Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 10, 2015

The Rods of Light and Portals of Entry to the Multiverse!!


Geez, what an eye full to get as I just wake up and ponder how to start todays sharing and where exactly to start.  I started seeing all those rotating sheets of plastic, and the vast amount of little slits on each one and how the slinkies connect with them.  Before I get to my sudden vision, they added more to the schematics underway.  Each sheet breathes, meaning there is a series of expansion and contraction that is constant and to our viewing eyes, very very slow.  The expansion and contraction doesn’t, isn’t making anything bigger or smaller, but when we (nasa) views it from the “primitive” telescopes, it appears that way.  The contraction condenses the energy within that particular sheet, the expansion… well, expands it!  To top this all off, more sheets are constantly being added, the orb is not finite, life is not finite.  Each time a new sheet is added, the entire orb of all lives appear to condense to make room, then expands to unfold the intermingling energy and realigning the particles that keeps everything interconnected.

A single sheet itself can (and does) have many frequency slits within its universe.  A contraction moving into expansion and vise versa.

Most people will never ever notice this movement of energy because their brain is too busy taking in the mundane, the densest part of the universal life (what you and I call 3D.) You and I tho, we notice the waves, I know for me, until today, I sure as hell didn’t understand them, but I kind do now.  When we go to sleep, or are in a state of what I call co-creative meditation (being active in meditation, beyond breathing, getting still and waiting) we are accessing different frequencies of life to bring into the waking consciousness bits and pieces of our constantly evolving puzzles.  The more we are aware of our puzzle pieces, the more we can see them lining up in our lives and connect them together.  The downside of both the sleeping/dreamstate and the meditation state, our consciousness itself is going to these exciting places, the body is in a state of limbo.  We have accelerated the consciousness but the body still too dense and separate to go with the consciousness.  That is about to change!!

Now to tie this into the unexpected flash of vision as I pondered these slits and slinkies.  The penis and the vagina.  Our story, our story beyond this miniscule particle of life called earth life, was clearly denoted in our biology.  The clitoris, the only part of the female sexual organ external to the body, a teeny, tiny powerful thing.  Over 8 thousand nerve endings congregate in that small little nub, which I am hearing right now as the doorknob to all there is!!  Take a small little trip forward or downward really, there is an opening, a portal.  Within the shaft of entry is a hymen, which reveals the covering of the slits to other worlds.  Just beyond the hymen, thru the cervix, is the galaxy of multi-dimensional opportunities (smile) making way to the uterus, new life forms (more real than a pun.)

None of it can be entered without a rod of light, the staff of opening, the sword to rip thru the gateway of the hymen into the universal life forms.

The map of the multiverses was always there within us.  All-ways.

Now lets put that on pause for a moment.  Yesterday, as my mind is racing to understand the mechanics of all that I am seeing, something wonderful and really expected was revealed.  I know that the purposeful movement of kundalini energy, soul power itself, is crucial for… whatever.  Until yesterday, I really thought everyone had to harness their kundalini energy.  You should, just so you know how to use your gas pedal, but don’t have to if someone within your soul group has already done it.  What you do for yourself, you do for all.  So the alignment of powered up cellular expansion happens because a few people have done the work from start to finish.  Not just in our timeline, but all collective timelines.  Nothing is separate nor linear.

If we can look at the purposeful movement of kundalini energy from root chakra to crown chakra as building the airport landing strip of universal flight, each chakra elongates to a different slit in the multiverse of slits.  Of course, we have been programmed to think of 7 or 9 chakras, ohhhh baby, the body itself is filled with millions.  I have said before, each pore on our skin has a chakra.

For the female, the clitoris itself runs the gas, the power needed to expand and contract thru all life.  Without the energy, the key of the penis, it’s just a really fancy runway that can only take the consciousness to other realms.   To fully unlock the greatest potential within the realm of biology, the lock and key MUST come together, willingly, in love and with purposeful desire.  I gotta add, fully working antennas too.  And yes, every human on the planet was born with fully available antennas.  Imagine getting in a car and driving down the road blindfolded.  That would be hazardous to all involved!!

