Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 6, 2014

Understanding the Electrical Currents of Yesterday (11/5/14)


One would think with gaining an extra hour in the mornings, I would be up an extra hour early, oh hell no, two days in a row I woke up just before 7…. very late in my world!!  What the heck is up with that.  There is so much for me to share, but I do not have the adequate time to share it again today, so I am just going to share what I can until I run out writing time, starting with yesterday!!

Just when we thought we got some free passes from the machine gun spitting sun… only to find out it was saving itself up for a direct hit into the human body.  I woke up yesterday, very late, but my eyes were leaking, my head was felt like someone was in there kneading my brains as hard as they could.  My team turned off my ability to see outwards (do readings) but not my ability to see inwards.  I got to see and really understand what was happening inside of me, inside of us yesterday.

The first thing I was able to see was a massive handful of silver electrical lines being placed (can I say shoved) inside of my crown.  These electrical lines looked very much like silver tinsel, but not limp, very straight as they entered my poor head.  Each one (there were too many to try to count) found an electrical circuit in the brain and melted into it.  The kneading in my head continued for hours… many hours.  It would be at the top, crown area, move over to the right temple area, head down to the base of the neck area, then back up.  For a little while there, I thought there was a loose pinball at the base of my brain rolling back and forth… ouchies.

I am not going to let a bit of pain in my head and burning watering eyes stop me from trying to read… but my team will!!  lol  But even that showed me something I never seen before, I didn’t realize it until my third or fourth appointment, but it actually became kinda exciting.  My third or fourth (can’t remember) appointment was my biggest one yesterday, an hour reading, when I called her, I could see this light energy stacked above my crown, when I told her what was up and that I cannot see and we rescheduled… I seen this light energy melt away and some of the incoming pressure released itself from my head.  I never realized your soul light waits at my crown area for your reading.  My day’s agenda stacks itself at my crown, waiting its (your) turn in the ongoing interlocking puzzle unfolding.  That was so kewl and rather exciting!!

Now this is something I didn’t even connect until just now.  As I was fixing myself something to eat, hoping food will temper some of the headache, I suddenly seen the eye doctor lenses that you look into when you go for an eye exam being place in the center of my head.  Kinda like this, again in my head not on my eyes and minus the little girl (smile):

eye exam

I knew this energy was enhancing my visual cortex.  Aligning it to see higher forms of light.  I have a feeling the preparation needed to see us out on the full functioning new earth… which we have not seen yet.

The pinball rolling around in my head was becoming more than I could bear, all I could feel was the deep need to take a bath.  I ran the hottest bath I could stand, got in and immersed myself into the water and the water immersed itself around me.  My whole body became immobilized, as if I was rolled up in the warmest, tightest blanket of energy.  I couldn’t move, nor did I want to, it actually felt good.

I also want to mention here, this is what our teams call the “quantum deep” when we must be taken offline for upgrades, which will be ongoing.  If we look at a rolling wave, I see you when the wave is top side, not bottom side.

Then, a former family members team showed up in my bath, yapping away with a message for her.  I didn’t give it to her yesterday, but am going to share it out loud here today, because we can all learn from this very important message.

When we look at the way others choose to live and it conflicts with the way you are choosing to live, the judgement that you have, that strong emotionally charged desire they live more like you and less like themselves tightens your world even harder.  To choose to sacrifice all you have around you so you can make money to pay the bills, is a personal choice and one cannot be unhappy if that’s about all your life becomes, working to pay the bills, its your focus and the universe will give you more of that to focus on.  Choosing to make sure you have fun, parties, adventures mixed in with work, the universe will give you more of that, because it is where you are focused.  Learning to balance the two… is key.  Never judge another for something you are choosing not to do, because it really adds more of what you are choosing to do, to your life.

Once I finally said, ALRIGHT ALREADY, I will make sure she gets the message… they left.  Isn’t that a bath invasion??  lol  Then my body decided to have a say as well.  I know I say this so much, but man I mean it more and more each day.  My body gave me a weight to stop at, which surprised me, cuz I was thinking 20 pounds less than its desire.  It explained to me that at this phase of my age, the body slows down and increases weight for a reason, it is needed for prime functionality.  However, we are so conditioned to not have an ounce of weight on our bones at any age, and that reduces its functionality.  So 24 pounds from now, I will go into maintaining phase.

