Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2015

The Multi-Dimensional Universes and Traveling Thru It!! The Beginning…


All of January, if not longer than that, spirit kept saying so many more of our antenna’s, our abilities are going to come online, I wanted some of that, but for the life of me, could not even fathom how that could apply.  What more could I possibly open?? Ha!!!  Yesterday revealed that to me unequivocally, starting at 9am all the way thru til I finally tapped out and went to sleep.

I have had more questions now than I have had in a very long time, a lot of it having to do with portals, wormholes, timespace and all that other relevant stuff to our adventures.  I received the answers in graphic, unmistakable holograms of detail all day long.  Before I get into that, another question often asked me became very clear to, how is it that I can see like I do.  Until yesterday, I really had no idea except to say 15 years of 24/7 practice. lol  Well… let me share that reveal first and slide into the rest of our amazing story.

Of course, it all started with meditation.  My initial form of meditation was breathing in the light.  At first this bright white light was way off in the distance and each inhale would slowly move it closer and closer until it slipped into me, spread out thru me and I did that for weeks, over and over and over until one day, I went into take that breath and wham, I was already a ball of light.  What I never knew, never really even questioned, was what one would call our soul mind setting up house within the body.  For that to happen, you must have control over your lower mind to allow the entrance and merger to fully take place.

When that is achieved, the lower mind slows way down and the higher mind speeds up the networking of the brain to allow the visual cortex and the inner ear to see and hear beyond the density of physicality.  The more time spent in inner connection, the higher the vibration, the more detailed the information and experience and eventually, the sight and sound of the soul mind is not longer just in meditation, but outside of it too.  Doing readings helped train that emerging brainspace.  While all this is happening, the endocrine system is changing, releasing chemicals to enhance and sustain the merger, the full partnership of both minds.  The need to be in meditation ceases, as I have found out this past week.  The Real is now all around me, and no longer an esoteric journey in my bath.  Kinda kewl, but even with a sense of sadness.  For 15 years, meditation, my bath, was my best buddy.  But let me tell ya, I like it this too.  It is not those debilitating downloads where you cannot move or think, it is fluid, holographic information, understandable and not cryptic either.

Another thing that became absolutely clear to me as well, what we have been referring to as massive choice points.  But first, let me share this incredible understanding of how all the multiverses and timelines really work:


