Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 13, 2014

As We Move thru the Nucleus, Even Our Soul Has Changed!! Power In!!!


Phew, what a flipping weekend this was!!  It really is too bad that no one except us really knows the profundity of what is happening, because let me tell you, we would make a national holiday out of October 10th thru the 12th.  Of course, I had no clue what was really happening until yesterday morning, in the greatest clarity/download/exchange I ever had with my team.  Now, let me back it up and explain the craziness in my world that started Friday.

I didn’t realize anything was wrong until my first reading of the day.  I realized my phone line was dead, when it came back on for a second, I quickly called the lady on my agenda only to hear an ungodly screech coming out of the phone.  I couldn’t even put the phone next to my ear, it was ear drum piercing.  The phone flickered in and out for the next new hours until it completely went dead.  My internet soon followed suit.

We had steady rain for the past two days, which is a rarity here in the desert. When I checked to see if my landlady, who lives next door to me, was having the same problem, she was and we both were sure it had to do with the rains.  We waited….

And waited…

About 7-8pm suddenly my landline rang, I was shocked and excited cuz it was showing “no line” all day long.  When I answered it, no one was there, just this horrific high pitch noise.  I figured maybe it Windstreams way of testing the work they were doing to get everyone up and running again. (The same number called on Saturday night and last night, creating a dead line to a live line but with high pitched squeals.  I will ask the windstream tech when he gets here if it was them.)

As Friday started to turn into night, my lungs started to hurt.  I have resigned to the fact that menopause brought with its hormone influx, asthma, which I also know is triggered by energy influxes in our world.  I took a few hits from my inhalers and went to sleep.  I woke up at 3am gasping for air, hit my inhalers again, back to sleep.  I woke up about an hour or so later and I just couldn’t breathe.  I took a few more shots from my inhalers, it didn’t touch me, so I brought out the big daddy… my nebulizer.  That helped a lot!!  I realized my phone was still off and my internet signal couldn’t hold itself together for very long.  I sent out an email warning everyone on the day’s agenda that I may not be able to actually connect to them, forget the field!!  Sure enough, the entire day was spent doing zero readings.  But in a way, it was ok, my body was about to go into hurting like and stay there.

My landlady’s bother in law and son had come in to chop her firewood for the winter season.  I decided to bake them a cake to help with all those calories they were burning.  A chocolate cake with fluffy peanut butter icing (gotta keep the protein in their muscles happy too.)  I have made this recipe a hundred times, not once did anything ever go wrong.  Well, Saturday was not a good energy day for cooking.  The cakes spilled out of the pans they were in, burning on the bottom of the oven.  Both cakes (two round pans) fell in the center!!  What the hell??  This has never ever happened to me with anything I baked.  Strange.  Once they came out and cooled, they refused to let go of the pan… this just gets stranger and stranger.  I ended up holding the pieces of their cake (which actually tasted good, just looked like crap) with the icing.

These two wonderful men also brought my dryer back from the doctors, the second time in a week it had gone in for repair.  It still wouldn’t work.  What the hell is happening here??

And then my entire chest started to squeeze in on itself.  I had a dull achy pain in the center of my chest, my lungs were burning, it was exhausting walking from couch to kitchen (a good 10 foot stroll) and my chest hurt more with it.  I sat on the couch, and started taking in breathes, I could inhale deeply, so it can’t be an asthma attack and yet, this is very unpleasant and last all day.  I puffed my inhalers anywayz… didn’t help.  I took a zyrtec-D, thinking maybe the rain was kicking up stuff that created an allergy like thing in my chest.  Didn’t help.  Took an antacid, just incase it was heartburn, nope.

I sat back and looked at the entirety of the day… my just fixed dryer won’t spark a flame (propane dryer), my internet is out, my phone is out, my cooking skills is out and my body hurts like hell.  This is an energy event.  I kept remembering the ladies heading into the nucleus of the nebula, I am sure it has everything to do with this.  Even tho I could inhale deeply, I still did a breathing treatment before going to sleep, just incase.  I slept like a baby.

I got up at 3am on the dot.  Since I fell asleep at 8pm, I knew I was up for the day.  Came out, checked my internet signal, looked like it was working, got my coffee, sat down to write emails and wham… there goes my internet signal, completely off.  I waited… and waited…

I decided to do other things, like my weight in sunday.  I started my calorie reduction on September 7th and have been consistently releasing 2-2.5 pounds of fluff from my body since that time.  My one month weight in released 10 pounds in a month.  I was so excited and I can actually feel it and I fit into close that have been sitting in my closet for close to two years now.  Let me tell you, I was super shocked when i got on my scale and my one week weight loss was close to 5 pounds.  How the hell can that be??  This is the first week I only did exercises (DDP Yoga man!!) once and only for 20 minutes.  My lungs have not been happy campers this week.  How could my weekly weight loss double itself??

