Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 22, 2015

The Snow Is Melting As the Spring of Shambhala Emerges!!


Well, aren’t we in an interesting moment, again.  The only way I know of really explaining it by the series of experiences in my world and yesterdays meditation that brought it all into clearer view.

I think I already mentioned in a previous sharing that one morning as I went out to feed the birds, a junco was laying dead at my backdoor.  As much as it broke my heart and really brought of the feelings of how much I dislike having to handle “death,” I opened to hear the bigger message.  Several months after I moved into this amazing place I live, one day, out of nowhere, a junco appeared in my livingroom.  I eventually got him to fly out the backdoor where he belonged.  This was the first of two birds that showed up in my home, out of nowhere with a message that we do have the ability to appear where we want to be.  I never did get the lesson on how to do that…

With the death of the junco a week or so ago, I knew he said, I’ve done my part, now it’s yours.  Alrighty then!!  Several days later is when I had the inky bleed thru of my phones, our connection to each other.  Hmmmmm….  there is a connection here.

Two days ago, I was sitting pondering the meaning of life when suddenly it sounded like rocks or hail started pelting my back window and door.  I was shocked when I looked that is was a flock of morning doves bouncing off my windows!  What the hell!!  One bird… yeah, happens a lot, but a flipping flock??  Now considering there is not a open path to just fly around in in my backyard and the doves hang out in the tree about 10-15 feet behind my house, that had to be their origination point and to suddenly get an urge to fly thru the house…. hmmmmm.  Sadly, once again, death arrived at my backdoor.  One of the birds hit their head way too hard on the backdoor and died.  Grrrrrr.  This is just breaking my heart.

The one thing I understood clearly with this flock of morning doves, that in that moment a new magnetic pathway opened up and they rode it, straight into my house.  So going in the way the “backyard” is set up in readings, the magnetic field had to have emerged from the Mesa itself, from the deep west and set itself up due east, thru my house.  In it’s activation, the birds suddenly became active and rode it and most no doubt, got a terrible headache from the sudden stop of my windows and walls and one flew back Home to Heaven.

I am going to say it again, I really really don’t like having to touch or move or be in the presence of death.  I honor its process, appreciate its transformation values, but please stop showing up at my doorstep!!!  And my mind went back to my fathers last minutes, I was holding his cold clammy hand as he was winding down like a clock running out of battery juice.  All I could think about and feel was my grandfather.  My grandfather died when I was 16, I touched his hand and gave him in a kiss in the casket, it was gross, unreal.  I never touched a dead person again, until my father.  Once my father’s body completely stopped, I didn’t touch him again either.

For the rest of the day and evening, all I could feel was my father, my grandfather and the birds.  Transformation into the greatest freedom, unencumbered and blissful… unless your the one witnessing it, I didn’t find it blissful at all!!  Just sayin…!!

Yesterday I awoke to find my phone line nothing but a ball of static and my internet down again, dammit.  We were expecting a snow storm and having just experienced the very same thing with the last snow storm last week, I knew I had better forewarn those on my calendar not only for yesterday but today as well.  The snow was expected to start yesterday and finish up later today.  As of right now, my phone is still a ball of static and my internet still off… save 30 seconds of flickering back on, which I sit and watch for to get this published and any messages that need to get out, out.

The beauty of our (mine and yours) relationship, while I am watching and trying to understand the light of Soul every day, you are keeping me informed on what is taking place on earth.  A super new moon just happened, I had no idea.  Mercury turned retrograde yesterday I think, again, I had no idea.  Both give me a bigger understanding as to why my nights have suddenly turned so rough, the coughing, the gasping for breath and sucking on my inhalers went into overtime this week.

As I sat waiting for Windstream to get its act together and fix my woes and watching each appointment time come and go and my communication hands remained tied… instead of the anxiety I usually feel with being a no show, my bathtub started pulling on my energy field.  It’s 10 minutes before my next appointment, how can I just take bath??  Isn’t it better I sit and stare at the internet connection and keep picking up my phone to see if there is a dial tone back??  Obviously not, the pull to go meditate was stronger than anything I have felt in easily a year.

I ran the bath, dumped some salts into the water, squirt some rose essential oil into the mix, cuz I want this to be all about love baby, and surrendered to the bath.

Love and bitching, they do go hand in hand, don’t they??  As soon as I slipped into the waters, I started bitching about the lack of phone and internet and all the people on my dance card that will have to get rescheduled.  The first thing I seen, I had already seen in a reading this week, spirit wagging its finger at me!!  Hay!!  No wags from the other side!!!  I shut up my bitching.

