Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 12, 2015

ET-Ville and de-re-Programming the Brain to Higher Functions.


Today I am going talk about ET-Ville if it kills me!!  There is so much going on out there, changing in ways that is really boggling my (over worked) mind!!

That city of light thing that was so vivid in my field of vision for close to a week, I am kind grateful I am no longer seeing it like I was, it’s very distracting to me.  I suppose it was enough to see the construction itself.  With the placement of that round sphere on the top, now it resembles more of a volcano structure with a really wide rotating top than anything else.  One of the ET’s that showed up (they are jumbling up in my memory bank) gave us a broader idea of what this things purpose is.

Until a few days ago, every ET that had showed up was in a ship and I seen and talked to them mostly thru their ships.  Not any more.  Now there is like this thick cloud back that takes up the wide area behind this thingie.  The ET’s themselves are walking out of the cloud bank and onto some sort of platform (I cannot see the platform at all) and talk and reveal themselves unencumbered by their craft.  At first I thought the arrival was simply unique to the first one doing it, now, so far, everyone is arrive in a similar way.  And something wonderful, if not totally surprising to me was revealed.

One of the functions of this thing is to change the air around its magnetic field to allow the ET’s to be present and not constricted by their ships.  They also revealed that there are these devices within their realms to, to host other galactics, including humans.  How freakin kewl is that!!

I am going to consense some information, simply because I woke up late.  Actually I woke up at 2am and REFUSED to get out of bed and laid there flip flopping like a fish for well over an hour before I found my internal snooze button.  There is a lot starting to happening in my sleep/wake time that I am unsure what to do with or where it is going.  But there is a brand new adventure unfolding.

Anywayz, back to the point (smile.)  Some of the ET’s, in their presentation to their human, explained to us that our minds are programmed to fill in a lot of the space around any given thing.  One of them gave an example of a gently flowing waterfall.  We see the water as a fluid stream of water, not the trillions of water droplets that make up the fluid water coming down.  We do this with everything we see, fill in the spaces.  We all know nothing we see or touch is really solid, it is energy emitting a frequency to the brain to fill in everything as solid and filled in.  Our jobs, in part, is to start deprogramming the running (habitual) software to start deconstructing what you’re seeing as solid and tap into the energy system itself.

One of my ladys, my soul sistah here in the Jemez, her ET was a weird looking dude!!  Part Hulk, Part Rock all fused together to look like an image made out of living green and black rock.  If I am remembering his story correctly (forgive me if I am getting some details scrambled with others) he was connected to a meteorite and he is a group consciousness front that meteorite.  He did say, he chose the form he presented to us for a reason, first, to be approachable.  He had rock arms, legs and body and I don’t think I seen a face actually.  Did I mention he was really really big!! lol

Next thing I know, half of him turned into what I am just going to call tear drop shapes of liquid light energy.  Resembling this:


Only tear drop shaped and not as much radical electrical output lines from the center.  Also, each color was constant within itself.  White/clear, dark blue/light blue, deep violet/light violet and then one mixed up of two colors, red and orange. Each one placed within my lady’s body. In order, Third eye, high heart, just outside of her girly regions (smile) and then the two color spectrum at her sacral plexus.

Now imagine, everything on our planet has a very similar schematic and we were able to see that with the natural ability built into our minds, we could reprogram the electrical field to do anything, become anything.  It really is a speeding up of the pineal gland and the visual cortex and some other wiring in the brain that I am not familiar with… yet.  Fortunately, we do not have to know the science works to do this.  Just practice, practice, practice!!

Now let me skip to the next lady’s team that came thru the cloud.  This is really interesting because I could see a port opening in the cloud.  At first it was a thick line of energy, then it opened in a V shape and her superhero’s walked, one by one, thru the V.  I always assumed the portals were round!!  The slits that I had been seeing, open in a V shape.  Who knew!!!???

Another thing I am seeing, all the strange symbology presented thru the readings over the last 2 years, I now have the full understanding of.  Maybe full is a bit exaggerated lol, but now they are becoming all interconnected in our larger story.

The V itself, as it opened, had what looked like a spider web strung from side to side across from top to bottom.  One of her super heroes was spiderman who really is about string theory and stuff.  Thank god my lady is a brainiac, who understands the things being presented to her.  Her team made me giggle in their choice of presentation.  The Green Lantern, Thor, Loki, Spiderman and an amazing radiant beautiful lady from the Pleiades, her reflection of herself.

