Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 14, 2015

Happy V-Day. Be Open to Receive….


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!  May this day, this energy system of a day, grace your heart like never before.  The complete merger, firing of the grid, of soul heart with human heart within your own construct of Self.  Spend less of this day swimming in someone elses heart field and relish and expand within your own.  You really are your own greatest Love!!

Spirit was kind enough to give us some teasers, I mean understandings about this day and what all that energy I have been seeing and we have been experiencing really means to us, well vaguely means (smile.)

In that super large orb with all the black plastic looking sheets that are moving in what could very well appear as chaotic and non-relative directions to each other, this energy underway this past week has served to alter the movement to align very particular slits above and below each other.  Those sheets I could see yesterday as gold, the other’s remained black.  The only thing I could really see with understanding, and trust me, that’s barely, an electrical flow started happening with the alignments of the slits (very particular frequencies.)

The next thing I understood (again, barely) is that this alignment is igniting the center pole of the earth.  Something I had not seen before, probably because the first time I seen this orb, all the sheets were black, I had no idea there was a center pole, or core that held it all together magnetically speaking of course.  This pole, I see as igniting itself fully on in the most amazing golden energy I have ever seen.

Even with that thought, I am hearing that we have been waiting for a pole flip because it has happened before and expect it to happen again.  In a way, some versions of earth will have that experience, but where we are at, not at all.  If your consciousness is fully embedded in what I call the new earth, Shambhala, well, lets just say whatever your idea of living heaven on earth is, it will be that and 100 levels more than that.  If any part of you is still connected to other frequencies, you may very well experience intense adverse reactions within the physical body as your present consciousness tries to release any aspects of ongoing consciousness in other frequencies.  Imagine trying to pull a root embedded in the ground somewhere else so you can transplant it to your yard, similar.

For the last year, if not longer, spirit has said over and over again, if you are on this new earth, there is nothing left to heal, to fix, to even look at, except as your magnetic compass of where you are at now.  But man, we humans are pesky habitual creatures and love to go play in our goo.  In which case, you shift back to another frequency where the goo had been experienced.  Self Awareness is always, if not the most important key to where we are at now.

So what if there is an emotional rift within or a biological rift.  Expansion is happening.  Massive expansion.  Healing itself, is contraction, squeezing out of that timeline as you expand into another.

And then there is Here.  Done.  Finito!!  Looking back only serves as a compass of orientation with nothing left to go dig into.  Just pure surrender to Your All!!

So back to this pole thing in the core of the multidimensional earth realm, a pure merger, marriage of the north and south poles.  An energy system that has never been experienced in our ever evolving collective consciousness.  From what I had seen yesterday, our selves, aligned within to the holy marriage of Self with self, is being magnetically pulled into this pole, the center of all Systems.  And today… the flash point, ignites it All.

How, I have no flipping clue.

I went down to the river yesterday and sat with the guardians to have a chat.  The top of the mesa is changing.  Exploding, releasing long-held energy and secrets.  As I sat on my tree stump at the river’s edge, the Guardians were in celebration mode.  The joy like I have never felt just oozing in the airwaves.  Then they said something that still has me puzzled, and even tho they directed the sentence at me, since I was the one sitting there in the conversation, it is really US.

“We have twisted the timelines for your arrival and are celebrating you.”  With that sentence I could see to inter-tangled elongated spirals of energy, one gold (spirit) one silver (earth.)  Of course, I had to ask the question… but what does that mean to us???  Ohhh the smiles and the statement back “you will find out.”


Yesterday, in my bath (before going to the river) my team gave me quite specific instructions about where to plant myself today.  My second favorite place in New Mexico, Boca Negra Canyon, in Petroglyph Park in Albuquerque.  I am to be at the top point by 1 pm and to make sure I put my makeup on and my teeth in (really??)  My partials need to go in for another realignment, but hey… if spirit says to do it, dammit, I’ll do it!!  I am taking my crystals, some to absorb the energy, some to leave, as I always do when I am up there.

As above, so below.  V day at one connecting point (I don’t know how to invert the v on my computer, or I would.)

With no surprise to any of us yesterday, when I attempted to do my first reading, I got a big ole stop sign with a slight twist, spirit moved it forward in our timeline.  I have seen the stop sign before, never seen it move tho, but I understood… no outer peep shows thru today.

Whatever this day truly holds of us, may it be the greatest fulfillment of love you have ever experienced within yourSelf!!

Thank you so much for being the diamond facets upon the evolution of my heart, my life, my soul.  YOU are priceless!!

Happy V-Day wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

P.S. V-DAY SPECIAL:  Save $10 on a thirty minute reading, Ends Tomorrow:  Only $49 thru February 15th.  Click Here to purchase and schedule.

I gotta leave this picture displayed on today taken in Zimbabwe:

The Rains of Shambhala made manifest!! Taken by Dr Peter Lowenstein on February 4, 2015 @ Murambi East, Mutare, Zimbabwe

The Rains of Shambhala made manifest!!
Taken by Dr Peter Lowenstein on February 4, 2015 @ Murambi East, Mutare, Zimbabwe










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  2. Very cool! I saw that “center” of the Earth yesterday and didn’t know what I was seeing. Have fun on your field trip! Happy Valentines Day! 😍😘💗💋


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