Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 20, 2014

Atoning to the New Fiery, Passions of the New Earth!!


Ohhhh happy day, we are finally being released from this intense and life changing 3 super moon cycle.  I knew something big had to have had to shift when yesterday morning at 7:15am I was sitting on my holy toilet and three spaceships emerged in my line of vision and started relaying messages and doing energy enhancements on my 8am appt.  Hey!!  Your 45 minutes too early and I am going to forget all the words you are unleashing to me for my client.  Geez.  I think they were a little anxious get to connected to their human(s) again.

I have learned thru many of the ET’s who suddenly show up in my (clients) world to connect with that when we are undergoing intense energetic change, they must hold their energy back until we are finished, so as not to impede the process at hand.  All of August and September thru yesterday, they have been scarce and distant.  So, with their early and excited arrival, I knew we must have slid past home plate, or damn close anywayz.

I do want to share something important to many of us with the connection of my lady to her ET team.  Her main speaker is an Acturian and in reference to the energy infusion he was doing with her, he had said something that really struck me (he was one of the strictest, no punches pulled ET’s I have connected to yet) that she is not “remembering” anything.  He explained that in our DNA many of the codes are in the off position until it is time to turn them on.  So it is not that anyone has forgotten some things (many things) it is simply the codes that allow that stream of energy to come into the consciousness has yet to be turned on and will only be turned on when the energy stream of the human (and surrounding field) matches the incoming energy.  Once the codes are turned on, it is our (the human) responsibility to bring in more of it and expand it in knowing and use.

My second lady of the day, OMG, I couldn’t stop celebrating with every new detail of her reading.  We have FINALLY landed back at ground level, directly over the magnetic button of the equinox.  However, she was a little strange-looking.  She had this beautiful light steel-blue like sheathing around her.  She kind of reminded me a cob of corn that was just being peeled.  I could see the top of her head because the sheathing was open at that area, the rest, about 3 inches out from her body and still very opaque so that I could not see thru it.  This sheathing is our new emerging energy field.  The color spectrum reflects the infusion of Source energy into the energy system at the ground level.  If you go back and look at my very simple diagram (click here) the B diagram has the blue above it, thru this soul infusion much of Source energy is now part of your ground level energy system.

Of course, we think about what we just went thru and what spirit has said about this moon series, it is infusing those who are ready to receive with pure, untainted emotions.  That can only come from the God Source and now, it is part of your earthly package.

To my utter amazement, as I looked into her upcoming future, I could SEE the new earth.  Holy freakin heaven batman, it was not what I was expecting lol.  Of course, nothing ever is lol.  It was an intense orange earth sitting next to the end of this timeline (Sept) pulsating with, well, everything.

From this moment to the end of this month, we will be walking a bridge like energy field to the new earth.  Each step “atones” us to the new earth.  Now I find that word, very purposely stated several times by her team, interesting for spirit to use.  If we look at the current meaning/use of the word atone, it actually sounds kinda creepy (amending for guilt and sins, etc.), however, going back to its origin:

v. 1550s, from adverbial phrase atonen (c.1300) “in accord,” literally “atone,” a contraction of at and one. It retains the older pronunciation of oneThe phrase perhaps is modeled on Latin adunare “unite,” from ad- “to, at”(see ad- ) + unum “one.” Related: Atoned ; atoning.

The fiery orange of this new earth is filled with living passion.  Fertility in all areas of life.  A system birthed in pure love and untainted by the chaos of the world we are leaving behind us.  Our new energy field is already expanding to match the frequency and USE of this interactive, alive and supraconscious world.

As my third lady of the day would reveal and this has actually been said several times now over the last few months, our living system of earth will all have new frequencies.  The energy they emit, their use in our daily lives will be different from this world we are saying goodbye too.  Our job is going to be aligning with and bringing in this new information.  With my third lady, she appeared similarly as my 2nd one except she had this odd-looking plant growing from the top of her head, deep, deep green and nothing I could recognize.  However, the information released to her, was clear as day.  As she steps into the new earth, her job is going to be connecting with the plant kingdom (and more) to bring in the new frequency, the new information of how they align with the new human.  Her team even went on to say, that by the second quarter of next year, she will write a book about the new energy and how it affects/enhances us now.

With all of this exciting understanding, I have got to back to the sharing of my Inspiration post.  It is our job to follow the inspiration, even if we don’t understand why or what we would be doing.. doing that.  There are treasures and nuggets embedded in this living new earth and we must mine them with action and diligence and bring them out for all to use.

I want to come back to the color presentation of the new earth.  Fiery Orange.  The amped up color of our sacral chakra, our sense of Self in the world around us.  Couple that with the Source energy expanding in our personal energy field.  Nothing is impossible.  The pure love of Creator, creating.  A new story being lived, experienced, shared.  The Soul alive in body, the ego (lower mind) a grand partner to this system.  There is nothing in all creation that knows physical matter than the ego/lower mind.  A new and engaged trinity of unlimited power, unlimited love and unlimited possibilities.

Use your power wisely!!

I know there is so much more to share, but for the life of me, I cannot remember it.  I suppose more information is needed and there are 5 puzzle pieces on today’s agenda.  So, until tomorrow… enjoy your new clothes and the “atoning” process at hand!!

I love you all so much and celebrate all the hard work you have invested in yourself to make this collective dream a reality!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of unyielding Joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas








  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the word “atone” was of sound. I thought you were saying we were working on tuning our song to match the new Earth’s song. Tune up my tone! Lol Its nice to know that my catholic programming has diminished enough for me not to have even considered the whole “atone for your sins” meaning until you brought it up.

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  2. Thanks Lisa…love the description of the corn cob 🙂
    And I appreciate the summary! xo


  3. “So it is not that anyone has forgotten some things (many things) it is simply the codes that allow that stream of energy to come into the consciousness has yet to be turned on and will only be turned on when the energy stream of the human (and surrounding field) matches the incoming energy. Once the codes are turned on, it is our (the human) responsibility to bring in more of it and expand it in knowing and use.”

    Thank you so much for clarifying that, Lisa, that was so helpful! ❤

    Looking forward to the Equinox … and I just LOOOVE orange!


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  4. […] / link to original article […]


  5. Oh yes! My guides have been saying the same thing when I asked about my change from dreamwork to conscious work. So much more is coming through during waking and it is simply amazing. All this information coming online for us to use as we walk forward here. Much love!

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  6. Dear Li li,

    I love how we are “reclaiming” the actual meaning of words like Atone…At one, unity, becoming whole, and this fits in so well with what you mentioned about the ego and partnership. Lately when “communing” it is not with one as in the higher self but it is a group effort, body, inner child, soul, mind and heart. It’s getting joyfully crowded in here but it reminds me of that saying that we are never alone. I don’t even mean my other aspects LOL which are cool and all, but the direct interaction with self has so many parts!

    Let the orange colored days being to rock our world! Love you! Alex


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