Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 7, 2015

Self Responsibility, Knowing ThySelf and the Puzzle Pieces Coming Together!!


I spent the majority of yesterday, understanding.  Remembering many of the things that were stated, over and over thru the readings not only last month, but thru the last several years too.  Connecting points started coming online one after the other.  I want to start with a word our teams have been saying, dare I say, force feeding us for the last few months: RESPONSIBILITY.

They had stated again and again, the mantle of power, the full responsibility of what it means to be us, to be conscious souls alive in biology was being handed totally over to us.  I think many of us, in this moment, namely me, can take that word, that energy, for granted.  I think too, I am going to couple the word responsibility with the phrase “know thyself.”  One without the other is a non energy in the realm of spiritual growth and progress.  Let me give a couple of examples that I understood without a shadow of a doubt yesterday.

If you have ever signed up for a reading with me, chances are, you inevitably hit days when I just cannot see.  Many times, after my own personal bitch session with the field and my team, they would I cannot take any new energy in until I process what was already swirling around.  Sometimes tho, its you, or the energetics of change within the field, but I never really knew before hand… or took the responsibility to know.  Until yesterday.

I think, from February 1st thru February 5th, I went thru an accelerated puberty stage, really coming into my own with clarity and knowing.  Thanx to the confluence of energy called you, the ET’s, my landscape itself, that crazy traveler named Michael and my own storage of long forgotten puzzle pieces that were coming up and clicking in like crazy.  It has been as emotionally and physically exhausting as it has been exciting.

I woke up yesterday with a dream experience that was more real than dream.  Some female shoved me inside the office of a male acupuncturist, insisting I needed this.  She directed me (via having her hands on my shoulders and with force of direction) into a chair in front of his desk.  His face was as vivid as anything, if I ever met him in this realm, I would recognize him immediately.  He hand sandy brown.blond hair with tight curls and a mustache.  He was kinda cute.  He grabbed my right arm, laid it across his desk, never saying a word, and took the first needle and plopped it into my arm about an inch above the wrist to the left of the top of my arm.  The very moment that needle went in, holy flipping heaven batman, the energy surged down and out of my palm, rising into orgasmic levels.  Just when I thought I had orgasms in strange places, this was very strange, but invigorating.  I was completely mesmerized by the intensity of bliss spilling thru my right palm chakra.  Then he stuck another needle in just above it, same experience but not as intense.  Then this crazy ass lady, whom I never seen face to face, she was always just behind me, decided to get up and just shove needles into and up my arm.  Nuttin… Instead of popping her one like I wanted to do, I just woke up instead.  Better for her!! lol

I couldn’t shake the dream even thru my sharings yesterday.  I thought about the energy billowing out of my right (emotional/spiritual) grasp for life, the wrist, flexibility, the forearm, support for what you reach for.  Where did I get clogged up??

For 5 days straight, I have been eating the thanksgiving feast.  OMG, do you realize how often we seen the feast in your readings last year and even the year before??  All those elusive things, or felt elusive in understanding how they play out in our lives, clear as day now!!  The feast of thanksgiving always precedes christmas… Christ-Mass. (smile)

I was over fed.  I truly am a soul food aholic and up until yesterday had zero discipline on saying… enough, I will get up from the table now.  Kinda like my real life food… yummm yummmm yummmmmm.  40 pounds later.  lol  I completely realized, I don’t want to read to day, that alone was a shocking feeling.  Never, not once, have I ever said that thru my own free will.  Ever.  The fact of full realization was, I was full, I couldn’t digest a single new iota of light.  This was an absolute clarity to me when I seen an email sitting from Michael.  I am enthralled with his journey, with what his journey and realizations are doing to me personally, but I cannot take one more day of zippity do dah land!!  Of course, we both have been echoing that very sentiment to each other the last few days.  Its like process overload.  Imagine downloading five different software programs at the same time onto your hard drive, sometimes, the computer just crashes.