I started to see the universes in a way I never imagined it to me. If you were to take a large orb or sphere and put sheets of clear plastic throughout it, all the sheets have what appears to be a bunch random slits poked thru out the sheeting and then just placed them 1/8 of an inch on top of each other until the orb is complete full, it wouldn’t look like much. Especially if you were in the center and just looked above and below the sheeting, it looks… limiting.  Altho the slits are there, you cannot see them because, well, they are slits and you need to know where they are at in order to open them up.
Now lets give each sheet with poked holes in it a little spin, harder, slower, one way, the other way so that none appear to be going in the same direction or speed at the same time.
Lets also give a smaller dimension to each plastic sheet, 1/16 of an inch, separated by 1/8 space between them.  These are the various dimensions of all created life.  Each sheet has its own frequency of life and space and all that stuff.
Lets now say, each one of those slits represent a portal from one vibrational field of earth to another, we perceive that as time,  But since its all spinning in a circle, time cannot be a linear thing, there is no backwards or forwards, really, there is only up and down, vibrationally, frequency wise.  Again, to keep it all simple, lets say the very bottom sheet represents caveman era and lets say the very top of the orb represents shambhala era.  Shorter era’s in the orb, since the bottom and tops are much smaller than anything above or below it.  So the very bottom sheet is as dense in frequency as it can get and still sustain intelligent life.  The top sheet, Shambhala, as high a vibration as you can get without being fully outside of the incarnation process.  And everything in-between.  There are so many sheets in this really large orb, I have no ability to count them.
Now, spirit has talked about massive choice points for as long as I have been reading.  I get so clearly now.  When you are at an absolute choice point, you are choosing one of three scenarios: stay on the same vibrational earth and relearn what you missed, go to a slower vibrational earth to relearn what you missed in a slower, yet more in your face way, or go to a higher vibrational earth cuz you no longer need the lower density lessons.  Tricky thing is, the choice is not of the lower mind, but the frequency of your heart and the desire embedded inside that frequency.  The soul desire and the willingness of the human to see it thru.
Now, I can bring this to my own examples to hopefully make it clearer in understanding.  February 4th, 2001, the last time I tried to commit suicide, on one earth I succeed.  Years later, I seen what I put my children thru because of it.  This consciousness that we call Lisa, left that earth and emerged with divine alignment thru one of those slits in the sheets to a higher version of earth.  In that alignment that, until now, only soul could align for the opening and making sure the event in which you awake is absolutely similar to what you just left behind so the mind doesn’t see it.
Fast forward many years later (2008 I think) I had my first conscious awareness of sliding thru a timeline.  I was going across a bridge in virginia to do an in home massage session for a client.  In my rear view mirror I could see the bridge collapsing behind me, as it collapsed I could see war ships on either side of the water, firing.  Once I was completely over that bridge, that experience ceased.  Altho I had a good idea what happened, its only this morning do I have the absolute clear knowing of what happened.  This expanding consciousness called Lisa entered yet a higher version of earth, in that lifetime, I ceased to exist.  My kids are still probably waiting for me to come home on that earth.  There have been many other times since then.  The most recent was sometime last year as I was going thru my breathing/voice issues.  I could so clearly see me dead in my bed and my poor landlady finding my bloated blue body.  Scared the shit out of me, for her.  Of course, I told her what i had seen.  In this ongoing consciousness, that appeared to not happen, but I realized yesterday, it indeed happened and we moved upwards to yet another higher version of earth.
The higher you go, you can witness all the lives that remain on the slower frequency earths, the way the physical mind is designed, it needs that bleed thru to stay oriented in its own story.  When spirit keeps saying, let it go, there is a major reason for it.  If you do not walk away from the chaos, you simply return to its earth frequency.  This is where that choice point becomes so understandable… is the human WILLING to follow thru.
I have been seeing “slinkies” in readings for at least this last year.  I don’t understand them and until yesterday, spirit never really made it fully clear what they mean.  Someone left a link on my blogspace that I had to approve before it went public.  Of course I went to the link and felt I hit a scientific jackpot!  I found the slinky!!!
These slinkys lay dormant until you are at a massive choice point, when you activate them via deep inner heart choice (the mind itself cannot make these choices, you may “want to with all your thought, but unless it is an emotional desire, its dead in the water) the slinky elongates to one of the slits in one of the frequencies on an alternate earth or dimension of earth.  We continue to do this until we get to the earth of all earths, the very top one, Shambhala.
Each shift in dimension creates the physical body to adjust, coughing, wheezing, snotting and so on.  The air really is different, higher in vibration, the biology MUST adjust.  Again, the twist of upper dimensions happened so fast and came thru an exact setting point so nothing seems disturbed to the mind.  The story is just going onwards.  For our purposes, I am simply focusing on going higher, we can and do move lower too.  Sometimes, like my bridge experience above, the slinky had to move lower to align in a different spot on the above frequency slit to emerge thru to, which is why I seen the war ships from long ago.
How this all works is so vivid in my mind, if I could find someone who could put a working model together, it would become tangible.  Maybe Michael can when he emerges from the jungles of Peru.
I have come to understand, there are two events coming up, one on the 14th… V day and the final one (of this phase) on the 23rd of february.  The flash point spirit talked about yesterday, I now can actually see in relationship to the orb of life (don’t know what else to call it lol.)  This flash will affect every single and multiple thing in all of creation.  Not just us, or earth, ALL of LIFE.  I suppose we can look at it as the pure energy of what we think of as God, creator, source, whatever, releasing pure energy that WILL change energy.  It will change the rate of spin on all the dimensions, the very energy that permeates the space in-between and ALL life will change in a nano-second of time.  How??  Dunno, at least not yet.  The 23rd is when all that made the upwards frequency leap into this full functioning place I am calling Shambhala, the new earth (and technically, it is new, this sheet was not here until we made the transition January 2013 thru this year, with massive collective choice points to open fully the frequency and landscape I am calling Shambhala, what spirit is now injecting as “A living matrix of unbelievable proportions.”  I know you are feeling it, the quickening of the body.  Many individual matrixes are coming online every day and will all be online by the 23rd.
Now, lets go to the crazy ET session I had yesterday.  I thought I had two, I only had one and I thank god for that.  Phew baby!!  This city of light thingie no longer looks like a city perse, it looks like a volcano made of solid light with this HUGE round satellite antenna (easy 25 foot in diameter) made of alloyed metal not from this plane (per my ladys ETs) The satellite thingie is not solid, more like metal forming striations and connecting points that leaves openings between areas.  On the outer edge of this round thing, are like poles sticking up maybe a few feet high, placed, in my eyes, randomly around this dish.  The satellite dish was initially slowly spinning counter clockwise, opening up the portal for their arrival.  Two very different ships set down on two of the poles.  Suddenly, the dish was rotating clockwise then stopped when one of the ships was aligned with their usual parking spot.  What I found interesting, this volcano of light was moveable.  He (her main speaker ET named GUL) adjusted the placement of the entire thing to the left.  I knew instantly, this is portable and not fixed here.  Hmmmmmm…..!!  The information coming thru my lady’s friends, holy cow batman!!  I am going to save that for tomorrow as we are laying the foundation today and tomorrow, we’ll get some motors running! (wink wink.)  Besides, I am running out of morning here.
I do want to share an amazing experience last evening, it all ties in to this.  I wanted to get up early (at least by 4) to start what I knew would be a long sharing with a lot of details to type out, so I went to bed at 8pm.  Suddenly, within my sleep state, a bright portal of light was beaming down on me.  Again, in my sleep state, I focused my eyes on this shaft of light and I could see my cell phone opened to my gmail.  I had two new messages, one from Michael and one just above it.  With what felt like a lightning bolt, I was completely out of sleep and that light pole was gone.  I grabbed my phone out of curiosity and it was 2:30am on the dot and sure enough, my gmail account had two new emails, one from Michael and one above it.  I read his email, thought about getting up to reply back, knowing he is heading for the deep jungles this morning and won’t have internet for the next 10 days.  I needed sleep, it was too early to wake up, so I just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.  Instead, (or so I thought) I was having a conversation with Michael somewhere really bright.  We were sitting at a table just talking about his upcoming adventures (frog, cactus and ayahuasca ceremonies) and how excited I am to hear what comes of it.  In this light field, he said something curious… “I wonder how it is going to affect you.”  Yikes!!  Then, the next thing I know, he and I are out in some thick woods, dressed in clothes reminiscent of the renaissance era.  Thick heavy clothes, we looked very much like we do now, slightly different but recognizable and we were dancing thru the woods, half waltz half polka style and then it was gone.  I wasn’t asleep and I was sure only moments had passed and decided I would get up since I can’t seem to get back to sleep… assuming it was about 3am by now.  It was 10 minutes after 5!!!
As I was typing this out and with his last internet connection he sent me one last email (I had not written to him yet, I wanted to get this sharing out first and since I woke up late…)
Lisa. One last bit before I head out into the rainforest.
I opened my email this AM to find this email from Wild Divine – about finding my time machine.
Last night I was reading the brain pickings article which led me to these beautiful paintings from the 1500s on how the universe works. Full article is here:
Love to you…. Off I go.
What really got me was the two pictures he embedded in that email:
portal of light
Now, I am going to leave you with a teaser (shitty grin) with more of this story as part of my lady’s ET connection and experience that has to do with the clitoris.  Someone gave me a link on my facebook to an article (click here to read it) and an image that is really putting a lot together for us.
The magic of the fullness of Shambhala starts with the rod of light (wink wink) and the portal of the clitoris….
Until tomorrow.  Ohhhh wait, one more thing that is sooooo crucially important in sustaining yourself on the new earth, within Shambhala.  It is and you are Perfect in every way.  Nothing needs healing or fixing or altering.  All the earths below this frequency, yes… choose wisely my loves.
((((((HUGZ))))) of wild dreams never fathomed made manifest!!!  I love you all so much!!!  More ((((HUGZ))))


