Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 22, 2014

Upward bound!!

ascension energy


Happy day after the Winter/Summer Solstice!!!  I felt like I entered really unfamiliar territory yesterday, but before I get into that, lets back up a day.  The day before the Solstice, the day after the X1.8 flare from the sun.  That whole day told a story, now I just hope I can get it correct!!

My first two connections were men, my last 4 women and there was a distinct difference in relationship with the energy of the sun in their visuals.

With my first reading of the day (and second) the sun itself was very prominent in his (their) readings.  Directly above their field of life, but looking more like a ball of gold made out of 24 carat gold flakes.  Raining down on them, not so much like raindrops, but more like scattered streams coming into them.

My first guy looked like the inside of an egg, there was no shell, and the yoke was a lump of white mass, but the runny clear part, surrounded his white lump of energy in the middle.  The streams of golden flaked sun was connecting with the clear part of his eggness (smile) and pulling out upwards and outwards and I understood there are many new connections, many new forms of Self he will be taking on as this process completes itself.  New form, new life, new everything.

My next guy seemed to be the additional part of the living masculine story.  He was standing in the center of his field of life, hands stretched upwards towards the sky, the streams of golden flecks of sun energy started to infuse themselves within his body as he reached upwards.  At his feet, it looked again like shaving cream coming from the earth itself, swirling around his feet, then up his legs, and I knew it was covering him in his new earth skin as the sun gave him a new energy field of creation.  The next thing I knew, I could see him in the full spectrum of 2015 and the flecks of gold became like clay, mutable, changeable, his pure substance of creation.

Since two connections in a row was showing the golden energy of the sun, I really anticipated the rest of the day to be like that.  Silly, silly me.  Nope.  Instead, we got something very surprising (at least to me.)  My first lady showed up like an evergreen christmas tree.  A beautiful, full, lush evergreen.  Someone I could not see was laying a string of multicolored christmas lights directly onto her trunk area, the direct core energy of her body.  They were placing the lights from top down and at the time of her reading, they were inlaid about 2 feet down, the rest was still be inlaid.

Of course, me and my silly habitual use of words, man spirit was pulling them out of my mouth left and right and leaving me dangling in the mumble field!  I kept trying to say her core energy is being turned on, but those lights were already on, I could see them glowing like, well, christmas lights.  Instead they were being placed into the sockets that I could not see cuz her core looked like bark, a literal tree trunk on a christmas tree.

Her lush branches were my next snoopy place to go, and they (spirit) started putting what looked like mounds of snow in various places on her branches, then added a single shiny red ornament in front of each mound.  They even let me see the inside of her ornaments, silver, a stunning silver on the backside of the deep red, super shiny balls.  These balls were so shiny I could see my reflection in them.  Kinda kewl, but what the hell does it all mean.

The white mounds, new energy, new abilities, new opportunities that will shine a reflection back to all she connects with.  The red representing the usable and interactive new earth, the silver behind the red, the full on participation and fuel of the earth to keep it all going.  Keep what going…??  I have no clue, we couldn’t move past that moment.  Dammit.

My next lady, well get got even a bit stranger.  I could only see the bottom left quadrant of her energy, but I knew what I was seeing.  The very bottom of the Cinderella gown, a string of clear pearls being added to her dress by the bluebird of happiness.  I really had to contemplate those pearls… thru this morning.  I’m a little slow on the uptake, but usually, eventually, I get it!!

Pearls, irritants (sand) within the oyster, for us, it is simply the irritants of life itself.  The more we work with these irritants (as opposed to avoid them) they create our pearls of life, experience turned into understanding, knowledge.  Then, as we turn the understandings, the knowledge into a way of life, the pearls themselves change, they become clear, opalescent even.  Pure source energy for our creative desires.

Some people wear their pearls like battle scars, telling you all they have been thru, how they survived whatever and yet, still recreate more of that to add more pearls to their string of experience.  There are others, like my lady, who does not need to tell you what she has been thru to get to here, but uses all that experience, turned it into wisdom, a new way of being in life and it becomes the source of her creation.  Nothing of her past to see or talk about, just creator energy living in this ever-expanding moment!!

If we just look at these four readings and the contrast that was being shown… the divine feminine, the light and energy of the dreamer, the divine masculine, the light turned into created reality.  Altho I see them as two separate Beings in the field, we are both in one body… the dreamer and the creator. However, we have chosen to incarnate as one sex or another to enhance that part of ourselves… for me, I dream every day thru the readings, the desires of creation thru you.  Men tend to be the worker bee’s, creating the dreams made manifest.

Now, I want to interject something here quickly.  The universal language of spirit is symbolisms and metaphors.  So when we were sharing about the eyes, someone asked a great question, what if you only have one eye, or as many blind people, none to “see” with.  You are still taking the world in either thru the realm of illusion or the vastness of spirit and creating what you think you see metaphorically speaking.

I want to touch base on my wonderful ET session at this end of this cryptic and profound day too.  I am so incredible boggled at the vastness of life and life forms “out there.”  My lady had two that presented themselves to her and two that remained cloaked for now.  The one that started sharing first, an interesting creature.  His body was made of light, kinda like a solid light form.  No face that I could see, long skinny arms and legs a head that appeared to be too large for his body… something kinda like this:

ET Light

Again, no face that I could see and really no distinguishable hands or feet.  He spoke thru harmonics, I could hear the sound frequency as it traveled from the horizon where they were parked into my home.  As it came into my home the harmonics turned into language and actually thru a visible stream of light energy I could see and hear.

