Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 16, 2014

The Ides of December and the Massive Flood of Light!!

Painting by Jeanne Bessette of Davis and Co.

Painting by Jeanne Bessette of Davis and Co.

I find myself to be a rather funny creature, I spend all day long looking at the smaller details of every reading, tossing them and turning them to see how it all fits together, but the big things that are staring me in the face, I miss time and time again!!  In every reading on the 14th, the day of the 15th was blurry, distorted, unviewable.  I knew it was a huge energy day, the first thing I should have said to myself, take contact out at night.  But nope, didn’t even cross my mind.  It was even stated several times, this moment we call the 15th, like the 11th, started at one second after midnight and finished at one second after midnight.  I completely missed, or maybe, subconsciously ignored, the elephant in the readings.  My bad!!

It takes me about 10 minutes after getting out of bed, to be fully connected with my body again.  So about 10 minutes after I woke up, I started to get a pick in my right eye, the only eye with a contact in it.  The more I typed, the bigger that pick got until it was just downright painful, tearing, which of course, triggers the sinuses.  I was hell-bent on getting what I could out yesterday… so I would get up, walk around, shake it off, sit back down, type some more, get back up, shake it off, granted, I missed a lot of details I wanted to share, but at least I got the bigger picture out and felt accomplished.

I even made sure I gave myself about an hour to recover before my first reading started.  By this time, I had a dull headache, but nothing crushing.

I was doing my dishes, eye half closed because the sunlight was hurting my eyes, when I noticed the light bouncing off the Mesa, it was different than it ever was before.  Once again, I heard grab your camera.  Of course I did, I took a picture outside of my back door like I always do, that wasn’t good enough.  I heard, come closer, and I went out the back yard, took another picture, and again, closer… until I was standing directly in front of the mesa.  When I shoot pictures of the mesa, I always aim my camera at the top to capture the light.  I did this all the way down to the mesa, as I took the image in front of it, I heard “now take the picture at eye level.”  Hmmmm…. ok.  I might add, surprisingly my eyeball didn’t hurt at all during this adventure.




Both pictures taken at the same exact spot about a minute apart.  The first one is with the camera aimed at the top of the mesa, the second one aimed straight on.  When I came in and uploaded the images, spirit said, (referring to the last image) this is exactly what is happening today, a flood of light and it is sealing all that we have put forth in our adventures!!

I called my first appointment, the very moment I bent over to align with the field, my stomach started queazing, nauseous, holy shit.  I sat up, better… bent over, I just might puke… sat up, the energy must have went straight to my head, my head was hurting but also, whatever was making me so very nauseous was also spreading my brains apart.  I was having a harder and harder time pulling words together, like there was tremendous space between each word and linking them together was… really difficult.  We rescheduled.

I sat at the computer for a moment, getting ready to write to everyone on my agenda to tell them what’s up and that nausea turned into hurling.  Holy heavens, all my morning coffee… gone.  I pulled myself together, went to come back out and do that email, the moment I opened my bathroom door and stepped out, whammmm, more hurling.  But there was nothing in my stomach, just the dry heaves, which actually hurt and sent waves of ax picks thru my head while my right eye was tearing to beat the band.  I ran a bath.  I need refuge here!!  I had 30 minutes before my next appointment, I will find center and then just call her.

I didn’t even care about meditation, I just wanted the body to stop its massive earthquake inside.  There are no windows in my bathroom, so no light piercing my pain filled eyes.  The moment I laid down in my bath, the body settled.  No more headache, no more stomach quakes, just closing my eyes relieved the pressure in it.

I thought about some of the information I had just put out hours before.  My assistants, hmmmm, I am going to call on my assistants to correct the vision in my physical eyes, it would be great to never have to wear contacts or glasses again.  Three showed up.  One for each eye and one for the visual cortex at the back of the head.  I gave them their assignment, I watched as they started streaming energy into each eye and linking it to the back of my head.  Kewl!!  I opened my eyes to look at my shower head, it was still blurry…. hey!!  Then the revelation I didn’t see coming (pun intended again lol.)  They can do all the work they are capable of, what makes it happen… visible and tangible in our created world is our emotional field of desire.  Try as I might, I couldn’t spark that emotional field of desire.  Wanting 20/20 vision without corrective lenses was what my mind wanted and I couldn’t produce even a fake spark of emotion to fire it up.  Damn, I guess at the heart of me, I don’t care.  Who knew!!  lol  My team obviously did and what a great lesson for this moment in time, for all of us.  If we are trying to bring something into our created world and it just never seems to arrive, take inventory on which part of you really wants that.

So then, I had to ask, what the hell is up with my body today.  First I was reminded that I experience things to the umpth degree to help me fully understand (and share) what is really happening within us.  Then I was shown the earth herself, earthquakes, volcanoes and such.  This is how the earth adjusts her body to the incoming light.  It is a part of her ecstasy as what was happening today was a part of mine.  I might call this a lot of things, ecstasy would never be one of them!!  The cells react, they shake and quiver and downright explode in joy.  Thanx a lot, can I have a spontaneous orgasm instead of puking??  To that answer, my team said my solar plexus thru my crown was affected, not my root chakra.

The next thing I am seeing is an expanded understanding of the images I captured the day before, the one that the sun itself calls the visible “eye of horus.”  This is how it looked when they showed me the capture:

eye of horus cropped


The staff of light ever-present as the all seeing eye (within each of us) has broken free and can see all it desires to see.  But even more than that, going into my explanation of my physical father (the pupil of the eye) and my heavenly father (god if you will) the blue of the eye.  My team, the sun, I am not even sure who was schooling me, I was simply enthralled with the bigger picture (hehe, I am punny today lol.)

