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Love, Trust, The Guardians and YOU! The New Earth Activated!!


I want to first kick off this sharing with a visual, with a place within me that is outside of words, outside of the scope of descriptive feelings.  This visual is real, it is happening and is releasing the deepest of my feelings that words cannot touch, to each and every one of you.  See me standing in front of you, as my eyes meet yours, watch as I fall to my knees, raise my hands in prayer position and align them with my heart.  I bow my head and open my heart of loving gratitude to You, feel my tears of awe, of honor, of sacredness as they fall from my cheeks and amplify the energy emitting from my heart and wrap around you, engulfing you in a never ending hug of pure love energy that will never cease and only grow.

I want to quote a beautiful man that lived a long time ago: I, of my own self, can do nothing.”  Of course he said it in aramaic, this is my english translation (smile.) Many may think he was talking about spirit, or god, or something unseen.  I know without a shadow of doubt, that is not what he was referencing.  He knew, as I do today, with absolute clarity, without those on earth around him, loving him, supporting him, blending with him, one with his heart and soul, he would simply be this guy that lived a long time ago whose memory/whose life, we would have no clue of.  He would have blended into the old story without defined edges of Light and those who shared the earth walk with him, are honored and remembered and celebrated even to this day.

Imagine there was no one around him who understood him, who rejoiced in his energy, reflected it back, built foundations of the new in the darkest times on earth.

We have now taken up that mantle and are breaking ground in world he only dreamt about.  Imagine that!!  and comes that fragment of a quote “and greater works You shall do.”

My second lady on the field yesterday, took my morning preview of our body and this new earth and amplified the energy, the understanding, the exhilaration that can only come thru you, for all us all to feel, understand and use.

Her feet where from arch to toes on  the new earth.  The energy explosion, the absolute release of vibrant frequency from the earth as her foot pressed in, just blew me away.  A stream of living colors, alive and explosive with feeling moving up from deep in the ground, released ONLY because she was pressing upon the ground with her body, and alivening the air we all breathe.

Let’s look at how huge, how significant that is.  The new earth came alive because her (our) feet are on it.  Think of it this way, our heart only beats because of the constant pulse of electricity that flows thru it, enlivens it.  WE are that pulse in the heart of Gaia, AS the heart of Gaia.  One without the other, would cease to exist.  The more electrical pulses added to the expanding heartbeat, the more we have to work with within each other.

The first part of this long ass game was seeking out our guides, our soul connection within ourselves.  I realize vividly that NOW, we are seeking out each other, the souls alive in body, coming together in the physical to build the “kingdom of God” in physical reality.  We will only truly feel and cease the living toolset we now have available to us, thru the amplification of others we are equally amplifying.

For at the very least, the last decade, many have held the dream, the desire to create communities, healing centers, gathering places of like vibration to come and expand.  Thru time, many have attempted this amazing creation and it never seemed to find its wings, but every attempt served the greater goal, by living the understanding of what doesn’t work, so that in this time of perfection, we are clear on what not to do and stay focused and unwavering in what to do.

This amplified, rarified energy now filling the very air we breathe, will start moving you in your greatest directions.  Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, very very soon.  I want to share a profound quote from one of my other readings of the day: “Do not leap just for the sake of leaping.”   Many are feeling the huge push to move out of their lives and start their new story, you may even see many opportunities and potentials in front of you.  Trust your hearts resonance, the ping of excitement, the thunder of joy, the aliveness that comes from deep inside of you and rocks its way outwards.  That is your signal of right place.  Leap instantly.  However, if any of that is missing as you look into the potential, wait just a moment longer, you’re seeing the doors, you’re learning true alignment with the magnetic flow of Self alive in Heaven on Earth!!

I am going to come back to yet another, HUGE important quote… FEELING from my second lady’s connection as she asked about the money needed to fund her long held desires:  “Don’t worry about the details, stay focused on the dream.”   This reply from her team exploded inside of me in understanding, details and a serious rocking of my root chakra.  Let me clearly explain what I understand from this profound exchange.