  1. My way of understanding the end of bath meditations is that you no longer need to meditate, you are meditation in action: you embody meditation. Also, each level (or choice point?) has different rules; hence the issues with the physical body until the body is “comfortable” with the new level.


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  3. I have a question. Are sessions recorded? I’m reading you’re site on my phone and it’s hard to read… I will be booking an appointment but I want to remember 😊


  4. Wow! You have lots of amazing experiences going on and interesting info to digest. Just this morning on they showed a slinky on the sun with a large filament underneath it.

    A few days ago I went with my husband to the body shop to pick up our trailer that had been worked on. While I was waiting in the vehicle I noticed some glares from the sun on other vehicles in the parking lot and on one I could see rainbow colored sparkles shooting out from the center of the glare like a shooting star. On a larger glare I saw the rainbow colors making a circle on the top and another circle on the bottom like the torus. I had never seen this before and asked my husband if he saw it (when he got back) and he said no.

    Then the night before last night I had a dream where I was helping people to make the jump or leap to the next density or dimension. There were groups of people and some weren’t sure how to jump and I was going around giving tips and helping out where needed, giving confidence to those who didn’t think they could ‘jump’. I usually have lots of dreams and some of them lucid. Sometimes they don’t seem to mean too much and other times the message just jumps out at me plain as day.

    Interesting times indeed. Yes, both my husband and I have been having lots of spinning movement in the head and body with some dizziness and fatigue. My eyes the last few days have been really bothering me, but maybe that’s the new vision that’s coming online and why I saw those rainbow streamers shooting out of the glares that I had never been able to see before.

    Cool, so cool. Let’s see what today brings.

    Love to everyone,

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  5. Oh my, so many questions… All slinky related. I am seeing multiple slinkies at one location and the slinkies are different colors….
    Am I using one just by interacting with it? And if so…what is the difference between them all?
    Sigh! I forsee lots of homework in my future. 🙂
    Thanks for the info! I feel digestion is needed!
    Love you!


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    Okay, wow…here is some “slinky” info for all of you who are interested. I love that this is unfolding at the same time as my adventure. It certainly adds to my Holy Shit count for the week.
    Thank You Lisa!

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  8. Good morning Lisa-
    I hope you are doing well. Can you explain more about the war ships on the bridge? Do you think that vision was from a past like the American Revolution? That is the only war on American soil that I can think of that had ships. WW 1 and 2 were both in Europe. What do you think? Could it be a future war?
    I am also thinking about what you said about moving up to a different time line. If you leave one timeline, and move up to another one there would be two of you on the new timeline. Unless everyone just shifts up. You shift up a timeline, and the ” other” version of yourself on the new timeline shifts up one time line.


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