Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2014

The Weight of Steel vs the Light of Expansion and Movement.

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Talk about the swing of the pendulum In 24 hours I had gone from annoyed about everything to euphoric, freakin joyful about every little thing.  I’ll take the latter please, and live there forever!!  lol

What an equally strange day in the field!  The first lady, I couldn’t see for at all, I just knew it couldn’t be me, I had so much energy and excitement in me, she had to be taking a dip in the quantum deep, but I wouldn’t know that for sure until another connection happened.  I was able to see for the next two people, then not the fourth, I could see for the fifth and not the last.  But I was really starting to get why and my last lady’s team was wonderful enough to confirm what I had been feeling given the three connections I could see.  The ascent to the energy field I call 2015 is officially underway.  When you are in, especially to that degree, I cannot see you until your vibration has evened out.  For a change, it’s a reason to celebrate not being able to see you!!

The three people I could see for all had a very similar theme or maybe i should say, color spectrum to them.  For all three the entirety of their reading consisted of this beautiful steel-blue color.  I didn’t even think about interpreting the color until my second connection, but then it became clear as day.

Looking at the energy line that is representing 2015, a higher vibration of ourselves it looks something like this:

white blue

Granted, this snippet of an image is light shining on water, now if you reversed it, the light coming out of the water, the blue and it is a constant electrical pulse of white being emitted from the blue, that’s what I see, that is what I know as pure Source (creator, god) energy.

The color spectrum that showed up in every reading yesterday, was a beautiful steel-blue, kinda like this:

blue steel background

It took me thru the entirety of this morning to really understand this color scheme.  Everyone I seen yesterday, had something they needed to put into play, let go of and move forward with.  When we get weighed down with emotions, the perceived limitations and expectations of life, we weigh down our light field too.  Instead of radiating outward into the field of creation, we reflect inward… or maybe, worry inward is a better phrase.

My second lady really showed up something to keep in mind for everyone.  The first thing I had seen were a bunch of steel-blue umbrellas, opened and placed sideways.  They were all opened, the inside part of the umbrellas facing me, all in the north-west field.  Can I mention, every single person yesterday, all the visuals were in this quadrant.  West is your unlimited energy field, north is present going into future.  So the umbrella’s were situated in a way that stopped the incoming energy from doing whatever it needs to do.  The moment I found her on the field… I understood why.

She was over in the south-east quadrant, (south, the garden we grew in full view, think summer when everything is in bloom and visible) and east, new beginnings, spring, new growth, new energy, new stuff all around.)  She was staring blankly at nothing I could see, but what amused me more than anything is she had this huge, poindexter like glasses on:



Looking but not seeing.  The fact that her “glasses” were big and round, two cycles of completion happened and now harvest what you need and plant your new life in the garden.  She moved out of her old life, hell, our of her country and planted herself in a brand new country, new life full of potential.

But like any garden, you must keep working it for it to grow.  Plant some seeds, put yourself out there, get connected to others, find your inner passion and live it out loud.

She didn’t know what to do next, how to earn a living, she knows what she would like, community, connections of like minds and hearts, but it too is going to take work to cultivate, to really expand yourself from here on out.

What I understood about the umbrellas suddenly became very clear.  The energy that blows in to ignite the seeds we have planted is being held back, because there is nothing in the ground to ignite… yet.  So her team put umbrellas up to give her a little more time to plant some seeds, to find where she wants to grow herself now.  Otherwise, this fertilizing energy would come in and nothing to very little would grow.

The color spectrum of yesterday, everyone I had seen has the vibrational potential within them to leap into the energy of 2015, but you cannot do it sitting still or protecting yourself from new beginnings.  Hence, the steel in the blue.

Like our little scientist poindexter, you have some amazing skills within you, ripe, ready for use… it is up to you to experiment, put in motion the energy of YOU.

If you are looking to change jobs, ask yourself what do you want to expand within yourself, the job that will do that in the best way, will just show up.  Do not look at jobs first then think, well, maybe….  I know everyone wants to be in service, but when you are in service to your Self first and foremost, you cannot help but find yourself in service to others.