Finally, my team chimes in… with an added explanation of a visual I seen when I dared to look at the election results from Tuesday night.  My heart about broke when the entire country became a sea of red… Republicans, anti-humans (ok, not all, but most are.)  Their primary agenda is war, and fight tooth and nail to not help their fellow humans, especially the poor.  So when I seen the map my crazy ass team (pun intended) showed me an ass sitting on water and suddenly it blows a fart, into the water goes all this gas, creating a great escape from the gas out of the water… it all bubbles up to the surface to escape.  Alright then… what the hell does that mean??  The country just farted??

In my bath, they started from there and showed how all the gas bubbles are now up and above the water, it cannot sustain itself in pure water, it is simply too full of itself and not blending with the purity of water.  This puts them in full exposure as well as those who support that kind of separation on earth.  This also allows the cream of the earth to be fully present and active on earth itself.  What many call the light workers… it is our time to become activated and mend what is broken.  This is not going to happen by sitting in your home singing songs and pushing light around the world, but by becoming involved, hands on, heart in… real-time.  Practice your craft in real-time.  The change WILL come thru us again, not sitting still, but by being active.

What surprised me to the most with all this… is the direction of focusing on creation, assisting those who have been left by the weigh side, and not assisting those who choose this karmic blow back as their lesson.  It’s going to be a very interesting time in this country!!  But really brings to the forefront of spirits message the last couple weeks, focus on what you can do, not what appears to be falling apart.  Be in this world, but not of it!!  Very much like this amazing 90 year old man in Florida who was recently arrested for publicly feeding hungry people. (This is the mentality just elected nationwide.  Gulp.)

After my bath, I got out and headed to the couch, still wrapped in that amazing blanket of warmth and support.  I was able to see the rest of the energy work take place.  Those silver electrical lines started to move down into the neck, making it feel like I had the tightest girdle on my neck, and then down towards the high heart, once it passed the high heart area the silver electrical lines turned gold.  They aligned inside the nervous system itself, in the spinal nerves and my team kept repeating the enhancement of the autonomic system within us.  I feel it is going to allow us that place of inner calm when everything (outside) seems to trigger stress.  Be in the world, not of it!!

I watched as this energy culminated at the tail bone, making this little curled up thingie appear at my tailbone.  I didn’t get it, but I did see it.  I guess more to be revealed… eventually.  It was actually a nice change of pace, to see and understand the energy.

Also, my team said that the series of flares released from the mammoth sunspot last week laid the ground work for the one that is present now.  Turning everything on inside of us.

There is so much more to share, but my day starts in 15 minutes, so here is hoping I don’t sleep in tomorrow!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of full on, electrical energy to start your grand adventures with!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:  I opened my website several days ago to get this link integrated to my site again, I have not done that yet.  Maybe today!!









  1. Hello Lisa! 🙂

    Thank you for your authentic sharings. My connection to you (your daily blogs) is one of the gifts that mysteriously show up in my world to support me and remind me I am not alone. 🙂 For which I am very thankful!

    I need to point out something I feel you need to be aware of: in one sentence, you tell us to not judge, then, in the following sentence, you judge.

    (Message to your family member (do not judge) then your comments about politics (judge.)

    Big Hugs Much Love, ZZ


    • To observe what is…. is not judging… it is observing. You can watch someone put their barefoot into fire and know its gonna be hot and probably burn… now if I said that stupid idiot… that is an emotion which is judgement, not observation… he obviously needs to feel how hot fire is as to not burn the next time. 😉


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  3. Funny you mentioned war…I was just telling someone this morning that the “odd violent behavior” all over the world, might just be the Horseman of War. Keep in mind I don’t get scared about this sort of stuff. It’s matter of fact for me. Anyway, you mentioned the politicians, and yes the Republicans are currently playing role of super bad guy (the others, just bad guys!). So I was asking, how would this be the antichrist? The persona of Christ was loving, and he surely would have fed the needy (as well as taught them how to fish). So perhaps the old man who was arrested, and the folks we just put in control of the Senate, maybe they will present as the Antichrist? “It” doesn’t have to be a person you know. It can be an ideal, or a group. I guess my overall point is, indicators point to times of great change. I’m all in. Hope everyone else is! Hugs!


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