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Our New Expanded House and ET Sharings!!

morphing realities

Man these days are so hard to write about.  Until yesterday, geez, I didn’t realize just how much bias I carried forth with me into this fully functioning earth!  Two equally sized biases became very apparent yesterday.  One, I really expected when we arrived on this earth, everything would be in play, fully functional and visible to my eyes.  Hay!!!  Make it happen already!!  lol but ohhhh no, god forbid it should all be just that easy.  Instead, the builders and the architect within each one of us, are hard at work doing things I can’t fully understand and half the time, that I cannot see.  So let me tell you what I do understand so far.  I think the best way for me to put it into language is by the analogy of building a house.

We have brought all the tools and material we need forward to this fully functional version of heaven and earth as one energy.  Since we arrived here, we laid our foundation down and with that came the winds of change.  Not just change in experience, thoughts, relationships, but in the material itself, the way it is going to work and expand in this new place.  The winds of change are bringing in more and more highly charged particles of creation and embedding it all into the air, our biology and the ground work itself.  So lets say, this last week or so, we have been laying the rug on top of the foundation.  This “rug” is what I see as the honey colored sheathing or netting, it started to get stretched out corner to corner in our lives (not that our lives have corners, but you know what I mean I hope.)

Since the ink bleed thru experience I had, I went completely down for two days.  First, my internet and phone was off for 19 hours, then the next day, I was completely off.  Ohhhh and the headache for the last two days… holy jiminy crickets!!  Finally I got an understanding of what this two day down was all about.  Now to put it into words as accurately as I can.

Imagine you stretched out your carpet, it was just the test run, it allowed a lot of the highly charged particles of creation to embed more fully into it, then it was retracted, balled up like a piece of paper, reformatted even, and now are being stretched out again.  The energy of the carpet, much more charged and readily available to our creational abilities.

So what does this mean to us initially??  That which we are focused on is happening rapidly.  I see it with my son and his focus on getting to Boston.  I experienced it in readings with a woman who is moving from the Caribbean.  I see it in my own reality.  The first thing I noticed when I came back home from my kids world was that my January calendar went crazy.  Somehow, my online calendar ignored all the days I had marked off and allowed scheduling to get set.  Since I was not monitoring my online calendar while I was gone, the blessed universe wasn’t either and scheduled me 6-7 readings every single day.  Yikes.  I am grateful to have so much work, so much trust and excitement thru you, but man some days I do need just to sit and expand.  The only dates on my calendar not booked were the three days I set aside to go to the hot springs.

Doing readings these days is like doing a triathlon every single day.  Phew baby.  Its exciting, new and exhausting to the core!  A week into readings again, all I could feel is my good lord I need a day of rest.  I got two… and bitched tremendously thru both.  (Somethings, will just never change lol.)  At least I had the hotsprings days to reschedule into.  It was on that second day tho, the day after the phones and internet went down… all I could feel every time I bitched (which did thru every connection) was you focused on time off and now you got it.  Hey!!  I didn’t really mean it this way.  The universe has no bias, it feels your heart and creates exactly that for you.  Period.

This example is allowing us to work out the kinks of our creation abilities.  Focusing (unintentionally) on something I really felt I needed affected 12 people.  Thats not how I want to create at all, unless it’s a positive effect and not a rescheduling affect!!!  But at the same time, my team said I wouldn’t really understand what was happening had I seen thru those two days anywayz.  I can see what is being stretched out, but when it all get supper concentrated, its distorted beyond my ability to understand.  So the timing was orchestrated in a way that allowed me to see the outcome of my focus, but without feeling worse than I could have for having created two days of rescheduling, it would have happened anyway.  Phew…!!

The other thing that I am focused on, with tremendous joy and excitement is the weight loss.  I can feel the long hidden clothes slut I was, rising to the top again.  I am also fully realizing how much I hid from the lens of truth with my own self image.  I have always been comfortable in my skin, in who I Am no matter the size, or so I thought.  I was good as long as I didn’t have pictures of the reality of my emerging body size.  I hid a lot.  That has never been more apparent than now, as I try to go back in time to get some before and after shots.  I knew I was doing this these last several years as the weight flew into my core, but am becoming vividly aware of the years prior as well.  So I hug that part of myself, love her no matter what and bring her out into view.

