Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 23, 2015

A Week of Enhancements Underway!!

arc crystal energy aura

This is going to be a quickie, mostly because I woke up late and don’t have much time to share, but I didn’t want to skip this juicy information that came thru the only two connections I was able to do yesterday.

My internet and landline started to hold steady about 11:30am, with its steadiness emerged this radiating headache.  I knew it wasn’t the “typical” biological headache cuz the energy was moving inside, right temple, left temple, forehead/third eye, and spots in between.  I wasn’t about to let no headache keep my nosy eyes from seeing what the heck we got ourselves into now and of course, the two remaining people on my dance card.

Even before I connected with my first lady, my team gave me a glance of what I was about to see, my lady snuggled into the bird wing like I was in my meditation.  Sure enough, that is exactly how she opened up within her center path on the field.  But… with added details.  Between the area I see as her center path (a 2 foot wide swath of energy) and the place I call the deep west (as far as I can see across from where I look) was this ball of energy, sorta like the sun but crystalline in radiance.  This ball of radiant energy was shining on her center path.  The energy from it hit my head like lightening… ouchies.  I couldn’t hold my vision to her field, it literally just hurt my head to much.  However, the conversation from her team was absolutely exciting.

I started to wonder, maybe this is not a ball of crystalline energy, maybe it is diamond.  I know a lot of people talk about diamond energy and I personally have no relationship to the difference.  Her team said, there is no difference.  Diamonds are part of the crystalline kingdom as are quartz and many other things too.  Its the energy of all crystalline things, not one thing or another.  What is being shown is the long held, long stored energy of the earth is now top side radiating, energizing and if may use a pun, crystallizing all that is within your heart of desires into matter, into tangible form.


I shifted my vision to the 10 foot bird holding her deep within its comforting wing.  Return of the Bird tribes, the once ancient people who knew how to travel and be apart of all worlds has returned within us.  This really gives rise to the saying, we are the ones we have been waiting for, equally, we are also the ones we are channeling outwardly.

I was not able to see my beautiful lady, she was deep in the gray energy of the bird wing.  The bird explained that it is much like being in the cocoon, just before breaking out, when all the energy is shifting and churning, keeping the emerging form safe from all that is breaking thru.

As her team heard my wondering on the inside… is this the “dawning of aquarius” or the output of “Shambhala” or what??  We humans are funny, we have sooooo many different ways of describing the same thing.  Hoagie, submarine, hero, its all a long sandwich!!  Same with our emerging world.  Its all the same (to spirit) just labeled via the voice (human) talking about it.

For me, this completely uncomplicated everything that I didn’t even realize was tangled up in me.

Her team explained what we are seeing is a massive 7 day event.  I say massive because I have seen the bigger the event of change is for someone, the longer it takes in our perceived timeline.  So far, 7 days has been the longest and so it is now.

Her team also said that there will be a “break in the clouds” or maybe better said, a moment of absolute clarity midway thru this 7 day change.  They showed me what they mean by using the sun behind clouds visual.  Lets say we have 7 days of clouds in the sky and somewhere in the 3rd or 4th day the clouds break open and you can see clearly, feel the warmth of the sun again, then it goes back behind the clouds to finish its journey to the outcome.

I tried as hard as I could to look at my lady’s center path to see what was forming, I just couldn’t, the headache intensified as I tried, and trust me, I am such a nut, I keep trying even if I know it hurts.  lol.  Her team explained that the energy being emitted is higher than I am adjusted to, which is why it hurts to look at and why I cannot see the details, they are all blurry in my sight.  As I started to pout, thinking geez… not a freakin week of rescheduling, I was assured no, it won’t take me that long to get adjusted but since this is the first time I am seeing the higher frequencies… well, it just freakin hurts to look at!!  Thats a great thing by the way!!  lol

Anywayz, my day is about to start.  Be sure to celebrate yourself and getting your whole world to this incredible expanding moment in our evolution.  I cannot wait to see the rest of our story and LIVE IT!!

((((HUGZ)))) of grace and wonder to All!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. OMG! I saw that crystal ball a few days ago. I was doing a “walk-about” in a meditation and decided to go visit MT Shasta. A giant crystal ball rose up out of the mountain. I was also suddenly holding a scroll/map which I couldn’t focus on to read. Awesome stuff!

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    • Wow Esther, that is so amazing!!! Sandra Walter wrote about that just a few days ago – the crystal in Mount Shasta rising up! So you witnessed that too!

      “Shasta has a massive energy field. Earlier this month the crystal sphere which holds a unique technology of shifting geometry (it adjusts to currents of cosmic consciousness) rose up the central chamber of the torus and fully activated the templates which are in alignment with our current phase of ascension. As it lifted it raised the templates into activation and is now beaming forth those codes and DNA sequences making them readily available to all who choose to engage with them via the crystalline grid dimensional interface.”

      You can find the whole article here:

      For the scroll/map you can just imagine holding it and receiving the information into your brain centers (pineal etc.) and energy field (possibly DNA too). You don’t have to be able to decipher it with your conscious mind, it just assimilates into your field if you say that you are willing to accept it. Later you can start to find out what it’s about. Maybe you will get images, dreams etc.



  2. (: Incubation?! 🙂


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