Knowing when to say when, is more crucial now than ever before and I, WE cannot be dependant on our spiritual team to turn us off when we consumed more than we processed.  Dammit!!!

I did realize something I never knew before tho, thru this very uncomfortable day.  Your soul light, when we are in readings, comes directly into my solar plexus, mingles with my soul light, heads up to my visual cortex to produce the light field of energy that I call a reading.  Helps me realize fully why some of you just make me burp when we are in session.  It is a constant, intense stream of energy into me.  ETs on the other hand, wrap their vibration around my body to initiate the communication and visuals.  These days, i am getting hit coming and going!!  For which, I am ever thankful for!!

For the first time in 15 years of being on this crazy wild ass path, I made the conscious choice not to read.  THAT has been the hardest thing I ever done, ever.  I am uber responsible for my daily agenda and to not blame it on my team, saying they unplugged me… yikes.  Uncomfortable to say the least.  But hell, not nearly as uncomfortable as telling a man sitting in your kitchen you just met for the first time in all this incarnation “I know you are my divine counterpart.”

Spirit had also warned us all, we are going to be pushed wayyyy outside of our comfort zone for the growth process at hand.  Excuse me, the Becoming process lol.  They were not shitting!  I was pretty sure I got a free pass on that one, WRONGGGGGG!!!   lol

I also want to mention too, the acupuncturist in my dream, my main guide Ramus, who happened to show up in his body signal way the other day, the first time in what feels like forever.  I was watching a youtube video that Michael recommended about Hermes, holy chills batman.  Ramus is my guide for the first 8 years of my path who never spoke a word to me in meditation.  He was always there, and his gig was teaching me that actions speak louder than words.  Yeah, so did the acupuncturist that was him too!!

So, let me just say to everyone on my dance card yesterday, thank you so much for understanding.  For allowing me to say my truth and not having to blame it on my team and your full understanding with it.  It really helped me a lot.

Keeping with the word, the energy of responsibility, as I was recapping so much last evening, I thought about the readings over the last two years.  All the visuals, the trinkets of information given to you.  Even the understanding of why some readings only last maybe 15 minutes when your session should be 30 or 60 minutes.  Lets tie the word responsibility here with free will.  Freakin pesky!!

The visuals, the keys of information are released to you very purposefully.  They include so much information about your “super powers” your abilities and even, tho it may not seem like it at the time, what you have come here to this realm, to do.  They allow me to understand only so much because at the end of the day, they want you to understand it, to open up the fullness of yourSelf.  When they cut sessions up into 15 minute bites, it is really yours soul way of stepping back and seeing what you are going to do with the energy they gave you.  If you haven’t done anything different, we keep seeing the same things over and over, maybe in a slightly different way, but repetitive none the less.  From the souls perspective, why give a second helping of food if you haven’t eaten the first helping.  I had no idea there was a method to the madness!!

There are times, when we do the next segment of a session and I hear someone say, “we didn’t get very much” lol, if you can see the grin from your soul as I do now… we are amusing creatures!!

What you do with anything, is always up to you!!  Thru every reading you are given the electrical cord and the socket, your job is to put one into the other to fire it up.

One thing in particular that sat upon my mind last evening, was at least one reading, maybe there was more than one, but one man for sure showing up in the energy body of Archangel Michael, sword and shield in hand.  I knew thru his soul information that the sword and the shield were his super powers, of course, little ole me just went into what I knew of the sword and shield, man oh man there is so much more to it.  We think of the sword of truth, the shield of protection, or, at least I do… did.  That is, like so much of what we think we know, at the surface level of understanding.  If we never go beyond what we think we know… well… then we never know, or are able to use more than that.

