Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 11, 2015

The Convolution of Timelines. Plus Understanding “Walk-Ins.”


Let me tell you, my brain feels like scrambled eggs with “the works” thrown into it.  Holy sugar nuts, we are getting tons of new puzzle pieces and it is really gonna take some dedicated souls to smooth  the edges to make them workable, tangible, applicable in our world made of matter and non matter.

But before we get deeper into our incoming back of trix, there was a question asked the other day by a lady on the field.  She had been channeling information in a fury, then suddenly it just stopped.  That happens to a lot of us all the time.  Like I said for myself, I have a half written book on the lost codes of shambhala, it came in fast and furious for two solid days (of course puzzle pieces had been dropped in daily over 3 years prior.)  It’s easy to think we fell out of alignment with that, with ourselves.

If I can go back to the analogy of the hurricane (cyclone) system as seen from space, that is how I see our consciousnesses as well.  Some people are just starting to form them energy system, getting bits and pieces of various systems that will merge to create the (appearance) of the hurricane.  Once a person starts working actively with the incoming bits and pieces and applying it to their life (just knowing things does not make an active hurricane) the system forms in strength and magnitude.

Because the consciousness can only handle so much information, given the energy construct to that point, often times we get some of those really large puzzle pieces made for babies.  It will form a working model of whatever information is coming in, but because the mind itself cannot fathom the rest of the fuller details, you see a very limited, if not cartoon like image of the information coming thru.  It’s important and workable and needed to expand the consciousness but often times, even what was given to you will change in application and the fuller picture you once thought you had, changes.

Humans often get attached to their information, not allowing to grow and expand and evolve beyond, if not completely different from its original input.  You can teach an infant 1 + 1, but algebra… not so much.  Same with us expanding, evolving hurricanes!!!  Please do not ever get hung up on what you think you know, always allow the statement to follow of “subject to change with more information.”

This is one of the major reasons I am going to have to back and rewrite what I had written, 5 years ago, it was like getting the information and working model thru a peep-hole.  Today, that peep-hole has become a bay window and the information that was slightly, if not completely skewed, has become clearer!!  Even this is subject to change and evolve with more information.

Your questions trigger understandings I never thought to look at.  A dear soul named Michelle just posted some questions on our blog that I wanted to take and put here this morning, the reply I see is stunning and more ah-ha’s fill in:

Can you explain more about the war ships on the bridge? Do you think that vision was from a past like the American Revolution? That is the only war on American soil that I can think of that had ships. WW 1 and 2 were both in Europe. What do you think? Could it be a future war?
I am also thinking about what you said about moving up to a different time line. If you leave one timeline, and move up to another one there would be two of you on the new timeline. Unless everyone just shifts up. You shift up a timeline, and the ” other” version of yourself on the new timeline shifts up one time line.

First, let me tell you, I failed history three years in a row in school, I thought it was bullshit then, I really know it is now.  lol  But in relationship to the James River Bridge connecting Newport News to Suffolk, Virginia, I think I asked my massage client if there ever was a war that took place on that river, I do believe she said yes with the revolution.  However, it doesn’t really matter because as we move into various earths, especially when we fall down a few vibrations, the history is completely different, similar in many ways, but different and even sometimes, so different it doesn’t seem to register as truth, because in your version of earths, it is not true for you.

You take that guy we know and love as Jesus.  Holy cow, have I heard sooooo many variations of a single mans journey on earth.  Many earths, many experiences, all true, not all are relevant to you.  None of your past lives means much except to put into play any working puzzle piece (memory) from that timeline to this one.  We have, collectively, destroyed and rebuilt this earth more times than we realize (other realms too.)  Destruction is part of life, it is part of the learning to use your power process.  All that matters in this timeline, how can you harness what you know or have seen about yourself prior for the highest good NOW.

