Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 30, 2014

Source Infusion, Shamba-lini and The Ascended Body!!


The end is here!!  lol, sorry, couldn’t resist saying that!!  But let me tell ya, thru every reading yesterday, you could feel the end thru the bountiful new beginnings at hand.  There are some images/energies that happen in a reading, that really stay and linger… my first reading yesterday is having that effect on me, understandably.  So I want to take this amazing visual, energy infusion and share it with all of you to feel, experience, and bring into you.

There she was, standing on the edge of September, head slightly raised looking upwards, her mouth slightly open, breathing in the downspout of pure blue-white energy that was coming in from the October landscape and bridged its release to where she was, blowing the winds of change with the most gentle/loving force I have ever experienced all around her face.  I could see the strands of her hair flying backwards with this energy system, and yet, she simply stood there, in a state of absolute reverence breathing it in.

A new trinity energy confluence is underway… Physical energy, Soul energy, Source energy.

Which brings me to another reading.  As she was standing at the edge of September, the first thing I noticed was this big ass snake right behind her.  This snake was so beautiful, about 6 feet in length and as thick as a baseball and the greenest green I have ever seen.  It was in a horizontal position behind her, in constant motion, but not movement.  With its body it created a rapidly moving series of S wiggles but never moved out of place.  A sine wave in constant motion and yet, in stillness.  I also knew this was her kundalini energy supporting her (visually so I could understand it) movement forward and kind of like her soul saying “I got your back, now go forward.”  However, just in front of her was another snake, much smaller (about 2 feet long) and brown.  I knew instantly (I am getting better at this game, lol) that it was her “Shambha-lini” snake. I also understood its presentation of size and color from my own beginnings with my own kundalini snake experience.  Brown showing it is just now being awakened/stimulated, same goes with its size.  As she purposely works with this snake, it will enlarge and bring out its true colors/frequencies for use in life.

The only thing I presently understand about this new snake (smile) is the enhanced version of what we know as kundalini.  Kundalini being the energy of the soul presence within, as we work to integrate it, it enlarges and changes color/frequency and becomes a power source of physical and soul energy fused as one.  Shambha-lini adds in Source energy.  A triad so fused together as one system that nothing in its presence will ever be the same.

I am going to skip to the last reading of the day, kind of like the climax of the day of readings.  She too was standing on the edge of September and her entire body was engulfed in the most amazing funnel of multicolored energy.  Kinda like this, except add every conceivable, and even, the inconceivable spectrum of color, that make up the sparks:

funnel energy

What was/is happening is a super infusion of energy that is oozing into her skin and as she moves to the new earth, all this energy will be radiating outward from her very skin.  I was given the amazing privilege of seeing (and feeling) her standing on the new earth as september released itself to October, she looked like she was tie died!!  The focus of my vision was on her face, no longer skin colored but multi colored lol.  With all my heart, I so wish I could draw or paint of something to show you exactly what I see!!!

The reason I was seeing her face was one, the enhanced identity of her expanded Self, but more importantly, it is the first thing we (usually) see and connect with on a person, their face. This magnificent energy field will simply radiate outwards from her skin, affecting everything and everyone around her.

Even just sharing that, I am now being shown/told the bigger story too.  That guy we know as Jesus, in his ascended state (before death not after) he too oozed this frequency from his skin.  ALL the ascended masters in body do.  It has an amazing, empowering, vibrational enhancing effect when others connect with (see) you/him.  But just like every embodied master before us, you (we) must get to know this oozing frequency and how to manage/control it for even higher uses.

Now, with all that, my team is wanting me to remind all of us, this game is about to go live, active, and a participatory earth event!!  Live, in person, on the ground level.  By now, most of you (us) should be well established in both world (spirit and the physical) and can easily navigate both at the same time.  This takes the need to meditate out of the game because you are now ACTIVELY Living meditation.  Meaning, you have trained your physical mind to know the illusion and limitations it once perceived, is not real and works in tandem with the soul to create all you need and desire.  There is no longer a need to hesitate or “think” on things, you move with the energy flowing thru you and trust me (their words not mine) you are going to find yourself in the most amazing places with experiences you never thought possible in this earthly realm.

A note and observation of my own… so many people are starting to get their body in a more flexible limber shape these last few weeks.  There is a deep inner knowing that the time for stillness to reach the higher realms is done (at least for this wave) and you will now be actively living it ALL, out loud and in Life!!  This IS Ascension!!  Live IT!!  ❤

Sleep on that tonight!!  Embrace your Awesomeness with gentle confidence.  And thank you for the amazing grace you fill my (our) world with.  I love you beyond words and appreciate you as much!!

((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of super powers to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    maybe this is a bit offtopic, but I just had to think of you when I read this article, because of how your best meditations always happened when you were in the water:


    • Hi Zarah (((HUGZ)))

      I have meditated in the bath for 14 years… its the only place I “meditate” with eyes closed and on purpose. Anything else that does not come from there, just happens without my intent with eyes open where ever I am.

      I do love the sea too tho. ❤

      Love you!!


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