As I have shared in recent days, that sword is really a light saber.  A key to the universal energy that can and will alter timespace, if you learn how to use the tool.  The shield, that holy shit batman!!  Again, in my processing last evening, my team showing me the connections of years of taking in information and the tools given to YOU thru our time together and that pesky man who changed my world like a tornado… that shield is, in part, an amplifier or energy.  For me personally, it amplified all the energy skills I learned while on that mountain side in Vermont that I had long forgotten to use again as I climbed higher and higher into the realms of energy and understanding.  I a single moment, my beginnings were fused with my present moment and my readings are changing, enhancing… which is exhausting too.  I am officially with surround sound!!

I even think back to the massage I gave that amazing blue eyed man who arrived at my front door a few years back.  Archangel Michael was visually with me (in energetic form) thru the massage creating an energy field that about blew my own body up.  Phew baby!!  I also watched this massive bubble of highly vibrating energy completely fall apart when he went to go get a book and read from it.

Seek not, outside yourself.

Speaking of myself (giggle) and that freaking pesky thing called… free will.  On the 4th I had a three-month follow-up for my cancer journey, that well over with, I just have yet to declare it that and I also had a second date with a man I seen a couple of weeks ago… since I was going to be in his neck of the woods anywayz and we set this up before my life altering experience called Michael.  That morning I could view of a golden energy network emerging from my heart chakra.  It was about 2 feet out, very similar to the network I have been seeing on the ground.  I did an emotion check… I didn’t feel any different, phew.  Glad for that.  I forgot about it thru the days readings… until I got into my car headed for Albuquerque.

It was as if every pure moment of love, the varied frequencies of love itself, started to come online and amplify itself.  If you can imagine, the greatest, most intense feeling of when you first fall in love, the moment you look into your newborn’s eyes and know there is nothing you wouldn’t do for them, the love you feel for your best friend, or you pooch or kitty cat.  All of it, all coming vividly online as one living energy.  It was a constant surge I was actually getting quite uncomfortable with… because I knew… I KNEW what activated it.  I suppressed it.  Damn, I’m good!!  Away it went back to whence it came.  Phew.

I sat in my oncologists office, really excited to let him see how much weight i lost, never realizing it would turn him pale as a ghost.  But, while sitting waiting for him, my crazy ass body started to go into a mild asthma attack.  What the hell is this??  I don’t have my inhalers with me at all.  All he has to do is hear my lungs wheezing and he’s gonna order a CT scan, especially with the rapid weight loss.  The moment he walked thru the door, I was just fine.  No attack, no wheezing, no nutting.  Phew.  I did have to spend a lot of extra breath assuring him my 58 pound reduction was my intention and pure will.  He was amazed, I was all smiles.

As I was heading to Applebee’s to met my new friend that I had already wished I would have canceled on for dinner, he was stuck in 5 o’clock traffic my damn lungs started wheezing again.  What the freakin hell??  I had nothing better to do, so I felt into my body… holy shit am I out of alignment with the construct of my newly emerging energy body.  This is my body’s new alert system.  The moment my friend pulled into the parking lot, my body was just fine again.

My lungs can no longer sustain the 3D world.

The exciting part of dinner, my food was keeping calorie count for me.  It was so exciting and dammit if I could not share my experience with the man in front of me.  My food told me how much of it I could eat and when to stop, to stay on my calorie count.  I was rocking a rocket ship inside.  This is my roots of Vermont coming back fully online.  Conversation was rather dull, my my plate of food was very exciting!!!

We went outside to have a smoke before I went grocery shopping, so glad that was on my to-do list, I didn’t have to have a reason to leave immediately, it was already there.  The full moon was just coming up over the Sandia’s and as it broke light, I got my camera out to take pictures.  There was this one, wild and crazy orb dancing up and down like crazy.  It started out over near the Sandia’s and it seemed as the moon rose higher, it came closer and landed right in the parking lot with us.  Only one orb and my friend tried to see it thru his phone camera, not at all.  It was only showing up in mine.  I took pictures and video, it was a wild dancer and I knew it wanted to get my attention.  I was glad to get a still of it in motion:

swirly orb

I didn’t give it another thought that evening, until the next day.

