Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 1, 2015

Is the Magic Happening Thru You or To You???


Ohhhh I soooo love a great climax!!  I can also see why I need 3 full days to get to this moment of holy freakin awesome man!!  This is so good, so flipping in my face there is no way I am waiting til tomorrow and since my schedule is still in the air beyond my reach… why not do another blog today!!  (Besides, I was asked to do another one today.  Like you don’t get enough of me lol.)

I just came out of the most amazing freakin connection I never imagined having.  I tried working with my new sword of light crystal yesterday, wasn’t happening at all.  That was ok, I knew it was the last of february, my mind was flying around in a million directions grabbing puzzle pieces without much coherency and I know my reboots come while I sleep, plus, I will wake up in March!!

With no internet and no phone line still happening just before 10am, I decided to take a bath, especially with the messages of folks seeing a face in my crystal I posted.  I did not see that last night, at all.  Even when I was able to post it this morning in my blog, I noticed an eye to the right, now I see the whole face.  We are such an amazing team energy, you all really helped bring it to its fullness, thank you!!!

The other day, as my lemurian was down at the river, I was feeling a little lonely in my bathtime adventures, so I retrieved my labradorite wand I put away a long while ago.  One of the greatest and strongest qualities for labradorite in my world, bringing the high wisdom down into the lower chakras.  With all this particle energy zooming around my space, why not!!  So today, I took my labradorite crystal, my sword of light crystal and lit a gifted candle from my beautiful friend that has shards of peacock ore within the candle and a very handy dandy skeleton key to open it all up with.  I have not used my candle Light in a while either.  Talk about a trinity of energy!!  Holy chit batman!!

As I was laying back in my tub, trying to figure out where all my friends wanted to be, I noticed my shower head (strange, huh??)  I bought it several months ago to replace the one that was all clogged up with the natural minerals that flow thru the waters here.  How did I never notice a 6 pointed star formation on my shower head??  Instantly, with that crazy thought, I was reminded of the first Being who came out of my sons shower head in Virginia when i thought I moved back there in 2011, calling himself the “Keeper of Shambhala.”  He graciously changed his name to a “Guardian” of the shambhala energies when I protested the word “Keeper.”  Sounded a bit possessive to me!! lol  I can be a bit anal sometimes.  Until today, I so forgot what he presented like… what he looked like.  He looked like the interloper from last year!!

Last year, I wrote about this crazy creature sitting in my tree for several days, just watching.  Observing.  When I finally asked him who he was, he simply said I am an “Interloper” and mean you no harm.  Alrighty then.  What the hell is an interloper??  I looked it up… a person who is not wanted or welcome by the other people in a situation or place.  Lets just change that to mean, unexpected and uninvited for reasons of their own.  Not devious in any way, but gathering what they need in our situations.

Now tie that all in with my man I wrote about this morning…  Because I felt the connection so strongly with it all.  And thats all I know about that, for now.

So with the sword of light on my heart, my labradorite in my bathwaters at my root, I breathed in the light of the candle and closed my eyes.  I was suddenly climbing this ladder that is situated in what I will just say would be north of my tub, inbetween ET-vile and reading land.  I was not outside at all, actually was climbing under my shower head.  And then this platform showed up, just like the out in ET-land over my driveway.  Soft white, etheric energy and I about shit when I climbed up and onto it.  There in one lower body and two chests and heads are Archangel Michael and Jesus.  Not Sananda, but the man we know and love as Jesus.  What really flipped me out, in my 14 year connection with him, never have I seen what he looked like when he was Jesus, not for the lack of asking… all he ever said was, it didn’t matter.  True.  Let me tell you, the man I saw today and that image in the shroud of Turin, almost exactly alike.  He was far from what we would call an attractive man.  Beautiful, but not attractive at all.

Now let me back peddle just a moment, the other night, the 27th I believe, as I was doing energy work with Michael (the guy) I about shit when at the end of it, for the first time ever in my 7-8 year connection with AA Michael, I have got this amazing freakin 7-8 foot angel in full light and I swear biology too, in the area that used to have my massage table.  Not only that, he lifted his wings and I could see and feel the amazing white feathers with this gold trim on every feather thread.  (I am not sure what you call the actual feathery parts itself lol.)  There was no real face tho, cuz, well he has no real face, he is what we made up to understand the many facets of Light.  (all the “angels”, not just one.)

As I am looking at these two amazing men connected totally at the waist, I hear something I said to Michael (the guy) that I really didn’t even understand until now:  “The Beholder and the Beholden are One and the same.”

When you seek outside of yourself, you seek with your eyes and all appears to you.  When you seek with your heart, there is only One.

Then if that wasn’t crazy enough, we ran down the Cinderella story in a way I never thought about before.  Now given how much Cinderella has shown up in readings over the years, I can so understand why now.

My view was Cinderella running out of the ball because she was told at the stroke of midnight, all that was manifested for her would go back to whence it came.  As I watched her run out of this ball, I got all the outwardly things that created for her.  The fairy godmother, the pumpkin, the mouse… all of it was someone elses energy field, someone elses eyes of magic and beauty made manifest.  And even tho she found her handsome prince at the ball, she did not recognize her own power, her own beauty to creation and ran out of the ball so he did not discover her ordinariness.

As she ran out, all that adorned her faded and she returned to the overworked step child… save that glass slipper in the princes hand.  He seen her beauty, her radiance, all of her, not because of what she wore, but because he seen her with his heart.  The glass slipper stayed in loves position until she could could one day, see herself as he seen her.

Love and Light, together, fully, at last!!  The Beholder and the Beholden Are One!!  The true “keeper” of the glass slipper!! (smile, wink)

Then they closed it up and told me to go write another blog.  So… here I am.  It’s all interrelated, I am going to let you figure out how. 😉

Enjoy the magic that is March… and ever lasting Love with Light story!!  (((HUGZ))))

Lisa, AA Michael and Sananda.



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