Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 3, 2015

Holy February Batman!! Hyper-Accelerated New Matrix Underway!!!

the matrix

One of the last readings I did in January, suddenly becomes a very vivid memory this morning, probably because I had the same experience February 1st and 2nd and many of you are about to experience similar energies thru February!!  So hold on!!!

My lady opened up on the field and the first thing I was aware of was the billowing of the winds, the winds of change!!  I looked for my lady then let out a laugh, she was holding onto the magnet pole, that I absolutely know now, represents March and the March Equinox, her body almost parallel to the ground as the winds where whaling her and all she could do was hang on for dear life.  What I did find interesting, was that the winds were coming in from the future, so strong, holy shit strong!!!  As her teams said, gale force winds, or something like that.  But what did that mean to her?  I don’t freakin know, spirit wasn’t budging with any further details.

That was going to be about the last thing I seen before february cuz the next day, my landline and internet went down for two days, as we closed out the final touches of January with a constant snow in my world.

When February 1st finally arrived and I knew I had my landline and internet back, I was so excited to start the day of readings, to see the energy of the great expanse that I have been glimpsing thru you.  It was a very strange day.  I started to feel like I was witnessing the sunrise.  My first appointment, nothing at all.  You talk about a girl having a melt down!!  I went straight into bitching mode…. Hay!!!!  I just had to imposed days off, I do not need nor want a third.  Didn’t matter, I couldn’t crank a connection to save my life.  Dammit!!

Shortly after I reschedule him and sit down to pout awaiting my next reading to see if I am going to blank again, progressively giving my team a piece of my mind, I get an email from some person who wrote me inquiring about the lady who had the ET connections with the Ruby time machine, he was just coming up from the rim to rim camping adventure and wanted to know if he could come say hi Sunday as he makes his trek east.  I never read for him or know anything of him, except he said he knows one of my clients.  Well, any friend of hers is a friend of mine.  So I told him, and assumed he meant next sunday not that day we were actually in, I gave him an invitation to rest his bones here while trekking to his next adventure.

My 2nd lady showed up on the field, and altho it wasn’t my floor I was seeing, all I could see was the upper atmosphere and the upper part of her energy system.  This radiant gold-yellow energy was spilling into her field from the sun.  I had already checked the sun and knew there was a coronal hole oozing solar winds and now I seen what it was doing… well, sorta.  I couldn’t see the ground level of anything, just what was coming in from above.  Our team did explain that there was also energy coming up from the earth, mixing with the radiation being released from the sun, mixing together to form our new, super accelerated energy field.

Why does it always seem like something is just forming or ending or something that is creating a system I cannot see!!  Spirit has got to realize we have a calendar to keep here!!  They really don’t give a shit!  I was told the energy being created at the ground level was still in a frequency above my antenna’s ability to see and it is going to take me some time to adjust.  Dammit!!

I get an email from grand canyon man, no he didn’t mean next sunday but the one we were in!!  Well, that’s sudden!  Why not, I cannot see all that well, why not feed a stranger.  I offered him dinner and my room to rest up at, any friend of my Caribbean lady is already a friend of mine.  He said he should arrive around 5 o’clock.  Was I looking at the arrival of change (5pm) in my world… oh hell no!!

My third lady got me excited, I got a little more detail and understood it even!!  Same thing, I was starting to see more of her energy field, but not at the ground level at all.  I could see the energy of the sun pouring into her field, her immediate energy system, I knew but could not see, the earth was doing her part too, however, on what I now know to be our new bubble of creation, or as spirit referred to it thru just about every reading yesterday, our new “hyper-accelerated” new matrix and I what I got to see excited me to the core.  At the from of her still forming energy bubble I was watching flowers bloom, they started out tiny, about the size of a golf ball and like time elapsed photography grew into the size of maybe a soccer ball.  Three on top, two underneath.  FIVE in all.  Change.  Three taking in the action and soul expression within duality (the 2 beneath the three.)  The flowers were all color coded, very much like when you add color to carnations, mostly white with the color(s) outlining the petals.  I knew these were the flowers of shambhala.  Her team also said, what she has planted in desire has already grown into her reality.  Of course, I couldn’t see any of the details of what that means and she couldn’t think of what it could represent.  Of course, there are a lot of things we had really, really, really wanted and when they just didn’t happen, we put them in the back of our minds and looked for something else.