On the other side, having entered this new landscape of creation, holy heavens its exciting.  I spend my days sitting on the couch trying to figure out the puzzle pieces I am seeing every day and how they fit together to form a larger view… and I can feel my body melting away.  I am not even sure how to explain it except like that.  I have weighed myself three times this week, since i have gotten home from my sons and have lost 8 pounds.  I am not exercising, I am watching my caloric intake, but other than that, not doing anything different than I did before I went on christmas vacation. Before this amazing week, I am averaging weight loss at 12-13 pounds a month, which puts a smile on my face.   This week just has me scratching my head!!

Besides my scale, I also use a measuring tape to track the weight loss.  I have lost 7 inches of fat from my boobs and another from my waist and 8 inches from the hips, a couple of inches from my thighs and an inch from my arms… what completely surprised me, is I have not lost a sliver from my calves.   No reduction in the calf at all.  As I pondered this fact, I could hear my team say “your foundation is solid.”  Now in my days of massage and even in the current readings when applicable… the calf always represents the foundation in which we live our lives.  I suppose, as I transform myself into my next version of me, the foundation that is me, remains intact.  Yay??!!

So what is the focus of your heart or even, your mind??  Look around you and see how it is coming together for you.  If there are any elements you need to tweak… tweak within the emotional stream of yourself.  Cuz man oh man, we are creating at the speed of light.

I know I mentioned separating the sharings of our field and our ET connections, but I need to get more organized in my days before I can multitask like that.  So I want to share two of the connections from yesterday here… at least some parts of their exciting information that actually coincides with this sharing.

My first lady’s ET, he was a funny looking dude (said with love of course.) Very… blockish.  His energy was, to me, very placid in feel.  Beyond calm, so hmmmm I am not sure what words to use.  I could feel his loving kindness, yet it was not a blast of energy but calm, maybe focused would be more accurate.

His body itself felt very thick, even thicker than leather, and again, blockish.  Then he made the motion of unzippering himself from the neck area down to I guess what we would connect as the abdomen.  His flesh changed texture, light.. literally and figuratively.  Inside his body were all these like spirals of light, truly geometrical patterns of energy that changed as he changed his frequency of emotion.

He started to explain what so many readings over this past year were trying to tell us… we need to really be in tune with our emotions, the frequency patterns we emit thru them and master the energy of creation.  He explained that I feel him as a placid Being because there was no reason to amplify his emotion, his excitement to connect with his human.  It would cause an overload in energy for both of us.

He also explained how humans have little control over their emotional field… yet.  We just let the emotions fly and yet those emotions are our creational light fields.  Sometimes we start the process of creation, but we don’t hold the frequency long enough and it subsides back into the ethers and vise versa, we get so worried about something we put up a block on it appearing in our reality from the start.

Holding the neutral space is key for the mastery we are about to (re)discover within ourselves.

My next lady, geez… once again I became instantly aware of my own serious bias with ET’s.  I suppose I expect them all to have a ship of some sort, her ET showed up as a massive freakin bird.  Like a dinosaur bird.  The wing span was huge… really really HUGE.  The body long and narrow.  It kept a steady pace of moving its HUGE wings up and down while the body itself remained in steady place of itself.  Inside the body of this bird, was a male Being at the fore of the bird body.  What the hell is this???

To make a long story short (my time is running out to write) he gave me a correlation like a kangaroo, the pouch part.  This bird is living, organic and has a space for the rider.  I also got a connection quite vividly from the movie Avatar and the connections, strings that the person places into their bird to become one energy.  Same thing with this pair.  One organic connection.  He also said that the birds become available when they hit a certain frequency.  Unlike earth where everything is about age, theirs is about frequency.

Then he showed me how this paring happens.  In his realm, the sky is very matter like.  Not empty space, and not solid, something in between.  When their frequency hits a certain vibration, this bird just came out of what I would call the sky, fully formed, intact and ready.  Just like in Avatar, this bird and Being will be together forever.

The one thing I know, all the ETs that are showing up and sharing information, is revealing bits and pieces of our extraordinary abilities within our new realm called earth.

I find these two back to back ET connections interesting and connective even.  One expressing our need to control our emotional field and understand the light frequency thru our emotions and the second one shows us the potential of mastery within our frequencies.

I say this again, this is going to be a very interesting and exciting year!!  I am even more excited about the gathering we are doing in March.  I hope you can join us!!

I love you so flipping much.  Thank you for your patience, your understanding and your excitement with me!!

(((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) filled with, well, everything!!

Lisa Gawlas













  1. Sooooo freaking interesting! Love your ET tidbits! I felt the stretch, saw the winds and also had the 2 days of headaches. Lol! I think I am in lock step with you this week!

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