I am going to jump conversation again.  My lady from the day before and her ET connections.  Geez Louise was I stunned.  There are very few things that make blush drip from my cheeks these days… I wasn’t dripping, I was gushing blush!!

Two ships, very different from each other.  One solid, made of a metal very much like the metal of the satellite dish now outside.  Her main speaker, GUL said it was material from their realm.  In her energy exchange, which they are now wanting me to state it is a frequency exchange, from just below the top of her breastbone to just below her solar plexus, he was emitting strings of frequency which now really resemble the strings or line from sheet music.  Each string was made of a crystalline light, in various colors.  Clear, gold, bronze and so on.  I always move out of the way for these frequency exchanges, I can barely handle you, forget other life forms too!!

As he was sending her energy, I could see musical notes forming on these strings.  Not only am I not scientifically inclined, I am musically ignorant too!!  But I did understand his gig with her is opening her to the harmonics of the universal language of light.

When the much smaller (to my vision) ship behind that one came to the fore, it was very interesting.  It reminded me of the texture of a marshmallow, pliable, squishable.  The color was a dirty white.  They streamed two connected beams of light, dammit if they didn’t hit me first for the example.  Holy shit batman, one directly into the pineal gland, one I got a birds eye view and feel of… the beam of light sliding directly over the clitoris and bending into the “cannal” (their term, not mine.)  What the hell???  Geez, now I got talk to my precious lady about HER clitoris????!!!!  Who the hell signed me up for this??

Her light friends (which I never got a name for, so I just called him clitoris man… gotta keep the humor!! lol) explained that there is a reason there is 8 thousand nerve endings in that tiny little nub for a reason.  When attuned perfectly to the stream of light, it activates to portals available to the frequencies of the host (whoever is opening it.)


I also completely understood too, the pineal gland and the clitoris MUST be linked in harmony within the spectrum of Light.  Don’t want any blind pilots!!  lol  There is much more to it than that.  I got back to my own kundalini marathon back in 2001.  The goal in that 3 month adventure within my bathtub, was to be able to sustain and emit the orgasm, the very energy that opens the slits in other universes, at will.  I’m a dedicated trooper, if not a spiritual slut (at least that what I was feeling like back then) and mastered each energy point along the core.

Beyond seeing the vastness of light and frequency tho… I didn’t land on another world and my body was always in the bathtub when my adventures were over.  Who knew that was as far as I could go solo.  Hey!!!  I did have a soul partner, but the game is physical, the mapping of understanding… etheric.

As I sit here and ponder the male’s part in this gig, I get a vision of being at the gas pump.  The gas pump that runs the fuel into the gas tank, two parts of one whole (or is that, hole lol.)  Geez Louise… thrusters on a rocket ship.  I went to wikipedia to look up thrust and rockets and geez…

A rocket engine, or simply “rocket”, is a jet engine[1] that uses only stored propellant mass for forming its high speed propulsive jet. Rocket engines are reaction engines and obtain thrust in accordance with Newton’s third law. Since they need no external material to form their jet, rocket engines can be used for spacecraft propulsion as well as terrestrial uses, such as missiles. Most rocket engines are internal combustion engines, although non-combusting forms also exist.

Rocket engines as a group have the highest thrust, are by far the lightest, but are the least propellant efficient (have the lowest specific impulse) of all types of jet engines. The ideal exhaust is hydrogen, but chemical rockets produce a mix of heavier species, reducing the effective exhaust velocity. Rocket engines become more efficient at high velocities (Oberth effect). Since they do not benefit from air they are best suited for uses in space and the high atmosphere.


Hidden behind a veil of skin, is the very rocket needed to move thru time and space.  Funny how circumcision is so prevalent today.  Strip away the memory of the valuable tool!!  Give to our men, just after birth, the memory of the pain body, not the ride to and thru the heavens itself!!  (The scrotum itself must be the “thrusters.” lol)

Now, I want to add something in here, that right I do not fully understand… yet.  Same sex partnerships are as vital as opposite sex partnerships. Think of the ground crew at nasa, one missing element, there is no liftoff!!  Or, at least, no safe liftoff.   Unlike nasa, the ground crew is not stuck on the ground, ever.  Just making that clear.

