Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 15, 2014

Leaping Into the Expanded…..???

Leap of Faith by Mark Henson.

Leap of Faith by Mark Henson.


I swear our beloved universal life forces want us to take time to laugh, I laughed thru just about every reading yesterday, the images, the song messages… cracked me up all day long!!

The first one I want to share is the song message, how the hell do you stay focused when ever and over again you hear ZZ Top rocking the lyrics “she a wants a pearl necklace!!”  Now, I love ZZ Top, but my crazy mind kept going into the holy gutter with the whole pearl necklace line.  It took me the better part of the day to really understand what was really being shared by this lyric.

My lady showed up formless, a large swath of cloud energy and yet, I could feel her soul signature thru it all, I knew what I was seeing was her.  All I could think of was god incarnate, formless… so void of self-identity she could be all things at any given moment.  Fluid.  Directly in front of her was something that looked like a necklace made of pumpkin seed shaped pearls, gold in vibration, strung together with what looked like a fishing line.  I could only see half of this “necklace” starting at the top that was aligned with this container that represented today (the 15th) and hung down to about 2-3 feet above the earth and stretched over to the east field (new beginnings) and all that was on the west side was invisible to me.  Spirit did say it is because the energy of the west completes this moment we are in on the 15th.  West, harvested energy, mastery in consciousness, good karma coins a plenty and so on.  I could not see anything into this 15th container thingie…

Even after my reading w,as done with her, there is zz top singing that lyric over and over again, so I looked up the lyrics of the entire song, hoping to find what it was I was missing.  I had to chuckle at myself, I have loved this song forever and always assumed it was about…. ummmm…. the sexual kind of pearl necklace not an actual desire for real pearl necklace and the singer (writer) fussing about how much it costs.  lol

Then it hit me (hours later)… something from the book Billy Fingers… the world is your oyster, experience, irritants in life, creates the pearls (if we work thru them.)  Her pearl necklace, strung beautifully by the unseen (fishing line is clear) path of experience.  Of turning adversity however it arrived into her life into gratitude and love for having had that experience and serves to empower others, all others, in her formless persona of just Being.

The gentleman before her, really helped to set the stage of understanding of this moment that we are in.  He was in a cloud formation, moving towards what became very apparent as a cylinder type energy of the 15th (today.)  There were three distinct sections to his form the massive upper part which consisted of the energy centers we know as solar plexus thru crown.  His shape looked like a snowman coming into his next form.  Beneath this large, roundish upper part was a distinct smaller section, his sacral chakra area.  His sense of self in the world around him. Then this whispy part that connected him to the ground itself.

There were three golden electrical bolts coming into his larger part, and then two golden electrical bolts coming into his sacral part., all providing the energy needed for…. whatever is really happening in the container of the 15th.  I did try and look, but it was so blurry inside that wedge of energy, however, once again, spirit said what was started on the 11th at one second after midnight, finishes at one second after midnight the evening of the 15th.  They explained I could not understand the fullness of what is happening, which is why everything was blurry in this container.  But I am a pesky girl and decided to try a different approach other than just looking from my chair.  I put my energy body inside that container of his and suddenly I could see something that looked like the those binoculars in various viewing areas:

viewing area

So, I took my face, pressed it up again the eye pieces and looked out… instantly, my vision is back in my house, looking at me looking out these binoculars and instead of seeing “something” I could see the streams of baby blue energy coming out of the other side of the binocular.  To see from the view-point of God, creator, source…

This really gave understanding the wholeness of solar plexus to crown, all are working in unison as you experience the world as heaven on earth.  It equally expands your sense of self beyond the mundane world and encompasses the rich and vast relationship of living heaven on earth as creator in all you do, see, experience.

That doesn’t mean everything turns into a kumbaya moment, not at all.  How many times have we been allowed to fall down into our self created hell and only when we were ready, did we get a hand up from the universe.  The wisdom within us in knowing when to extend a hand, and when to allow what needs to happen, happen.

Now, to create a bookend to this amazing moment in time, my last reading of the day cracked me up thru her entire reading.  There she was, on a pogo-stick about three feet in spring motion off the ground, leaping into today.  Her form was that of a young boy, maybe 6, 7, 8 years old, the dirtiest little boy I have seen, I swear he had not showered in all his life.  His hair was clumped in greasy strands and yet, his heart so full of adventure, playing and enjoying what he was doing to the fullest.  What the hell kind of visual is this????  The only real color to her whole visual was that greasy hair of the little boy on the pogo-stick.  Brown, earthy brown.  Everything else was in shades of white.

Little boys can be wide open, they don’t give a shit about what they look like, how dirty they get or if they ever take a bath for as long as they are having fun, exploring, living the adventure on earth.  Wide open!!

Who cares how others see you and want to perceive you, as long as your heart is filled with joy and passion…

Then I focused on this pogo-stick, incredible balance is needed to use one of those pesky things.  The bar that created the stick was silver, high intense earth energy that launched her into the air, the foot things goldish-bronze.  High spiritual vibration supporting her feet and also harnessing the elements of earth (bronze is an alloyed metal) to take her higher and further.  What became really interesting was the hand grips part, looking very much like girls bicycle handles, white grips with mutli-colored streamers on either side:



The driver was her divine feminine, the dreamer.  The energy within her hands, the grasp for each part of her dream come true changed the colors of the streamers, which also activated the particles in the air around her as the little boy jumped into the joy of creation!!

