Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 10, 2014

The Dream, The Road To Shambhala, Divine Counterparts…


WARNING:  I am so sorry so much of this is bleeding together.  I have tried to fix it, it won’t fix.

I have so much to share today, forgive me if I seem to go in several directions thru this sharing.  I have got to start with my own experience just now, but suddenly was reminded that it actually started yesterday.  After my day of readings I had a dentist appointment in Cuba (an hour’s drive) and half way to my dentist, this super large cloud formation appeared in the sky… an absolute angel.  I so wish I was better (more coordinated) at driving and taking pictures, but I’m not.  This angel was above me in the sky, wings, feet, head, hands… there was no mistaking its appearance.  I thought back to the time AA Michael appeared to me and the blue-eyed man on one of the eclipse events.

My eyes were now between the road and the sky, usually cloud formations diminish, this one didn’t it kept steady for a good stretch of road.  Suddenly I felt the urge to look to my left (physical life side) and of course, I did… Suddenly out in the vast open field I felt connected to my birthday, August 15th and this amazing spout of huge energy, like white/gray water sprung up easily to 20 feet and became a found spreading outwards in all 360 degrees.  What the hell does that mean??  As I arrived at my dentist, the angel in the sky changed form to match that fountain like image.  Other than feeling butterflies in my stomach from the appearance of this angel all the way to my dentist, I have no idea what was being hinted at.

I actually stayed up much later than I wanted to last night and knowing I have so much to share, I really wanted to wake up early.  Spirit woke me up with something I have not heard since 2002, in a meditation I call “the day I met god” meditation.  I have it posted on my website, but will share the entirety of it here (Holy shit, I didn’t even realize what invoked that meditation until I just read it now.  This so ties in with my beautiful Italian dreamer, which I will share after this.):

Late this particular morning in 2002, I was in a chat talking about Catholics, religion and a remembrance of the blessed mother coming to me way back when to help me out grow learned behaviors of self-worth…. as the three of us were talking and sharing… the mini monument that Annie had made for HTN (Healing The Nations) started to glow… the sun part of the monument was all aglow… and I was really taken aback by it.
monument of life
This little maybe 4-5″ monument (that was duplicated from the image on the left here) has sat on the left side of my computer since I moved in here a month ago… and my window curtain has also remained in the same position… I thought for sure the sun was beaming brightly outside… but, when I turned around and looked.. it wasn’t… when my meditation was over, I realized there wasn’t even a glare on my monitor caused by the sun streaming in the window… this glow from the sun’s monument sent such an electrical and purely loving charge thru me…
And so I entered meditation and when I got to the inquiry of the monument here is what I had gotten:
The Blessed Mother appeared a small distance away in front of where I was standing. As she walked (floated really) closer, I could see a flower in her hand. Of course, I assumed this flower was for me. As she got in front of me maybe a couple of feet she bent down and placed a white Lilly on the granite part of the monument (the part that secures it to the ground with the words Monument of Life written on it). Until she bent down to place the flower there.. I had not seen any monument in my view.

Once she stood up from placing the flower on the ground of the monument she said these words to me “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.” And then she turned and started to walk away. Being stunned by this message, I called out to her and asked if she meant literally, or in my meditation or what and she turned around, placed her index finger to her mouth and whispered: Shhhhhhh, just rest for now. And then she was gone.  (To see what she really meant, click here)

I took a moment to contemplate this message and became very aware that I did not know her soul name.. so I sent out a wave of intention of getting her soul name, so that I can address her ascended energy instead of her once physical energy. As I sent out this request phew I was not prepared for what followed I will attempt with all I know how to share the next thing, but please feel this part with your heart, because my words are too simple and lack so much.

