Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 16, 2015

The Golden Age of Gaia Comes Alive Thru You!!


Well if yesterday wasn’t just a bit one weird side, I would like to say only in the readings, but no, in my gray matter too.  I thought it was just grogginess from not enough sleep, even tho, I slept really well.  In way, it was welcome too.  My brain has been processing at the speed of light since February began.  I swear, it’s addicted to snapping puzzle piece after puzzle piece together, even if the human wants down… way down!!  I was pretty sure someone replaced my gray matter with peanut butter, thick and slow.

My first reading of the day took some adjusting to.  The frequency of light is vision shattering!!  I started to see her light field slowly, very slowly, which is becoming common after a massive shift.  It got easier with each connection, at least to see… expressing outwards with brains made of peanut butter, challenging to bring into verbal language.  What each of them did do, is provide the shards of light I needed to harness the story in language.  That I could feel after each connection, a spin of light in the middle of my peanut butter brain.  Dizzying even.

There is a solar wind being emitted from your core energy (within the body construct) flowing counter-clockwise around the entirety of that thing I call the orb that contains all the dimensions, all the various frequencies of earth.  It is not only flowing around it, it is also stretching upwards as well, with the end point being totally encompassing of the totality of earths.

The way I see this “wind” is like the gold of garland you put on a christmas tree, connected by this milky white/blue hued sheeting connected to each strand of garland.  Now, lets put this understanding on pause just a moment.  I created a super humble visual for the (uncountable) sheets within this orb of Life:

sheets and slits


This is representing a single sheet amongst an uncountable number of sheets.  Each sheet representing a full octave of frequency.  Each slit representing a whole other world within that sheet, the frequency there is by varying degrees.  Same octave, just slight more or less of that frequency note.  Each slit, a variable within the timeline we see as past and future.  When you look at it this way, it is impossible to be past of future, it really come to up, down or sideways.

It also really gives Light to the term “Getting off the wheel of karma.”

What I found exciting, listening to Gregg Braden and that old soul known as Isaiah, he talked about vertical time.  It’s all stacked on top of each other by octaves, frequencies.

Now, just keeping with one sheet, look at all those worlds co-existing within each other.  All earths and earth realities, all different versions of “time” happening all at once.  Lets say, on just one sheet you are having two incarnations, life experiences.  Two things are being magnetically engraved in that slit of spacetime, your dark and your light.  If you can look at them as magnetic coils of energy sitting side by side, one contains all the pain you experienced in that lifetime, the one next to it contains all the wisdom and mastery you learned thru the pain.  Both accessible via hypnosis, meditation, what many call shamanic journeys (I still call that meditation lol, my version of meditation anywayz) our dream state and what is becoming more and more common now, spontaneous visions/rememberings/knowings.

Our job getting to here has been to go into the strongest magnetic frequencies that still held residual pain that is affecting us now and defuse.  Void the magnetic connection to this incarnation.  Obviously we did a great job or this version of earth, wholeness, would be impossible.

When we have defused the main coils of the pain magnetics, it coalescevilly (is that a real word lol) defuses the lesser magnetics thru your entire history (up, down and sideways) to start the activation of the golden coils of wisdom and mastery.

I remember the day, years ago, my team told me to take out the word “healing facilitator” in my description of what I do (on my website and business cards) and change it to vibration facilitator, many of you, thru the years and the readings, have been instructed in the same way.   NOW I can understand its fullness with this expanding information.

We can look at peoples pain body until the run out of life in this version of earth, constantly shifting them back into an older, denser frequency of themselves, OR, we can take them to the wisdom gleaned, the mastery achieved and look at their life’s from a light filled view.  To do this with efficiency, we must have done it for ourselves first.

Now I also understand why spirit has been saying over and over again:  YOU DON’T NEED ANY MORE HEALING.  (At least for those fully embedded on the new earth.  There are many on this planet, that still do.  Many souls just waking up and coming up the rear of the windstream to Here.  Knowing who is who is absolutely crucial.

These golden magnetic coils of energy have started moving, vibrating, elongating themselves to you rapidly over the last two years.  Creating rifts in the emotional and biological field as a light is turned on and a fleeting memory of what you held back moves thru you (lets just use me as an example this last two weeks with my pimped out manhole cover lol.)  There was nothing there to heal, just a full letting go.  Veryyyyyy different.  I will get to how important this is as I get to my last illuminating lady of the day yesterday.

