Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 23, 2014

The Great Upward Expansion!!


If you are feeling a little like your forward motion seems to be at a stand still, it is, sorta.  Instead of moving forward, there is a great expansion happening.  An acceleration like never before that is taking you into the higher frequencies on all conceivable levels.  Many have already been feeling the effects of this exciting movement upwards into the full version of 2015 (whatever that really means lol.)  The cells of your body are vibrating faster, giving many a feeling of antsiness or even perceived as anxiety, a feeling like you gotta get up and move, or just bulging pockets of energy within the body vibrating so fast you feel like that area just might explode.  For me personally, it has really been in the butt, hips and thighs most days.  We won’t even talk about the spaciness in the head as the consciousness is stretched out, expanded, old info purged, new info coming online every day.  And yet, such tremendous moments of clarity ya swear you just seen forever and understood it!!

Then of course, there are the adverse (to the human) affects, nausea that comes and goes as the solar plexus revs up speed.  The head congestion, the coughing as the old energy is released and we become accustomed to the new, pure air/energy we are breathing more each day.  For some, the back door trots as the body clears all that old cellular sludge and primes the pump for the greater expansion underway each day, each moment.

Thru it all, many of us are experiencing the extremely unexpected to realize the dreams we have been holding dear within our hearts and without effort I might add.  Like I mentioned yesterday with my son, getting what seemed like a random call for a job opportunity in Boston that really lit his heart on fire that all will be well as he makes one of the greatest transitions of his life.  Later in the day, he got a call from a bid he put out months ago, the man wants him to start ASAP, a job that will supply the money he needs to tie up Virginia and get everything rolling in Boston.  Of course, he is debating on taking it, he guarantees all his work and he knows he will not be there to fix anything that may need fixing.  Integrity!!  I hope he takes it.

One of my beautiful ladies in the field yesterday, god I so loved her visual, shaking her booty while shaking rattles moving upwards into the expanse of 2015 (as every person was yesterday, moving up that is) and she said a company she is knitting outer wear for, gave her twice as much money in payment as she asked for.  Setting her up for the most abundant year she never would have fully dreamed of having.

I want to toss out a word of caution too, that equally came thru this amazing lady.  She needs to move out of her present home into a new one, and thru the readings, I have always seen her new home on her horizon… and since it hasn’t happened yet, she put that desire away, collapsed into surrender for living in a place that does not serve her well-being (moldy, damp and stuff.)  DO NOT EVER, ever, ever let go of your greatest desires.  The universe has a perfect plan in place, aligning things, aligning places and opportunities that we simply cannot see.  The moment you give up, all that energy retreats from you and moves to someone else.  Having patience (sometimes, a lot of patience) is different from giving up!!  Just sayin!

There is also the energy, the KNOWING that you deserve every wonderful thing your heart desires and many of the things, you didn’t dare to desire.  No matter what anything may look like in this moment, never see yourself as restricted, limited, you can only do this because you only have that to work with.  Stay out of perceived limitations and move into the bounty of spirit!!!  YOU are limitless, creative, expansive, magic in body.  Equally, NOT a passive player in the field of life!!

On that note, enjoy the journey up and out!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of abundant joy and limitless dreams already coming true!!  Thank you for helping make my dream come true!!!!  ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  If you need help connecting with your galactic family, or guides turning into assistants, I have a package for that too!!  Front page of my website.  Save $40 off this 5 session journey thru 1/1/15.











  1. The joy of the grounding and return to ‘normality of being’ and feeling of ‘home’ ~ Peace pervades.

    ~ Deepest Gratitude and ~ Well Come!


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  3. Dear, Amazing Lisa,

    Each of your posts I find to be an expression of your indescribable heart. This one simply touches me so deeply that …. I don’t know what to say! Thank you for all that you bring, for all…….. . I hope that your holidays will surpass each of your greatest dreams and may you and your Beloveds be Blessed ever!

    Elizabeth de Jonge


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