Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 23, 2015

The Magnetic Fields of Heart Energy on Steroids!!

earths magnetics


Well, today should be the end, which of course, gives way to the brand new.  It has been a week since I have been able to connect to the field outside, via readings or ET-ville.  It is not even like I feel like i have been blocked from seeing it like I had been, in my attempts to connect yesterday, it simply felt like whatever was out there before that we experienced, no longer existed.  If it wasn’t for my pure constant inner odyssey this past week, I would be having melt downs that I broke my antennas somewhere along the way.  But, like an alcoholic who hasn’t had that fix in a week, I am jonesing to find out what is out there now, who and what are we in relationship to the enormity of change.  Not to mention, I LOVE the charge that runs thru me when you and I are connecting in that way.

As my day turned into late afternoon, my brains felt like limp wet noodles.  My nights have taken on new hues of incoming information and I am literally exhausted 24/7 now.  About 4pm I laid on my couch, desperate for a nap and instead, an image was presented to me.  The orb of life, that places that holds all variations of earth frequencies, was now floating in my livingroom.  The last time I was able to see it at all was when I got the glimpse of it on fire, a pure light energy fire (not the deep reds and oranges like usual fire.)

Now it looked like someone melted down the Pittsburgh Steelers, gold and black swirls of thick liquid rotating from the top down.  The orb was spinning in a counter-clockwise direction and this thick liquid was settling in in the opposite direction, clockwise.  I am not even sure how this came out, but I heard that we have three intense activation dates coming up.  One on the 24th (of course, this I now call black hole day due to my calendar anomaly) and not surprising on the 20th of March, the equinox and some date in between these two.

This equinox happens to be a total solar eclipse (not visible in the USA) and marks a completion from the total solar eclipse we had May 2012.  Where and what has your energy been focused on during this time???

I didn’t get any more information… until I went to bed.  I really entertained the thought of sleeping on my couch, whatever the hell has been opened in my bedroom does not allow me the much-needed sleep I once got in that place.  There must be a magnetic draw in there, cuz I freakin went to bed.  Since I didn’t create this portal myself, I am not sure how to close it down, so I decided to experiment and placed a silver X across its opening.  Since it has always been in relationship to Michael, who is still in Peru, I placed my intent that he does not come thru at least one night.  In a way, it worked and yet, not at all.

Instead of Michael’s face up in that portal, now I have this Orb of life coming thru.  I didn’t even get to sleep yet.  So  I did the only thing I could do, watched it from the back of my head.  Spirit vision is 360 degrees, I want to sleep!!  This orb, now fully gold/black on the outside, was being geez, I don’t know, from above the very top a crystalline mixed with silver liquid started pouring into the golden core.  Once the core was filled with this new energy, the orb itself suddenly opened up in 4 sections.  The sections that slowly came down, opened resembled the shape of lotus petals:



The petals or openings or whatever, completely black.  Of course, I started my bitching… if your going to keep me awake to witness this, you better give me something to understand too!!  No opening to the unknown!!!  With my momentary bitching, suddenly I could see each and every one of you rolling outwards in your golden (mesh like) matrix ball.  Inside each ball was the working parts of the gyroscope and each one of you, in the center of this crazy looking thing.  You poured out like someone broke a gum ball machine!  Kinda crazy.  At least you didn’t all end up in bed with me.  Not sure where you went tho.

Finally… sleep came.  At least, until 1:30am (and then 2:30 and then 3:30) and I was in that new. now familiar state, completely conscious of what I am seeing and yet, the body not involved really.  I was laying with my face against the wall (that portal thing to my back) and in front of me, which I suppose in spirit view, walls do not exist, was this orb again.  But different that when I went to sleep.  Instead I could see inside and instead of having “uncountable” sheets, there were thick sections of… I have no clue really.  These sections became obstructed from my view by what emerged from the bottom section of this orb.  There were trillions of these elongated gold strands of energy.  They were semi-coiled but all I guess standing upwards to cover the lower half of this orb.  The closest picture I could find is  below, but again they weren’t flat down, all elongated upwards and actually outwards (opposite of center of this orb thing.)


The only thing I could retain from the information flowing out (and was so important I was woken up every hour on the hour to take it in again and again, until i finally just got out of bed) was the magnetic pull of life.  These threads were frequencies of attraction, of pulling into creation itself… whatever (never seen the what.)  With all these trillions of gold threads doing their thing, it was changing constantly the now very thick layers inside this orb.

Actually, I think it was changing the harmonics within.  Kinda like a symphony changes notes with each pluck or blow of an instrument.  Obviously a symphony that has not yet learned to play together.   Hmmmmmm?  But then again, we are not even in day one yet.  I feel practice sessions in our new future!!

I did get some clarity of information on the twilight zone that is now my bedroom.  Up until now there has been a veil purposely set between our sleep time and what we are doing while the body and mind are down.  Even when we experience dreams, its in another realm, another frequency.  This veil no longer exists for those whose inner frequency vibrates at the rate/speed of the core of this orb.  Mine changed the moment Michael walked thru the door, actually went to sleep (and vise versa.)  A soul reunion that changed everything.  Now, what to do with it??? lol  Obviously not sleep anymore!!

That’s about all I know for now.  I am hoping that it at least means we can do some sort of readings today, here’s hoping!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with gyrating magnetic force fields to your every dream come true!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. I slipped into meditation as I was going to bed last night. I saw a huge black circle in front of me…very much like the iris of the eye only black all the way across. I even laughed about going through another “eye of the needle”. To which I heard, “Oh, there will be more.” So, I knew I had to be naked to go through the eye. I breathed and let go and saw myself strip away not only my clothing but my muscle and bone too, until all that was left was a silver sewing needle. Interesting Visual! I am the needle! Then I was a naked human again and got sucked right through that black eye. On the other side I was floating in the blackness of space. Still naked but with a double light saber, very much Darth Maul style, only the blades where white light and it was definitely taller than me when I held it vertical. I saw myself stab the lowed blade into the “space” that was surrounding my feet and cut a circle completely around myself. The part that I was standing on started to drop down like an elevator. It very much looked like I was standing on the head of a pin made out of the fabric of space, it even had the rod of the pin underneath the head. I then saw myself reach down with the light saber again and stab it into the head of the “pin”, which turned gold and was sparking. Then I took the light saber and put it inside my naked body, where given that it was longer than me, ended up with one end sticking out through the top of my head and the lower end imbedded into the circle I was standing on. I was suddenly in a room cut out of rock or a cavern. I held a cross bow in my hand and aimed across the room at something I couldn’t see. I shot one arrow. Then I shot a second, splitting the first right down the center. Then shot a third splitting the second in the same way. Then the arrows started to breath. On the in breath the pieces of the arrows would all come up together and on the out breath the split pieces would bow back out to the sides. It reminded me of gils. My visual was taken around the the back of what I had shot at. The back side was stretched but not punctured. With each breath the arrow heads pushed further. Finally they broke through and with a few more breaths the entire arrow head came through. Only it wasn’t an arrow head any more it was a seed, which sprouted very quickly and grew into a GIANT plant with a huge ruffled flower on it. My naked self ran across the room and jumped up on the stem and held on as that huge plant kept growing.
    How cool is that? I think the three arrows could be the three activation dates that you saw. Also as I read your post, when you spoke of the gyroscopes I got an image of myself holding that crossbow!


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