There was not so much a vision as there was a feeling of Presence and a sound ohhh my what a sound it was a vibration of aaaaahhhhhhhhh that lifted so far into the universe and thru my very soul that just hearing it made my whole being cry with joy as the sound escalated (not in sound, but more like motion.. like as the ahhh kept going on, it lifted higher and higher in vibration), it sounded like the entirety of All There Is joined into make this sound. I could feel my heart beating, I became very aware of the rhythm of the air around me, the sounds that I have heard around me, but didn’t hear.. and it was all in unison with my own heart beating. I could feel the heart of my being in my arms, in every cell that makes up my body, and the air around me coursed in the same beautiful motion.

As I allowed my body to become one with this incredible sound I had seen what looked like brilliantly lit stars falling from the sky thousands upon thousands of them. And then something strange started to happen as I watched these stars stream down to what I understood to be the earth plane some of the star lights started to crackle and pop and blow out, never really reaching its intended target (the earth).. or perhaps.. burned out along the way is a better way of re-describing it. (added note: I think I have seen the entire story of our earth in this moment).

As I watched and understood there was such an encompassing love that surrounded it all that I cried and cried I have never felt so much love from anything,…

I must also clarify, that artwork was created by an amazing artist in Israel from an image I got thru a guided meditation while attending the certification for Life Between Life Hypnosis with Michael Newton, PhD.   Then, my friend at the time, the same friend who gave me the amazing, life transforming gift of staying at the mountain side camp in Vermont, who is an amazing jewelry creator, created a little version of that artwork.
My wake up call this morning was that similar Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh song from the heavens.  I have adjusted to the frequency of love, but the heavenly chorus singing this morning did create a color theme with their song… creamsicle orange.  (the light infused sense of self expanded beyond physicality.)
Healing the Nations.
Shortly after the 911 bombing of the twin towers, I was getting download after download as I drank my morning coffee outside in the backyard of my first ever housemate in Virginia beach.  This experience was the first time I ever received massive amounts of information, day after day without being in a bathtub.
The information and visuals that came thru these series of downloads sparked a not for profit business I called Healing the Nations.  What I didn’t understand back in 2001, being so very new to this path (just over a year) and spirit communication, was time.  What I was receiving felt urgent and needed to be done ASAP…
I could see this mass gathering taking place in a very large open space.  There was a large stage like you would see at a rock concert, but instead of bands, all the “Light Worker” people I was familiar with, gathered.  Folks like Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Michael Newton… the list long as well as mostly forgotten now by me.
Because 911 had recently happened, I assumed this wide open space was either in time square or Madison square garden in New York City.  I could see the sea of people who came from all over the world to attend this massive day long event.  Each speaker shared whatever their expertise was thru out the day.  What so surprised me was, I was not only the organizer of this event, I was also one of the speakers.  In 2001 I was still very much tethered to my bathtub and had nothing, especially in comparison to those gathered on that stage with me, to offer.  I felt like a peons peon.
Thru this ongoing event and I witnessed speaker after speaker talking/sharing… suddenly the most amazing thing happened.  It just getting to sunset when suddenly in the sky… the most amazing light permeated everywhere.  It was felt, experienced by every single person in attendance.  The Light of God changed us, healed us forever!!
One of the things I had wanted to do, was actually build this monument of life right there in the place we held the gathering.  People from all over the world gave insight on what materials to use, even donations came in to start this project.  I found some people willing to help me, but no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t get this Healing the Nations project off the ground in any way.  I was stumped.  How could I have days upon days of this visual downloaded in detail and yet, couldn’t give it the wings to take flight??
It all fell in the background of my life until it became just a memory.  That is until the other day…
Facebook.  Man what a gathering place for the most profound, light filled earth angels I have ever had the pure honor to call my friends.  There is this one lady who lives in Italy who shares her amazing dreams on my wall, her name is Giunia.  I love her, I love the way spirit lights up her dream-scape with understandings of the shifts we are going thru…. very reflective of the readings as well.
I personally do not have waking memories of what is happening in my sleep time and gotta appreciate, if not slightly envy those who do.  So in a moment of being funny… I asked her if she would mind having a dream for me.  When she agreed to do it, it no longer felt like a funny I was asking of her, but very purposeful and even… possible.  The intent was set… the next morning, she left this detail of her dream for me on my wall:
From Giunia:  Introducing today’s airing of our tv show: Giunia’s dreams. Special feature today: Lisa.
I woke up in the midst of a dream. A huge concert was being organized in a big park outside of the town; a lot of people were gathering from all their different homes to take part in the event. The concert was in a Woodstock style, with lots of young people sitting calmly on the grass and others walking to reach the stage where the event would take place. There were lots of flowers: women were wearing them as necklaces. I’ve often dreamt of concerts lately, they are my psyche’s way of talking about collective undertakings in the current creation.

