Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 21, 2015

The Collapsing of the Timelines and Vibrancy of the Heart Strings!!


Two incredible nuggets of understanding in our ongoing working model of… whatever we got ourselves into now.  One came from a conversation (instead of a reading) with a new connection yesterday, and the other part came all freakin night long, every thirty minutes I was awoken with witnessing and participating in the collapse of the many octaves depicted in my humble diagram.  Both tell a larger, richer story of our present moment underway.

I think i will start with my beautiful lady in Canada, a treasure within my chest of life, literally and symbolically.  Keeping in mind, i am not able to see the field or ET-ville at this moment, but that does not mean I cannot see.  Our conversations often times evoke an understanding, nuggets that would never be revealed thru the readings.  Even beyond nuggets, there is an important flow of energy happening when we meet, even if just to say hi.

Forgive me if I don’t remember the exact details of how this came about, but it should be pretty close to accurate.  She had mentioned that she started feeling me in her heart about 10 minutes before our connection.  That is about the time frame google calendar sends me my notice of who is next.  So even tho I do not intentionally do anything to connect, the moment I know who is next, the connection is already underway.

With her question tho came a very surprising, unexpected and delightful visual/understanding.  I could see that big ass infinity symbol above my bed.  I became very aware of all those strings (tons of them) dangling out of the upper loop (where my head and chest sleep.)  When she asked about the emotion she felt, I could see a single golden string move over to plug into one of the dots at the lower loop (which would be where my lower/earth chakras are.)  I guess those dots open when the frequency of the string matches the frequency of the dot itself.

With that, suddenly I could see this flow of energy, circular and spirit said, once this connection is established, it is forever.  I realized too, all those strings I see are what many people have called your heart-strings.  You have heard the term “pulling on your heart-strings” well, there is a literalness to that.  Who knew!!??  lol

I am going to add in the additional information I got when I went down to the mesa to absorb the sun yesterday.  Everyone of those strings (we all have them, but for the sake of this story, I am making it all about me lol) has a magnetic frequency assigned to it.  An initial binary code, if you will.  When the person shows up with that signature frequency, that string is activated and placed into the dot, the opening to create an ongoing communication system.  We can look at this infinity symbol in two ways, one is the heart of spirit, the other the heart of Gaia reflected and activated in the heart of the human connection and the energy released in the evolving earth story.  Two sides of the same coin.

Every single person on the face of this earth is encoded with wisdom and information (from all collective experiences in all lives and non lives) and when their core frequency hits a particular vibration (they clear their inner shit, smile) it is released into the golden threads of life.

This also goes into what spirit has been saying for years as well, NO ONE can activate any part of you, at least not for longer than 10 minutes.  You MUST be able to not only hold the higher frequencies, but have cleared (permanently) any debris that kept you from it.  Just sayin!! 😉

Our connection comes from the depths of our souls, our hearts.  So it makes sense that in the created level of physicality, the golden strings are activated.  This is literally bringing soul into matter.  Then my precious lady asked yet another question as we were talking about the connection… what about when you meet in person.  Instantly with that question, I could see the top side of the infinity symbol (which I had not seen at all til her question) and the energy of the circular loop that I knew was happening but only seen the bottom that hangs above my bed, appeared.  Now it was a gray-silver loop, or half loop, the bottom very gold, the top changes as we meet in the physical.

Again, in the influx of information from the Guardians as I sat down at the mesa, they made me realize fully that as we plug into higher and clearer streams of consciousness (each other) that is how the shift happens, the earth is moving upwards, so really, we are not bringing heaven to earth but earth to heaven.  The shift upwards!!!

I also want to mention here, before I get into the next half of this amazing revelation, again, this came from the collective voice of the guardians of Shambhala.  Something I had wondered, if not threw hissy fits, about over the years.  The information and visuals that are provided to each of you (via the readings and even these sharings) are two part.  One, I understand the parts I need to to configure the ongoing puzzle, the rest is up to you to extract yourself.  (Can I give a shout out to co-creative meditation.  Not breathing and waiting, not walking and thinking, complete stillness within and partnering with the soul light that was provided to you.)

So, last night like I said, I awoken at least every 30 minutes to see and experience what is happening.  I am going to bring back the (incredibly humble) image I created yesterday:

orb of life

First let me start with what was shown at the mesa yesterday.  Lets take each octave (black line) and I was shown lets say, three of them merging into one larger line.  This is where the saying comes from “what you do not learn from you repeat and it gets bigger and louder.”  If you have three octaves collapsing into each other to show you what you may have missed… that serious amplification!!  On the other hand, thru my night last night, when we clear an octave, when it has nothing left for us to gain from it, it ceases to exist for us.  Over and over again last evening, I would wake up and feel one (or several) of these black lines/octaves, turn into clear cellophane like substance than my consciousness and that cellophane dropped into the core, the golden area.

If we can look at it like a massive death of all of our incarnations over this 14th thru the 23rd time period.  No longer housed in any past experience, but now fully and vibrantly in the chorus of octaves now able to play in harmony with our (emerging) life field.  This is really where the constant message over the last few years holds such importance “Let it all go.”

Now lets come back to the golden strings and the dots of the infinity symbol.  The heart-strings… when you are plugged into anything discordant, it creates short circuits on the dots side of this energy system.  Meaning, if you are in a job you hate, a relationship that is not uplifting, a friendship that is vampirish, and the list goes on, your short circuiting the energy flow of your life and the energy on the other side, the earth above the infinity symbol (which is an energy generator, time mover of sorts) cannot get held deep within your biology.  The shift upwards collapses into the holding of lower octaves.

What I could not see (dammit) yesterday with my lady or thru my collapsing of timelines last evening, what the hell it all means to us coming out of it!!

Ohhh wait, something the guardians revealed yesterday too.  I had already gone to and seen there is a “new,” never seen before comet found its way into our world.  What the guardians said about this is due to the collapsing of timelines/octaves/ layers of earths vibrancy.  What was only in another version of earth is now here with us because the veil (those cellophane things) that kept us separate no longer exists.

There is so much more to this story, but my poor brain is shutting down.  I don’t think I got a full 3 hours of connected sleep and I am feeling it right now.

I love you all soul much, thank you for plugging your heart into mine and allowing mine into yours.  Thru each other, we have changed it ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of beauty and bliss to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. The Infinity Symbol is the symbol of Light itself creating, and re-creating.


    Our breath is our expression of LIFE FORCE that is ENERGY, expression of LIFE FORCE that is LIGHT, and expression of LIFE FORCE that is ESSENCE.

    Light, Energy Essence – are all forms of LIGHT. Each has is own way of reproducing. Each has a symbol.

    LIGHT: Fountain (as in a spurting water type fountain)
    ENERGY; Globe (as in a radiating glowing ball)
    ESSENCE; Double Helix (like DNA strands)

    The Infinity Symbol contains within it all things. It is giving and receiving in perfect balance and harmony in one and the same moment; and much, much more . . .

    It is beneficial daily to breathe with the Infinity Symbol to invigorate it. Beginning at the centre of the symbol, take an in-breath and follow one loop of the symbol back to the centre and then the out-breath follow the other loop. Visualize the loops of the symbol flowing as light; breathing with light. Continue.The colour or colours are whatever you intuit as the best on that occasion; individual or multicoloured. Intend that the symbol is within your being as you breathe with it; wherever feels appropriate at that occasion. Make certain the loops are even sized, flowing smoothly and evenly; neither fast nor slow; size may be minute, or expansive without limitation.


  2. Wow. So many questions. Great stuff to ponder Lisa!


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