Before I get to that, let me tell you how I woke up the morning of the 4th… scared the flipping shit out of me.  I woke up to a presence hovering parallel to my own body about 3 feet above me.  When I was startled enough to wake up from sleep, but not fully open my eyes yet, I realized it was Michael.  The moment I opened my eyes, the energy was gone.  But instantly, I remembered my original mentor Marc.  Same skill set there, except Marc’s bi-locating ability came thru actual dreamtime, not almost awake time.  Of course, Michael was not conscious of his hovering abilities, but no doubt in my heart, I am seeing what he is capable of.

So, now let’s go to the evening of the 5th as the sun was setting it was actually setting the mesa itself aglow.  There are times when the energy of the light calls me to it, of course I go, with camera in hand.  It was the first time I actually went back down to the mesa since Michael left days earlier.  As I got closer down the footpath that takes me to the river, I could feel this energy coming from my chair that is set up down there.  The energy was radiating thru me, not to me.  As I got to the chair, it was now facing my house and in it was an energetic Michael staring without waver towards the house.  What the hell is this??

I took pictures of the sunset, literally walked around his energy field in that chair, asking the guardians, what the heck??  Its kinda freaking, if not creeping me out a bit.  Not in a negative way, just flipping weird and beyond unexpected.

As I crossed from the river area to the footpath, the guardians gave us information that was set out before, but with more details.  In all of our incarnations, past, present and future, we leave energetic imprints, magnetic fields of attraction, in various places on earth, the things that trigger us to go here, go there, whatever.  We pic up the codes of energies, what many might refer to as a soul retrieval in a way, as we trek towards our wholeness on earth.  Imprints we (from the soul level) purposely left behind.

Of course, we always have the choice to go retrieve them in this lifetime or the next, or the next… some people never move out of their comfort zone, place to get the next piece of their own puzzle.

He and I both acknowledged that Peru is going to be the grand finale of his re-member-ing process as he becomes fully activated there.  He left a life-size magnetic marker to return to at the mesa.  Freaky!!!  No wonder I was able to see his light field thru a reading!!

That crazy ass blue orb zooming up and down… a part of his soul energy, that would equally be my own soul energy saying… go home girl, this is not your world any longer.  The orb disappeared as it made its way to the back of my friends car.

So, yesterday, I did what I always do when I am feeling overloaded, I took a bath.  Nuttin.  Freakin… nuttin.  To say I was a little pissed would be an understatement.  My team threw me a small bone… above me about 2 feet was a blurry image of a christmas tree and my blurry image of a body leaning into the tree itself and I;m not sure if I was placing a bright and blurry star on it, or just reaching for it cuz the next thing I know… I zoomed into the star.  My team said, this is the end of your meditations.  I have actually been weaned off from gathering my info that way the last year and now, its done.  I live the energy of meditation that is no longer an esoteric form but literally coming in to create the real.

Again, over this last year, spirit had said thru so many readings, we are to become the living meditation.

In order to change it all, we must change our orientation with it all.  Living Out Loud now takes on a whole new, REAL meaning.

Invest in yourSelf, in your energy matrix, in all that you desire without ceasing.  Get way outside of expectation because what is going to show up is beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend prior.  Let it flow!!  Let YOU flow in sudden and unexpected directions!!  And more importantly, Listen to the Light Show that is YOUR Life.  It is telling you things, do more than take pictures!! 😉

On that note, I am going to leave off here.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for all you do, have done and continue to do to make the Real, Realer!!

((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of never-ending surprises and magnetic flow to the big event!!!  (wink, wink, wink)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I just want to let you know I will be out of town Feb. 16th thru the 18th… Girl time, hot springs and fun coming up.  The timing couldn’t be more divine and needed!

















  1. Wow, Lisa, great adventures! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

    Could you possibly post the link to that youtube video about Hermes? I’ve always had a strong connection to him, and there’s been a lot of Alchemy stuff coming up in my dreams lately. BTW, loved your dream about the acupuncturist! LOL

    About your saying “time to go home, this ain’t your world any longer” … that’s how I’ve been feeling for the last few days, like “what am I still doing here?”

