Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 4, 2014

Be In The World, Not Of It.

light house

I fully understand now why spirit has kept my ability to peek at you, sketchy at best.  Holy flipping headache batman.  With each reading yesterday, my head was cracking open more and more and I tapped out with my 5th connection, the incoming light was so intense my skull bones hurt even.  How exciting is that!!  lol  Well, it became exciting after the ibuprofen started working.

Once again everyone showed up in my kitchen, but now, as I control my complaining (smile) I really do understand their message with this.  For eons, we have been coming together, in understanding and ability in the expanded field of light, the land of potential equal to meditation adventures.  But now, it is very different, that expanded field of light lives within your Biology, within your created field of life.

My first lady on my dance card showed up, I bent myself in half to look at my floor and crank my antenna out the back door and I could literally feel the push back of my antenna, but as they pushed back my antenna, my floor actually became so drenched in light… well that is different!!  I took its cue to look at her in my kitchen, sure enough there she was, swirls of smokey whitish energy standing near my stove.  The more I looked at her (just trying to understand why I am seeing smoke instead of her) I realized that her biological essence was within the smoke.  Instantly I got a relationship with I Dream of Jeannie, the old show from the 70’s (I think it was the 70’s.)

I Dream of Jeannie

To be clear, it was the smoke I had seen and not that super sexy Barbara Eden Jeannie body, I didn’t see her body at all, it was part of the smoke.  However, the bottle itself became very relevant.  The polished silver egg-shaped thingie I had seen and wrote about yesterday, is our “bottle.”

In the TV show, the bottle is where Jeannie lived, it was her “home.”  When the astronaut Major Nelson became her “master” she come out of her bottle to enjoy time with him and almost always got him out of a pickle of some sort.  In our own way, this is key to our functionality as the living Jeannie in a lemon shaped, highly reflective bottle. (smile)

We are Here, to create and assist Life itself.  Not to get caught up in the chaos that still exits in the denser realities, but to help get that energy out of the pickle it created for itself, each in our own unique way.  Our personal Jeannie bottles are our place of protection, nothing can get in, but yet we still have a view of all that is happening outside:


The master knows when to act and when to stay within their bottle.  I am hearing the quote repeatedly with this “Be in the world, not of it.”  Look at sunlight, it is in this world, but not of it.  Be the Light of the World!!

Ohh and there is an opening at the top and the bottom of our lemon shaped bottle… we will use this, for what, i am not sure yet.  Tidbits of info that will soon tie together.

Now lets talk about that smoke for a moment, how free and moving it is, unencumbered by the density of biology yet still part of the biological world.  I could see my lady connecting with others in their smoke form too, entangling and gathering…. but what I do not know yet, is the how.  How to become that and travel…  I suppose, that will be revealed as soon as I are ready.  But for now, we must orient ourselves to ourSelves and understand how we work right now from the most simple towards the most complex.

One of my ladys came in really strange-looking.  She too was standing near my stove, but all I could see for her was her left leg from the knee down to the toes and her doll looking head.  The area I could see of her leg was representing the depths of the night sky, a starless night sky, but it was so expansive in there.  Her face on the other hand, was strange… almost too strange:



Make that hair longer, and curly, add some red into it and this is pretty much how I seen her head.  The focus was on her freckles.  If we look at the freckles as embedded microdots of information from the stars, from other realms of life she brought in to extract at the appropriate time, which is now.  Her team gave her exact meditation exercises to start extracting the information within her cheeks.  The cheeks, the place between our inner seeing and our ability to speak.  The face itself is the identity we have outwards… you think about when you talk to others about what you know is true, it seems a bit unreal to them.  So do dolls to us, but we know its real.  They used a version of the cabbage patch dolls because they were planted in the fields of life to be discovered by the children (innocent aspects of ourselves) and to be loved.  Here we must also released the information within that version of Self too.  A true starseed growing into fullness.

The leg itself represented her physical life path forward.  As she extracted each freckle (microdot of information) a star would appear in her leg, extraction completed.  In her day to day moments, the information will be released as tangible abilities and understandings.  What I call, on the job training.

I am going to jump to the last connection of the day (mostly because my time for writing is almost done) my young man just rocked my world.  The first thing I had seen with him was this green snake creating a constant motion of the S pattern and stretched out from my back door to near my feet.  Instantly I recognized this snake from my snake lady a few weeks ago.  The Life Force of the air (that which exists between the earth and sky.)   The snake arrived first as an important message to him, but equally to all of us.  The magic that exists within the earth and sky is now fully available for us to use, harness and create with in our material world.  We no longer need to go outside of ourselves to harness what is…

And then there he was, an emerging alchemist.  He too got instruction, going out in the woods where no one else is around, using this snake that suddenly turned into a staff like thing, and pull the energies that are needed for whatever he is going to manifest, up thru the staff… and I could see him in the woods, and feel the energy of the elements combining with that staff and being released into the created world.

By the time I was done with him, I was done.  There was no way in hell I could take in one more ounce of light and survive.  However, I did take a moment to feel the incoming light, like I said, it intensified with each connection… it was coming directly into my forehead, a beautiful silver white energy that moved into my brain area and expanded itself.  If it didn’t hurt so much I would have watched the whole show, but I couldn’t.  Just looking at it made my eyes hurt.  Please know, this is not a bad thing, but a wonderful thing.  We are breathing into each other, triggering DNA activations by our Presence together.

On that note, Ibuprofen before readings today, not after.  I didn’t go near my computer for the rest of the day yesterday, I couldn’t my brains were too sensitive to your light.

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of radiant wonder and magic to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:








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  4. hi lisa, just read your latest post and felt to forward this info. i bought the meditation for white gold alchemy a few days ago ….and was happy to see you speaking of your experience of silver and gold today. i’m an energy healer with keen kinesthetic sense …. often times i’ll have experiences that i don’t understand and you will be talking about them in your posts shortly after!!! appreciate the resonance. with deep appreciation for you sharing youcyndy Tom Kenyon » White Gold Alchemy |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Tom Kenyon » White Gold AlchemyTom Kenyon | Teacher — Scientist — Sound Healer – Psychotherapist — Musician — Songwriter – Singer — Sound Shaman — Author | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

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