Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 29, 2014

WE Are the Living Christ. (And I thank You for Being That!!)


As all of you know, yesterday was that dreaded day in my world for the marrow extraction to see why my white blood cells have been producing themselves on the high to very high side for the last two years, from the very start of my melanoma cancer journey Nov. 2012.  I want to make very clear here too, the dread was for the procedure itself not whatever the outcome may have been.  I am the biggest baby when it comes to any potential of pain.

For the last week, I have been connecting with my bone marrow itself, looking at it, looking for any defects that would cause adverse health in my physical body.  I could see its amped up production of cells, but nothing that would be deemed mutated and the consciousness that is my body plainly stated, this is how change happens.  Good enough for me.

Sunday night as I went to bed, just as I laid down, that beautiful person I refer to as my architect suddenly showed up in a vision about 3 feet above me.  Granted, he was on my schedule for the next day, but I have never ever had any person on my next day agenda show up as I was going to sleep.  An hour or two before, yes, but the night before, never.

He was above standing in the center of his new world, upon the new earth and this crystal clear water was surrounding him and flowing to him in a 360 circle that stretched about 4-5 feet out from his body.  All points of the water seeped under his feet… and that is the last thing I remember before passing out for the night.

He was number one on my dance card that morning, and I told him what I had seen the night before and then started his reading.  The visual was similar, with a new enhanced twist on the element of water.  Instead of it being sparkling clear, it was now the white-blue essence I know as the energy presence of the Creator, of Source, God and yet, it was still the water.  I watched as the water ran under his feet and showed him the upcoming discovery he is going to make with naturally cleaning the waters of the world and gave him what information I could understand about it all.

He had told me of a vision he has had for NYC, the place where he is living.  Turning all the skyscrapers into living waterfalls that cascaded down the sides, and the tops into eco-environments.  The moment he shared his vision, I could see it sooooo clearly and with an intense element of excitement in my own body.  Also, it was made clear that when this happens, and it WILL happen, the vibration will have been raised so high in NYC as to not be able to sustain the lower frequencies that are in body and very present there.  His team also made clear it will not happen today or tomorrow, but if he remains dedicated to the potential at hand, it WILL happen.

Monday morning, just after my connection with him, my whole body started to collapse in its energy structure.  I had a great nights sleep and really wasn’t tired, but I could feel myself falling apart energetically.  I had a sneaky feeling the sun was involved… sure enough, the sun had just released another flare, an X2 class flare.  I was able to sustain my energy long enough to do the next two readings, but by the third one, I was done.  The energy was now coming directly into my third eye and radiating a headache that was coming from the outside in.  I could even see the silver sparks of energy as it moved into me… and I became increasingly tired with it.

I have got to smile and get excited when put this information on their side the next day:  ANOTHER STRONG FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Super-sunspot AR2192 produced another strong flare on Oct. 27th. The X2-category blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere and caused a strong HF radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean basin as well in South America and western Africa. The blackout started at ~10:15 am EDT (1415 UTC) and lasted for about an hour.

8:15 in my world, while I was connecting with the architect.  I held off my radio blackout as long as I could… then I crashed.  But not before suddenly, out of the clear blue (smile) had a conversation with my white blood cells again.

I love this body, we have an amazing relationship together.  We have been thru hell and hit the highs of heaven, together.  I know my body knows what it is doing and how to get things done for the greater good.  I will never ever inflict my ego will upon its adventures, meaning I will never ask it, direct it, demand it to stop what it is doing.  Ever.  I know we, the humans in body, are changing from the inside out.  I have also paid very close attention to the information that comes thru readings, sometimes the body needs a little help to readjust itself from our medical world.  They too, are creator gods incarnate.  So with this looming stab in the ass I was preparing for Tuesday, I simply asked my bone marrow to do me a favor.  If it does not need any assistance from the outside world to do what it is doing, to please recede the content of my white blood cells at least thru tomorrow.  If it does need external assistance, then have at its free reign of increased cells.  I then immediately passed out cold for the next two hours.

I woke up yesterday at 3:03 in the morning.  My lower mind was pacing with every minute that ticked by and I let it.  Sometimes, you just have to let the lower mind do what it needs to do, get all that energy out before the appointment.  Hence, no sharing no yesterday.