Each one with a superpower that is interconnected to each other, to the human incarnate to put together, piece by piece, for usability.  Each connected to her to bring that piece online.  What sticks with me most right now is spiderman and his string theory and actual strings lol.  Staying with me and understanding why its with me, two different ball parks.

I am going to jump elsewhere for a moment, every bit of information coming thru this month, all connected to a bigger picture.  When I was looking for the electric ball to show you, my heart jumped when I seen this picture, think the triad of energy, but also, the triangle, the V all connected:

triad of energy


Now, if we take this image here as the triangular opening needed from earth to the multiverse, and the V of the multiverse connecting to us, we really do have a an hour glass formation.


Gotta connect it to another image I just seen, the hourglass nebula:



Let’s get a little more real here and connect this all together in the experience I had the other night, with the portal of light, my phone and Michael, which would be the 9th-10th (It happened at 2:30am in my world, so it was technically the 10th.)  From

ACTIVE SUNSPOT: The magnetic field of sunspot AR2282 does not appear to be unstable … yet it is. Proof came on Feb. 9th at 23:35 UT when the sunspot’s magnetic canopy unexpectedly erupted, producing an M2-class solar flare.

ZODIACAL LIGHT: Around the world, people far from city lights are noticing a luminous triangle rising out of the western sky at sunset. It is the Zodiacal Light. Last night, Feb. 9th, Alan Dyer photographed the phenomenon from the City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico:


“The tower of light at left is the Zodiacal Light. At right is the setting autumn Milky Way. At the base of the Zodiacal Light is bright Venus just setting, with fainter Mars above it.”   (To my lady on the field from last week or the other day… with venus, mars, the moon and the sun in your sphere of energy, this is telling you something too.  What is your job to figure out lol.)

Now, thanx to the movement of time on my clock (smile) I am going to jump to something completely different but essential to share.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful rainstorm move in.  I could hear the rain pouring down when I was writing (started at 3am) and continued til mid afternoon.  With this storm, out went my landline and internet again.  Windstream never had this problem until this year, ever.  It would flicker now and again, but never put us completely out for the length of the storm itself.  Little did I realize, my father, windwalker, connected his energy with Windstream to make sure I do not get consumed in the volatile energies of the day.  Thanx dad!!

Anywayz, before my landline lost its dial tone, I got to connect with the first (and would be, the only) reading of the day.  I could see her new matrix with strands of lightning bolts coming into her center in a 360 degree formation.  Then, the next thing I could see was a big ass red X in front of her matrix.  Dammit.  I knew that was the beginning and the end of the reading.  All the while I was connected to her, my lights were flickering off and on.  I anticipated losing power at some time during this storm, but the moment we hung up, there was no more flickering of my personal electrical field called home.  But equally, that would be the last of my dial tone and internet until later in the afternoon.

And then my bathtub was calling me with a fury.  I just got a new supply of dead sea salts and figured… why not.  Mentally I am so overloaded this has got to be a good thing.  The rain outside kept prompting the song from three dog night “the rains of shambhala.”  Swim time!!

I know a sneak attack when i am witnessing one!!

In my bath of rose essential oil and dead sea salts, I lean back and hear my team ask a new question “where do you want to go.”  Beats the hell out of what do you want.  I thought for a second, remembering a blog I put out two years ago and echoed a similar reply “As far down and as far up the rabbit hole as I can go.”  What the hell was I thinking????  My life has turned into one massive living rabbit hole, I need not seek out more.

What I witnessed took me by complete surprise.  Everything opened up as if I was a viewer on the sidelines of this event.  I was watching and not participating from the consciousness called Lisa.  A surprise in and of itself.  Instead, there is the body image of Michael, standing upon the thingie that is out in the front yard of ET-Ville, but just like in recent days, I did not see the thingie, I just knew it was there.  In front of him… a much bigger surprise to me, a massive soul energy, formless but filled with light and wisdom and silence.  I know my own soul signature when I see it, and it was the pure soul energy that is us, that is me.

If a word was spoken, I sure as hell didn’t hear one, but instead, I witness Michael reach into his chest with his right hand, pull out his physical heart and extend it outwards to this massive soul energy.  It was still beating in his hand.  I watched as this soul formed tentacles (and how many people had an octopus form show up in their readings, connected somehow) of light, took the heart from his hand, squished it about as if it was made of putty, then placed it in its own massive energy field, bring it back out and I could see these golden striations of energy now around his still beating heart.  Our soul placed his heart back in his chest and the moment she/it/we did, instantly wing buds emerged at his back.

