Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 8, 2014

The Complete Game Changer/Enhancer of December!!


Boy, isn’t December a mixed bag of tricks already?  I personally am witnessing so many different themes playing out with the people I know.  Varied to a degree I cannot remember seeing before.  For some, the changes they are experiencing are a massive blessing, for others, like skin being ripped from their bodies, but change is change.  I kept asking my team, what the hell do I need to change.  I really love my life,  I love what I do, I’m not sure what or where I need to bring in change.  My team replied back… look at how much weight you have lost and are still loosing (45 pounds so far, yay) THAT is change!!  Really???

When spirit says, change something, do something different… they are not speaking in any one thing, just …anything.  Every ounce of change we apply to ourselves, to some part of our lives, has a dynamic affect on the whole, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you personally.

December.  All I can think of is that soda bottle that has been shaking up so violently, you stand back when you go to open it.  We can see it happening in the news, we may be witnessing it in our own lives or those very close to us.

I remember a reading I did as we were moving from November into December, I am pretty sure I shared this already, but I am going to do it again.  She was the one with violet and blue roller skates on, these little arched wings at her back and suddenly, she leaped into the first week of December, grabbed some by the throat and to my view eyes, looked like she lifted him off the floor in a choke hold with her hand.  I was beyond stunned with her image, the suddenness of it and might I add, what looked pretty flipping violent.  She had sent me an email, it happened, not once, but twice already.  Tough love!!

We get to this place, I really am over labels… whatever this place of understanding is within us, and so many think we have to be sugary sweet, all embracing and its just bullshit.  No one ever said we were going to just sit on river banks and sing kumbaya to each other, while other floundered like we did getting to here.  Or worse, seeing those we love have a shit storm of not so wise choice blow back in their lives, and all we do is sit back and pray.  Oh no, it is time we get up in their face and redirect them.  Very much like our guides have done to us getting to here.  To illuminate how their choices created the shit storm they may be in and advise them of wiser choices and to not dilly dally in making them!!  (With this, I am witnessing this scenario with all of my children.)

And then we seen the contrast, where we didn’t have to go thru the chaos because we have been there, done that, and learned by living it already, how to make wiser choices.  We were set up to be the support team for those around us going thru it.

And then there are the other group, where the focus is not on the chaos of even lack there of, but honing and bringing out your spiritual abilities in fullness.  Where the focus is on learning how to use the fullness of yourself in many many ways.

It really took me several days to understand what is really happening and why.  Two days ago, the field of readings took one of the strangest turns I have ever seen.  I had six people on my dance card, two men, 4 women.  My first reading was a man and his reading flowed effortlessly.  I realized yesterday as I was getting little puzzle pieces to connect this profound time we are all in, that what I had seen with my two men, tells a larger story.  I could not see any of my females.  My second man was 5th on my dance card, and after blanking the three women before him, I thought I was down for the day… not even, I started seeing him before I even realized I who I was connecting to.  I have been doing readings, in one form of another, since 2003 and never ever have I seen the field visible or invisible by sex…. until Saturday.

My first man showed up on a golden thread of energy that I know is connected to spirits big, yet still secret even of the 11th.  He was facing me and one either side of him were what looked like intense water pouts.  The one on his left side was clearer than the one on his right, they were both that creator energy blue, did I say, intense???  It took a bit but I started to realize what I was seeing.  The water spout on his left was clearing the past that got him to here and closing it out as it cleared it.  So to my viewing eyes, it was as if the water spout was spewing water to cleanse and release the difficulties, while it came to a close.  The spout on the right, while not as solid in my vision, was  sucking in the energy from the future to create the building blocks of his next version of himself.

Then I realized that these two water spouts were connected directly at his root chakra, and he himself was the center spout.  So there was actually three in all.  Creator, Soul, Physicality.  A triad of energy harnessing all three aspects of this crazy thing called life (past, present, future) all in this now moment of his creation.

Lets look too at the water element.  Emotions.  Intense emotions represented by the water spouts.  The desire of cleansing the past and bringing in the new of the future to build into creation the dream of the present.

The next thing I see, there he was, this white container of living energy at the 11th, but this time, his water spouts turned into fire, like suddenly there were get rockets at the ground bellowing fire at each side and each fire went over his head, it was that big!!  Passion!!!!

Man, I really get a better understanding of his visual in relationship with whats happening to my son.  I swear my son could be a male clone of me, right down to when the worst (perceived) events of our lives happen.  Christmas time!!  His world is caving in on him in every direction.  All I can see when I think about him, is the floor falling out from below him.  Which of course, puts him into the greatest choices of his life.  He has lived in Virginia since 2002, 19 years old.  He has built an amazing life for himself that really became evident with the birth of his son.  He has a successful contracting company that is now 4-5 years old.  But…. His son lives 14 hours by car away from him and the void in between visits has grown to self destruction as the years past.