I did my weekly weigh in after my shower, I was thrilled to see yet another pound down the drain.  I heard my team say to me, that is a 33 pound weight loss so far this year… emphasis on the 33, to me, that is christed energy… something surprising is going to happen today (yesterday.)  I was thinking a painless procedure since that was the focal point of my worry.  Of course, I also know I have the most amazing earth angels around the world sending me ass numbing love to make sure it happens the way I need it to, painless!!

I arrived to get my labs drawn and then head upstairs to the 3rd floor for my procedure, which was scheduled for 9am.  The lab tech arrived that will transport my marrow back down to the lab, the male nurse was there and very very reassuring.  Everyone said that my Doc is super good at this procedure, one of the best, he makes it quick and painless… I couldn’t stop pacing regardless.  9:30 still no doc.  The nurse went hunting for him, saying he is never late.  9:45, my doc is still MIA.  I had been asking about my lab results, my doc said if they went down then I wouldn’t have this procedure done.  No one knew the results.

I was starting to wear a path from the bed to the door as I paced back and forth when suddenly, again, out of the clear blue… calm overcame me, this amazing peace was just everywhere.  Five minutes later, my oncologist walked into the room.  I never realized just how little this guy is, he is so tiny in frame and yet, everything about him was illuminated, like I was seeing him for the very first time.  I could feel the love he has for people, for me, for what he does.  I suddenly felt so blessed that this is MY oncologist, even if we don’t see eye to eye with what is happening within me.  It didn’t matter, he is book learned and needs to stay focused on what he thinks he knows, but he has definitely taken very good care of me and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  With this comes the understanding of the Presence in the room, YOU, all of YOU, allowing the fullness that is Me to see, fully see, the fullness that is Him.

He set himself up on the other side of the room and started to say he just had a conversation with the lab and they have no idea why he is doing this procedure.  He then walked over to me and showed me my white blood count history and for the first time since Nov 2012, my white count was at its lowest it’s ever been.  For 2 years my white count has been 14.5 and higher, when I was there on Oct 15th, it went up to 15.2, hence his need to look directly at my white blood formation.  This day, it dropped to 13.3 and therefore, he, and the lab feels there must be something else happening or maybe, I am just one of those people with lotsa white blood cells.

On the other hand, all my red blood cells went thru the roof.  lol  Of course, since he couldn’t harass me about smoking with my white blood cells, he now switched his “you better stop smoking” focus to the increase in my red cells.  I just wanted to hug him and kiss him and love him for his limited vision but true heart desire to create wellness within me.  But he also said that because of the elevation we live at, having high red blood counts is not unusual, he just wants me to take it down a tick. so he insisted I get a phlebotomy (take some blood out of the body.)  Sure, why not.  I am good with giving blood, just not needles that penetrate the bone itself.  The only opening was at 3pm (see all these 3’s… to me, 3 is communication and action, when put together with body and soul, the 33 becomes christed energy.)

Just for the record, I did go back at 3pm, my blood would not flow at all.  I am going back Thursday at 3 to release some blood.  The only decent vain they have to pull from was already pierced in the morning and just couldn’t hold itself up for anything else.

There is another element of three that is super important to recognize here and it all conspired to be the living, undeniable proof that we are collective working the highest good of change in progress.

First, my architect showed up and flooded me, my body with the living waters of life itself, assisting the fluid movement within my own body.  YOU surrounded my whole being, inside and out with the pure, unconditional loving energy to support the change within me.

I gave my body the permission to do what it needed to do, one way or another (as opposed to trying to inflict my human will of stopping what has been underway for years.)

This is how our collective works, going back to the car analogy of the other day.  TOGETHER, each doing their part.  No more individuals, but a group housed in oneness with absolute love and honor.  A collective working together as a Whole.

Together, we ARE the Living Christ.  (no not jesus lol, but the true meaning of the word, Christ:  Christ (/krst/; ancient Greek: Χριστός, Christós, meaning “anointed”) is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māšîaḥ) and the Syriac ܡܫܝܚܐ (M’shiha), the Messiah

Many years ago, I looked up the word messiah, back then (2004) many of the definitions said teacher.  Today I cannot find it like that, but did find something that is close and relevant to the energy of Christ:  The modern English form represents an attempt to make the word look more Hebrew, and dates from the Geneva Bible (1560). Transferred sense of “an expected liberator or savior of a captive people” is attested from 1660s.