Our physical sun, representing matter, or those of us incarnate (the violet energy forming the eye,) the energy of Source, Creator, God always present and connected (the blue of the eye) and the pupil, our innate connection to All There Is (like my father on the other side of the veil.)  WE are the all seeing eye.  WE are the portal of Light on earth.  When we celebrate Christmas this year, celebrate YOURSELF!!  For all that you sought, you Are!!

There were many other details that was coming thru in all that eye stuff, but conversations…. they are the hardest for me to retain.  Plus, I was getting distracted, I knew it had to be near 9am and I had an appointment to get too.  I wanted to put this amazing adventure on hold until after.  I could not open my eyes to save my life, I attempted to sit up in my bath, ain’t happening.  I thought back to one of my ladys the day before, she had a huge cement roller as one of her tool sets, to make concrete her desires in this reality… my team must have one too, cuz I couldn’t move.

However, they did change my imagery as I started getting on their case about my appointment and trying to get out of the tub.  They put me in what looked like a glass tube, infront of me was a ladder that went up.  I decided to walk it, I needed to call my lady… I went up it crossed over what should have been the opening and came back down the other side to what seemed like the same place I started out at.  Suddenly, my body started changing, growing larger, bigger than ever before.  Made of white and gold energy.  My ladder turned into a trellis.  I became a vine on this trellis, my lady became a sprout from my vine, growing outwards, I also knew I had a man on my agenda too, whom I thought was right after my 9am appt, and he appeared as yet another sprout on the vine, he went outwards then his vine came down and entered my heart.  All I understood from that was, we are all connected and they will understand.  I know there is more… but thats enough for now.

My phone started ringing, Oh my dear God, ya might as well have put my head between two symbols and banged… Until that moment, I forgot I had a headache.  I remembered quickly.  And my team just kept schooling me about the light, about the depths of the eye of horus, about us.

Finally, a good hour and a half after I entered my tub, I felt the release and could get out.  I felt perfect.  No headache, no nausea, even my eye was down to a little pick.  And then I opened my bathroom door and stepped out… damn!!  Headache back in full force, dry heaves cramping the hell out of me, and some serious vertigo, I could see the light swirling around my head and my knees buckling from underneath me.  OK… I am going to head to my bed, just lay down and hang on.

I crawled under the covers, everything subsided.  Phew.  And then my phone started ringing again, and again and again.  Every two to three minutes the drum symbols crashing my brains to pieces.  Let me tell you, hearing the phone in my bedroom is usually a dull ring, cuz it is in my living room, separated by walls.  Same with my bathroom.  Today, it may as well have been stuck inside my ear drums.  I kept trying to send a signal to whomever was calling…. stop, please stop.  I don’t dare get up, I will heave if I do… it went on and on and I changed my stop sign to a choking sign, stop please!!  Finally… what was later confirmed by the gal calling me, an hour later she stopped.  Mercy, mercy, mercy.  I felt fast asleep.  I knew I had a fever after my bath and that was a blessing, forcing my body to sleep.

I woke up hours later with the sound of a large truck backing up in front of my bedroom window.  That noise… holy shit batman.  My head may still be crashing, but the rest of me was feeling a bit better.  I took the moment to notify all those I didn’t even email what was happening… to email them and beg forgiveness for being a no-show, no call myself.

After the propane truck filling my landlady’s tank left, I went right back to bed and stayed there all day and night.  Being in my main room was more than I could handle.  When I woke back up the second time, starving and more thirsty than I have ever been… my team started to help me understand more.

Everything I do, spiritually speaking, I do in my main room.  At my computer, I share.  At my reading chair, I connect to the highest light possible.  On my couch (which I never touched yesterday) I process.  All three areas have a very well established vortex of energy that I built and use.  So every part of my main house was accelerating with the flood of light, as was my body.  Sustaining my physical self in the two at once, impossible, it was too much ecstasy for my body to handle.   The fact that I really don’t do meditations like I used to, I think that i have done maybe 5-6 this year alone, released the vortex that I once created from my bathtub, which is why I was comforted there.  Same for my bedroom, I go there to sleep, that’s all.

So, what was happening was my antennas increasing with the frequency of light.  My vision… ohhhh lol, I forgot that one too.  As I asked my team in meditation what the hell is happening with my body, they showed me my right eye as if it was completely blown out.  The white of the eye looked like it was in shreds and curled under as it was pulled out from my face, the opening so big there was no pupil or iris, it was actually gross looking.  My spiritual ability to see, larger than ever.  I didn’t get that until later… same with my ability to hear, increased significantly, which is why I could not handle any sort of noise around me.

For the rest of the night, I just felt… inside.  I didn’t call anyone, didn’t open facebook, didn’t do anything because it felt like I was wrapped up in a glove.  Empty and full at the same time and finally, pain-free.  This morning, I am feeling awesome, good as new even.  I am so excited to see what we are going to see today.  On that note….

Ides of December, yup, I was assassinated yesterday lol, but came out new and fresh as a daisy… I hope lol.

Big big earthquaking, heart expanding ((((((HUGZ))))) to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. My husband had a long night of gut earthquakes! Glad you are feeling better! 💞

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  2. I had the headache yesterday and pressure all over in head and felt out of it, but not to the extent you experience. Blessings to you and all you do, it is certainly not easy at times, but we love and appreciate you and are glad you feel better today.
    I love the photos you take and your grandson is such a blessed angel. Such light in his eyes. Have an awesome time over the holidays!!!

    Love you,

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  4. Thank you, Lisa! I experienced similar yesterday, purged everything out-both-ends at-the-same-time, chills, right eye…*Then perfectly Fine and even better than before*! 🙂 I value your sharings so very very much. a giga-tude of hugs Love, ZZ

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