNA already ignited, what she brings to this, our party, brought me to a whole other level of understanding and gratitude.

Gotta take you on the visual with me, forgive the extreme humbleness…


As her team is talking about the 12 strand DNA and the way she innocently activates people just by Being in their presence and has done this from the moment she was born, they started talking about what she is doing for us, the border of the oval…  OMG, I was stunned.  her team started to put this word in my throat and I kept trying to spit it out because I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say… Gangl… gangli… gang somthing… I got a flash from my massage class days… something to do with the brain, the nerves or neurons… ganglionsssss????

They were showing me the fully activated 12 strand DNA with this weird looking cluster of energy above it.  Keeping in mind, our DNA is quantum and not some wiggly line or strands of anything… but for me to understand, they gotta present simply and so, what I created above, is exactly how I seen what she was activating (that top part)… this crazy g word in the border (us) of the oval.

Ya ever try and fight spirit??  They refused to not let me say this word i was choking on.  So I got up and went to google, what the hell am I trying to say here. “These cells help transmit information throughout the body.”

Simply put (because we are not talking about the biological ganglions within the body… nope, there is a whole other group of things connected to our DNA… direct Source connection.

Of course, the source of ALL light would be God, Creator whatever… our DNA is Soul and Physically.  Obviously with a never ending connection to the Creator, but to be consciousnessly connected and USING that full on spectrum…. That brings the final details of the new trinity to Light.  Source, Soul, Physicality!!

There is no doubt in my heart, she is the reason suddenly I am understanding with ease, what I am seeing, not only with her, but even the lady after her.  I am going to even give her credit for my clear understanding this morning as I was waking up.  Not that she caused the dream into waking, but fully activated my Source Ganglions.  Thanx girl!!  ❤

Of course, she was told she will use this in a much more conscious and directed way, but they are keeping secrets til after this crazy 15th-16th time.  So I broke her reading in half and scheduled her for the other side of the 16th.

My last lady of the day, you talk about the patience of a saint, she had to be on my reschedule zone for close to 5 maybe even 6 months…a LONGGGG freaking time.  I truly consider yesterday a miracle, cuz FINALLY after all this waiting, I could see her!!  I want to make sure her message is everyones message today.

I could see her beautiful light body kneeling at the front of the oval.  She was in prayer position, hands at her heart.  I could feel the inbreathe of energy as she prayed.  Her soul told her, all that she is praying for is already underway.  Because life in biology moves so incredibly slow, it may not appear like anything is moving or happening.  The soul moves at the speed of light, arranging it all in outcomes and alignments, and because of that speed, we cannot see its movement.  But be assured it is all happening.  So get up off your knees and have fun!!  Just have fun!!!

I am going to leave you with that beautiful, profound message.  I love you all and beyond grateful for your Presence in my world, in my heart, in my ganglions!! 😀

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of love, laughter and a lot of dancing too!!  wiggle wiggle

Lisa Gawlas

Lets Light it up and make music together as we walk and wiggle.  In Sanskrit, Shambhala means Peace, Love, Harmony… lets make harmony with our feet, our walk and wiggle forward.  ❤













  1. Thanks beautiful Goddess Lisa for your post today… I have not been sleeping very much but this morning I awoke with very little  sleep but it felt important for me to dress up extra with make up and all and I am in the most joyous, loving and dancing mood today and being one with all things Thanks for confirming the energies The Divine Miss M  (aka Marilyn)From Canada, will setup another  reading soon  

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