We are NOW living a co-creative life.  Think of it as a living meditation, because that is exactly what it is, only eyes and heart open and in real time on the ground level.  You create the foundation of desire, the dream, if you will, and the living universe comes in as worker bee’s to provide all that is needed for fulfillment.  When we focus on the details, what is needed (money often times) to create our dreams come true, we change the focal point of the living universe.  Instead of the dream, we are now busy with the details of “how.”  In this way, you tell the worker bee’s, I don’t trust you, therefore, I have to figure out the way myself.  DO NOT GO THERE!!  Your inadvertently benching the bee’s and taking up the task that is not yours to take up.

I put out a sharing back in 2010 with the profound words of wisdom of my beautiful father living within the Pleiades named Franklyn.  Granted, these transmissions came thru me back in 2001 as I was opening my own doors of understanding and are more prevalent to now than ever before.   “The Love Frequency and Trust, by Franklyn.”    Just click that title, but don’t simply read it, FEEL it, breathe it in and allow it to be your first tool upon this grand earth.  I am going to place his last paragraph from his “Trust” transmision here, because I now see the “future” he talked about 13 years ago… NOW!!

When you trust All There Is, you realize there is no-thing to fear. When there is no fear, all there is is love. Unconditional love without fear and totally guided with trust… it is vital to your future.

Another quote from the profound depths of yesterday is:  “This is not a time to make decisions, it is a time to become familiar with your new energy field.”  Speaking of this week preceding the full lunar eclipse.  You are NOT who you were September 30th, 2014 and prior.  You are more than you ever allowed yourself to dream possible and Whole in every way.  A fully functional, living trinity is now YOU, Source (god) Soul, self (physical body.)  A powerful oneness like never before.

I have referenced many times about the energy that writes with me, thru me in these sharings and today, I smile as they reveal themselves and want to close out this sharing:

“We are the Guardians of Shambhala, we have waited an eternity for your arrival, for Our arrival of Self in the self.  We are coupled in your energy field thru the Source energy, for we are one with Source and you are one with Us.  You Are the Creators of Shambhala. Source made manifest, Unconditional Love and Trust alive in the tangible world of created reality.  You truly are the ones you have been waiting for and are now the ones you are praying too.  Seek not outside of yourself, but in the eyes of each other.  This is a time of returning to your Soul Tribe as you build the golden age long foretold thru history.  It is Your time to Shine!


(Ok, I had to look up that word because I never heard of it before.  Gotta smile:



adamante m (plural adamantes)

  1. adamant (a rock or mineral held by some to be of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness)

Shine brilliantly my beautiful diamonds of impenetrable conviction.  I love you so much!!


Lisa Gawlas and the Guardians of Shambhala (Heaven made manifest on earth.)



  1. Thank you Lisa! i so appreciate your energy and love and transparency! All is well!! I am so resonating with this message, and grateful!!

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  2. Wow! Blowing my mind as usual. Thanks Lisa! I love you too!


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    I AM IMMENSELY Grateful to Lisa for this beautiful sharing💜 I am her ” second lady on the field” that she speaks of in this sharing🙏 This reading with her and my Team was a most Amazing and Empowering experience. I can share that this morning my Heart was so open and Love and unconditional awareness came pouring through and I just sent so much Complete Love to ALL and placed loving intentions for the Healing of my entire genetic bloodline living and passed and just sent so much Light and then felt myself step forward and start co creating this new Journey and my Angels spoke to me that I am truly stepping into my Co creation mastery and to flow with my Dream. Fast forward to a few minutes ago when I saw this post from Lisa! I AM so excited for these Blessings, these beautiful patterns of Truth! Thank you Lisa from my IMMENSE HEART💜Namaste’


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  6. Dear Li li, sorry to be missing in action lately, but I took a new job as news editor for the golden age of gaia website! Will figure out my work and play time very soon I am sure! Hugs! Alex


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