On the other side of the container I am just going to call the 15th, were her (formerly known as spirit guides) assistants, 6 of them, shoulder to shoulder all with cupped hands in front of them in the position to catch her as she leaped into their hands from her pogo-sticking adventure.  Everyone of them had the most beautiful golden hands!!  The vibration of spirit catching you as you leap into new adventures.

Lets talk about this change of venue for our guides for a moment.  If you have ever ran a company, been a CEO then you know, your company is only as good as the people you employ.  Knowing their strengths and employing them according to their strengths is key to success.  Same with your guides, now your assistants.  No more mass blanket requests… if you need help in a specific area, call on that specific guide.  Example, when I decided to go to school for hypnotherapy, I went into meditation and requested a guide to help me with hypnosis.  Immediately three golden stars were in my upper left vision and she called herself “Star Za.”  I employed her every time I did a session and let me tell you, she taught me more about hypnosis than school ever did.

Now I am going to completely change the subject and end with an experience I had yesterday.  I was in between appointments when I heard the sun, a now familiar voice, say “come take my picture, you will be amazed at what you see.”  I thought, well, we have snow clouds outside and the sun is behind them… but what the hell, lets see what we will see.

I went outside on my front stoop and found where the sun was behind the clouds in the sky, pointed my camera up there and as if on cue, the sun broke thru the clouds instantly and after the first snap, I was sun blind.  I took two more snaps and contemplated the fourth when I heard the sun say, thats enough and it went right back behind the cloud.  I couldn’t to look at the images!!  In order, here they are (click on them to enlarge them):



eye of horus


The eye of the needle made manifest.  A complete reflection of these days we are in, from the beam of light to the eye of horus itself.  No longer contained as the eye of the needle, but free to see, view, experience All There Is.

Its funny, the very first image I had ever seen in meditation was a simple pencil drawing of an eye floating from my right to my left, over and over again.  I eventually googled eyes and came across the information of the Sun God Ra.  (Never heard of him before that moment.) This vision lasted days and I was so entertained by watching something I knew I was not creating… the next vision, in the same pencil drawing was a female face floating in from the right, the masculine face floating in from the left, both meeting in the middle with puckered lips, kissing as a heart floated upwards.

The open of true sight, like the all seeing sun and having a mad love affair within oneSelf.  Matter and spirit, Body and Soul, the holiest of all matrimonies, constantly consummated by the creation of ones life.

14 years later, if I am not mistaken, to the date, at the very least, to the month (December 2000)… the sun reflects the completion.  Above and below a complete mirror image of itself as one.  As the readings of yesterday reflected as well.

I also contemplated the turquoise orb in the center of the eye, the pupil if you will.  My father said he now shows himself as the turquoise orb i.n my images.  As I pondered this thought with the image of the eye of horus, I heard a crazy thing he told me when I was little, well, 12… speaking in relationship to never having a place to call home as a child, he said “I shot you on a log and you were raised by the sun.”  I have always felt the truth of that crazy statement, even tho it would take me 40 years to really understand the truth of it.

My father and my father (god) are one.  As we all are!!

May the Ides of December be your greatest blessing as we wrap each other in ((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) for this grand finale!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. About the Eye of the needle ~ ~ ~ ~ Earth Healing perspective ~ ~ ~


    The eye of the needle is the void in the core of Earth Mother (Golden Globe)

    Earth Mother entered into her higher than divine expression mid 1990’s.

    As a higher than divine being she is a golden globe at the highest level.

    I recall an Earth Healing about what we were accomplishing, focusing on the golden globe Earth we were creating in a parallel . . . somewhere.

    Earth Healing Network Transmission circa 1995:

    “The work we are doing, yes it is most pleasing for me to see. A great deal of, in particular, joy at the moment, because we have focused on joy; joy which is yellow; joy also moves into the gold register, mm.”


    “And if the golden globe of light is not radiating and expanding, then it is magnifying and echoing, and it is most, most beneficial.”

    Earth Healing Transmission September 24th, 1994

    “Nine is also the number appropriate to the void; the void where there is to be perceived nothingness; darkness; and yet within the darkness there is All That Is. And it is required to enter into that space of darkness before emerging from the light as a being that is Higher-Than-Divine. Therefore, it is a number of emergence.”

    “It is the accumulation of all past and present and future into the one; into the whole. It is the gathering point of all energy to make way for the infinity that follows. So, as a nation of Earth People, that is where they are; at number nine; entering into the void and assimilating and readying for emergence. “
    (Earth Healing Transmission September 24th, 1994)

    O Ye O Ye O Ye Erte
    O Ye O Ye O Ye Erte

    Ye Do Ye Do Ye Do Erte
    Ye Do Ye Do Ye Do Erte

    (O = Highest Passion, Ye = Highest Positive, Erte = Sacred Name Earth Mother, Ye Do = Freedom,)


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