Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 4, 2015

Febraury, March, BiLocating and Changing the Fabric of Time/Space!!


Well, knock my socks off universe!!  Just about all of January, thru so many readings, thru the visual, spirit kept saying “as we enter February, everything goes live.  We enter the fully functional earth/energy of Shambhala.”  But so many times over what feels like an eternity, we have heard, this next part gets more real, more exciting and for me personally, even tho the information gets more exciting, the readings take on a whole new level of expression, in my personal world, not so much changed.  I resigned to live vicariously thru you and continue to put the puzzle pieces together and help you do whatever you came here to do, in any way I can.  Experiencing your bloom sets my heart afire anywayz… so why not!!!

Even in this moment, I hear spirits repetitive question over the years:  “If you knew you could have it all, would you give it all up first?” 

That question is much deeper than I ever gave thought to.  I tend to look at the superficial, the mundane.  I already gave up my life as I knew it, hell, I gave up my beloved kids and grandson when I moved here to New Mexico.  I was pretty damn sure I had nothing left to give up.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I finally entered heaven, the Jemez, the downloads the knowledge, the guardians, the promise of living shambhala and we cannot discount that ever desired divine counterpart to put the key into the lock to open… god knows what.  Two years of working ceaselessly towards that goal, it all came to a screeching halt with the start of 2014 as my focus became breathing and finding a new voice since I lost mine more than I had it thru 2014.

I didn’t sit at the river any longer, didn’t take the transmissions of the guardians any longer, no longer entered my meditation and went on adventures with Jorge any longer.  I resigned to learning how to breathe and use my voice again and gave up “working” on all that had been started here.  I just didn’t care any more.

Hell, on my computer I have a half written book called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala.”  The transmission for that book came out furiously in two days during October 2010.  For 12 hours straight both days, I typed like a mad woman, stringing so much information I gleaned from meditation journeys, hands on experience and the rest of the story of whomever had my fingers in motion.  It stopped as quick as it started and well, almost 5 years later, nuttin.  I gave up knowing the rest of the story with that too.  THAT had been my lifeblood since 2008 when the downloads and understandings started pouring in and the deepening of energy and understand the matrix that makes us US via the massage table.

Screw it all!!  I’ll do what I do and thats enough for me.

I have come to the absolute clarity that giving it all up is crucial for the deeper, the truer unfoldment to take place.  As we are working anything, be in physical life or in meditation or anywhere in between, we get filled with expectation, the way it “should” happen, the way it is supposed to look and be experienced.  Unintentional bias…

Thru the readings over the last few years, if you have been on my reading field, you know.  Spirit brings out all this information for you, things you need to discover, learn, work, experiment with, then… next time a completely different subject and they often never get back to what they were talking about last time.  It can (and for me, does) make the linear mind insane!!  But we keep coming back for more.  True insanity for which I am absolutely grateful for!!

Thru January, as spirit was giving us a non-image sneak peak of what the energy of February and beyond really means to us, they said so many times, those deepest desires we have had within us, that we just let go of because other things came into focus, have not been forgotten and will be what grows in your garden rapidly now.

Let me promise you, its not a line of bullshit to keep you moving forward (even tho it can feel like it is.)

So yesterday, thru the readings I could feel the super energy in your developing bubble of creation, or as the field is now referring to it as, your new matrix.  If we can look at this first quarter in sections and maybe like a university of sorts, haha, spirit is going to make that a bit clearer “the university of ascended masters in body,” January was like the time you get your books, see where all the classrooms are and whats in store for your adventure.  February becomes more hands on, like the first time you go into a biology lab and you  get all your tools for your adventure and start to figure out how to use them, but not as live as we had hoped… but, exciting enough!!  This is not a single day event, it is a month long event, some will get their tools 3 days in, 5, 10, 23… timing and patience is key.

March is interesting.  I had seen the energies of it twice yesterday via the readings, exciting and ever elusive in detail.  February reminds me of the amniotic sac (the matrix itself) enlarging, connecting, strands of energy reformatting itself for y/our grander adventures being set up.  March is wide open, another foot up in frequency, unrestricted in…. well, anything and everything.  There is the element of a sun, but not a golden sun, more like a searing white ball of pure energy off in the left (physical life) horizon.  What I find interesting about that, for one that sun was much closer to her field, for the other, much further away.  But still present for both.  Not much more information came in about what that all means… yet.  The landscape itself felt like you just entered your own personal garden of eden.  I couldn’t see a single detail, dammit, but I could feel the hidden excitement thru it all.

Now let me change the subject, just a bit, but it fits right in.  Thru the two ET sessions I attempted to have yesterday, I could see the “butterfly wing” growing beyond the ground level out my front yard.  It has turned into a 3D… I don’t freakin know.. golden string energy formations, that are now about 20 feet high, and the top reminds me sort of like when you see a skyline of many buildings.  Kinda like this, but not silhouette and nothing pointy sticking up:

vinilo decorativo skyline new york

As I went hunting for a visual, I hear spirit say its where the “golden mean meets string theory.”  Hey!!  What the hell does that mean.  MICHAEL!!  I need your brain please!!  The way I see it is an intricate matrix of golden strings that are growing, filling itself out.  I only see this on the ET side of the butterfly.  Maybe because it would be way to distracting on the readings side… but I don’t think so.  Even now as I toss my vision out the back door, whatever is there is now is invisible to my eyes.  Go figure.