Which brings me to the much misunderstood subject (at least to me, until this morning) topic of walk-ins.  As most of you realize there are two different forms of walk-ins.  The least familiar or at least, talked about, is the walk-in of you into you.  Meaning, on a lower frequency of earth you died and for the sake of this story, lets say you moved up into a higher vibrational earth to an incarnation that is you living in that frequency.  Your consciousness merges with that part of your consciousness to become fuller and mixes the knowing together to form larger, clearer windows of memories and application.  If this doesn’t just get a little crazier… often times, while in our sleep state, we visit other aspects of our incarnated self to share information.  Kinda like picking puzzle pieces out of other boxes to form better pieces in our own version of earth.  Or, other incarnated Beings of your (vast) soul body on other planets.

Take something like my incarnation on the Pleiades, Anorhah, in my waking state and the distortion of timespace via the brain, the Pleiades looks like it is light years away, in truth, its about 3 inches to the left lol.  In sleep and in meditation, the processing brain that sees distance that is warped so we have orientation in this realm, is stilled and we see and move freely.  Now we are catching our brain up to what is real and not distorted for biological maneuverability, if you so desire.

Now lets complicate this just a bit further, lets say an incarnate piece of your soul is on the verge of a break thru in a lower frequency, but is having the hardest time, an incarnated version of your soul dies and moves down the frequencies to merge with that struggling aspect.  This is why so many people think an ascended master moved in, YOU are the ascended master, from a higher frequency helping yourself up and out!!

Let’s really twist things up a bit.  On the other side of the veil, the part of our larger soul body that is not incarnation, we have very close soul friends there, family if you will.  Sometimes, much more rare than the above scenario, but it does happen, a close soul member (meaning, sharing the same vibraitonal rate as your soul, kinda like a true blood relative) is struggling on another timeline, you disembark from where ever you are, to merge into that consciousness (not the body perse, the consciousness itself, which of course is part of the pineal gland) to assist.

If you think about what that really means and the little prayer called “Footprints in the Sand,” it is more truth than fiction.  Only, we give our power to anything outside of ourselves.  We create deities, even today, worship them like they are more than you and us.  Our connections to the pool of memories and stories should be to show us that part of ourselves, we are that!!!

Sometimes, this particular walk-in state is only for a moment, til your soul friend reorients themselves to their grander Self, sometimes until the lifetime finishes.

Which really gives me clarity on the several times thru the years, in a massage session, when a client had a really difficult childhood they just couldn’t seem to deal with while on the table and I am bringing up the events that are triggering their reactions to this day… I would pinch off a little part of my own soul light, place down into the timeline of their childhood to assist them (there’s only so much you can do in two hours lol.)  Of course, I would giggle as I told them, if you remember seeing an angel in your childhood, it’s not an angel, it is me!!

Lets take this deeper into the realm of… confused clarity (smile.)  Our guides and teachers, the majority of them (we do have some on the other side of the veil assisting) but the majority of who you connect with, is You.  Facets of who you are, even if presented in a familiar package (jesus, angels, whatever) to bring out those bits and pieces of your personality, your SOUL Shine!!  Funny really, when Sananda, AKA Jesus arrived in my bathtub he first called himself “your comforter” then he changed to “your Shepard,” then, when I realized who he was and called him out he did agree he was that too (I never heard of a Sananda before and when I found out it was the consciousness, the soul known as Jesus, I had a massive melt down.)  Fast forward now 14 years, that is, in part, what I do… comfort you, help you to see your larger light self and move into it.  You do the same for me!!

I have got to smile as I am suddenly hearing some irreverent song lyrics by the master of Love Himself, Jesus, with a word change.  (Just change the word “gangster into master.”  Imagine this song came thru to set us completely free in the realm of needing to be inhumanely perfect!! (smile.)  Also, my super hero ET lady from yesterday… I am so aligned with Loki with this too, for you.  Nothing is ever singular these days!!!!

Since this sharing is not going in the area I really thought it would (with all of yesterdays PROFOUND insights from ET-ville) lets keep it flowing with a visual I had from someone who booked a reading yesterday.  A good friend of Michael’s and she introduced herself in a separate email.  The moment I connected to her in that email and her words (as well as Michael’s reference to her) “infinity girl” the visual popped out of the email and into my line of vision.