I will give you a very real example of how this works by my own path.  When I was living in Vermont and I was out on that mountainside learning how to hear the communication of plants, of the ground, of the air of everything I had no idea communicated… as the winter set in, I needed to find an apartment.  We (my 11-year-old daughter and myself) lived pretty much off the grid and Vermont can be rough in the winter.  Going from no rent to a place I needed to rent, I knew I needed a job.  So I demanded, literally, my team find me a job that will continue to expand my ability to connect with things and people beyond the verbal exchange we are accustomed to.   The only job I found was a personal care taker in an assisted living environment, not my ideal job… but they also had an apartment available too.  So I got a job and an apartment and grew my “reading” skills in so many expanded ways.

I say this to make the point, don’t look at the job, look at what you want to enhance within your spiritual skill set, the environment will be provided and it is your job to say YES and get active!!

The winds of change and deep fertilization will only be held back for a moment… Plant your seeds, be fully active in your new exciting life, or seeds of re-membering (your inner power and desires) will be planted for you.

There is an amazing game to be played and only you can decide to participate and where you want to focus your expansion.  Your guides cannot and will not tell you where to focus your expansion.  That’s kind of like asking your parents what you want to be when you grow up.  But put some energy into your desires, they will guide you and celebrate you all the way Home!!!

On that note… what do you want to be when you grow up???

Big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with Happy New Year celebrations!! I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas











  1. Lisa, great article! I want you to know that I worked on that sadness thing all day yesterday. I almost gave up, and I almost got defeated by my own Self, but I hung in there and by bedtime I felt somewhat better. I was aware during the night that I was dreaming, and while I didn’t know what it was it was like I was working out the pieces in order to find the connection to Erin. I felt her strongly last night too, because I was working to find the joy. Also, she had nudged me via feeling to put up the table full of cards that I had received after she died. They have been there since August 15 of this year, the day we returned home (well the amount grew to fill the entire table). I told her I wasn’t ready yesterday but I did it this morning. They are in piles and I need to find a resting place for them but anyway, I had movement. She also nudged me to meditate when I am feeling sad as a way of connecting with her to snap out of it. I don’t understand why and how and whatever, and I’m still sad, but I see a new perspective today.

    Also, the steel blue – Several years ago AA Michael was one of my strong guides. He “dropped me off” at a new school (new mentor, new guides) but one of my old friends gave me a picture from some art gallery of him around that time. I have never framed it because I was shown very clearly what colors the frame needed and how they were to look – BRAIDED STEEL BLUE and SILVER. So like DNA strands I guess, but I can see the color blue and the silver just twining up together and anyway, I never found a frame. I can still see it though! Just thought I’d share. Hugs.


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  3. Thanks Lisa, totally ties in with what I have been seeing. The other week I was shown the top of my head lifting up and underneath it was filled with the blue/white light. Then about a week ago I was shown myself emerging out of a circular area of golden light but coming up from the earth.. my entire body was made up of the blue/white light and I was just about up to ground level. A while ago I was shown the caduceus type imagery in the steel blue, just before you shared that post with it as your main pic. I love how I get things through and then your blogs assist me in my pat forward…. I love how we are all working together with this!

    I moved into my new cottage and it has taken up until this morning to get my internet, land line and mobile contract all arranged, even though I had all the bits and bobs i.e phones, router etc in place things just wouldn’t connect up. This morning they literally ALL came on together… the symbolism in all of this has not escaped me. On top of that when I looked at where my mobile pone was plugged in, the transparent protective thing off the back of it was lying next to it… I had not removed it! Things are really showing up for me in a very physical way that I could not ignore if I tried! Also, before reading your blog the other day (in the early hours of the 16th) I was shown red, waxy sealant (like they used to seal their letters with) being poured onto the top of my head… my communication centre. So yes, it all makes sense! I will be checking in with my team in a bit to see what’s what, but again I would just like to say thank you and send you love.

    Nicole… I would also like to send you love and support, I cannot understand wat you are going through at this level of my being but my heart reaches out to yours in love and assistance ❤


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