Frequency, dammit!!  There is something that is beyond my eyesight growing in the back yard, that was started the morning of the 2nd.  Yeah, 2-2.  Master builders.  Let me share some more of the grand adventure called Michael the Jorge lol.

The morning of the 2nd, he was talking about what he is going to be doing in Peru, suddenly and if I dare say, quite by surprise, I could see him on the ground in peru burying one of my crystals that I had yet to give him.  I got up, started looking around for the crystal that is part of that adventure.  It was a not that hard, it has been sitting on the window sill facing the back yard since I dug it up from Arkansas a few years back.  its energy was jumping up and down saying… me, me, me!!  I picked it up and gave it to him and simply said, you’ll know exactly where to bury it, because you have already done this in our perceived future, its just a matter of the body catching up with “time.”

The next thing I know, I see what I can only describe as a slinky made of light rings, arching from behind the mesa towards us, bending down towards this side of the river.  What the hell is that??  The next thing I know, another crystal has to be buried out there by the river.  But this time, the crystal wasn’t in my house, it was again, one of the ones I have dug up in Arkansas that has been traveling with me in my car.  Got it.  Silly me thought I would be the one to bury it outside, nope, when Michael went down to the river while I was in a reading, my crazy crystal all but jumped out of my hand so he could do the honors.  Kewl beanies!!

What I didn’t mention yesterday or hell, even to him yet, the moment he got up from my reading chair to go to the mesa, I could see his feet, light rings of red, blue and white energy spread out around his feet, almost like it was forming a spring but wide like snow shoes.

Of course, I had so wanted to get him on my massage table, holy shit I would love to play in his energy system (giggle) the most we had time for was putting my hands on his head.  The energy was so like feeling and seeing the convoluted energy of spinning atoms (obviously, that description comes from spirit, not me!!  Can you convoluted atoms???? lol)  Thru pulsing and pulling energy from that mind of his, on the left side of his brain I could see his helpers placing a blue and red wire in his gray matter.  Being rewired somehow.  At the very back of his head, at the visual cortex area, I could see this black screen, like they used to project movies on back in the day.  Only it rolled from the bottom up instead of the top down.  The suddenly I could see something poking what looked like tiny holes in the screen itself, and it suddenly looked like the night sky when stars start popping out one by one.  To the right side of his head, I had to crack up laughing when I heard one of his team mates simply echo “hello in there” as if they were speaking thru a cylinder contraption.  Ohhhh bless this man!!!

After he buried the crystal, I understood the adventure.  That slinky looking thing (think of the image I used yesterday from the matrix, exactly like that, only one slinky and not bunch) was a hmmmm… bilocation device.  When fully activated, you can step into the energy system and be transported to the very spot in Peru where the other crystal is/will be buried.

Holy shit… this is getting fun again!!!!  AND, I get to be an active participant… FREAKIN HURRRRRRRAYYYYYYYY!!!

Now, yesterday, right before I was getting ready for a reading, upon my holy toilet, I got an image and information.  For the first time ever, not so much for my client, but for the fuller understanding of/for Michael.

I could see the image I had seen the night prior while talking with him.  The fabric of time, deep gray to almost black with the wave energy of white-blue flowing up, kundalini energy.  Only now, upon my holy toilet, I could see what we had thought of as Archangel Michaels “sword” and it was changed into a “lightsaber.”  I watched as this lightsaber poked what looked like holes in the fabric of time.  Once again, like in the back of his brain, light started to shine thru like stars.  I suddenly realized this is what many would call black holes, black matter and when you have the key of light, that crazy lightsaber, and know where to place it in the construct, it is actually a key unlocking… I dunno, time?  I could see the fabric start to ripple, then it all closed up and it was time for my reading.

Last night when I was talking with him, I really really got it.  Talk about the ability to not only pierce the veil of time and space, but change it all!!!

What I find interesting right now, thru that beautiful lady, my dear soul sistah with the Pleiadian connection… her team said that the only real difference between us and the Pleiadians is that they use much more of their brain abilities.  I also suddenly realize, when we use that much (they gave me a gage of about 80% but their connection with us, is increasing that ability and vice versa) they also see and use much more of the constructs of space/time and everything in between.

Houston, we have lift off!!

I am going to leave you hanging there.  My day is about to begin and I have to go into Albuquerque today, so no time to multitask.  Until tomorrow….

Big fat fabulous ((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


I had to use both pictures… so why not put this one at the close of this sharing.  ❤

Black hole warping space-time, computer artwork.













  1. LIsa. Lisa. Lisa. You are blowing me away as per usual. I did a meditation, last week, where I was given a Portal 101 class. You can read my post about it here,
    I don’t know if it will add anything to your understanding of your current exciting adventure. Basically I was told that there are three elements (no surprise!) Light, the Unknown (dark matter/dark energy) and Love. I also got into the “class” by meditating with an Ocean Agate that Melissa in Colorado gave me. When the meditation started I saw linked green rings of light….your slinky!!!!!! I didn’t make the connection to the class subject until this post of yours. I had never seen anything like it. There were also multiple lines of them….so intriguing!


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