Then the morning dove showed up, but not like his previous form that i had just buried the day before (or was it two days before??)  He was ginormous and vertical in the air (head to the sky, tail feathers to the ground) and had me wrapped inside of his massive deep gray wings.

He must have heard me wondering… what the heck??  From his heart he whispered to me, remember, this is the season of “the return of the bird tribes.”  I instantly thought about the book sitting on my bookshelf: “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey, scrambling to remember what the hell that means to us.  He showed me highlighting various passages in the book and then sharing them with you.  (Thats todays mission and tomorrows sharing.)  He also explained he had to keep his loving wings around me while this change took place.  Do ever think you are not far from my mind or heart, because as he said that, I said… but what about all the people on my schedule, this is unfair!!  I suddenly realized, everyone on my schedule for yesterday and today are also being held within his wings.  This is not a time to pull the energy but to expand in what is taking place.  Of course, this moment is much bigger than just me and the folks scheduled for a reading, so many of you are in this warm embrace, tucked into the wings of the morning dove.

I want to share the meaning of Dove (we will get to the morning part in a moment) from my favorite animal totem site, star stuffs:


Messenger of Peace, love, joy and gentleness, prophecy of good things, maternity instincts, awakening to promise of future with clarity. Dove shows us how to walk between the physical and spiritual world. She aids in tapping our creative energies and stirring the emotions. It is time for creativity and expressing oneself. Are you listening to the messages at this time? Doves bring hope of a new beginning and will show there is peace arriving.

Does death always precede peace??  Seems a little… violent, if you ask me.

The next thing I know, I am straddling readings from this week and my own path to this moment.  Tell me we are not interconnected, interwoven into the larger tapestry together as one thread!!

I had a lady that I was reading for, in front of her center path were these two sets of stuff lol.  The first set of stuff were three pointy things sticking up about 2 inches big in front of her on her center path forward.  They were all glowing white and eventually I realized this group of three were all in the spape of traingles (or pyramids, because they did have depth to them.)  I also realized, even their layout on her ground was in the form of a triangle.  Thru her reading, this was something that she brought forward in this lifetime of desires that could not be presented until now.  Neither of us had a clue what that may be and that freakin pesky energy field I call spirit, kept saying, thats on purpose.  Geez… how can you show us something coming in and not give us bigger details… talk about your spiritual tease!!!

In my meditation, I was reminded of these 3 glowing white triangles from my lady.  I have lived here in the Jemez three years this month.  Three years of holding a vision, holding a frequency and expanding into it and it into you (us.)  Three years of gestation.  Three, the new trinity of soul, creator and physicality creating and living the energy of the new. 2012, 2013, 2014 gives birth the new…. everything, 2015.  The birth of Shambhala, as the ancient word from sanscrit (which is my choice of spelling) means: peace, love and harmony.

The next thing I know, I am witnessing my own physical changes and the energy that started it all and what had happened before that.  Since moving here to the Jemez, I put on 40 pounds of insulation (and let me tell you, I am really missing the insulation these days… brrrrrr.)  In my meditation yesterday, we can look at it as ground itself when the snow falls and lays upon it.  There is an interaction and a deeper exchange of energy taking place, with the ground and the snow, a communion of sorts.  A dormancy on the top side while all the activity is happening inside.  And then the seasons change, the snow melts and spring arrives.

Spring.  Fertility, vitality, growth in radiance and joy.  Again, thru this meditation, I witnessed myself choosing what bits and parts of me, I am going to bloom into as the snow melts and my (our) spring arrives.  The Leo is coming back to life, but with a hair cut.  Taking the best elements of my collective persona and infusing it into the new flower that is me still growing into the new me.  The zest for life, for living out loud but without all the trickery of my youth.  Refinement at its best!!

Each pound melted gave charge to the very air that surrounds me to build the new magnetic highway that opened up the other day.

I was also shown the day I was triggered, the day I started and became absolutely committed to the weight loss regime.  9/7/2014= 23.  duality joined with action and communication put together is a 5-change!!  9 is a ultimate completion on all levels.  7 is a completion of spiritual growth, the year itself encompasses duality (the two) with the energy of nothing and everything (the zero,) new beginnings (the 1) and a completion of the earth cycles (the two) which all together is another 7.  But we must not discount the first surge of this whole weight loss thing happened in May with my Adkins journey and lost 14 pounds thru it.  Both the energies of 5… change!!  I literally ODed on salads and had to redefine how I would move forward without choking myself out on forcing a particular kind of food in myself.  Now here I Am, 54 pounds lighter and ready to fully participate in the spring of our lives on this wonderful new earth!!