As I was spell checking this, I realized I spelled clitoris wrong every time.  I kept spelling it clitorus.  So I googled CLI to see if it means anything in connection to the word, TORUS.  Ha!!!  I giggle at the first thing I see:

  1. A command-line interface (CLI), also known as command-line user interface, console user interface, and character user interface (CUI), is a means of interacting with a computer program where the user (or client) issues commands to the program in the form of successive lines of text (command lines).  Lets just change the word text to ummm thrusts of light frequency!!  

Anywayz… For all of this to happen, in the land of matter itself, a group collective had to come online, fully online within their hearts.  The collective is Shambhala.  We are here!!  It is a heart frequency, love so pure, so complete it activates…. well, stuff!! lol  The flash point spirit is talking about, takes those aligned to the Source of their heart, to the next level of experience.  Not in mind, but IN BODY, WITH the body!!  (Of course, the mind is an absolute needed player in the game, but just saying we are moving from meditation experience to full body experience.)

Again, I am going to completely change the subject.  Over the last few years of readings, spirit, thru you, talked about Christmas, the wizard of oz, I dream of Jeannie and Cinderella.  What if they are all different parts of the same puzzle.  We just see them separately, but when you join the story lines, they really do form a bigger picture.

Lets start with the Dorothy in all of us (taken from wikipedia):  The Scarecrow wants to get a brain, the Tin Woodman wants a heart, and the Cowardly Lion wants courage. All four of the travelers believe that the Wizard can solve their troubles. The party overcomes many obstacles on their journey, including gaps in the yellow brick road, vicious Kalidahs (beasts with bodies like bears and heads like tigers), a river, and a field of deadly poppies.  Dorothy just wants to go Home.

The most misunderstood asset in this human framework and yet it is included in this story of Life called the wizard of oz, the brain.  Yes, traveling this path takes tremendous courage, an alignment with love untainted and the power of the brain to make it all happen.

Which brings us to Christmas, when you get your courage and your heart and your mind working together as one energy system, Home would be the element of Christ-mass.  The star of the east (a portal of full alignment in Self) Three wise men (courage, heart, mind) the birth of a baby, the new you, creator and dreamer in one body.

In any “mass” there is also a gathering of like frequencies too.  The Gathering.

Which gives birth to I DREAM of Jeannie.  In a blink of an eye, you can and do change your entire reality.  To do it with consciousness, purpose and effort, key to opening the heart to Shambhala energies.  Cinderella and Cinderfella alive and in love at the Ball of Life itself.  Dancing in magical ways they never dreamed possible together.

We are there and we are that!!

I am going to leave it there for now, whatever I said I will get back to, I will do another day.  The expansion and contraction of my blessed brain.  Phew!!  Which happens daily any more.  When my mind contracts, I am down, no talking, typing, sharing, which can also be said, replying to emails, nuttin.  Too much is moving in and aligning in my (very cramped) brain space.  As much as I appreciate the enormous amount of links sent to me, rarely do I have the capacity to read them.  YOU are my greatest and clearest source of pure information, beyond that, spirit stirs my brains into incomprehensible information when I try to take a link in anywayz.  They have done that from my very beginnings and continue thru now.

There is also so much coming thru your readings that is filling in so much information.  Forgive me for having to catch up with myself to get it out there!!  (I do want to mention to my twirly-bird lady from yesterdays reading, the main picture I used for this sharing today, somehow fills out the bigger picture of what we were seeing.  The moment I seen this image, I was back in your reading.  Obviously a connection, beyond that, I;m not sure… yet.) 

I love you all so much and my gratitude for all the amazing shards of light, puzzle pieces you continue to bring to the table, is beyond my words ability of full expression.  Thank you for all you do, all you have become and all that remains within the mystery unfolding!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of magic and majesty to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Aaah Lisa this totally ties in with the added clarity… information bombs… that burst into my cosnciousness when I woke up today. It was all about the power nodes that have merged with our 7 main energy centres…. merging that divine and feminine energy… the raising of the kundalini… expanding our core energy and creating that ascension colum for us to take off. That probably all sounds like mish mashed jibber jabber but just know that your blogs always confirm my incoming information and assist my path massively!!

    Sending love and gratitude in abundance!! ❤

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