About 5am, as I decided to resume my “walking dead” marathon, my team broke thru in a clarity I have never experienced before.  The first thing they did was show me a an energy portal/tubey kind of thing.  It looked very much like this, only the tube part was much longer and less electrifying.  The top and bottom were smooth too.

energy tube

My team was standing at the top part looking down to where I was at.  Of course, I was on my holy toilet while I was seeing this… what a view I must be from up there lol.

The first wave of people entered the nucleus of the nebula I have been writing about.  It is a highly charged, electrically volatile place to be, but needed as everything in the new human body is being turned on.  We started the entrance on Friday was fully held in place within the nucleus on Saturday and started to come out on Sunday.

But lets talk about Saturday.  This is when this electrical portal was created.  In the nucleus itself, is our soul body, our true energy field.  that elongated tube connects directly to our biological body.  The energy system that is changing the very soul we are, is also changing the very biology we are too.  The greatest magnetic field we have is at our heart center, which is why mine hurt like hell on saturday (altho, google would have had me believing I was dying lol.)  The burning sensation in my lungs had everything to do with the new higher, more electric energy permeating the blood and adjusting the cells to the new frequency.  Ouchies!!!!

My team explained to me, this tubey thing land directly in my home, my sacred space.  So everything in my environment was affected by this highly intense electrical field, especially my cake!!  Phew, glad it wasn’t me!!

They also said they were and continue to be responsible for my phone and landline going down.  It was (is) done as a safety mechanism for all involved.  Too much energy flows thru the phone and internet connections that would distort what is coming in and play hazard on what is trying to connect (my computer, you, me lol.)

They had also showed me a stream of energy that is running parallel to this new electrical system that is US.  I think the only way I know how to explain it, is this energy stream is taking your core energy, desires and running in double time.  A true quickening of everything we are emitting from our heart.  Prime example, loosing close to 5 pounds in one week.  This energy took my greatest focused desire (one that has constant action by me already in place) and sped up my results.  But with that, this energy seemed to melt my fat still in my body.  I had really noticed this weekend that my body has become… shit, gushy??  Like the fat cells started to liquefy and I can feel it physically when I push on my belly or legs or anywhere I have that extra storage space.

There is also another experience my team is wanting me to share as well.  On Friday, when I realized there were going to be no readings or even internet connection, my whole mind and body became pressed on the fact I need tires.  My car has turned into a vibrator when I hit 72 miles per hour, I had assumed (hoped) I just needed air in my tires.  When I took my car in for an oil change 2 weeks ago, I asked the guys to rotate my tires, they declined and said they are all too bald to touch.  Really?  Well just dammit.  They did put air in all of them, and I was still in a moving vibrator.  Dammit.  I had zero money for tires, so I just put it on my to-do list.

On Friday I had enough money to at least get two tires on my car without interfering with my bills.  So, with the pressure on my mind, I headed out to walmart.  I needed fruits and veggies anywayz and if I could get the tires cheap enough, all would be right in my world.

Walmart had 2 $59 tires in stock to fit my car.  Great!!  That’s what I want.  I will get the other two in a few weeks.  I left my car in automotive and I went grocery shopping.  My cell phone started ringing.  Now my cell started dying several months ago, I can hear you when you call, but you cannot hear me.  This condition worsened this weekend.  Thank goodness the guy calling my cell phone over and over was having a conversation with someone near him and I heard him say 3 of her tires are showing metal.  Shit!!  Just shit.  Since he couldn’t hear me, I went back over to automotive and he showed me the horrific conditions of time tires.  One was completely pulling apart, the other two had 4-5 inches of exposed metal and he said there is no way he feels safe letting me ride on these tires.  Suddenly, I no longer felt safe either!!

I knew they did not have 4 of my cheap tires in stock, the next price up was $65 and of course all the add ons (tire disposal fee, lifetime rotation fee and something else, I stopped listening as the price went higher and higher.  Time to take money inventory… the money I had set aside for rent, the cash I had in pocket and what I had set aside for tires and food, combining this all together will give me $5 to spare after getting 4 new tires.  My safety is everything to me!!  Do it!!

I headed back to the grocery department to start putting the food I had in my cart, back.  I barely made it to the grocery section, a sale came in for $118.  Phew, thank you dear god (and barbara) I can get a few of the items in my cart now.  A put a few things away and another $66 came in.  I am back in the financial safety zone.  Thank you god and Selma!