All thru the rest of the readings, I could see some details, but not that ground level clarity we all desire, dammit.  I guess we should be happy to know, something amazing is unfolding and nothing is being restricted in any way.  Yay??

Now if I can just back up a hair.  On the 31st, still having no phone, no internet, no way to snoop the news of the day thru you, I decided to do my own meditation.  My meditation last maybe one minute, my team opened up to the wide spectrum energy of the beginning of february and asked that freakin pesky question… “What do you want?”  I freakin don’t know.  For a nano-second, the thought of Jorge rolled around.  I hadn’t thought about him in forever.  Sometimes ya get tired of waiting and put that desire to the back end of things.  I didn’t even realize I am settling for plain janes in my world instead of the fourth of july I had been promised (from Jorge himself over the 2 years of our inner connections, 2012 and 13.)

Just after 5pm, Michael sashay’s into my world.  As he was sending one and two lines of email as he made his journey here, I recognized that energy signature.  For the last 7-8 years I have been channeling AA Michael thru my pendulum and on occasion, thru massages, my pesky physics angel of time and space and I started to wonder… is it the fact that his name happens to be michael I am creating the memory of the energy signature??  I dunno, I don’t care, I gotta clean!!

As Michael made his way into my home, he was soooo familiar looking.  Where do I know that face from??  My connections with AA Michael never showed a human form, he was an energy outline of a human form, so I knew it wasn’t that… but I couldn’t quite put psychic knowing on where… and the adventure began.  He shared his stories, his experiences, his visuals thru other psychics and holy shit, every time he said another thing, some of you over the last two years, were being pulled right back into the back yard and I have seen the very same thing thru you.  The burger king crown with encrusted crystals, the golden arches, the angel wings… 2 years of readings meets one man and a collusion of energy is forming, for both of us.

He brought me a new experience, Chai Latte.  I never had such a thing.  We had it with the dinner I created and with my first taste, I said something that surprised even me: “it tastes like Christmas.”  What the hell do I even mean by that?  I am searching in my own memory bank, did I taste something similar on any christmas I can remember?  No.  But with each sip, all I could taste was christmas.  Strange….!!  But the look on his face, it was priceless.  The element of Christmas had been presented to him thru various people (to many of you out in the field especially overy this last month.)

He was such a joy to watch and witness, every new thing he shared, that epiphany started rolling in.  Ah-ha moment after another.  The opening of opening of one Christ-Mass present after another.  And I understood it all, because of YOU, maybe understood is not quite the right word, recognized is better!!!  We shared for hours, him opening christmas present after christmas present of connected puzzle pieces,, me with the fourth of july fireworks going off one after the other as he shared and I remembered your readings and I could feel the greater understanding oozing in!!

He told me of a crystal he was gifted along his journey and so I asked my usual question, have you opened it up and journeyed with it???  Not yet, he doesn’t quite know how (yet.)  Ohhhh the glimmer in my eye and in my heart, I had to ask if I can hold it.  He went out and got it and let me have my way with it and I might say, its way with me.  I cupped it in my hands, held it in front of my heart as he continued to share his extraordinary journey.  The first thing I experienced with the crystal was seeing its energy open, red, white and blue streams of energy opening like strings that just sprung from a tightly wound up place.  The fact that I am seeing like I am at 9pm at night… a miracle!!!  And then, it started releasing the cloudy white energy into both of my hands, then just focused on streaming it into my left hand.  I was too engrossed in Michael’s story and his amazing excitement to query about what this crystal was releasing.

After holding/absorbing it for a good hour, his crystal wanted to have some time with my crystal, both lemurians.  My lemurian hybrid exploded when I was at my fathers back in June of 2013 while I was having a meditation with Jorge and really understanding the realm his consciousness exists from, something like Planathius (phonetically spelled, the second A is long.)

