Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 6, 2014

Changes Abound!! Shattering the Illusions.


If the way we do things changes any more than it has… I have watched/witnessed in my own line of work/play everything about the readings, the way I read, what I read, how I read, shift and change over the last decade plus.  There is no doubt in my heart, it is happening again.  But then again, we are speeding up, the field completely morphing into its new version, again.  This last quarter of the year has been filled with radical change on so many levels.  Some obvious, some not near as obvious…. but will be soon.

Yesterday, the readings just became strange, again.  I got previews before our session started, but once the session started, I couldn’t tap into the field to save my life.  Its only this morning I realized that the field itself, is undergoing radical change just like we are.

Even tho I had 6 on my dance card yesterday, I only previewed 4, the last two… nothing.  But lets look at these 4, 3 women, 1 man, the women so similar in their preview.  All of them on the vibrational field I once called 2015, then switched to call it a floor, well it shifted again to look like a thin wire of textured gold.  Surrounding this golden wire was something akin to huge cotton balls of white energy, thick puffy, not cloud like at all, very tangible in feeling.

My first lady was spinning like crazy by the palms of her hands, over and under, over and under.  She would put the best gymnast to shame!!  My second lady, all I could see were her feet, looking very cinderella like in their view (think cartoonish, small, smooth… like this, minus the glass slipper:)



Her dainty little smooth feet were stepping one in front of the other as if she was walking a golden tight rope, with such balance and grace!  My third lady, similar, on that golden wire, but with her (I am feeling an evolution of the story now with these three ladies) three angels were putting their heads out of the cotton balls above her, and I felt very connected to the concept of “Christmas Angels” and their heads were kind bizarre.  Their hair was a shining gold, their faces a flat, textured silver.  Gold being the highest vibration of spiritual energy I see in readings, the fact that it was shiny shows reflection, the silver, would be the highest form of earth energy I see… the face emitting a worn but evident reflection of the pureness of earth.

All three of them suddenly placed their hands down towards her, extending a (wrapped) gift.  They completely blocked my ability to discern…. physical or spiritual gift.

In between Cinderella feet and angel lady, there was a man.  Geez Louise, I swear sometimes, the universe has a one tract mind.  He was standing on the wire, I couldn’t really see the wire like I could with my ladies, instead, he was surrounded on his left and right side by the fluid, blue energy… source energy.  It was a part of his body and about I don’t know, 10 inches out from his body.  As I looked at his head, the first thing I thought of was the little head umbrellas people in asia wear.

head ubrella


Now just make this image all connected with fluid blue energy, arms stiffly at the side, what you would see, as I was shown in a full view of him was a freakin penis!!!!!!!   Ohhh and just seeing my man as the creator energy penis man wasn’t enough, the next thing I see is this ummmmm…. stream of liquid energy moving from the top part of his umbrella head move upward then come down towards the left side (physical life) and this structure I could see imploding inwards on itself from the ummmm ejaculate released from his… I don’t even know…. What is odd and very surprising, the structure itself was identified in my audible field as Langley.  Really??  What the hell does this all mean??  He doesn’t work there, tho he does live in that area, the same area my kids are.

From what I am understanding these last crazy days in the field, men are pollinating our world with amazing new energy, new life, and in doing so, by virtue of this new energy, penetrating the old structure to collapse in on themselves.  Women are holding and absorbing the emotional frequencies underway… transmuting the junk into radiance and enhancing the radiance into new life.

On that note… my day is about to begin, I hope anywayz.  Ohhhh I gotta smile at this little occurrence.  On my facebook wall yesterday, several people were talking about how real, prophetic even their dream world has become.  I sat and pouted, I don’t freakin dream, well I have no waking memories of my dreams.  Spirit in their infinite humor… I had a dream last evening that I woke up remembering.  I was painting my damn floors.  Granted, tehy do need painting… but really, this is what I get as a dream!!  I guess even when I get what I want, it’s not the way I want it, so I am gonna bitch still.  Funny creatures us humans!!!

Ohhh and before I forget, my three ladies… hands, reaching for the life of desire, feet, walking into the life of desire, gifts aplenty at attainment!!

So I will close with this quote from spirit yesterday…:  “Change is not going to be in the way it is expected to be, but rather, in the way it needs to be.”

I love you all so freakin much and so much more than that too.  Thank you for enduring my changes as you go thru your own.  Power up, Power In!!

(((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))) of empowered change to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Thank you Lisa….LOLOL…. your a hoot!


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