His ship was like nothing I had ever seen before either.  It was the most luminescent orange I had ever seen.  It almost felt like it was made out of a orange crystal.  So he came to teach her how to use the energy of light and the harmonics within it to do…. whatever.  The reason I even bring him up now is the energy in last evenings cloud formation.  The sky seems to call me now more than ever before and with camera in hand, I went outside to witness the light show going down for the day.

light face


See that massive face to the left side of the clouds, I knew, KNEW in my heart that was Z (he shortened his name cuz I could not capture anything other than the sound of Z lol.)

The other ET that came to connect with my lady, Amadeus, is going to be teaching her about “greater and lesser” wormholes.  This was such an interesting intake of information.  He had said there are many wormholes available to all of us.  The ones he referred to as greater are the ones he and his ET buddies use to travel thru dimensions and make their way to us.  He showed me those portals and to my eyes they looked, thicker, more defined than what he called the “lesser” ones.  The lesser ones are in our realm, in our homes, yards, streets… and when we learn to recognize them, we can use them to I think maybe get somewhere faster and stuff.  I am not sure, but sure am excited about it.  To me they looked very faint, like a cloud that was fading.  He is going to teach her how to recognize their energies and then use them!!

God I love my job, I get to be schooled cuz you want to connect.  I love you all, and our amazing ET’s too!!

One this that should have given me a bigger clue on how the Solstice was going to play out, was the fact that every time I tried to move a reading forward, a massive wall of energy was letting me go that way.  Instead, thru several of the connections, there was this portal or was it a wormhole, connecting upwards to the full expanse of 2015?  From what I understood, we were moving on up (in frequency and stuff.)

So I should not have been surprised when I woke up yesterday in the nether-lands.  Even as I tried to do reading after reading, I could feel the mass of energy, but there was nothing viewable until this one lady, number 5 on my dance card, gave us a glimpse that was more confusing in that moment than enlightening.  Even as I grumbled about not understanding what I was seeing, the field of life said… exactly why you are not seeing today.  Pesky spirit.  But at least they humored me and gave us a glimpse.

The energy was that of a moving sun, but it was coming in from our future and it was completely aligned with the full on spectrum of the year 2015.  I thought, how strange the sun is actually moving backwards instead of forwards.  From my point of view, as it was coming in from our perception of the future, it was aligned with maybe May-ish in the timeline I see as 2015.  Talk about a feeling of retrograde!!  But even that, we have a tendency to look and then use the energy of any retrograde system as moving backwards, revisiting the past energy… Now it is time for look at its opposite, so that we build from there and not keep revisiting what no longer exists energetically… the future coming to our present.

Something just dawned on me.  After my day of rescheduling, my body felt bizarre.  Antsy even.  I wanted to stand, sit, move, drink, not drink, think, not think, it was as if I was experiencing everything at the same time and I had no idea if I was coming or going.  So I took bath!!

The hot water nurtured my skin like never before.  I could have just sat there and been a happy camper.  But since I’m here… lets see if I could get a sneak peek of anything.  I felt like I was in a space I have never entered before, no orientation with… anything.  A mass of energy with sides but no sides, let me tell you, this is even beyond the quantum soup stage. lol

Then, suddenly I was viewing my son, his new life in the Boston and a female emerged like the sun.  She was literally a mass of energy that looked like she was standing inside the sun itself.  The love his heart has been yearning for.  I also got the information that he must do life differently, reprioritize what is important to him and stay focused on that.

Its kinda funny really, he had called me the day before telling me of his dream experience.  He was going thru a fast food drive thru when all of a sudden all four of his tires completely blew out.  In the dream he called me instantly and asked how could all four tires blow out at the same time.  And so he called me as soon as he woke up!!  lol I love that crazy kid.

How many of us want something so different than what we may have right now.  Even if some of those things are our yet recognized super powers.  We cannot keep moving with the same tread that got us to hear, going thru the fast food take out place and think we are going to have a different, expanded experience of ourselves.  Nope.  Done must be DONE.  Change of tires, change direction and orientation with ourselves.  Then and only then will the sun shine on us with our dreams made manifest.

I am going to leave you with this pondering that has been a repetitive focus for spirit:  “If you could have it ALL, would you first give it ALL up??”

I love you all so much and so much more than that.  I need bigger words, cuz I feel like a typing broken record and yet the feelings… bigger and larger with every breath!!

2 days and a wake up, my body will be in Virginia  Wheeeeeeeeee!  I find the numbers interesting with that.  As I said, I bought my round trip ticket for 333.20  I printed out my itinerary yesterday and I land in Chicago for a 3 hour layover at 4:44pm.  I arrive in Virginia at 11:40 pm.  This is going to be a very interesting trip indeed!!  I’m so freakin excited!!!!!

On that note, big big big life enhance, life expanding (((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) to ALL!!!

Ohhh gotta add this in… my son just called me as i was spell checking to publish… he got his first job offer in the Boston area and he hasn’t even sent out his resumes yet, he just started calling and leaving messages about who he is and what he wants.  Imagine that!!  This is OUR TIME!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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