Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 17, 2015

The Living Gyroscope and How Important YOU ARE!!



As I sit here and try desperately to figure out where to start, I hear my team give us an opening sentence/thought/truth.  We watch the skies looking for planetary and star alignments thinking that is where the start of any unfolding energy happenings.  Not so.  It is the alignment of people on the grid of life.  The stars and planets have been moving in and out of each other for longer than we can count, it is happening because people have moved into position within themselves and within the grid of light that makes up earth.

There are indeed times that the alignments of sun, moon and stars accelerates the energy potential of the enlightened humans incarnate, but without the human, the story would still be waiting to happen.

When huge things happen, for instance the flash point of the 14th, the confluence of planetary love was already there, it needed the strike of the matches, the humans to give it the full potential of what is underway.  So if you think for one second what you are doing, what you are thinking, how you are feeling doesn’t matter… think again.  It’s the only thing that does matter!!

I know I said I was going to talk about the amazing information, prophecy from the Isaiah scrolls yesterday, but doing it via an audiobook as opposed to a printed book, too much work.  My brian is on zoom mode and I decided yesterday to order a used copy of The Isaiah Prophecy so I can highlight, book mark then share here.  I will have it on Thursday, so it will be a part of Fridays sharing.  I just want to say that in the 3000 year old scroll known as the Isaiah scroll, he talks of choice points, vertical time, choosing different outcomes, peace, how incredibly vital peace within is for what he seen as a very real potential 3000 years ago… the ability to change time.  Let that sit as a teaser for Fridays sharing.

Now lets move into my whacky and wonderful world called yesterday thru my waking moments this morning.  Even before I called my first lady, her team chimed in and said “the questions she has cannot be answered in this phase.”  Huh??  What phase exactly are we in???

Maybe we can liken it to full on labor, not just of the earth, but of us who cleared and readied ourselves for this holy freakin shit time on earth (smile.)  Contraction and expansion happening so rapidly I can only see swathes of energy called you spinning around the outer field of the orb of life (don’t know what else to call it, so I am calling the place that houses all the frequencies of all the earths that.)  The energy field that is you is spinning so fast, it’s a blur of blue-white energy.  Forgive me for not knowing my directions, I swear the energy was moving counter-clockwise, I was shown yesterday thru meditation and then again this morning upon waking, it is clockwise and it is important to know that it is clockwise (why, I don’t know but i was told to correct myself in todays sharing.  So this is me correcting myself lol.)

Even what I seen as your spinning energy was only a section… lets just call this orb of life a 25 foot diameter ball, I seen you in 3-5 swathes of rapidly moving blue-white energy.  I could no longer see inside the orb, but we did get some understanding thru the very limited reading field of what is happening.

I also need to make perfectly clear here too, this scenario applies to those who have defused the black coils in your collective lifetimes.  Meaning, in your heart, there is only peace.  Inner peace is crucial to join the party underway!!

The rapid spinning around the orb of life itself is creating a magnetic flow so powerful as to take the embedded golden coils of wisdom and mastery from various timelines and frequencies of the earths and put them into your wind field… this is what I am referring to as expansion.  We are doing this in sections, which is why I could only see a swath of you yesterday, the contraction happens as you move inward to the core of the golden energy of Gaia, within your own core energy, and align and connect them not only to each other, but the network of us (each other) too.

If we step back and take a longer view at this happening, we would see all those black (to my viewing eyes) rotating frequencies of earth, shift, contract, expand, rearrange all the timelines because of what we are doing now.  Literally changing time.

My last connection of yesterday keeps me giggling into today.  It was an ET session and I had wondered, just given the immense winds happening in the readings, how this was going to play out.  It’s so unfair I have got to give you this in words, the visual was funny as hell.

Just before I connected with my man waiting to meet his ET family, I got such massive outpouring of love from “out there.”  I tried to train my vision on ET-ville but seen nothing at all.  So when my man was on the other line, I bent over, cranked out my antenna… and searched… and searched… the next thing I knew, I see this long finger move thru what I was now seeing as our massive speeding field of energy, reminiscent to Stephan Spielberg’s ET, and it wagged back and forth to say no no no.  Then the next thing I see, this poor ET be picked up by this massive spinning energy and rotate around and around.  I would see him, then he is gone into the spin, then back for a fleeting second, then spinning again.  Like watching the spin cycle of the laundry waiting to see that sock come back around into view.

This is all going to be underway thru the 23rd of February.  If I can please ask you to toss out words like: “stuck, blocked, not moving,” anything with a negative connotation around it, toss it!!  You are moving so fast it appears you are standing still, but not even close.  Plus, your moving up and down extracting coils and replanting them in the center of you and Gaia.  Lots is happening at the outer edges and inner core of your consciousness!!!