Then my thoughts wandered into the dating game, of which, I am officially an active participant.  The one thing I am absolutely sure of, I have no idea what type of partner I want now.  I threw away the laundry list I had in the past and am just open to discover… whatever.  My own advice to my kids came back into the forefront of my mind… don’t settle on the first pair of shoes you try on, go shopping, try on a lot of different shoes before you settle on a single pair.  You will never know what fits you best until you go exploring.  And they have… and now… I Am too!!

So I took this little thought into my meditation yesterday and with it, picked up my lemurian crystal to help reveal the query within me… which pretty much was, how will I know.  Thru the readings, there are so many people super challenged with what they are calling their divine counterparts, which is actually counter to what I had understood that relationship to be.  But then again, it seems to have been forever since I received the information of partners in the landscape of Shambhala so I wanted current news to fit where we have gotten.  I had to laugh when, the moment i touched my lemurian crystal the 5th dimension started singing “It’s the dawning of the age of aquarius, aquarius, aquariusssssss.”  What a strange song to start playing… immediately, as the crystal in my hand made contact with my body, a series of rings opened up, like a vortex I suppose, but not really either. Maybe more like a wormhole??  I dunno.  However, I did witness myself connecting to several men, mostly faceless men, and spending time with them.   The more time spent, the higher up the wormhole the visual went, until there was one, again, faceless (pesky freakin spirit) that suddenly became like a galaxy exploding, which of course, created my galaxy exploding too.  A chain event.  With it all, memories of my past experiences, two to be exact.  Marc, my magnetic force field that about pulled me out of my bed with his energy.  Equally, of frank, whom I witnessed myself falling in love with and expanded in bliss on the ceiling during foreplay.  Breadcrumbs left in place to this very moment.  With it all came the caution flag of not having sex until love is in the heart.  Alrighty then… dammit!!  With that came the memory of my blue eyed man, we just couldn’t get on the same energetic page with each other because that all expanding love was not present, at least, not within me.

So, the dating game in this new season, look for the expanding galaxy that pulls you in like a magnetic force field, emitting joy and fireworks and that unconditional expansion of Love.

One more thing came thru my bath yesterday (yeah, it was a long one lol.)  Another correlation with a reading I had and this came after my man query, but since they opened up galaxies lol… I suppose it went right in alignment with it all too.

My lady showed up in front of her field of life, like the leader of a marching band, setting down her field according to her desires and interests (as opposed to waiting for something to show up then moving into it.)  What surprised me most about her reading was… SHE was the wind of change moving forward, leaving a trail of energy everywhere she went.  I was also surprised (why I don’t know) to realize that all wind has an origination point and an end point.  Sometimes I baffle myself at what I don’t realize/think about.

Think about that for a moment.  YOU, each and every one of us, has the opportunity to BE the winds of change.  To be at the forefront of the direction of your life and with that, affecting all that will ever cross your wake.  In my meditation I had seen it exactly like the video I shared not to long ago:



Imagine you are the sun leading the way, then all you desire and then some, gets magnetically pulled into your “wake.”  However, maybe you are sitting on the roadside waiting for something… you then become like the planets and get pulled into someones solar system.  One is not better than the other (a lesson I seriously learned in judgment the other day in this reading, with a lot of spiritual finger wagging at me lol.)  Both are crucial to the whole of this creation.

Now, as I conclude this marathon of a sharing today (smile,) I have decided to cancel this years gathering.  My landlady came over yesterday and she has a lot of worries surrounding it all.  With all that we are creating these days, the last thing I want is to create the fulfillment of anything to worry about.  I did ask for clarity in my dreamtime of canceling this event is the best thing to do, I woke from a dream (and you know, I never dream,) knowing, somethings are best done elsewhere.  In my dream this morning, my landlady came over to my house, it was early morning in the dream, and asked me of I knew who was laying on the ground at the edge of the driveway.  As I looked to where she was pointing, there was someone laying on the frozen ground in the puffiest deep violet/black dress.  Instantly, I knew whoever she was, she froze to death.  There was no face I could see, she was too far in the distance, but the satin dress clear as clear could get.  I woke up in a freight and knew, not this time, not yet and not here.

The energy of mercury retrograde is a massive sling shot of energy creating all that is in your heart.  Worries or joy, the universe is unbiased and fulfilling your every focus!!  Re-Do or ALL NEW, the choice is always ours.

So far no snow, maybe my dial tone will come back and my internet steady again… So far, not yet.  As soon as I know all is reliable again, I will start the rescheduling journey for those affected by the wings of the Morning Dove (the DAWN) of Shambhala within y/our lives!!

The Bird Tribes have returned, it is US!!  Lets fly, first, lets have a (((((HUG)))))

I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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