So what is happening now thru the 23rd of February, those strands of golden garland are activating the golden coils in the various sheets and frequencies and embedding them into your consciousness (the milky white/blue connecting energy I seen.)

Also, as I had seen with my third lady on the field yesterday, that “flash point” which started en masse on the 14th, that too is moving thru our perception of time and space, igniting various worlds, frequencies, sheets whatever… over time.  How much time??  I have no clue, but I would feel safe in saying, by the 23rd.  That is when all that have put themselves into the new earth, open and receiving all their magnetic threads of golden energy will have completely slid with expanded consciousness, into the golden center.  Talk about your golden age!!  lol

I had a nice leisurely break between my third and fourth appointment yesterday, rare and let me tell you how thankful I was for it.  By this time, the light spin in the center of my thick peanut butter brain was disorienting.  Two orbs spinning in opposite directions with vast speed difference.  I could barely think a thought with coherency.  I ran a bath!!  I think as i ran my bath I had an intoxicating (yes, meaning drunken) thought… how is it that I can see and understand like I am doing right now.  I may be challenged to bring what I understand into words, but let me tell you, I understand it vividly.

My brain was comforted by the heat of the water and melting dead sea salts.  I laid back and literally became immobile as I was shown how it is I can do what I do… and then some.

I was transported back to my beach meditations.  In 2001 I was living on the crystal coast of North Carolina exactly one mile from the beach itself.  I eventually got out of my bathtub and would take myself to the beach itself and do what I call a sun meditation.  I would start by looking directly into the sun, breathing it in, then close my eyes to understand or at least, experience what i just breathed into me.  For weeks, the main thing I would see these odd things streaming down all around me.  They were always encased in a blue and green energy field but the codes were vivid.  As I finally started to share this ongoing experience on that spiritual forum that I grew up on, my friend from Australia, Marc knew exactly what I was experiencing and even showed me what he was talking about when he said it reminds him of the Pleiadian alphabet:

pleiadian alphabet from billy meier

pleiadian alphabet from billy meier

That was exactly it!!  What the hell am I gonna do with that??  Well… fast forward to yesterdays bathtime, 13.5 longgg years later!!!

All those letters were now coming down in line formation in a 360 degree download.  Just like most languages, Pleiadian language is written and read in vertical lines or sentences (unlike english which is horizontal.)  Each line of these words I guess, were separated by color, light green and light blue.  The next thing I know, I am in a sort of paralyzed state, super deep meditation, and then I seen this… thing.  I don’t know what it is, it reminds me of a super fancy tongue depressor at a doctor’s office, only it was embedded in my solar plexus and this engraving machine of light started to engrave… something, many things on it.  I knew my Pleiadian team was there, but did not see them at all.  I was in a trance state like I have not experienced in over a decade.  Suddenly, something crashed into my water and scared the shit out of me!!  Took me right out of that trance lol.

The one thing I knew, it was not my crystals that usually align my bathtub that hit my water with a gravitational speed that shocked me.  My crystals already told me… no tubby with them today, so they remained in my livingroom where I put them after my journey to the Boca Negra Canyon.

I sat up looking for what on earth could have plopped into my bath, I giggled when I seen it was one of my suction cups from the shower base.  For such a light thing, it sure made a big entrance!!  My Pleiadian team said, i was done and needed the jolt.  Thanx!!!

The jolt also served to ping away the knowing of what they were doing, I held the memory of the visual, just lost the knowing, except what I just shared here.  Dammit!!

I am pretty sure, at minimal, they upgraded my language centers to keep on telling our emerging story of Light.  Thank you Team Pleiades!!

I laid back down to process and instead, I got a full view of my next lady on the field.

I could see this entire orb of all the earths just behind her back.  She was standing on the edge of nothing (there was nothing there at all) and the anger I could feel being emitted from her had the construct of the outer orb reflecting the same exact colors and frequency.  Her energy was actually quite beautiful.  Super deep golds, bronze, maroons…

One thing remains constant, at least for now, when I see colors, the lighter they are the newer they are in your field, the deeper they are color the more you are using them.

I tried to understand her anger as she stood in front of me, but I couldn’t.  This morning I understood how i seen her.  She was still connected to the magnetic triggers of all her incarnations that produced anger, which produces avoidance.