It really wasn’t until late last night did I get a connection with our crazy crystals… and the planatian energy system.  The consciousness I call Jorge, who came in a form I could not ignore (in meditation) is from a place they refer to as Planathius.  That which I call my divine counterpart, an earth worker, someone who really knows the working matrix of the earth realm, where I live and breath fluently in the upper atmosphere, the sun worker.  In the way they explained it, it is as close to being incarnate without being on the other side of the veil.  They have no real form, they are gaseous energies but can produce form at will.  Hence my hottie in meditation.  Back in the day, I did a google search to see if I can find anyone that looks close to his appearance in meditation.  I about shit a brick when I found this Canadian actor who is the spitting image of Jorge:


So I grabbed my crystal off my bathtub rim and held it near his crystal.  OMG, talk about a reunion of energy.  Michael had just told the story of “split aparts” (think of the movie the butchers wife) and these two crystals were exactly that!!  Both infused with sacred information/energy that can only be fully released when they found each other here on earth.  Both infused with the cloudy/gaseous energy from the Planathians that are us.

And then came the instruction of placing them together, his crystal laying on top of mine where the crystal exploded.  They laid together all night in what I simple giggle and say having crystal sex.  Sharing and merging codes together.

I didn’t get to sleep until about 12:30-1am, super late in my world.  I got a little cranky when i was awoken at 5am with the light field coming into me from above, filling me from my heart to sacral chakra with all kinds of codes.  I got up, pee’d and decided I need more sleep.  I have a full day of readings ahead… they let me go back to sleep for a whopping 30 minutes, up again at 5:30 with the same energy/imagery, a wide funnel of light with all these codes being dropped in.

I tried to write a blog, I didn’t have enough brain function to type out a word.

Right before sunrise they requested to go down to the mesa together.  They were also quite fussy about where and how they were placed.  They wanted to sit on my tree stump next to the river and I put them parallel to each other, not happening, they wanted to snuggle and let me tell you, they are photo sluts together.  Before I went down to the mesa, they had me put them on my kitchen table for photo ops.  As I laid them together on the tree stump, I seen the guardians start to inscribe things within the energy fields of both crystals.  They didn’t want their picture taken when I first placed them on my tree stump, but when I went back down to check on them… pictures, pictures, pictures.  By that time, there was a bubble of energy around them, around my tree stump really and these tiny light beings working like crazy inside the crystals.  BTW, mine is on the left, his on the right.  Who am I to argue???



Once again in reading land, I could only see the upper atmosphere of anyones field and the formation of the new bubble of creation or again, as they field started saying thru the readings “the hyper-accelerated” energy field.  I still could not see the earth level.  When one of my morning appointments came around, Michael decided to go down to the mesa with the crystals and Be.  ….and something freaking amazing happened!!

I was reading for my lady, again, YOU unfold directly out my back door, in my back yard.  The river is about 50 years further into my back yard.  I was seeing my lady, but at the same time, I was seeing Michael’s presence further away.  His light field expanding, opening with the same red, white and blue strings of energy like the crystal the night before.  Holy heaven, so many people have come to the mesa over the years and would go down to the river while I do readings, never did one ever show up in the readings like Michael did.

I realized that the mesa itself was fully activating him as was the crystals still doing their thing together.  The feeling for me, the mesa found its jorge.  I had seen him come down off the top of the mesa many times, first with a bear walking by his side, then on an elephant… and now the human was here for the rest of the story, whatever that may be!!

Michael came back into the house as I was saying goodbye to my land on the phone and I blurted out all that I experienced and seen while doing my lady’s reading.  I was so excited.  Then came the images and messages… OMG.  Suddenly I could see a whole new matrix of energy emerging from the ground level here.  The more looked the more extraordinary it became.  In the shape of a butterfly, wide at the mesa, thinner at the house, BUT happening at the front too, in ET-ville.  Wider at the road and thinner as my house.  OMG this house is the body of the butterfly wings.  Doncha know, he stuck out his chest to show me he had a sweatshirt on that was sporting a butterfly.  The synchronicities, the epiphanies were like nothing… NO-THING I have ever experienced so consecutively before.