From the days I began trying to understand my connection with Marc (the guy I call my first mentor) spirit started talking about triads of energies, three people aligned to each other that creates the moment of energy expansion via the three.  As I look back today on my 15 year journey to this moment, there has always been at least two other people in my created reality to served to spin me further and further along mySelf.  Of course, nothing is ever one way, we do it to each other, but also, I pray I don’t make this too complicated, actually, I created a very very humble visual:


Lets call this emerging infinity symbol the divine counterpart energy.  Two incarnated aspects of the same soul energy moving in and out of the timelines accumulating the wisdom needed for whatever lays down the road.  For each part, there are always 2 other people (cuz ya gotta count yourself) that are catalysts to moving your energy field further, faster… accelerating the vibrational space of your consciousness (especially when it appears to fall apart, that’s when it is best, cuz new energy of Self has room to move in.)  These other catalysts will change thru journey of your life, but there is always two (others) in some form.  The triad.  Which you can look at as a triangle, you being the single point and the other two points closing gaps of energy to your fullness.

Even tho I am using the perspective of one person, we ALL have these catalysts, so if you take my singular picture and then add the same detail to each strand moving outwards, there is no end at all, just a whole lot of moving parts!!!  But for simplicity sake, let keep this between two people.

Remember when I said when I seen the energy of me and Michael in a visual, it looked just like figure A.  Two streams parallel to each other, moving in opposite directions in speed and velocity, (holy cow, a year or two ago, spirit was all about speed and velocity in the readings) but parallel to each other.  As your magnetic field brings you both together in physicality, the parallel streams start to change… elongate as information is pulled from each other to fill in (purposely) missing gaps.  The power of the hug!!!

There is an amazing (really amazing to me) similarity of experience when Marc came into my physical reality (after a year and a half of swimming with his soul.)  We spent 5 days together and in those 5 days, we had to have shared easy a hundred hugs.  I grabbed his body every time it was close to mine just to hug him.  Michael on the other hand, was having such an emotional eruption as puzzle piece after puzzle piece started to emerge and fit together, that I hugged him thru every one, well, when he would stop pacing for a minute lol.

The true exchange of the heart codes.  Strings of energy, information, connecting, entangling to provide a fuller application for the two.  The stream changes from parallel to circular.  We can even look at this as closing out the greatest circle of life experience (the end of one cycle) to create the magnetic charge we know as the infinity symbol.  Separate but connected at the Source of Self.  Which creates a momentum beyond imagination.  I cannot quite imagine it yet, since I would say maybe we would be at B or heading towards C, I dunno.  Spirit loves to keep mystery alive in our world!!

The final image, the outcome potential, you see the quite humble arrows denoting the stream of fluid energy that was once in opposite directions are now in figure 8 formation.  There is more to this, but right now, thats all I get, dammit!!

Hopefully I made this understandable.  Can you imagine when all of this fully active infinity symbols, what I call divine counterparts come together??  Holy chit batman!!

Now, for clarity sakes and since spirit is leaning on me with this tidbit… lets back up 14 years in my wild and crazy world to Marc.  Absolutely a part of my soul system.  Our experience together was primarily if not only at the soul level.  He was in australia, I was in North Carolina, both of us piss poor and couldn’t much to “see” each other.  Even the internet was primitive in those days and besides, he and I didn’t do a whole lot of personal sharing together, but man did my bathtub come alive with his entrance into my realm.  Every insecurity I didn’t even realize I had, zoomed to my surface as I fell apart more and more (emotionally speaking and I was an emotional mess to begin with,  lol) so it didn’t take much.

For as much as I was emotionally falling apart, wow did bath time take me to heaven… close to three months of intimate, soul exchange in the kundalini realm.  Pure dynamite, spiritually igniting, physically destroying all at the same time.

When he finally arrived in my timespace a year and a half after meeting him on the internet, the massive magnetic field that was created as we swam in realms of bliss became so real.  He laid in a bed not five feet from me (I was living in a hotel at the time) and energy particle of energy that was me, had to literally and i do mean LITERALLY, had to hold onto the mattress as nighttime cuz I swear my body would fly off the bed and just merge into his.  It had nothing at all to do with sex, more like the force field of two incredibly magnetics calling the other home.  Contraction!!