Her team explained to her in our session she has got to find a way to let it all go.  This is very very different than what we think of as “healing.”  Her team was also very clear on that too and of course, used my crazy ass past two weeks as an example.  I did not have to heal a thing, just became aware of my present moment and my very pretty manhole cover and release it, let it go.  I wish I could say it all happened in one bath, not at all about a weeks time, and it really was allowing the fullness of love flow outwards with joy.  No picking old wounds, at this version of ourselves, the festering is rapid if we continue to play in our unneeded goo of various timelines.  Awareness of Self NOW, so crucial!!

It really all comes down to defusing the fragments or residuals brought forward.  Breath it out… let it go.

I hung up with her and went straight to sleep.  I was mentally and physically feeling like lead.  I only woke up cuz I couldn’t breathe.  My sinuses exploded, congestion in my chest on over drive and the contraction in my lungs had me reaching for my inhalers.  What is interesting and obviously relevant (how I don’t know) when I hiked up Boca Negra Canyon, on one of its dormant volcanos (star representing where I say)

boca negra volcano

With my two friends:

team crystal

On a lava exit that (obviously) long ago cooled:

cooled lava

Near the place our ancestors (that are us) held ceremony and communication with our star friends:

ceramony rock

My body reacted similarly (save the breathing issue.)  I wasn’t even half way up when my sinuses exploded, my eyes were tearing so bad I could barely see.  Not crying, just watering like crazy.  My intention of that day was to go to the top, but man oh man, there were so many people, barking dogs, crying kids, the static in that chaos was not allowing me to fully go up.  But also, with an enhanced clarity today, I see why.

I could see us, our ancient selves doing ceremony at the very top of the lava thingie and I could hear in english the repetitive song of “welcome Home.”  I didn’t think I got much else because dammit, if the people following the trail upwards didn’t all start congregating in front of me.  I made sure I was not on the trail itself and not interfering with anyones walk, before I knew it I had a bunch of adults, kids and dogs stopped in front of me and I could see them all suddenly feeling lost on how to get to the top.  I have hiked this area many times I know the way up and gave instruction.  They moved onward.  Funny how magnets work.  (wink)

Now, to circle back to yesterdays readings, growing visuals and understandings (smile)…

We are going to be in a rapid series of expansion and contraction as we move and settle into the timeline of the 23rd.  If we can look at it as an amazing seamstress sewing together (those golden magnetic coils stretching out to You) our interrelationship not only with each other, but also, with our star family.  As I got to see the outcome of this moment (thru the 23rd, which of course, creates the next phase) this orb of all things looked like a crazy round cactus, the points sticking out (wayyy to many to count) all golden, all connected to other universes outside of earth, all being assisted to the center golden area by our star family.

I wanted to go thru Gregg Bradens book The Isaiah Prophecy yesterday and harvest the nuggets of understanding that came thru it all, I ended up asleep instead.  That is my mission today.  I will get a more viable working model of how extremely important our CLEAR, Unjudging, Unbiased emotional field holding yourself in the golden space of vertical time, is to us!!

Defuse all the negatives you can.  Love the chem trails (I call them love trails,) Love the GMO’S the war mongerers and the criminals.  Love it all as you Love yourSelf.  When you can fully do this, you will not see or feel the need to heal a thing, fix a thing, it is all, all-ready Love.  Peace.  Heaven on earth!!  You will have moved fully into the Core of the Golden Age of Gaia and completely off the Wheel of Karma (repetitive energy patterns.)

Until tomorrow…  Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of clarity of heart and mind!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have got to add an email that came after I published this from my beloved Kryon of Magnetic Service.  I made bold and highlighted a sentence that is just floating around in my vision because it applies to this very sharing and beyond!!

Old Souls Awaken!
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Innate Revealed”
November 2014 in Portland, OR

 Old souls of this planet, awaken! Awaken to a new process, and a new kind of life. You can double your lifespan and more! Don’t be afraid of what you see around you. There will be those who don’t agree with any of this, and the result will be that they can’t do it. They don’t understand it. Slowly, as you don’t age as much, the differences between you and them may actually frighten them. It won’t be forever, because there will come a time when all humanity will know what I’m teaching tonight is true.

 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll (Link to his website here.)






















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