Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 22, 2014

The Equinox, the Bridgeway, The Firing of Your New DNA!


Happy Equinox everyone!!  Happy Spring/Fall.  Ohh hell, just be Happy!!  The extraordinary (that’s us) has just been reconfigured to extra-extraordinary!!

Thru the information field of my first reading yesterday, her team had said that when we go to sleep last night, we will be configured to the new magnetic frequency that unleashes itself today, thru the energy field we know as the equinox.  Well, she wasn’t kidding.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, I became semi-awake and could feel and hazily see my team messing around with my crown energy.  I was still to heavily in my sleep to really get involved in asking anything, but awake enough to remember that something was done.  It is only this morning do I realize it was the plug-in and whatever else happens with it, into the new.

Today would be a very good day to start reintroducing yourself to yourself.  Take some moments and feel the new, expanding energy field moving up and thru you.  You don’t have to know what to do with it yet, but the more familiar you get now, the easier it will be for you to trust it as it really unleashes its power thru you, to include new and enhanced directives in your/our lives.

Many of you may have already been getting glimpses of emerging abilities, enhanced abilities during this month.

This coming week is a bridge way onto the new earth, set purposely to release the new codes within your new DNA.  Until this morning, I actually seen this bridge-way as an energy field.  This morning it is a large circular rotation of energy, a cross between a hurricane storm as viewed from space and a large whirlpool of water.  The color is an amazing blue-white, Source energy infusion, opening you to the next version of You.

Many presentations have been shown over these last couple days of your individual contribution to setting this new world on fire, bringing it fully into life in all its capacity.  The white witch’s, getting to know the living earth, the plants and such with its new energy, new frequency and how it relates to us now.  The merlin’s, the expansion of the new energy into the magic of working the systems of energies into manifestations here on earth.  With my incredible man yesterday, I could see his potential as he settled into the new earth, pulling energy from a quasar that was rotating in our atmosphere and using it in his brew of creation.  This quasar was suspended in a vertical position in our atmosphere (as opposed to the sky.)


Another lady was working with a suspended new earth in the upper atmosphere where the moon one was (in the readings.)  Her image was hovering at the top of the earth, at the north pole and in an image that looked very much like a silvery Tinkerbell, was using her wand to ignite the energy system of the new earth.  Her job as she orients herself into this new, expanded role of hers, will also be firing up the massive network of magnetic pathways and help people orient themselves to their pathways forward.  How??  That for her to figure out.


This morning it is becoming very clear to me that my job is to see and understand what awaits for you in potential and interaction, your job is to figure out how you will do that and get it done.  Ahhhh, teamwork!!

In one of the readings prior, I had seen these areas in the air space itself, start to move and form tubules, these are areas of connections to other worlds (and other stuff I cannot remember at this moment.)

I had one lady yesterday, knock me right off my rocker!!  As I started the connection to her field, she completely skipped the field and zoomed right into my kitchen!!  She stood as tall as my doorway and instead of being in a body made of light, there was biology to her.  I was shocked, to the point it took me a while to get myself together and understand her presentation in this intense, up close and personal way.

What it came down to, is whatever she needed to do, she did, put the energy into such massive motion is went from potential to form.  Her clothing was like that of an angel, which told s that she will be an active, on earth, visible guide to those trying to release themselves from the old work and help them cross over to the new.  Her soul said it is time for her to be seen now, really seen and involved with the changes.

As you move forward and work your mastery, there may be sudden moments of large movements, literally;  Leaving one landscape to work in the energy system of another, leaving some relationships to connect with others whose frequency and role is similar to your own.  Sudden job changes that open up more of your already evolving expansion.

Do nothing, and that is what you get in return.  Energy return is always equal to energy output.  And even this new glorious space, there are back up plans to back up plans because at the end of the day, we can still choose to be simply human.

Ohh and in a moment of thought yesterday, I internally wondered which frequency is going to be more prevalent in this stage, the energy of spring or the energy of fall.  My team instantly replied with an infusion of both.  New beginnings infused with instant harvest.

My beautiful, spirit infused super humans…. start your engines!!!

I love you and honor you and celebrate you more than you can even imagine, without each one of you, there would be no Here!!!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of gratitude and everything wonder-filled!!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. Woohoo! So that’s what that was last night. My lil guy and I were up and ending up spending the night on the couch in the living room. It feels so much better now. Thank you!


  2. In our few conversations Lisa, you have seen my grief over losing my daughter. But you know what? Today I did wake up feeling differently. Lighter maybe. It’s a change anyway. Now I have been doing some “stuff” of my own to lessen this but I knew when reading your post just now that it was also part of the new energy. Oh, and Tink reminded me of Erin. She loved fairies, and had Tinkerbell all over her room. In fact, I have a figurine (is that what they call them now?) of Tink in that pose you posted still on her dresser. Thank you for your daily thoughts 🙂 Nicole Canter


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  5. Holy Cow, I did a meditation to say hi to the new energy and saw myself standing over a crevice on a red dirt plateau. I looked down and around my right foot this intense green swirling energy started spreading out. When it encompassed both feet and the crevice, I brought it up into my body. And I swear I had green leafy things sprouting out of different parts of my body. The heart chakra was most intense, when the energy reached there, it shot out in a white column with all these green plant things combined in it. It went way out and I could feel it was connected to something on the other end. So fun!


  6. Dear Li li, a few days late but not a dollar short in reading this and I believe we see things at exactly the right time.

    Definitely woke up feeling as if something was “done” to me–took a while to reorient and then since friday, new projects began appearing for me to share my creativity and support others to grow their businesses which was something I was looking for. Deeply feel that the universe is providing for us all that we need in any given moment!

    time to sprinkle more tinkerbell dust on everything. Feeling it in interactions, even with strangers at the grocery store–people jazzed by the energy and love coming off me–a little baby about squealed with delight when she saw me yesterday and even waved bye bye over and over as I was leaving. this open hearted love, this joy–that’s what I signed up for–thats my tinkerbell dust!

    Loving you and blessed Mabon/equinox! Alex


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