One cannot liberate a thing is still stuck in the old mind set of anything.  However, when we convolute (not my word at all, I had to look it up to make sure it fits) together, to assist (not stop) the change underway… we free not only ourselves, but the world that surrounds us too.

Now, let me share the meaning of Convolute via

verb (used with object), verb (used without object),convoluted, convoluting.
1. to coil up; form into a twisted shape.
2. rolled up together or with one part over another.
3. Botany. coiled up longitudinally so that one margin is within the coil and the other without, as the petals of cotton.

Spirals, fractals, strengthening the energy of the whole, bound together as one.

I want to close this sharing with the acknowledgement that there is a lot of new, completely unexpected techniques coming thru the readings.  Things and abilities that have never been presented on this side of the veil before.  Your job, if you are willing, is to bring them into creation, perfect the skill set, practice, get together with others and practice even more and then teach others.

The gather next year will have absolutely focused intent, spirit is making sure of it!!  I will get a webpage up in the next few days… spirit is on a mission with this.  Yap, yap, yap in my ears lol.

I love you all so incredibly much.  Thank you for covering my ass beyond my expectations yesterday.  You are invaluable to this world, to MY world!!

((((HUGZ)))) of miraculous bliss to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:





  1. Lisa, I am glad to hear that your count is coming down. I don’t know that I ever shared all of Erin’s story with you, but I have it now at under the Erin’s Story menu. I think it’s called Erin’s Illness. Anyway, I don’t know why but I encourage you to read it. Not that you are ill or dying…let me explain. I nearly got to the end and it dawned on me that what you are experiencing and what she did (or us as parents since she probably didn’t understand) are so similar that I wonder what is energetically happening to people. You have had high WBC for months, she had high ESR and CRP (and for awhile, Ferritin, which you may have too because it can be high for either infection or cancer). Later on, she began having inflammation around her lungs, and at the end, inside of her lungs. So my point is – blood and lungs. At the end of her illness her WBC finally grew daily until her death when it was 125K+. and get this – they thought she developed – near the end – a rare form of blood cancer.

    So, I can talk with you about this objectively in a way I can’t think about it myself, but I think that her soul decided on the cancer to activate as her exit plan. Her lungs didn’t help either, but it was her leaky blood vessels I think (from the illness) and the fact that her cells were no longer absorbing the oxygen that did her in. Other children are dying now from the lungs mainly, and then you have the blood factor. I just see so many similarities that I had to bring this up, in case there was something there for you to look at, either for you or your readers or both.

    I hope I haven’t burdened you with my story here. I was just very nudged to share.



  2. adrenal fatigue has got to do with being able to hold all that you need to hold… like a coiled spring of a clock inside us, if the adrenals become weak we will relax the core muscles, our internal body will drop, blood pressure will drop, a selection of strange things will start to happen to us, the body will compensate being the amazing thing it is and to bring pressure back up will produce more blood so that you can carry on and do your work.
    The trick is to rebuild core whilst also caring for your adrenals and thyroid gland.
    Just a suggestion 🙂 but perhaps check these areas first…. the doctors do not generally diagnose or recognise adrenal fatigue, but one symptom is vertical lines on your nails.


  3. last thing 🙂

    for your daily sun updates this guy is real good:


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  5. Tremendous love and Whooot whooots for you Li li! YES we certainly were all with you assisting in the flow and the way you spoke to your body-so spot on in my book…I truly feel we are all changing on such a profound level and the body is getting used to the new way, but just like all of us, sometimes clings to the old…we have to simply love it and allow it to flow with the changes.

    Your doctor makes me giggle…as a child growing up in a medical family but with a dad who was also a medical intuitive, there were many times when things didn’t fit the book learning and he went a different direction and had his colleagues shaking their head in confusion and ultimately in wonder. Hoping that more open up quickly to the possibilities that you are modeling through your shifts…

    and as for the NYC thing–whoot, as I live only 50 miles away from there! 🙂 hugs! Alex


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