I understand that now, the contraction, the full surrender of Self, into the Self.

Going into the use of the word triad, for those who have the life plan of a reuniting of soul energy in the physical realm, there will be a catalyst to come along first to bring your to your knees.  Spewing out every insecurity you didn’t know you had, to release them fully and completely and surrender like never before.  All the while, another aspect of you is coming online, going thru their own personal trials and tribulations to raise their frequency.

I was sure I couldn’t evolve much further without the soul interactions of Marc, to the degree, I developed cancer from a zit that formed back in 2002 on my back when Marc asked me for an energetic divorce.  I couldn’t see how much it was all eating at me, until it was unmistakable.  When I finally released him (2012, when I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma) in came Jorge.  What spirit and I call a back up plan, but really, it was always the original plan to begin with, the consciousness just couldn’t see the bigger picture, nor did it (I) want to, until I was forced to.

Which really brings me to some of the readings over the last two years.  When someone would ask about their divine counterpart, I would see several people instead of just one, which really had me baffled given the limited view and understanding I had from my shambhala code taking days.

NOW I get it and see it in the bigger picture window.  I am sure too, as the entirety of the wall itself turns into glass, even what I am seeing and understanding right now, will change and evolve even more.

One more thing I want to share before I close out this surprise of a sharing today (smile.)  Many of us are really noticing how much time is warping on us.  It is most evident with me and my daily calendar.  I look I have a gap of time to set someone in, I look again within moments, I was so wrong, I would have people on top of each other.  I am not always looking again and waking up to nightmares of a schedule.  Zero time between one appointment and another.  I am really trying to scale back to no more than 5 readings a day, the energy and sheer information is debilitating this poor human… like yesterday, 5 readings, 4 of them ET session one reading and the total time in the field of light was over 5 hours.  I do my best to keep it down to no more than 3.  Imagine standing in a massive windstorm for 5 consecutive hours… its exhausting.

So as I looked at my scheduled yesterday and wondered how the hell did this happen, well… I was shown!!  I am so loving this expanded vision, it makes it all so understandable to me.

Do you remember wayyyyy back in the day when women wore beehive hairdos?


That is exactly how I seen the top of my head, connected to many different timelines all at once.  We pulling people over to, or is it up to?? Shambhala frequency and in order to do that, it has created a slight, if not confusing timeline entanglement to the viewing mind.  As you leave the older frequency of earth and enter here, the mind brings particles of memory, of programming with it.  The feelings of being stuck, sick, need of healing, need of anything that does not focus on expansion and acceleration.  Because to get to here, we needed all that.  So here we are and it can all look and feel skewed.

Equally tho, to allow the brain itself to not lose orientation with what we call ongoing reality (within the illusion) all the timelines seem jumbled together.  War here, heaven there, and everything in between playing out.  Hopefully, you are feeling a distance within yourself from the “chaos” and that is your soul telling you… you shifted.  That is no longer where you are at.

However, there are much-needed souls parked in between what I will just call the old earth and this new one to be a hand up, so their focus has to be on healing the pain body to help others thru to gateway.  I must give those folks serious ups, cuz they are choosing to delay their own entry into Shambhala to help others thru.  Not me, I a freaking ready for the party, dammit!!!  lol  Please don’t confuse this with being afraid to leave the old reality.  To enter the fullness I am calling Shambhala, it MUST be a conscious choice from the human incarnate, not the trickery of the soul!!

Self Awareness… KNOWING is vital to your story.

Ohhh and even with the whole beehive hairdo timeline thing from yesterday, spirit said there is a “convolution of timelines underway.”  This morning I see, once again, that orb with all the dimensional sheets rotating around and the slits that were scattered about are lining up above and below each other.

For two solid years, all of this information has been come thru… it seemed so bizarre and elusive at the time.  Not any longer!  Our true and genuine multi-dimensional selves are in Body and physicality!!!


I suppose all this information is needed as we go deeper, realer into the living rabbit hole.

I love you all soul much.  Thank you for daring to be a player in this vastly changing reality of US!!!  ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

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