Success can only be sustained when there are no holes in your heart.  My sons love for his son… bigger than any success, any amount of money could ever fill.  He had mentioned over the years about moving to Boston to be near his son but with that next big contract, the desire went on hold.  The universe, in all its infinite wisdom, pulled all the plugs out from my sons true desire to make sure this time, he acts on his heart and not on anything else.  Without going into the details of it all, he is moving to Boston by February 1st.  Change that I know is going to be so incredible for him as well as his son!!  Starting anew.  Fresh, and with nothing!!

So lets move to my second man, filling the number 5 slot of the day.  There he was, on the golden wire connecting the path to the 11th, for him tho, there was something weighty going on in bhim, because that wire was slacking down (instead of being taught across like everyone else.)  His appearance was amazing.  The imagery of Archangel Michael became his body, with a focus on the shield at first.  The shield itself had seven sides to it.  The top, at each side a a line that formed a 90 degree angel that went into the sides itself, and then formed a V at the bottom.  The shield was trimmed in that living blue energy… Source, God, creator (whatever.)  Inside the energy was dirty white… soul energy already in use.  Then I could see this emblem at the upper part of the shield… a p in the same 7 sided form.  His team was sure to let us know that this is a lower case p and not a capital P several times during his reading.  Why would that even matter???  Only this morning do I get it.  (slow on the uptake here lol.)  Think about a sentance structure, the first word is always capitalized and is what the sentence is all about, all the other words support and engage with the first to define the sentence.  The shield of protection!!  If we were to change it to Protection shield, it means we are afraid we protect first move second.  Not happening in this creation.  Knowing you are always protected in all you do, allows the shield to be a part of your journey and not the first thing you use.

In his left hand (physical life hand) was the sword of truth.  The part that made up the sword looked a lot like the medical symbol with two snakes, but the snakes were intertwined with each other as opposed to the sword part itself.  They were both a dirty white.  He was told this sword is so much more than using your own truth, but it is there to penetrate the dark with your wisdom.  It is activated any time he is in service, speaking truth where needed, invoking the energies of his personal truth and desire when needed.  I could see this sword activate and vibrate in his hand when activated.  His team said to pay attention to hand, he will literally either feel the vibration in his hand, heat flowing from his hand, or itchy because of the two combined.  These are important, creative moments in his world.

A warrior of light is not someone who sits on the sidelines wishing or praying…

He did mention he took a job that he is not loving, that is taxing his body like never before and that gave way to his “weightiness.”  But his team assured him, the job that is going to expand him is coming.  When??  I have no freakin clue because both of my men’s teams created a huge white wall of energy at the 11th itself.  I could not get to the other side of the 11th for nuttin!!

It did become clear to me yesterday why this crazy reading day happened the way it did.  First, my men were set in very particular order.  1 and 5.  new beginnings plus change and chaos.  One always precedes the other!!

So why no women visible on the field??  Well… that too became understandable yesterday.  Women are the emotional winds in this life, in this reality.  Our souls were in the upper atmosphere creating massive winds of change, sparking new desires in the field of all earths, all inhabitants, and also, becoming the fairy godmothers of change for our men.  They too are in their own Cinderfella story, getting dressed for the greatest ball of their lives.

The energy of the souls incarnate are the ones creating this change.  So there are times when you show up and I cannot see you, its because you are deep in the quantum field of work and I cannot see you at that rate of speed.  Also, like yesterday, we all hit that quantum field and I cannot see you nor me!!!

However, spirit did show some puzzle pieces for all of us yesterday.  I felt like a dog waiting the next treat to be tossed out.  Could you hear me panting lol!!

That golden wire suddenly became a massive crack in the fields of energy.  What I can only describe as the bottom opening up and falling away.   They showed me this to enhance the fact that not only is our biology in a radical state of change, not only is our soul in a radical state of expansive change, so is the field itself, on every conceivable earth.

Thru another freakin day of rescheduling…. I was so pulled to take a bath/meditation… I went in and got the flipping silent treatment.  What the hell!!  Nuttin… until I was coming out and suddenly I could see the energy of the intensely white 11th… two 11s with a gap….  1  1  suddenly give way to two golden arches.  n n (not n’s think, arches lol.)  gateways.  Three distinct gateways that are opened thru YOU.  Think about that… THRU YOU???

The place where the solid energy of life itself… pure potential (the white 11’s, which are you) become the highest vibration of spirit on earth, portals to life changing, life serving events.

I will let you ponder all that lol, my day is about to begin (I hope.)

I love you madly, passionately, completely and let me just drench you in ((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  My Holi-Days special to You.  Every reading I have, is all going on special.  Single readings and all packages you will save $5, $10, $15, $20 dollars off of.  I will have my appointment calendar and my website reflecting this today… as soon as the time allows for me to change everything.  This special will be valid for 2 weeks.













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  2. Ugh girl, how do I fix the hole in my heart? 😦 I am so glad your son finally followed his, though. I enjoyed your post but honed in on this part.


  3. you are too fabulous Lisa, i love reading your writings.. yes, i could hear you panting.. lol.. lets hope after the 11th i have some magic money to get a reading, until then, keep smiling..

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