I woke up thinking: WTF, where’s Lisa?? Then I fell asleep again. And there comes a very beautiful image. A big, huge, living statue, representing a woman’s body. All I can see is her body, the head is beyond the screen, unreachable / invisible. This headless statue is sitting on the ground, dominating the landscape. Her knees are bent, one upward, towards her face, and the other laying on the ground. Her right arm is on the knee facing up. 

I hear a phrase: The best drug in the world (LOL). To sum it up: you appeared in the shape of the symbol of femininity itself, heralding the awakening and the activation of female energies. But there is (yet) no head to that female figure: the outcome of this activity is maybe still veiled, or doesn’t yet exist altogether.

The moment I read about the outside gathering… I was back in the long forgotten vision I named Healing the Nations.  One of my readings yesterday, will give you a much bigger understanding of the flowers and is right in alignment with what this all means!!
The Monument of Life… that is the feminine isn’t it?  All life comes thru the goddess (with a lot of help from the god too.)  In several of the readings this last week or so, I have seen headless people in the readings… so stripped of their physical need to have an “identity” that they LIVE as all possibilities in every now moment.
To me, the right knee. spiritual flexibility and the right arm resting and facing upwards… reaching for more.  The fact that our teams tied me in with the monument of life… I have no words to express the deep inner feeling of it.
What I thought was a single event in 2001 was a 12 year journey to now.  The living landscape of life we call the internet.  A gathering of amazing souls, amazing “light workers” and the presence of god in it all.
This will all go down in my world of memories as an extraordinary event shared between two people on facebook that has changed me forever.  Thank you and our teams Giunia, you have a precious gift and I am more than grateful to be a recipient of it!!
There are two readings from yesterday that ties into this whole sharing like a bow on top of a present!!
As I had shared the other day, my son is about to change his entire life.  In doing so, he needed a resume so he can start job hunting in Boston (if you know anyone looking for the best indoor/outdoor painter and general contractor in the Boston/Cape Cod area of Mass, please let me know.)  He is going thru the purging fires of financial hell… clearing lol and I told him I will see if I can trade one of my packages for a resume for him.  I finally remembered to put it out there on facebook, I would be willing to trade a 3, thirty minute package for a professional resume, within minutes this gal not only offered to do his resume, but would do it for free.  And then a second girl offered too… combining their skills for my son.
I was… humbled is not even close to what I felt… deeper, bigger…
Not only did this amazing soul start on my sons resume, when I put out my holiday special, she bought a 3 thirty minute package!!  Hayyyyyyy!!  I wanted to give you that for free.
I started seeing this amazing lady even before I connected to her and I knew exactly what I was seeing.  That crazy vibrational thingie I once called 2015, then switched into a floor like energy, then changed into a golden vibration of energy, shifted again to look like a rope.  There my lady was, walking this rope heading into the brilliant light of the 11th, in her hands she had a basket of flowers and she was tossing out the flowers to her left and to her right.  Even tho I knew what i was seeing, her team started playing some 3 Dog Night to assure me what I was seeing:
The flowers of Shambhala.  Lets go right back into Giunia’s dream experience… the element of flowers.  Absolutely connected Here.  To share abundantly thru the heart!!
Healing the Nations was an inside event that bled outwards to anyone we shared our experiences and understandings with.  And now, the monument is built, alive on this precious earth… the Monument of Life itself (no, not me, well no more me than you too.)  And thru the gateway of the 11th (tomorrow) The Presence of God is…..  (to be continued there, I have no idea…. yet lol…)
There was one more person on my agenda yesterday, whose visual I could not understand its presence in his field to save my life.  I mean I did get it, but not really the “why” yet…  I do now.  Holy crescendo batman, I really do now.