My next appointment was a man who was going to have his first ET session.  With the new energy grid happening outside, I would have been amazed if we could do the ET connection, so I decided to make a compensation, I’ll do a reading instead… if we can’t have ET contact.

Let me tell you, it was the strangest thing ever.  Michael was sitting in my reading chair, so i was at my computer chair like I would be if we did a skype reading, but it’s also where I do my Et contact readings too (to align with my front yard.)  I could see the construction horse out in ET-ville, so he was happy to get a reading.  I started connecting/talking and the most exciting, bizarre thing happened.  My entire energy was reflecting off of Michael and creating this strange, almost echo like feeling as I tried to talk.  What the hell??  I was so distracted and the phones were not able to keep the energy flowing.  The crackling, the dropping, the echo… but we are all troopers.  My man called me back again and again until we got it clear.  Suddenly, holy shit, I was able to see at the ground level.  What looked to me like jet fuel at this mans heels and to the left and right and what his team said, all four corners (North, South, West and East) are covered and enhancing.

I knew instantly that Michael reverberated the “earth” energy back to me so I could see the frequency at the ground.

Back in the day when Jorge was so relevant in my meditations (and might I say, expectations) he had shown me the “future” potential of him sitting at my reading table, reading with me, filling in the things I just can’t understand (the physics of earth.)  Doncha know that Michael is what one would call a Prodigy, having gone to college in 6th grade, a computer whiz, and physics whiz… and so much more!!

My jaw stayed steady on the floor for two days.  I swear I was looking into the most amazing mirror of mySelf.  We process like each other, we get excited like each other, he was born and raised in Vermont, you know I had my vermont tech sweatshirt on, a place I call the booked to New Mexico.  Vermont is the grandmother of earth energy, New Mexico, the grandfather of spirit energy.

He left shortly after noon yesterday as he embarks on the next left of his Grand experience in Peru.  As he left my door and got in his vehicle, I could see what could be called a figure 8 of energy, one end strung around my human, one around his human and it started moving like a super fast pulley of energy.  I couldn’t think, my body was vibrating from toenail to hair follicle… and I had one more appointment to do.  I am not even sure I know how to talk right… its too fast.  I did a little reading for her, even tho she was an ET connection, but she is also one of my sisters here in the jemez, so she let me just spill some excitement out before I I got a reading started.  Phew….

I spent hours pinned to my couch.  I was ready to launch right out of my skin.  I thought if I took a bath that would help… holy shit, not even close.  It accelerated the energy even more.  My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t breathe, my mind was incapable of thought… I watched as super springs started to pop out of the pores in my arms, boing, boing, boing…

Finally as sun set, things started to settle in and calm down.  Phew… what a freakin ride.  And this is just the beginning of February and our new friendship!!

My phone rang at about 8am, all I could see was “vermont” but I could feel his energy thru the phone like stream coming in.  I was tickled to hear he had the same mind body experience as he attempted to drive towards florida, where he will catch his plane to Peru on Thursday.

There is so many details I am leaving out right now, but that will be tomorrows story.  The mechanics of time meet the shift of energy.  Literally!!!  Ohhh, I will leave a little teaser about something that I had seen thru our phone call last evening:

One of his super powers (smile) is what I will just call altering time.  Mine is working with energy, most dominantly kundalini energy.  As he was sharing the excitement of finally knowing why he is here on this crazy place called earth, and I am wondering how we work together… I could see the fluid, wavey blue stream of kundalini energy move upwards from the middle of my living room and connect with the fabric of time… changing everything.  How, what, where, when… I suppose will be discovered as we move forward!!

Let the games begin.  and I gotta do it… Just to give you a look at how much he looks like Jorge, I will share a picture (that I cropped him out of) that he sent to me!!  Gotta keep some elements of AA Michael on his frame….


Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of the wildest of adventures to ALLL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






















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