I gotta say tho, I can feel the change in what we feel or think of as time when we are talking.  It is super obvious with my man, ET spin zone man yesterday.  I have no way really of putting into words what I felt.  Maybe if you were talking in the center of a cylinder that was spinning rapidly around you and the energy of conversation expanded and contracted and created a void of, well, time.  Spatial time.  I think, this awareness with my man gave absolute clarity while relistening to The Isaiah Prophecy as I went into the world to grocery shop and my ears perked up like dogs when I heard again “they will change time.”  Of course, what 14 years ago, Gregg Braden assumed it meant changing choice points or outcomes… its soooo much more than that and quite literal too.

Now lets take this a bit further into understanding via my meditation yesterday.  Before I share that, let me make really clear about soul itself.  My soul, Marc’s soul, Michael’s soul, all one and the same soul divided up into three bodies in this version of earth,.  There are other bodies out there too, beyond earth, but for the sake of this earth story we will leave it at we three (smile,) the three are one and the same energy system, soul, with very different, intricate moving parts.  Once permission is given to move in and out of each others consciousness, it is there forever and cannot be withdrawn.  Just saying!!  The original heart desire always overrides ego retraction.  All-ways.  All three of us have done exactly that, spread out over the illusion of time.

Out of what seemed like nowhere in my bath yesterday, a very familiar scene unfolded.  I learned how to read as a parting gift of Marcs energy in 2002 via a meditation.  In that meditation, his soul energy sat cross-legged in front of me, took my hands into his, started to transfer his energy thru my right hand, circulated it back around thru my left hand until there was a circulating, constant energy streaming between us.  When it was moving, another energy system came into play, the knowing of the human called Marc, his injuries within his heart, the love within his heart, more than I ever knew about him in our close to two-year romp together.  The visuals and feelings did not come thru the horizontal rotating energy but came thru a vertical rotating energy from my heart to above my head and back down.  I took this exchange from my bathtub and started practicing on anyone who was willing to hold my hands!!!  What I do now, is the evolution of Marcs parting gift to me, of course, it would be my gift unto me too!!

In my bath, the tables had turned a little bit, or a lot a bit, I was now teaching Michael how to do this.  We were suspended somewhere in space I think, there was no ground at all, but we were sitting cross-legged in front of each other.  I could see what I never slowed down enough to see before.  The formation of a gyroscope of circulating energy, something I remember vividly seeing and talking about via the readings a few years ago.  I just found that sharing, January 31st, 2012 called The Light Of Creation and the Gyroscope.  That is when the field shifted and changed and turned into a living gyroscope of light that took us to here!!


All the other details I added are assumptions.  The only thing I see with clarity are the inner two circles and the core energy running down thru it all.  Even as i woke up this morning, thru that portal that is becoming familiar, was the consciousness of Michael explaining how all this works.  Doesn’t he realize I cannot retain a thing before I have coffee???

But lets back up for a moment to yesterday, as I turned into my driveway from shopping, ohhhh how the sky caught my hearts attention.  The magnificent glow of brilliant pastel colors was surrounding a break in the cloudy sky.  Of course, I got out of my car to take a few pictures.


sky being


sky being up close


Well, now I know where the off the wall, sudden prompting that immediately followed came from.  I headed down my driveway and suddenly this big old face of Michael appears in front of me, without a forethought, I took my index and middle fingers of my right hand and stabbed him right in the eyes.  What the hell was that??  Light just flooded out from where his eyeballs were.

I did tell him before he left that he can see just like I do, I think we are making sure that becomes his reality. But even more than that too.  My entire house officially feels like a moving gyroscope of consciousness.  Rotating around my entire construct is the consciousness of Michael and I see it as tons of particle energies.  Mine is the center one, taking whatever is being released thru his mind and making it tangible for the ongoing story, well, the best I can anywayz.

He should be emerging from the jungles of Peru by the end of the week, I cannot wait to hear of his adventures!

I am going to leave off today with a wikipedia share I did in the above referenced blog about gyroscopes, and apply it to “time/space:”

I would like to offer you wikipedia’s take on the gyroscope:

gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of angular momentum.[1] In essence, a mechanical gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disk whose axle is free to take any orientation. …

…Applications of gyroscopes include inertial navigation systems where magnetic compasses would not work (as in the Hubble telescope) or would not be precise enough (as in ICBMs), or for the stabilization of flying vehicles like radio-controlled helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles. Due to their precision, gyroscopes are also used to maintain direction in tunnel mining.

There is so much more… gotta save some for tomorrow.  (smile)

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder, awe and spinning like crazy!!

Lisa Gawlas

















  1. Love the gyroscope image. In meditations, I used to often see a merry-go-round. From meditation to meditation, my position in the merry-go-round changed: sometimes I was peering in from the outer edge, other times trying to hold a position in the center of the circle. These days, I sit confidently in the center. The merry-go-round still whirls, but I pay very little attention to the minutia “out there;” I might even say there’s not much minutia anymore. Now the game seems to have changed to keeping the focus “in here” which stops the merry-go-round from whirling. Does that equate with healing the wounds of all time for this being? Leaving the wheel of karma?


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