I put a link to what the Blessed mother (there’s that goddess energy again) really meant when she said what she said, but let me just say, 2 weeks after that meditation, my amazing mentor was transported in the physical from Australia to my humble world in Virginia.  OHHHHHHH my flipping god.  I was staying in a dump, I mean hotel called The Cherry Motel.  Two days ago, I was just aimlessly walking around in my kitchen (stretching my legs) when I heard spirit say so clearly “Like picking cherry’s from a vine.”  What the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs in china?  It was so random, so… not wrapped around anything and cherry’s grow on trees, not vines!!  What the hell?
My only man on the field yesterday… a partner to a beautiful lady (Melissa D this is your spousal unit Steve lol) I have read for for years but just recently started rescheduling (I mean reading) for her husband…  I have also had the pure honor of meeting them both in person.
There he was and there she was too… on this rope like line connected to the 11th.  They were bizarre in my visual… human forms yes, but looking like they were made of cookie dough than anything human (and the color of each was like a deep tan, very earthy color.)  They were facing each other standing maybe about a foot or two apart, and their cookie dough substance created these mass of strings that were met and sticky and so connected to each other.  Two separate forms living as one connected body (thru those hundreds of strings.)
I recognized this as the living energy of what my team calls a Divine Counterpart.  He didn’t start out like that when I first read for her, but man oh man, he worked his butt off to get to Here in the most perfect time on earth.
The image didn’t move, didn’t change and here I am with this new guy on the field and I felt like I am giving him someone he cannot even use… and then something was added.  Holy shit, I was excited to understand this.
The only color beyond cookie dough color suddenly appeared within each of their chests… two beating hearts (like valentine’s day hearts.)  The hearts would move out of each of their chest at the same time, came within about an inch of merging together, then retreat back into their chest.  Again, I am wondering… what the hell??
I realized their hearts never joined fully together, even tho they were beating in rhythm…. and then the rest of their story (our story) was shared.  When they are in full alignment with each others desire, with unconditional love and unison… I seen their hearts merge together in that beat, and unlock the most amazing substance I could not see in any way… but knew… I KNEW it was pure creator energy.
This is the true workings of the Divine Counterparts.
On my way home from the dentist yesterday, contemplating everything, I heard “wait until you see the sunset.”  Pointing my camera out the passenger side window is easy… I took tons of pictures of the setting, blazing sun.  I will close with two…. the energy of gold as it started, the brilliant pinks and blues as I arrived at the end of highway 550 before I turned off.
sunset end
Ohhh before I close…. whatever the portal of the 11th really is, started to create this massive shine back on every reading yesterday.  This morning as the heavenly hosts sang me awake… I was blinded by the light of it all.  I realized yesterday that the two ones creating arches represented timelines too.  Activated in shine back on the 9th, touching down on the 11th, becoming full on at the 13th.  With that said… I beg the universe to please have mercy on our schedule these next several days….
Can I just wrap my legs and arms around each and every one of you and give you a full body ((((((HUG))))))))) please.  I love you from head to toe, from physicality to source and every iota in between!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. The HOLI-DAYS Special is now Live on my reading page:  Save $5 – $20 on everything I have to offer.



  1. I LOVE YOU LISA!!!!Tho i don’t ‘comment’ on your every blog, i read each one with delectable Relish; it’s like reading a GREAT book you never want to end! HAHA. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU SO FRICKIN MUCH, GIRL!!!!HAHA. (((((HUGS AND MORE HUGS))))

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  2. Thats a lot of sharing today! I think it’s something that men have to learn, that sharing positively, openly and honestly is so liberating and healing for everyone…. thanks 🙂

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