This story is important for several reasons.  We are interlocking our magnetic fields with each other.  When one has a need, even unspoken, someone in our wheelhouse is going to be activated to get that need covered.  This is actually putting everything simply, this goes way beyond “needs” but is the best way to show how we work now.  This is where it is of the utmost importance to act on your inner prompting instantly, you greatly affect others and vise versa.

Hesitation now has its own currency.

Do not spend wasted time talking yourself out of anything.  This is just the beginning of an amazing way of living interactively, interconnectedly and as a whole.  WE are now the spirits we pray too.  We are alive in body to serve the greater All.

Another thing that is of utmost importance to us, is being very selective of the energy we allow into our space.  Not just our personal, physical space, but our collective energy body as a whole.  For a brief moment the internet flickered back on last evening, from my cell phone I opened up facebook and the first thing I seen was a poster of michelle and barack obama with masks on and they changed their last name to obola or something and the god awful accusations printed on this poster.  The judgement that hit my solar plexus, the hate… it was awful.  Instantly I heard my team say, we are to choose our friends wisely, in person and everywhere else.

Hate, judgement and the like is like throwing a monkey wrench into an amazing emerging machine.  So, with that said, if you are spreading hate and separation via facebook, please understand me using the unfriend button and please DO take it personally.  Sometimes I think we do things because everyone else around us is doing and feeling the same, even if there is no truth to it at all.

Ohhh and I gotta laugh (now not when it was happening lol) the internet started to flicker back on late yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to seize the moment to at least contact the folks that were on my schedule yesterday that had not heard a peep from me as to why I was a no-show.  Don’t ya know every single time I sat at the computer, I lost internet connection.  When I got up and moved away from the computer, it came back on.  I could hear my team giggling at me, pesky spirits.  But equally, in my moment of clarity on Saturday morning they did say they are the ones who turned my phone and internet off.  I assumed it was everywhere around me that lost this, until my landlady said she has had phone and internet all saturday and sunday.  Hey??  What gives with that???

Ohhhhhh and another thing lol, something sparred by a facebook conversation as I was letting folks no I have no connection to call or get on the computer.  Telepathy!  Do you realize we telepathically communicate to our spirit guides, our ET friends, even discarnate spirits and yet, not each other.  So in my crazy clarity my team brought this up and said, I will teach us how to telepathically connect to each other.  ME???  What the hell??  Then they showed me my journey to here, there is nothing I cannot connect to and have a conversation with, right down to what we would consider inanimate objects (my couch, my computer, my coffee cup and so on) everything has the ability to communicate telepathically, especially us to each other since we share the same biological frequency.

I will let you know when I feel brave and confident enough to start that mission!! lol

On that note, I see an internet signal. so I am heading to the publish zone.

I love you all so much and for the 21 of you affected by this weekends readings, spirit is already saying they are making it up to you in the most surprising of ways!!

Party on!!  (((((HUGZ))))) of joy and wonder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Awesome on the telpathy part, I do it all the time with my guides, and some friends pick up on it too!


  2. This was very interesting. I think I really needed to read the part about being selective about what I allow in my field. I tend to be too open and let everyone use my energy. I give it away freely and don’t replenish and cleanse myself enough. I will definitely be using the unfriend button more regularly in the future. Thank you! ❤ Peace and Namaste, Kay


  3. Hi Lisa, Love the updates – thank you! Just a quick note to suggest that you might want to get some Magnesium to help with the asthma. Dr Carolyn Dean has written a book about magnesium deficiencies – The Magnesium Miracle – good read! Here’s her website if you feel inclined to do some digging in the archives – – there’s a definite connection between menopause, asthma and magnesium deficiency. As I read your update I thought it might help ease some of the effects of the energy blitz’s you’re experiencing.

    Hope you’re feeling better today.



  4. Oh, so exciting! I have been thinking about continuing my telepathic journey again after a busy summer off.


  5. Oh yeah. The current energies burn fat, dear holy batwoman. By the time of Halloween I could be skin & bones.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Haha! Loved this. I had a conversation with a doorknob this weekend. Fun times!

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. Hi Li li dear! I have to say that everything you shared today is spot on with my situation here on the east coast. The weekend was like what the Ferk? LOL Then the same kind of money magik you had and the same doubling effect! Perfect! Big hugs to you girl and keep on keepin on! Glad you got your tires sorted out so you can continue to put your amazing rubber to the road!:) much love! Alex

    Liked by 1 person

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