    And I’ve been called to go to a greek island this year, where I had a past life. Don’t know whether I’m supposed to pick up some energy there that I left behind for myself, or something else …

    I looove your story with Michael! You’ve always talked to him via the pendulum, and now he shows up in person! 😉 How much better can it get?

    Thank you so much for all that you do, and have a great holiday & “girl time”! (BTW saying No to readings when it’s just not a good idea, is the best thing you can do … I’m sure none of us wants you burned out!)



    • Love you Zarah (((HUGZ))) and enjoy the Greek Islands. I hope this embeds here, if not I will put the link:


  2. Ohhh and saying no to readings is like an alcoholic saying no to one more drink!! I am learning when to say when!! Bout damn time too I suppose!! lol


  3. Hi Lisa, I am so happy to hear your story. I wanted to share with you (I am an acupuncturist…or at least I was when I was still working…Spirit has other plans for me now) that the energy meridian your dream acupuncturist activated is the Heart meridian. Just saying. Ellen Wisewoman Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015 13:48:35 +0000 To:


  4. Hey Lisa!
    What do you make of this? In your blog on Friday February 6, i see you mention that you only saw area of New Mexico. Shortly after i read your blog the news headlines came on my phone about measles outbreak in New Mexico. U.S. measles outbreak prompts vaccine crackdown in New Mexico schools.
    Now today in your blog of February i read that you have been injected with needle, What’s up with measles, injection which i deduce is some kind of message! Do tell if you get what the message is….

    Love Is the Only Way!


  5. Hey Lisa Again!

    I read your words below in parenthesis in blog today and maybe this is where the message is leading for you/us. Maybe we will stop helping others. (“For the first time in 15 years of being on this crazy wild ass path, I made the conscious choice not to read. THAT has been the hardest thing I ever done, ever.)

    I thought about measles and injections and thought i would look up measles and injections in (for me it is all a dream here) to see if there is clues to this message.

    To dream that you have measles indicate that your problems and worrying are affecting your educational or professional pursuits.

    To see others with measles in your dream denotes that the problems of others are becoming your own problems. It is giving you much stress and worry.

    To dream that you are being injected for medical reasons indicates that you need to develop yourself on a mental and spiritual level. You are looking for an emotional uplift or need some time to heal. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you need to “inject” more energy into your walking life.

    To dream that someone is forcibly injecting you represents your negative attitudes about a particular situation/person. It also indicates the influence of peer pressure working against you. You are recognizing that someone is forcing their negative and unwelcome views/values on you.


    To see a syringe in your dream symbolizes health issues, illness, or drug use. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you need to inject more enthusiasm, fun, or determination into your life. Consider also the contents of the syringe and how it would affect you.

    From a Freudian perspective, the needle and its contents represent the penis and sexual intercourse.

    To dream that you are removing syringes from your arm means that you need to rid yourself of the toxic influences in your life.

    Lisa I really thought about this measles thing yesterday when i had read your blog about NM and in popped headlines about measures in NM on my phone.

    I deduce there is surely a measure in this, what do you feel about it?



    • I cannot ever imagine stopping helping others and vise versa. Even in spirit, pure spirit, we help each other all-ways. The key in that part of the sharing is knowing when to take a time out instead of being forced to take one. In regards to measles, I had no idea we had an outbreak here. I know other states have it. I had my vaccine when I was 4 so, I am not worried being here. I get zero connection with acupuncture to free energy and getting a measles shot for measles. But one thing for sure, epidemics and pandemics have their place in the old world construct. ❤


  6. LOL! Not measures but measles.


  7. […] ARE NOT ALONE, it said to me. I read two things before I went down to the pond.  The first was a post from Lisa Gawlas.  She said a number of things that resonated strongly with […]


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