Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 20, 2015

Don’t “Fix” What’s NOT Broken, Enhance it!!


And we are ticking right along!!  Grass is growing, strong energy potentials finally becoming viewable and for one yesterday, right down into June.  Movement!!  For the me, the feeling is, we are finally dressing out our skeleton!!  There is one consistent, recurring theme thru the readings with an elongated view… JOY and FUN!!  No matter what you’re doing, how it is unfolding, focus on the joy of it all, if there is no joy… get out of that and find what leads your heart in joy.

I also know, old habits, old ways of looking at how we are “supposed” to move forward, is difficult to break, especially when something feels so familiar in the way we have gotten to here.  Example, whats happening within the body itself.  Once again we may be feeling like we have to clear something or address something because the body is doing the only thing it knows how… feeling weathered with all the changes.  My team, almost daily now, reminds me that the body feels this way whether we are purging or accelerating.  Knowing which landscape you are on is key.  If you are still traipsing about the old earth, then yes, there are things you need to address, however, if you are aligned with the new earth, leave it alone, don’t think you have to go in and fix yourself in some way.  That is not to say don’t take something (for example, my albuterol inhalers cuz I really like breathing without effort) but knowing it is the acceleration of the whole system called your life, is key.  Otherwise, you go in a fix something is not broken and you end up… well… changing the upswing in frequency.

In one of the ET readings I had done the other day, one that excited the ba-jesus out of me… Pleiadians showed up, it is the first time the actual connection was with the Pleiadians themselves and my team was present to boot.  It has been such a long time since I had actual conscious connection with them and it is so easy to forget the intense loving vibration that comes with them.  Not that all the other ET connections aren’t loving, but with the Pleiades, its like being in a constant love bath for me.

Present with my lady’s incarnation on the Pleiades, was my own called Anorah.  Both BioChemical Engineers and the tidbit that was shared was that we are going thru a massive change in our endocrine system, via the chemical compounds.  Yes, we have gone thru this change before, but it is happening again to match the new bodies, the new earth frequencies.

If we can look at the energy work we will be doing as enhancements to the body system (as opposed to healing) we can start changing the dialog we have within our bodies.  Its changing, not broken!!  Yes, hands on enhancements are going to be crucial for the up and comers…

Suddenly, my own “issues” suddenly make sense.  Since new years day, I woke up wondering if my testosterone levels were going wild, it felt like I was growing an adams apple.  I maintained a large lump in my throat for many days, then it finally subsided, came back up again, subsided and continues the pattern even now.  Of course, we won’t even talk about the constant sore throat, swollen glands and all that wonderful stuff that goes with it.

Of course, when the chemicals that maintain and govern our bodies change, the rest of the biology must keep step.  We also seen a change in the neurons and the relay system within the body.

What I found very interesting too, and I so surprise myself when I just don’t know something that I feel I should have known, the Pleiadians said that their biology is so very similar to ours, the biggest difference is they use a lot more of their brain than we do, which is why they “appear” much more advanced than we are.  They aren’t really, they just have spent more time within their wholeness and helping us any way we will allow them to.

Now to change the subject completely.  Our Spring Equinox is only 2 months away.  I am sooo flipping excited.  This time around, we are going to focus the energy in the front yard, right beneath the place the ETs park.  There is a large fire pit, lots of huge round satellite dishes and I am going to focus my intention on calling in our friends from the stars to come and say hi, in some physical way!!

I also need to start getting organized with this event, namely who is coming.  So, I set up an email address to start keeping a head count and stuff with that is souly for this gathering.  My gmail account has gone wild, I get more emails than I can possibly keep track of there.  I swear people must have signed me up for every email list there is and even when I hit unsubscribe, more come in.  So if you plan on attending our event, please email me at  I will also get this on our event page at:

So much love, joy and celebration to each and everyone one of you, of us!!  We have come a long way baby and its time to really enjoy the journey Now!!

Big (((HUGZ)))) of tremendous love and laughter to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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