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Tool Sets, Relationships and Finding Your Glass Slippers!!


I am going to start this off by answering a question posed on my facebook yesterday.  I keep referring to our “tool set” and using them.  The first and main tool set, love, kindness, generosity, grace, patience, acceptance, non judgement, Self expression, and so on.  Without this main tool set up and running as a way of life, anything else gets diluted.  To employ these tools as a way of life, means you have cleared the clouds from your Being, learned to see and love beyond the illusion and can see the gift in all things.

The second part of the tool set only gets stronger as the above become clearer/natural.  That would be your ability to see, hear, feel, smell the voice and communication of not only spirit, but of all life, all things.  To harness energy and work with it, change it, enhance it, stay balanced thru it all.  Also, to never settle for what you can do now and always push to do what you cannot even fathom now, which opens up even more tools to use.

So many we can look at what I call “tool sets” as your primary (the first I mentioned) and your secondary.  The secondary becomes stronger and clearer as you live your primary.

This actually can answer the most sought after question I hear over and over in readings since the day I started reading… what is my purpose.  It is that, plain and simple.  Now how and where you choose to use them…. that is the adventure, isn’t it!!

Now, I am going to tie in the above with another subject matter shared on my facebook wall yesterday, especially since I just seen a things in a whole, wider perspective on my holy toilet just now.  lol

Relationships and the broader story of living life!!

September 22nd, 2001 I entered a class to be certified as a Life Between Life regressionist, the first ever class taught by Michael Newton, PhD (Author of the books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.)  During this 5 day event, one of the days was spent being regressed in that way by a fellow classmate.  For those not familiar with the process, Michael Newton found a wonderful way to take a client from the death scene in a past life regression all the way thru the process of integrating back onto the other side of the Veil to experience who and what we are as a Soul and what are we doing when not embodied.

Thru the process, one of the things we do is go to our “soul group.”  We can look at the use of the term soul group like family, very close family that incarnate and change roles and experience and so much more than that too.  Then there are other groups, other soul groups that agree to participate in our story on earth for whatever we need them for.

When I went to my homecoming celebration on the other side of the veil, I was shocked to see that my mother and my grandmother (her mama) were not a part of my soul group.  Instead, they were what many might consider younger souls, still working out the kinks of incarnating on earth.  For my evolution in body, I needed them to be my catalyst for which they agreed.  Most of the folks in that party area were not from my “soul group” but it didn’t dilute or change the love and appreciation of those amazing Beings who surrounded me in this lifetime.

My personal soul group was that of my guides.  When I realized that, I didn’t feel a greater love for them than I did for all the others, especially my mom and grandma, it was the same.  The love and honor, the same.

This has been their key teaching with me these last 15 years.  To honor the relationships of my life for what they hold in experience, each and every one is as valuable as the other.

They (my spiritual team) have chosen to not use labels in anyway with my “upbringing” so I do not personally see anything as better or less than in all of my earthly experiences.  Again, this is why I was so surprised to hear them cast a label of Divine Counterpart in relationship to the love and potential that two hearts can bring in the realm I call Shambhala.  For this purpose, they needed a way to set the relationship a part.  Kind of like when you to a restaurant.. you don’t ever say, give me a plate of meat please, or for the vegetarians a plate of vegetables.  No, you have a particular desire happening on your taste buds.  A steak, a pork chop, some broccoli… whatever.  This is why my team used a label, divine counterpart.  A very particular experience, coming together, adventure into the realm of spirit while encased in a body.

For my own personal journey here on earth, I have experienced myself in just about every conceivable relationship I can and am grateful for it all.  I await this grand finale of relationships, if takes a whole other lifetime to meet up with.

There was another glimpse I was given while making room for more coffee (amazing how fast you can see a story within yourself!!) and that is a part of the Life Between Life experience I never thought to understand… until this morning.

Another part of the LBL experience is seeing what it is you do while not incarnate in another reality, namely, earth.  What many of us would consider “what kind of work we do on the other side.”  I was teaching a classroom full of souls how to use energy, the color of these energies were blue and green.  I knew whatever I was teaching them was getting them ready for their incarnation on earth.  Back then, in 2001, I was still building my language of light and since I never really worked with “energy” outside of meditation, I have no clue what I was really doing.  I do today.  I share this for a reason… which I will get to in a moment lol.

Very much like the use of soul mate or twin flame, my team never talked about or focused on our “chakras.”  I was taught that everything happens in our core energy, that place that runs from our crown to our root and via the channel of the spine itself.  So, I had no relationship to chakra colors at that time.  I do now!!  lol

The greatest toolset you will ever employ while incarnate is connecting the heart (soul) to your self-expression (soul voice, which is more than just talking.)

I realized this morning having that wonder pee (giggle) what I do when I am not incarnate is exactly what I am doing here, now.  I guide you to the fullness of yourSelf.  Connect you with all you are capable of and desiring of.  This is why I do what I do so easily and passionately.  My soul continues to do that work in the multidimensional space of reality.  That is why so many of you have dreams of me, and often times, my soul brings my crazy aromatic signature of cigarette smoke in the experience/connection.  We are together in all dimensions, expanding each other (trust me, you expand me in ways no one else can and I am so grateful!!)

All that to say, when you are working and loving what you do… you are doing exactly what you are doing in other dimensions too.  If you find yourself not loving what your doing… change jobs!!!!  Change everything until you find the glass slipper that fits!!  Same goes with relationships… with everything!!  You will more than likely find, you out grow even that glass slipper… Change should be a constant, and when the world you connect with is growing with you… holy heaven batman!!

This place of created matter is a place to be enjoyed, explored, expanded within!!  Don’t ever pigeon-hole yourself into an area that doesn’t make your feet want to dance and your eyes savoring the next grand vision of yourSelf in dance shoes!!

This was not exactly what I thought I was going to be writing today… but hey… why not this?  I want to close with a visual from my last connection yesterday… one could say it is an oxymoron even.

I started seeing my lady a good thirty minutes before our connection.  I swear her team had her vision on loop.  I could see that tubie thing I call the 15th, she was standing on this side of it and at the top of her tube money was blowing up and out and down to her where she was standing.  Not coins, not money bags, nothing that would have me thinking “change” as opposed to money, they were greenbacks!!  I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if she just came into money, or is about to come into money.  The more they put this visual in my face, I wondered if I may have gotten it wrong…. maybe she is putting out money instead of getting some.  Her team with the snippiest attitude ever, said “if she was spending money it would be flowing from her and not to her.”  Hey!!!  Attitude adjustment there!!  lol  I also realized, yeah, my audio antenna definitely hit the upgraded version!  That was evident in the entirety of yesterday.

Anywayz, when I got on the phone with her, the first thing she told me, she just got a phone call moments before I called and she was released from her 3D job!!  We both celebrated!!  Now she can expand her in-come in ways that will bring her joy and actually, literally, more money.

Spirit has a way of seeing things that we humans just don’t see, until we do!!

Lets Dance, just cuz we can!!!!

I love you all so flipping much and then some.  You rock my world, my heart my ever-changing reality and give me ways of understanding things I would have never seen without you!!

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))))))) of bliss and glass slippers (yeah, even you guys, why not rock some glass slippers too!! lol)

Lisa Gawlas

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