The next thing I know, a song clip was playing right in front of my face… a bizarre song clip from meatloaf:

On a hot summer night Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?  What the hell??  And oddly enough, all I could think about was the movie Twilight lol.
When I finally got out of this meditation and thought to myself, what the hell kind of rabbit hole is this, it wasn’t even about me… I so love to delude myself!!
Of course I heard, share this with Michael right now, don’t wait til you think you processed it.  Dammit.  Of course, writing is my processing and Ohhhh man did I want to stomp my feet.  Complete and absolute surrender to the unknown (which, is really known.)  I personally, pick and choose what I am willing to surrender to and when.  The safe, known universes of you, my kids, my personal world.
So I knew, gotta go grab my heart too.  Dammit.  So, thinking I was getting away with something, I offered it in the email I sent to him.  Go ahead, take that soul body of yours/ours, squish it up… whatever.
Again, like spirit has said so many times in the past, true action speak louder than words.  I popped off his email and sat on my couch, pissed really.  I like my safety zones.  I could hear the call of my bath, the action required.  Dammit, dammit, dammit.
The meditation opened up similar to it had been earlier, only now I was not only witnessing the act, I was participating as the soul energy itself.  Man oh man, I am so much better at holding back than I am at completely letting go… surrendering.  I swear as I struggled and I do mean, struggled to let go, my body felt like it was going thru braxton hicks contractions.  My soul mind gave a stern talking to my Lisa mind and said “if you don’t willingly let go, surrender, this is as far as you can take yourself.”  Well just F*ckin A.  Just… shit.

With everything I have kept within, I squeezed as hard as I could and whammmmmm the energy zooming out of the space of the soul body, holy shit.  It billowed into that poor soul called Michael’s body like a raging river completing its destination.  Instantly I heard my/our soul voice state “it is done.”  I am sure to my own question… did I do it??  I didn’t feel a thing, or so I thought, just watched it all happen really.
This poor guy is in the jungles of Peru doing his own shamanic ceremonies until next week.  Bless his heart.
The intermingling of energy, soul energy and body construct, changed radically.  I don’t even have a way of explaining it.  But watching the unified field of biological matter and soul matter the field that was two separate things or people or consciousness, I am not really sure, started spinning and spinning and the next thing I knew… blast-off somewhere upwards and then, my vision shifted to in front of my face with some added details of the orb with the sheets and slits… this entire orb was simply earth itself.  Then they lowered my vision to midway in this orb thingie and stated, this is what people call inner earth.  Halfway between all the various frequencies.
Then, as randomly as all this was being placed in my field of vision, I was in June-July of this year, seeing this living violet tubey thing on a ground that is not where I am living currently, but feels somewhere here in New Mexico and that ended all that.
I got out of my bath, my brain housing more spatial area than I could function with, my physical body vibrating from head to toe, to the couch I headed.  I hunted down a little crystal Michael gave me before he left to continue his soul journey.  The crystal, twin crystals merged into each other, the moment he handed it to me, my mouth said oh, our crystals had a baby, and its twins!!  Where the hell did that come from??  lol
When I get a new crystal, I always check out the face of it, seeking out record keepers.  There were none when he gave it to me.  I found this crystal in my coat pocket (forgot I took it down to the mesa recently) and started placing it on my head… then absorbing it into my hands.  Bad idea!!  I should looked at the face again… record keepers galore popped out on just about all the faces.  My body went into vibration overload and my already spacey head extended into the deep realms of space.  I was immobile.  Incoherent of thought process, of body function.  Not much different this morning.
The only thing I understand in our tangible world here, that massive energy system I seen yesterday will continue to pick up momentum thru the 14th, the flash point spirit talked about.  Emotionally and mentally, I feel like I have been in the oven way to long and my edges are getting crispy!!  lol Over cooked would be an understatement.
I just stood up for a moment, went to the back door, cuz I cannot remember if I fed the birds today or not… instead of getting that answer, instead I could see the energy of what I said once looked like butterfly wings when Michael planted the crystal down by the river, extending outwards to ET-ville in the front yard, my home itself, the connecting point or the butterfly body.  It is now surging in a golden figure 8 system.
One innocent invitation to dinner has changed my entire reality construct and vise versa.  It is as exciting as it is exhausting, but right now, I am leaning heavily into the exhaustion realm!!
On that note… Until tomorrow.  I love you all soul soul much and thank you for always bearing with me!!
(((HUGZ))))  of nighttime and daytime merging as one unified field.  (more to come on that one, just not today lol.)

Lisa Gawlas

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